I Loved You First (Coming of Age Love Story)

I Loved You First

We broke up after about a year and I was crushed. Fast forward to a couple of years later, after we had graduated high school, and Review: Fast forward to a couple of years later, after we had graduated high school, and he finally got the courage to admit that he was gay and live the life he was meant to. We remain friends to this day and I am so truly happy for him. I just wish he had felt comfortable enough to come out in high school so he didn't have to hide who he was, but I also know how cruel and uncaring people can be.

Enough about my personal story, on to the review! I definitely liked Alex and felt for her situation. She was the only one who knew that Seth was gay and was madly in love with him. I know it would be hard to see the guy you adore dating other girls, even if you knew it was just for show. She seemed to grasp at the few bits of hope she could that she would be able to change his mind and he would fall in love with her. She also seemed pretty bitter in the beginning as well, constantly referring to Seth as her "buddy", knowing deep down that's all he would ever be to her and not liking the reality.

Everything in this book is kind of a double edged sword; on one hand, I wished that Alex would support Seth's sexuality more outwardly she did, but inside she wanted him for herself , but on the other hand I wanted to shake Seth and tell him how much he was hurting his best friend and that coming out to the world would be the best thing for him in the end.

So I guess I got mad at both Seth and Alex at times for the way they acted. I certainly felt for Seth though; being openly gay would be a freeing experience I'm just assuming here since I, myself, am not gay , but you also have to deal with some ignorant and cruel people along the way. I found myself wishing he would see how much Alex was suffering; in order to stay by his side and be his "wing-woman", she sacrificed having any friends besides him.

He shouldn't have made her feel like she had to accompany him to all of the parties and such, but I understand that he was worried his secret would get out. There were a few lesser characters that were very important to this story. First we have Bruce, who is the object of Seth's affection. He seems like an alright guy in the beginning, but my opinion of him changed early on. Dink is Bruce's friend and he has his eye on Alex; personally, I really liked Dink. He was a lot more open-minded than his friend and genuinely wanted to get to know Alex.

She's essential to the story, because she immediately is drawn to Alex and befriends her right away, showing her that she can and should have other friends. Overall I really enjoyed these characters and it was great to see them grow and change as the story progressed. Especially Alex, since at the beginning she seemed more like a doormat, only living her life for someone else. First, The Good - I loved the characters in this book, they really came to life and I was able to easily connect with them.

The writing flowed really well and I was able to finish this book in one day. The plot was a bit different than I was expecting; I assumed it would just be Alex trying to get Seth to fall for her, but it was more than that. It was about Alex finding out who she was without Seth, because up to that point she hadn't taken the time to find out. The Bad - I found Alex annoying at times. She wasn't happy with her situation, following Seth around to parties and watching him hit on girls, and tended to complain about it a lot.

Also, I wish Trinity had been present more in the book. She is the one who starts to draw Alex out of her shell and I felt like she should have been in the story more. Plus, she was a really fun, quirky character that I just would have liked to read more about. The Ugly - Can't think of anything to say here, really enjoyed the book! Well, this obviously isn't appropriate here. Seth is gay and Alex is definitely barking up the wrong tree. In pining after her friend, she misses opportunities for a chance at actual love or at least a fun fling.

I wanted to shake her sometimes, tell her she can't change who Seth is and if she really loved him she would just want him to be happy, no matter what that meant. She supported his sexuality, but inside I think she really resented him for the fact that he would never return her affections. I desperately wanted them both to find happiness, but I knew with their respective issues Seth with his closeted sexuality and Alex being practically obsessed with her best friend that it would take time for that to happen.

The plot isn't unique; there's been plenty of stories of unrequited love and if you've ever seen The Object Of My Affection with Jennifer Aniston, you know it's in the same ballpark as this story. I still enjoyed reading this book a lot! This book was a fun, light read at times.

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At other times it was darker, tackling more serious issues. Overall it was a great read about friends, adversity, individuality, and acceptance. I am so glad I got the opportunity to read this book; I definitely recommend that you read it! If you'd like to read more of my reviews, please check out my book review blog, Bookerella May 23, Richard Ninnim rated it it was amazing. Leanne please do not just close this, if you see it read quick please. What i said to you was wrong very wrong of me and i am very sorry, Its basis was a promise i made to you when we first got together, if you havent the love to let me explain, please think of the promise that i broke on the wednesday night.

