The Spiritual Universe: One Physicists Vision of Spirit, Soul, Matter, and Self

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East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? He does not reconnect the start with the end. The book illuminates these complex scientific and philosophical concepts in language that accessible and entertaining to the average, educated reader. Sometimes I get a little misty.

To organize people must come to believe that truth exists and thus reward those who "know" truth and exclude those who "distort" truth -- creating and justifying power and greed. To put it in Christian terms, the apple is believing in the promise of the devil.

The Spiritual Universe: One Physicist's Vision of Spirit, Soul, Matter and Self

Having gone this far however, Wolf does not connect the last dot. He does not reconnect the start with the end. The presence of a soul is part of the promise of knowledge. Once we distinguish something as being actual, we make a judgement about the possibility of knowledge. The reality of the very thing that proclaims that we exist as an ontological kernel of the universe is the cause of all suffering and greed.

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In effect, Wolf discovered the reality that knowing engenders is the cause of all suffering and inequality and yet, Wolf rests pleased that he found the truth of us, and that knowing the truth would set us free is what would set us free. Wolf has, in effect, led us to the context of finishing his dichotomy. In a way, Wolf has only used Quantum Mechanics to justify knowledge, as a congruency of "finding" the soul somewhere even if its nothing can match the description of religious texts talking about the soul as nothing.

The Spiritual Universe: One Physicist's Vision of Spirit, Soul, Matter, and Self [ Fred Alan Wolf] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Why do we. A lively accessible discussion of spirit, soul, matter and self from a quantum physics perspective. Wolf, a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, is a well-known lecturer and.

And that matching is kind of boring, and expected. Even if his attempt to go that extra distance and find religion again in a science world, is hella ambigious. Nov 15, Gilles Dumoulin rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Aug 01, Sherry rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another great book from the mind of Fred Alan Wolfe. This I grabbed as soon as it came out. His vision of spirit, Soul, Matter, and Self made great sense to me and resonated with my own. His analysis is articulate and deep.

Tough read, concept wise, considering I'm not a physicist but great information, some real world applications for ethereal concepts. Loved it, definitely was not the same person I was at the beginning of the book as I ended up after reading it. Jul 18, Ron Krumpos rated it liked it. Mar 09, Andrine Morse rated it it was amazing Shelves: Loved it way back then. I plant o re-read soon. Vlad Popescu rated it it was amazing Sep 24, Michael rated it liked it Oct 11, Juan Cruz Martinez rated it really liked it Aug 05, Warrior Satori rated it really liked it Dec 15, Rachel Dare rated it liked it Nov 28, Richard rated it really liked it Jul 18, Laura S rated it really liked it Mar 05, Tonia rated it it was ok Oct 14, Sciasia rated it really liked it Jun 01, Paul Vittay rated it really liked it Jan 21, Andrew rated it it was ok Aug 17, Hutchens rated it it was amazing May 26, Kenneth rated it really liked it May 27, Kenneth Bachmann rated it liked it Jan 22, Humberto Chitty rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Subham Saha rated it it was amazing Oct 26, Walker rated it it was ok Jul 17, Cindi rated it it was amazing Jun 22, Veronica Nunn rated it really liked it Jul 26, Lindsay McKenna rated it it was amazing Apr 23, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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One person found this helpful. The book contains an interesting premise - that the soul can be scientifically described, along with spirit, matter and self, utilizing quantum physics theory. The book itself is relatively easy to read, and provides the basics for someone who is looking to explore some of these theories. Unfortunately, it is neither a spiritually oriented book with some minor QM theory, or a QM book with some spiritual elements.

Rather, Wolf has created a neither this nor that book, that is probably a bit too technical for one audience, and a bit to "woo woo" for the other. Like other readers, I found the book interesting, and many of the premises were worthy of deeper introspection. However, the book felt disjointed and a bit tough to pull together. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Fred Alan Wolf has brought his far out ideas down to earth again for the general audience.

The Spiritual Universe is a worthwhile read showing a good comparison to historical spiritual mysticism and physics.

The connections between the soul and quantum phenomena are a bit simplistic and must be taken by faith. Yet, the implications of his are ideas are staggering. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Well researched for historical background which is mixed with thoughts on a modern quantum physics viewpoints. In the end an interesting and possible explanation of the spirit, soul and matter. Will need to read again to fully appreciate it.

I found this book very difficult to read. The subject matter is part of the problem, but the author kept saying he would come back to this or that at a later time which tended to get me a bit lost. I also never was real clear in any specific way about the connections between quantum physics and the spiritual world. This engaging book describes how there is actually only one soul Wolf sets out to show how the self is fundamentally an illusion, "arising as a reflection of the soul in matter much as a clear lake at midnight reflects the moon.

Wolf shares his vision of the soul as a process rather than some "thing" measurable in terms of mechanical materiality -- drawing from Qabalistic, Buddhist, and Christian wisdom as well as a thorough understanding of physics to redefine spirit, soul, matter and self. I found this entire book to be deeply thought-provoking, with Wolf's characteristic playful humor entertaining me throughout. After reading Cynthia Larsen's review, I was very intruiged and went and gave this book a good look. What intruiged me about Cynthia's review was her report that the book has the notion that the individual soul is an illusion, that there really is only one universal soul we all participate in.

I've felt this way for decades, which drew me to looking more closely into the book. But about chapter 4, Fred Wolf reveals a fatal flaw in his fundamental premise, which is that the universe expands for billions of billions of years and then begins to contract. Fred claims that his entire argument is based on this assumption. Well, when he made it, it had as good a chance as the the opposite idea that the universe would go on expanding forever. In a footnote to the second edition, he mentions that this fundamental premise has been questioned by recent theories but that the jury was still out.

Unfortunately, it no longer is. The most recent and very compelling evidence is that the universe some billions of years ago passed into a phase of ever increasing accelerated expansion. Those are the observed facts.

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The theory behind it is wrapped up in the idea of dark energy, a probably constant anti-gravitational force that has existed since the big bang and will continue forever, gradually causing the entire universe to evaporate into nothingness. So much for Tipler's notion of the eventual contraction of the universe "squeezing" it back into infinitely rich life in the distant future. Wolf seems to depend a lot on Tipler's ideas along this line. However, if we taken an even larger view that encompasses our particular universe, there is now the notion that the universe is only one of an infinite number of others that always have existed and always will exit.

Within that context, the notion of their being only one soul of which each of us is but a dim reflection still has life. Perhaps Wolf will come out with a new book and salvage his original insight of the "one soul" that will not depend on a scientific theory that has been falsified. And indeed the notion that there is only one soul is more of an insight than a belief or speculation. The challenge of explaining this insight is twofold. First, explaining what it means. This first part is very important and would thoroughly explain the difference between an insight and a speculation and why this is the former and not the latter.

Second, rationalizing it in terms of the latest scientific theory, to show that it is not contradicted by the facts that we know about the way the universe actually is. This of course is what Wolf tried to do. The problem is he based it on a scientific theory which has now been falsified. Time to go back to the drawing board. See all 19 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on October 12, Published on July 11, Published on June 18, Published on May 3, Published on December 27, Published on December 17, Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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