Falling Into the Dark: The Butterfly Series Book 1

Butterfly (Butterfly #1)

This book was a complete and total waste of my time. Mar 29, Talltree marked it as no-dnf-zzz-avoid. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Cheating MCs not for me. View all 4 comments. So I start by stating that I, like many other readers, have some big pet peeves that make or break a book for me. I despise love triangles, they never end well. Cheating is just wrong, period. Female leads that make me want to pull my hair out.

Why in the hell did I read it then? Honestly Lex Edwards alone was enough to make me push through this train-wr 2. Honestly Lex Edwards alone was enough to make me push through this train-wreck! In a quick nutshell…Charlotte and Lex have a complicated past.

Forbidden love, betrayal, loss and lots of baggage weighing them down into the future. Charlotte moved on to be a successful lawyer. Lex an international tycoon. Never crossing paths they have lived to the best of their abilities. Ok, so I was fully invested into this book up until now, but whoa the drama, piss poor decisions, and overall WTF starts to happen.

Two men want her…honestly I think it is because she is a shameless slut! The push-pull was way too much for me. Lex was honestly a man broken. He had loved Charlotte since he was 23 and he wants her, plain and simple. Charlotte, she too wants Lex, but it seem like she only wants him naked. Yea, yea I hear all her griping about being hurt but hey buttercup, you are crushing 2 men! I found myself skimming thru and reading only the Lex and Charlotte scenes. Again, I cannot say I liked this….

View all 3 comments. Only people who can handle cheating stories. I picked it up years ago as a freebie, and I cannot believe I've have this little gem on my kindle all this time and never knew a thing about it. This story flipped back and forth in time from Charlie's high school years to seven years later in the present, to get a feel for Charlie's and Lex's history, The buildup in their younger years to their affair was smokin' hot, and I was aching to have them finally come together, despite Alex already being married to another woman. It was totally worth the wait too, because these two were scorching hot together.

In the present day, when these two finally meet up again, Charlie is already engaged to Julian who is a sex god himself-such a lucky girl. Lex sets his sights on Charlie, and HAS to have her again. Not only have her, but to make her his for real this time. There wasn't much that could stop these two. They had a soulmate kind of magnetic pull between them, and they couldn't keep their hands off from each other. When Charlie finally lets her guard down and stops fighting her losing battle to Lex, these two continued to have scorching hot sex!

He might has well have put a bow on Charlie and handed her to Lex himself. I was getting frustrated as hell with Charlie's hot and cold attitude toward Lex. I just wanted her to let go, and let herself love him so they could truly be together as a couple finally. I got my wish as well as the answers to what made her so closed off. This story was coming together so nicely in the ending, and I really thought these two were finally going to get their long awaited HEA. That HEA had a huge ass monkey wrench thrown in at the very end, and everything went to shit.

So happy the next 3 books are already available so I don't have to wait for them! Now I'm on to Book 2 to find out what comes next. View all 7 comments. With the cheating aspect of this story I don't think alot of people will jump on this and read it that is just my honest opinion I don't condone cheating in any shape or form in life but reading about it bring it!! Warped I know shoot me!! I could smack this chick for being so blind Where to start, where to start I loved the dual POV.

It's always fulfilling to get both sides to a story. I wasn't sure how to feel about Lex at first. To hear Charlotte tell it, he's the devil himself. He is far from perfect but not 4. He is far from perfect but not nearly as bad as she makes him seem. I would gladly take him off her hands!! I think this story is a classic example of why communication matters and how important it is to get out of your own way and go after what you want!

It also had that chest aching emotion I love. Their connection is strong and undeniable. I know that time can change people but the heart never forgets it's home. I cannot wait for the sequel!! Why not 5 stars? Because grown up Charlotte annoyed me! Click on my blog link to enter to win a Kindle Fire HD and an ecopy of this book! Jul 04, Yasmin rated it it was amazing. I started reading it last night at about 7pm, and thought I'd give it a couple of hours and then hit the sack Just a little bit more I'll read just a little bit more Next thing I know is it's 3am and I'm sending love-hate messages to the author for the book hangover she's left me with.