I picked this book because we got together around this time and i made that promise to you. I should of listened to you that saturday night, i wish i had so much. I truelly and honestly with Leanne please do not just close this, if you see it read quick please. I truelly and honestly with all my heart loved you first. You know deep in yours that i mean that i have no reason to lie, please again just think about what i was trying to stop by what i said to you, although i was wrong. Jul 24, L. Olteano rated it it was amazing Shelves: Originally posted at Butterfly-o-Meter Books on Jan 24 On all accounts, wow.

I dunno where to begin with my fangirlism! I subscribe the her points of view and fervently support them. Now, on to the novel itself. I was totally hooked from the first few words of this read, and I was hooked the whole way through. Another aspect that I really loved was the diversity of the characters, both in outer and inner form. Alex was a sweetheart in that original, quirky way that I always love.

But I loved the fact that, unlike the person I know of, Alex broke out of her own vicious circle and grew up, matured, and finally found the resources to focus on herself and her own wellbeing by her own actions and not delegating that to someone else. A few times I got this sense that he was mainly capitalizing on her obsession and not being close to her as a friend; these unhealthy connections are generally alimented from both sides, in my experience, and such was the case here.

Did I blame him an awful lot? So in the end I felt his choice was a good one, a more productive one. His exit from the scene would also force Alex to remake herself into a whole person capable of standing up by herself and for herself, it seemed to me had he not made that decision she would have clung to him endlessly. Growing pains, all over. Being a fan of angsty and dramatic stories, this is right up my alley.

Oct 10, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: Alex and Seth have been best friends since primary school, when Alex saved Seth from being bullied. Unfortunately, Seth has confessed to Alex that he is gay. So, she sits silently by while he parades girl after girl before her to maintain his popular image and not let anyone know that Alex and Seth have been best friends since primary school, when Alex saved Seth from being bullied. He cannot risk losing face before his teammates and fellow students. After Seth exposes his attraction to a jock friend at a campus party, he is beaten and rushed to hospital.

After this unintended falling out of the closet, Seth is no longer himself and distances himself from Alex. Alex is left all alone without her best friend as he had formed the centre of her existence for as long as she can remember. However, she has an opportunity to broaden her horizons and make new friends when Dink arrives. Dink is the friend of Bruce, the jock Seth had a crush on and Dink had invited Alex to the party at his fraternity house. So when Seth needs to be rushed to the hospital, Dink steps in and takes charge, sitting through the ordeal with Alex.

I thought Dink was so sweet and, although Alex tried to give him a chance by going out with him, I hated that she judged him by the way he ate and how big he was compared to her. All of that just seemed so petty next to his nicenesss. Based on the descriptions of Dink in this book and the fact that he belonged to a fraternity, I imagined Dink looking a little like Beaver from the TV series, Greek http: Another person who entered the picture and provided an opportunity for Alex to expand her social circle and get over Seth was Trinity, a friendly new girl on campus who instantly made Alex feel comfortable about an embarrassing experience in a previous lecture and soon became her pillar of strength.

This book evoked a myriad of emotions for various reasons. My heart broke for Alex because she loved her childhood best friend who had grown up into quite a hunk. Unfortunately, she was left yearning for his attention as he used other girls to keep up the act and hide his secret. Of course, once the truth accidently slipped out, he was beaten for it and treated in a vastly different manner by people who had claimed to be his friends. Throughout it all, Alex remained his unfailing supporter but when he withdrew within himself and cut her off, she realised that she needed to stop living for him but start living for herself, by first starting to love herself.

Jul 19, Jody rated it liked it. And you thought high school was tough? In this YA story it's the first year of college that's rocky for two long-time friends. For star athlete Seth it's the truth about his sexuality and the consequences of his forced 'coming out' that leads to a rift with his very best friend Alex. For Alex it's her shadow-like existence and her deep love of Seth, even knowing the truth about him, that puts her life in turmoil.

Once all these truths come to light it's time for these young people to make some h And you thought high school was tough? Once all these truths come to light it's time for these young people to make some hard decisions and that's when the real heartache begins. This is a highly emotional read full of characters being put through the wringer amongst an oftentimes unforgiving college culture. For two friends who thought nothing could tear them apart, this story shows the slow dissolving of an intense friendship.

