Hallman's hilarious fiction debut, 'The Hospital for Bad Poets. Given the seriousness of the poet's problem, however, the treatment is obvious: Those who've perused this volume by the German poet will understand the joke, but the stories in this collection are inevitably weird and wonderful. Hallman has a deft touch in an increasingly heavy-handed world. A Love Story,' the narrator visits the gated community where his parents now live. Sexual, familial and international politics all naturally come to a head in one of the best video-game action sequences to appear in fiction.

Paul Pioneer Press "Terrific. This is one incredible book.

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His collection is smart and hip, a safer Sam Lipsyte crossed with early George Saunders. These are beautiful moral tales, dark and inventive like Hawthorne, funny and dreamy like the best of Cheever. The Hospital for Bad Poets is great news for tired times. Imagine Woody Allen trick-or-treating in a Kafka or maybe Nietzsche mask, going story-to-story pretending to be Average Man merely disguised as a secret solipsist, as he attempts to unriddle the absurdity of ordinary Halloweened life for a laugh.

Hallman's stories also trace with rare delicacy the tentative approaches each alienated soul makes toward another. The writing throughout is polished, witty, and fiery. The Hospital for Bad Poets marks an inventive debut into the world of the allusive. Along the way, Hallman skewers modern life with the toolkit left behind by Donald Barthelme, Shirley Jackson, and a monkey wrench borrowed from Rod Serling.

At bottom, The Hospital for Bad Poets is filled with mysteries and delights. Somehow he's able to find the strangeness in the familiar and the familiar in the strange. The result is a compelling collection rich with insights and ironies. This is fiction at its weirdest and most wonderful. Hallman's The Hospital for Bad Poets, which is both hilarious and thought-provoking in its examination of the lot of the common man in contemporary America and beyond.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Learn more about Amazon Prime. Full of cryptic twists, philosophical quandaries, and fabulist turns, J. An alienated young man discovers the meaning of love in the pages of the biology textbook The Conjugal Cyst, and in the arms of two increasingly unavailable older nurses.

As his father deserts his mother, who is subsequently encroached upon by his eligible English teacher, an adolescent boy constructs a wicker man in the garage, to repel successors and to summon his own adult identity. Richly allusive, these literate and literary stories explore modern riddles with no easy answers.

Read more Read less. From Publishers Weekly Hallman's clever debut collection after two works of nonfiction invites the reader into ordinary homes and heads before dropping sly twists of the surreal to examine contemporary culture. Milkweed Editions; Original edition May 5, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Surely, given the state of the vessel Beheshti had the woman moved to the mess, and went to see her there. She complained a great deal, but knew only a few basic phrases in any comprehensible language.

It seemed that her shoulder was dislocated, and that her head hurt. At any rate, there was blood on her ear. Perhaps one of Baru's men had knocked the side of her head. By the time a computer translator had been brought in, she had quietened down. The shoulder, it turned out, was only 'stretched' Beheshti assumed the meaning was 'strained' , and the head wound was easily cleaned.

He was like a dog; he hated the confinement of being aboard, and loved the chance to stretch his legs on the ice above. Always badgering the Captain to surface. He would be high-spirited for hours. She peered at the screen for the translation. Her voice, when she spoke her reply, sounded croaky, and she kept stopping, or hesitating with a weird high-pitched err sound. Beheshti looked at her hands. They were trembling, as if with cold. The ice was still clanging as it froze around them, but to the Captain the air still felt warm.

Was she trembling with fear? If so, fear of what -- of being found out? The screen printed out a reply, scientific station [ ] engaged in science [ ] [ ] studying the atmosphere conditions [ ] peaceful [ ] outrage. She read the screen, and then looked up at his face. Her frowning mouth made creases in his cheeks in time to the cracking noises outside the submarine. She read the screen, and replied: Then she said something more. As she was reading this and replying a crewman called the Captain away. He hurried through the corridor and up the ramp to the bridge.

The Bridge Technician hurried to meet him. Ready reactor, and launch three torpedoes.

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Somehow he's able to find the strangeness in the familiar and the familiar in the strange. How could all that time not make things softer, easier to bear? A mother's maligned regard of her daughter, a father's unwillingness to relent, a lover's risk of everything, and a daughter's desolate but necessary journey, are all reasons why the saying, "what goes around comes around," has never been truer. They will occasionally have an accident and get banged up a bit but we hope they won't crash and burn. I am excited to see the release date and have started my count down. Write a customer review.

He paused, tried to listen to his intuition. I believe they have come after us in force. The torpedoes went, steaming their way through the ice, in five directions. The Ice Submarine fell into line away and a little to the east behind one of them.