And at different times during the story this dissolution can be blamed on one and then the other. Both of them are to blame and at times it makes them appear rather unlikable. Seth, for all his popularity, still only has one true friend in Alex. She's the only one who knows his secret and enables him to keep his secret by being the third-wheel on his dates with girls.

I feel that he takes advantage of her by keeping her close by him all the time, basically as a buffer to show that he's not gay. He's limiting her experiences as well as his own by not accepting who he really is. Once he's forced to confront the truth he's drags Alex down with him into the darkness.

He continues to play with her emotions to keep her close even when another guy expresses an interest in her. Seth makes her choose, just like he does with every other aspect of their time together.

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He's clearly the one in charge throughout the majority of their time together and I was continually angered by him. Alex has been a loyal friend to Seth since the day she saved him from a bully when they were young. She's loyal to a fault which has blinded her to certain truths about Seth.

He wants her all to himself, never letting her branch out on her own. She's become comfortable as his other half because she's in love with him. Even knowing he's gay she still holds out hope that he'll love her back. Even when presented with a footballer named Dink who's the first boy to show her interest and kiss her, she still chooses Seth. I became frustrated by her actions especially when Seth continually treated her shabbily.

I longed for her to break away from Seth and when she finally asserts herself, it's a moment that made me cheer. There are intriguing secondary characters, some likable and some rather despicable. Along with the aforementioned Dink who's sweet and caring but will never win Alex's heart, there's Alex's new friend Trinity. Trinity is strong-willed and outspoken and exactly who Alex needs to find a way to stand on her own two feet. She pushes Alex to be strong and is supportive, completely different from Seth's treatment of Alex and I wish there were more of her in the story.

Even though this was a hard book for me to read because of a character I found to be insensitive, I still found myself drawn in to this insulated collegiate world. The trials and tribulations of growing up make me grateful that that time of my life has passed, but definitely made me feel for these characters and their struggles.

I might have felt frustrated at times by certain actions while reading, but by the end I realized that this was a journey well worth taking. Jul 13, Jessirae rated it liked it Shelves: The problem of this situation? Her best friend is gay. I sympathized with her because I know the pain and heartache she felt. However, I was disappointed in the fact that she kept herself in the shadow of Seth.

I understand she wants to be close to Seth, but half the time I was annoyed at her inability to step away. Some of the bad decisions she makes in I Loved You First really frustrated me as well. She becomes just Alex, and she finds herself. Even through all the mess she and Seth went through, I cannot deny that Alex was a great friend.

Seth - the boy Alex has a one-sided love for. Charming as he was, I really did not like Seth. Besides this one part in the book, I thought Seth treated Alex badly. Seth was going through some hard times, yes, but the problem was me not being able to connect with him at all. He was so detached after the incident and was a jerk before and after.

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It was already obvious that Alex and Seth were never going to move beyond friendship. Even through all the ups and downs Alex and Seth went through, I felt they had some chemistry going on. In a way, both these characters get there closing and the book ends on a nice note filled with hope and possibilities. As much as I wanted to love this story, I can only say that I liked it. I felt like it all went so fast. It was realistic, thought provoking, and inspiring. Overall, I Loved You First is a good read.

It also addresses the issues of homosexuality and the prejudices one faces. More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books Aug 03, Tara Calaby rated it really liked it Shelves: I Loved You First is an easy, enjoyable read with a positive underlying message.

Its stand-out feature is the strong character voice of Alex, which remains consistent and appealing throughout the book. The first person narrative quickly draws the reader into Alex's world and encourages them to empathise with her situation. Alex herself is a likeable character. While, at times, her choices were frustrating, I never resented her for making them. She is flawed, certainly, but this is the story of h I Loved You First is an easy, enjoyable read with a positive underlying message.

She is flawed, certainly, but this is the story of her growth from an invisible sidekick into an independent young woman, and change rarely occurs without a few mistakes to be learnt from. At times, I wanted to reach into the book and shake Alex out of her unflappable loyalty to Seth, especially when he was being particularly belligerent and she was being particularly submissive.

Such a response shows both my fondness of Alex as a character and my total absorption in the book! In contrast, Seth is a difficult character to like. I understand why he acts the way he does, but it doesn't make his behaviour any easier to stomach. I found that I mostly felt sorry for him — not so much due to the attitudes of others as due to his own attitude towards himself.