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The Hospital for Bad Poets: Stories [J. C. Hallman] on domaine-solitude.com At times, he's formally inventive, but the way he wrestles directly with ideas reminds in which a racy short story is interrupted mid-paragraph by a scholar of erotic fiction. . out warped fables from the phantasmagorical tract homes of our dismal America. characters in mind would reveal that they overlap in almost everyone The project will focus on 12 short stories of Jack London, the. American .. inculcated by “civilization” and to clean their soul of the moral .. his life he created plays, poetry, articles, novels, and, of course wouldn't I give for a hot corn pone just now!.

He shut his eyes, tried to sense what was happening around him in the blind darkness. The aircraft launching hunt-kill moles. The moles searching for heat, for vibration, for anything to move towards. He searched for that impossible telepathy, that godlike ability to read the blank surroundings that is the ice-submarine Captain's fantasy. There was a loud thump, and he twitched in his chair. But it was only a piece of rubble suspended in the ice, bumped aside as they slid past. The screen showed a sudden bunching of data. One of the torpedoes had been detonated.

Now was the time to try and slip past these weapons, whilst the shudders and heat of that explosion masked their movements.

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What do the maps show? The technician scrabbled with the keys. They were within twenty-kilometres of the coast. He entertained and dismissed the idea of driving straight out into the ocean: Oceanic submarines were lost nowadays at an appalling rate; that was why the war council had decreed that the entire nuclear capability of the People's Republic would be carried by ice-submarines. That only made the pressure on Beheshti the worse, of course. If the moles found him, they not only killed his men, but they broke another finger in the nuclear-hand of Islam. Once frozen in position, it was an easy-enough thing for an ice-submarine to settle downwards through the ice so slowly as to be undetectable.

Beheshti sat for an hour in the Captain's chair, before going back to the mess to find out what was happening with the westerner. His men were sitting around looking bored now, but Baru still had the puppyish gleam in his eye. She even had the courage to lecture me, sir. Says they are wrecking a pristine scientific site, thawing and freezing ice at all depths. Says we're contributing to the melting of the ice-packs. I told her, good, maybe we'd drown New York, but she said Mecca would also go under. That's not right, is it, sir?

Mecca's a way inland? To begin with she insisted that it was a random position.

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Then it turns out that there was a battle there a few weeks ago, and that she was studying the detonation patterns frozen on the ice. Beheshti sat opposite her. He smiled at her, and shook his head slowly. The vessel settled slowly, sinking through a few hundred metres of ice so slowly it was almost impossible to detect the sense of slippage. Yet it was there, a liminal feeling of going-down. The men felt easier, Beheshti could see. The deeper the better, the defence of the burrowing animal.

Six hours in, the Captain decided they were safe enough for him to take a nap. He slept for several hours in his cabin, and woke when a distinct lurch took the ice-submarine down through at least three metres in a moment. That was a distinctly unpleasant sensation. The Chief Technician was blanched with worry. There was another lurch. Somebody screamed, and then was quiet. The silence was horrible. Beheshti got to the Captain's chair, positioned himself in it, when the whole world fell.

For long seconds they free-fell. The Captain watched with horrible detachment as the long hair of one of the under- Technicians, a lad also called Ali, floated upwards. Then they hit to floor. There was a terrific crash, a buckling crunch, and the yells of men, as bodies collapsed and loose equipment smashed about. Beheshti was driven down into his chair. Nobody replied, so he repeated the question. The Chief Technician was the gloomiest. The reactor had been so badly shaken by the fall that he was certain it was irreparable. He had sealed the fusion room. They had a few days power on conventional sources, maybe enough to move through half a kilometre of ice: Beheshti, his face masked, climbed out onto the platform.

Behind him came Gupta, Baru. It was utterly black, but the air felt surprisingly warm. Maybe we were closer to the coast than we thought. Perhaps some odd ice formation, some sort of cave. Why,' he said, as if interrupting his own chain of thought, 'is it so warm here? Beheshti ordered power to the ship's floodlights, and great tunnels of light suddenly filled the darkness. They reached through blackness to end in great white ellipses. Beheshti angled them in various directions, but wherever they pointed the same white ellipses ended their beams at roughly m. The ellipses bulged, shrunk, deformed as the beams moved up, down, around.

The Captain sent out exploratory parties to check out the strange bubble, or cave he didn't like the way Baru called it a 'bubble'; the word sounded too fragile , and it was one of the men on this who discovered the air was breathable. He must have taken his mask off in a spirit of curiosity, which angered Beheshti: But it seemed true, thought hard to comprehend. This space under the ice had a high level of oxygen. The oxygen proves that. It must have been constructed by the Americans.