Indeed, Alex, despite harbouring her fantasies of being the one woman who can overcome Seth's sexuality, is far more accepting of his identity than he is. There is a self-destructive aspect to Seth's behaviour that is almost as difficult to witness as a reader it is for his best friend. The minor characters in I Loved You First are well-drawn, with Trinity being a fun and likeable late addition to the ensemble and Bruce offering the right amount of villainy to the plot.

Dink is multi-faceted and provides an important alternative to the black-and-white portrayal of Bruce. I changed my opinion of him several times throughout the book, as various aspects of his character were revealed. For me, the best part about I Loved You First is the personal growth that Alex experiences as the novel progresses. While much of the action of the book is centred around Seth, the heart of the book is Alex's struggle for emotional independence.

Always a realistic character, she evolves into a truly strong young woman.

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Jacobs's style is chatty and unforced. The writing could have been a little tighter in places but this is well-masked by the casual nature of her protagonist's voice. I also found the overwhelming homophobia shown by many of the book's characters out of keeping with my own experiences with university educated young adults, but am aware that my nationality and the educational circles I've moved in may be a key factor here.

While I Loved You First focusses on university-aged characters, the subject matter and content are appropriate for all young adult readers. It is a light read dealing with heavy subjects — homophobia and the emotional and physical damage it causes — and is a very solid young adult debut by Jacobs.

Aug 25, Marq ReadingRomanceinColor rated it liked it. I normally don't read YA so when the author approached about being part of her blog tour, I figured I'd give it a try. After reading the blurb, I was intrigued. I love stories about unrequited love. Seth and Alex Alexandria have been best friends since elementary school. The novella starts off with both Alex and Seth being freshmen at the same college.

Seth is the All-American Boy. He's good looking, excels at baseball and all the girls want him.

See a Problem?

But he's hiding a secret that only his BFF knows I normally don't read YA so when the author approached about being part of her blog tour, I figured I'd give it a try. But he's hiding a secret that only his BFF knows. Alex is in love with Seth and despite the fact that Seth is gay, Alex wants more from Seth than friendship.

Because Seth is still in the closet, he does go out on dates with girls. But when the girls get too close, he dumps them and moves on to the next one. Alex wonders why isn't she good enough to be Seth's beard. Her voice immediately grabbed me. She's a loner except for her friendship with Seth , she's snarky and funny.

Alex is used to being in Seth's shadow. She truly values his friendship and will do anything for him. And I had a problem with that. Alex mentions several times that she's invisible when she's around Seth. She's invisible to outsiders and sometimes even to Seth. I found Seth to be extremely self-centered and not too concerned about Alex feelings and needs.

But, Alex is fine with accepting the status quo. As I delved more into the story, both Alex and Seth started to annoy me. I thought that Seth was whiny and self-centered. And Alex was too much of a doormat. I wanted to smack some sense into both of them.

As the story progressed, it kind of dragged for me because I was getting so annoyed with the characters. I was ready for them to resolve their issues.

Despite my issues with the characters, I enjoyed reading this novella. I think many of the issues the characters faced were realistic. Both Seth and Alex grew in different ways although I felt that Alex dealt with her issues better than Seth. I enjoyed the secondary characters, especially Dink. I wouldn't mind seeing his story and finding out if his opinions and prejudices change. Even though he had issues, he was a very likable character.

I Loved You First was a good read. I was surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. Like I said earlier, it is very rare that I read YA books. This story didn't feel very YA-ish to me. Maybe because the characters are in college. It's a novella that I'd recommend. I was pleasantly surprised with how much beyond just that aspect of the book that totally kept me reading.

This is a true must read for our generation. Hate is such a strong thing and there were parts of this book that I will not spoil that made my stomach turn. I actually had to stop reading at one point. It is not overly graphic, but I have a special place in my hate bucket for intolerance and there are some displays of that within the pages of this book. Intolerance is shown in so many different ways in this day in age and it's nice to read something that shows both sides of that. The side of being the bigger person and the small feeble people who openly hate.

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I Loved You First (Coming of Age Love Story) eBook: Reena Jacobs: domaine-solitude.com uk: Kindle Store. Editorial Reviews. Review. Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite Alex and Seth I Loved You First (Coming of Age Love Story) by [Jacobs, Reena .

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