It is some sort of anti-submarine base. The only feature was a low saddle of rock reaching up out of the ground, to a height of less than a metre, a quarter of a kilometre from the where the ice-submarine had fallen. As your second-in-command, it is my duty to advise caution. I must insist, I must beg you, Sir, to relinquish single control over the missiles.

Give me a dual key again, as a precaution. Beheshti angled a searchlight directly up. The white spot on the roof was perfectly smooth, blank. But would the missiles even fire, here? They are, after all, encased on ice-torpedo shells. They are designed to burrow through the ice and only when they reach the surface fire into the atmosphere.

I doubt it they are of any use to us at all, in our present condition. By the second day, the men had grown used to their strange new environment. Beheshti had authorised the setting up of racks of floodlights, positioned on the shingle. Men off duty played football, their shouts echoing weirdly in the great chamber. The Captain himself strolled, his feet crunching on the pebbles. It was amazingly warm, considering that they were buried under so much ice; considering that the temperature on the surface so far above them could be anything up to sixty-six below. He hunkered down to his haunches, and picked up a pebble.

It was a black stone, flattened and worn smooth. But ice didn't make pebbles: Most of the stones were the same dolomite of the Transantarctic Mountains, but some were a paler, yellow stone, and some were pitted like old sandstone. Why was it so warm? And why didn't the temperature melt the ice above and bring the great weight of material over them crashing down?

After working all night the Chief Technician thought that he might be able to work the reactor turbines for up to six hours before the whole thing became dangerous. Lists with This Book. Mar 18, Baba rated it really liked it Shelves: Rating clarification see below. Review completed March 23, Being a parent doesn't mean that you can chain your child to yourself. You give kids roots so they know they are always welcome home and won't forget where they came from when they are ready for take off to spread their wings. They will occasionally have an accident and get banged up a bit but we hope they won't crash and burn.

Getting hurt and making their own mistakes, while at the same time knowing they have their parents 4 stars. Getting hurt and making their own mistakes, while at the same time knowing they have their parents' trust to do it right, is part of a long process. It's called growing up and, ultimately, cutting the cord because there comes a time when kids will have a big enough rucksack on their back to walk through life and make their own decisions.

They will own their position and that's the good thing about standing on their own two feet. Have a little faith in your offspring. Give them the trust they have a right to claim and expect from their parents. You may shelter, protect, advise and guide them for all you're worth. Don't force your will on them because that's not love. Life happens, you can't turn back the time.

And, don't you dare projecting your beliefs and perceptions on your kids. You'll lose them or, at least, the bond is going to crumble. My point is that Faith's parents, Blue and Margot, disappointed me greatly. I'm not sorry that Blue died no spoiler, he was dead for quite a while already. Being protective is one thing but sheltering your seventeen-year-old daughter to the point where you are smothering and patronizing her "to death" figuratively speaking and putting shackles on her feet and hands, isn't going to lead anywhere. Well, it can only end up in a disaster, can't it?

When I was privy to Margot's diagnosis and got an eye and earful of what kind of human being and mother she'd been, I couldn't help wanting the word karma practically spitting in her face. I had an inkling what kind of secret Faith had been carrying around for the last ten years and I expected her mother to react the way she did. However, I didn't expect her to view spoiler [hit her own daughter, to abuse her that way. I mean she did abuse her emotionally already, but the physical part… hide spoiler ] well, let's say that came as a nasty surprise.

The part of him that knew he should stop was almost inaudible. Deme stuck out of that vast ocean of stereotypical badass biker dudes. Let's be honest, he wasn't badass enough to qualify as a tough-as-nails biker guy but I was ok with that. However, let me get my issues off my chest. I'm the first to admit that I love men getting emotional; I love to see them crying once in a while because they are definitely entitled to that kind of outburst.

Yet I felt that he really cried a bit too much and the constant 'I love Yous' that Deme and Faith exchanged felt overdone. Also, it is very unfortunate that the last third of the story lost its momentum, was somehow too sugary and I'm sorry to say that it kinda fell flat for me. Fact was, I was sorely disappointed when Deme finally revealed everything of his past to Faith and it happened off page.

That could have been such a crucial part of the entire book and the reader isn't privy to their talk?? This might be the best that Fanetti has ever written". Another big issue I did have was that Demon didn't get professional help. Deme is a very likeable guy and he really tried to get his life under control and he was a good dad, no doubt about it. The scenes between him and Motor Man were adorable and I loved these two guys.

Yet with his background story and his "personality disorders" and him acting out and blowing a fuse all the time, he was in dire need of therapy. Michael was so messed up, it's simply unrealistic to believe that love can heal everything. Lovin' Faith won't prevent him from having his scary and highly choleric outbursts. Again, that man needed professional counseling. Despite my issues, I really enjoyed this second installment because it made me feel and I'd like to strongly encourage you to give Demon's story a shot because he's definitely worthy of your time and money.

Give him some TLC--he needs it. View all 59 comments. Blood and guts is my meat and potatoes. While Demon was raised in foster care where he had to learn to fend for himself. Even though, their childhoods were shaped differently these two were immediately attracted to each other.

The shadow of their past love affair still haunts them ten years later when they meet again. Despite the fact their relationship was no longer forbidden the fear they felt from the earlier years still lingers in the shadows of their re-acquaintance. Along with their past fears both of them have personal stuff they are dealing with that test the strength of their newly formed bond. Lola's ability to make a story come alive with the facet of realness adds to each story. The characters never travel the easy road but instead they battle uphill for their happiness.

Mama to the Horde family Bart: A scarred man from a rough upbringing. Only black member of of the Horde. Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books. View all 64 comments. Mar 20, Brandi rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was phenomenal, a beautifully written story about love lost and found again.

The story of Demon and Faith, is told in the present and through memories of their past. And it's a powerful story. Susan Fanetti has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Her stories have such an authentic feel and her characters are always beautifully rendered, flawed and unique. His internal battles throughout his story are simply heart-breaking. I was not disappointed. Faith Fordham grew up in the MC, she is a strong, independent and passionate. Ten years ago their short time together ended painfully, when their forbidden relationship was revealed. Now, Faith has returned home to care for her mother, and Michael is trying to get custody of his son, Tucker.

When these two see each other for the first time in 10 years, they are both overwhelmed. All of those feeling are still there. How could that be? How could a decade just disappear? How could all that time not make things softer, easier to bear?

The Hospital for Bad Poets: Stories: J. C. Hallman: domaine-solitude.com: Books

Will these two get a second chance at love? This story was perfect, it's messy, yet utterly beautiful. I loved every minute. View all 45 comments. Feb 27, Wendy'sThoughts rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Susan Fanetti Fans, Romance. I just needed to say a lot, I guess. Everyday we see hear about it Susan Fanetti has a way with all of her books.

She brings to light society issues which may have us consider serious topics more deeply than a news broadcast or article. She brings them front and center and in our face. She has the characters we have grown to know and care for reveal the realities of life We see how these things form people As with all Fanetti books, we also have the continuing stories of the Club and its members. By using this framework, it gives us a sense of knowing He was an enforcer who had a rocky relationship with his home charter.

He was patched but sent immediately away to be a Nomad due to the betrayal to his brothers. He did what no brother should do These two were drawn together by some internal recognition The power of this need caused both to disregard all warnings These two came from such different homes Faith in a "normal" mother, father, sister home. Three meals, constant parenting, regular school, a roof over her head. In the overall scheme of things it looks fine. She had a father who was the head of a outlaw biker club.

Her mother was an ex porn star. Her uncles and aunts were all members of the club and their "old Ladies" All the rough and tumble men knew the rules She felt more comfortable around pool tables and cues, motor parts and Sharpie pens.

Shadow & Soul

Her mother let her gravitate to her father as Serenity, her older sister was the favorite there The Mother adored Serenity, leaving Faith to blossom into the unique artist she became. Faith was independent in her way That was the start With bikers in formations bringing her to the first day of high school, parked and glaring in full club cutts and shades Michael knew to stay away and he tried His background and life experience made him an oxymoron There were these huge gaps created by never having a parent of any kind sit and read to him as a very young child.

At two he was brought into the system and from then on, the lessons he learned would leave trails of mental and physical scars so thick and confusing it was a wonder he functioned at all. Experiencing the "Do Good Days", he somehow survived the insidious abuse from so many hands until he could fight back at With multiple foster homes and Juvenile group homes he was primed for survival.

What was the added trigger was no restraint on his impulses when angered. His mind would tell him he should stop This trait, which he hated in many ways, would serve him while being a nomad. So this is the back story of these two and we learn all of this and so much more through the use of Memories by each of them. We come full circle for them He has the one time only chance of getting full custody due to the help of a high profile attorney taking on his cause.

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His ex was addicted when Tucker was born and that should have had the courts decide for Demon but due to her provoking him and taunting him knowing it would set him off, he ended up hurting her like she actually wanted Over the years he has tried to do right by his son, but blocked every time by a corrupt family worker reporting all things were fine for Tucker when the opposite was the case.

It all came to a head when Sid, the social worker who is now with Muse, discovered Tucker in filth, under weight and uncared for. Family Services stepped in and after a lot of quick work, Tucker was placed with the Prez and his woman Bebe. These are the first positive steps Tucker has had in his 2 year old little life.

Demon is not on the road, he stays away from any outlaw happenings He will not do anything to stop his getting Tucker. This is his daily focus. Faith has been away from the club for 10 years. She left, no turning back when she turned The loss of the father who loved her She has come into her own She took her motor parts, nuts and bolts and fused them with flame She acquired a following and has done large park pieces and is working on a massive one now. She lives in Venice with her loft as both workroom and home. Her way is confident, cutting and unique to her. She is pulled from her life by a phone call informing her of her mother being at the hospital at the club location, about 50 miles from Los Angeles.

Her sister Serenity was the one who should take these calls She has distanced herself by being the top in the financial field. This left the personal contact as Faith. She is at the hospital and Bebe arrives. Bebe is the only one Faith has stayed in contact Bebe was her mother's best friend for years Faith is holding it together as best as she can when the doctors inform them of the situation. The mother was incoherent, naked, combative and hit by a car due to running into the street at night. They are asked if she was on drugs Faith has no idea and Bebe says no She has many injuries and they will have to leave her and comeback tomorrow for updates.

Faith turns to Bebe and asks to stay overnight at the house Faith, in sweats, ragged, confused and overwhelmed by all of this It is a moment when we all know These two, Michael and Faith, together are addictive; they both have always loved each other so everything is fragile and must tread carefully because they both feel it could all go bad at any moment This story will rock you deeply. There are so many branches which will take your heart and twist it till you won't think you can breathe.

The Memories and how they interlace with the current events. How the System fails in so many cases causing children to become broken men. How a warped sense of "What's Best" destroys relationships and trust forever. These are only some of the things which are highlighted in this book; there is the acknowledgement of sometimes people will never understand their wrongs Illness can happen and take away the ability to make amends So much is packed in this book, I can't even touch on the club business and what they are juggling.

It is gritty and violent. It is where they are going We get the relationships of all the members we have known from the past and learn of children and life blooming Be prepared to tear up for the happy as well as being shocked and holding your breath. Our Nolan is still in SoCal He will not be detoured and it will be playing out in the next book. This is a series which takes you by the hand and leads to places you would not usually go on your own What is up with all the cliches?

Very excited and staring now: What the hell does that mean, anyway I am excited to see the release date and have started my count down. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. Feb 27, S. West rated it it was amazing Shelves: I know I say something along these lines every time I read Susan Fanetti but it warrants saying again and again Her writing is poetic, her stories flawless in tempo, flow and arc and her characters are so memorable, endearing and real.

These two have a tortured past, partly of their own doing but also put upon them by the hands of others. Their story is about true love despite age, time or circumstance; about second chances even when you feel you don't deserve it or are afraid to trust it; and about new beginnings among the chaos, the secrets of the past and their own fears. But instead, Demon felt a creeping certainty that it was indeed a circle he was on, that he would lose it all again.

It was about being understood. It was about finding someone you fit with, someone whose puzzle matched your own. We were wrong before, but maybe we can be right now. I love you, Faith. Not for a minute. Faith , another kickass heroine whose strength and beauty just leaps off the page.

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Just like her name, her faith and love for Michael never waivers. Demon , a truly broken soul if ever there was one. Beaten down and faced with the ugliest of mankind at such a young age, but despite it all, he is a protector and a loving and gentle soul. Sly , the big ole tom cat.

He may just be a cat but his meaning to me was so much more. He saw a kindred spirit in Demon, a survivor and he recognized a gentle loving soul in Faith. You know what they say about animals having that sixth sense about which humans are trustworthy. Bibi , another strong beautiful woman. What an awesome club Queen! A true brother to Demon.

Finally, last but certainly not least, Susan Fanetti. And in the end of it all, she leaves you with the truth in the strength of spirit, the power of love and that hope shines eternal. View all 41 comments.

Feb 25, Kim Bailey rated it it was amazing Recommended to Kim by: Actually, make that TEN! Susan Fanetti has astounded me, yet again! I knew this book was going to blow my mind when the dedication brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I was hooked right from the opening page. This is the story of Demon and Faith. Ten years ago their forbidden romance ended in persecution … Wrong.

All of it was so fucking wrong.