I'm not sure when I started rooting for the main characters but it struck me about half way through that I'd not felt about this way about a fictional couple since Carrie and Big in SATC and they would have to be one of my favourite fictional couples of all time, along with Gabriel and Julia and Christian and Ana of course. I'm not sure what to say about it because I don't want to give away any spoilers, but this book just brought up those feelings of angst, happiness, love and frustration It is lucky hubs isn't home because I'd have woken him by bursting out laughing numerous times, something that's refreshing to read in such a sexy book.

On the other hand it's unlucky that hubs isn't home because as I mentioned before the book gets very sexy, sorry if that's TMI, but it's the truth. I love how well you get to know the characters Bull's and Kate are particular stand outs for me and the way the story has been told kept me hooked from start to finish.

If you're looking for a sexy, funny and modern ready I can't recommend this book enough! Jun 16, Nicola Horne rated it it was amazing. Well where do I start First of all this is not like you're other screwed up billionaire with haunted pasts This one is different and a welcome edition to this genre of book we've all come to love. The humour is like the kind of unfiltered conversations you have with your best friend over plenty of wine. This book made me laugh out loud so many Well where do I start This book made me laugh out loud so many times but also made me cry..

A lot, so prepare for a whirlwind of emotions. The book switches POV seamlessly without leaving you confused and Eric is the star or the show. I'm not going to leave any story spoilers as I want you all to enjoy it as it should be. So this gets 5 stars from me Jul 02, Book Fancy rated it it was amazing.

I absolutely loved it! It is definitely so much more than just a sexy brooding CEO romance novel. Lex and Charlotte are both characters that I totally adored. I don't want to tell you very much of the story, because I think you need to experience it for yourself. It's one of those books that you need to just dive into and hold onto your seat because it will take you for one hell of a ride!

Kat's writing is fantastic and she switches between dual points of view with flashbacks flawlessly.

Butterfly Trap

There was never a moment when I wondered which point of view I was reading. I honestly can't praise this book enough! I didn't want this book to end. I need book two now! This is one of those series I hope just keeps going and going because I love the characters.

See a Problem?

I sincerely hope you read this book! You will not be disappointed! I will buy any books Kat Masen puts out in the future, and she is now one of my top favorite authors! She is one very talented lady, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! Fantastic job for debut author! Jun 01, Chelsea rated it it was ok. Into the darkness Smfh I had major issues with this book Idk why all the high reviews. Firstly imma start with the authors writting skills with wasnt all that bad but with her writting in first response and then to have scenes being repeated over and over that's what makes it a problem.

This made the book long and boring. Also with moving back it time to tell how Lex and Charlie came about. I reall Into the darkness Smfh I really didn't pick up anything from it, it was like reading a different book in a book. Very ridiculous, absolutely no meaning whatsoever. In my opinion this book could have been a standalone.

The writter just had too much going on so it blew up into a whole mess. Didn't like Charlie's character at all. Very annoying and stubborn as Fuck. I mean understand what Lex did but he explained, Adriana explained even Samantha explained but still you choose to be this annoying Bitch who can even be honest to herself let alone Julian. She makes me so angry.

So in the end as much as I wanted to enjoy the story I didn't. Jun 28, Mandy rated it really liked it. I have to say I have got to start this review with this book very nearly being a DNF…. Well I absolutely abhor books that retell the POV of both leads and repeat the same scene. This happens over and over again at the start of this book. I can see what the author was trying to do, but retelling of scenes is a complete no-no in my opinion, there is a way to impart feelings from both sets of characters without having t I have to say I have got to start this review with this book very nearly being a DNF….

I can see what the author was trying to do, but retelling of scenes is a complete no-no in my opinion, there is a way to impart feelings from both sets of characters without having to do rinse and repeat. There was even a retelling of a scene in a flashback!

I near threw my kindle at the wall then I really did! Then having fought myself to carry on because actually the characters had grabbed my attention the book catapulted off and had far less retelling and concentrated on moving the story forward properly. How bizarre is that! Eric is riot, as is all gay friends in books. Adriana was a great ex bestie and come back bestie. Nikki was a blast as was Rocky. Lex was, well Lex!

Arrogant, forceful, paying for his wrong decision, trying to get back what he thought was rightfully his. There were areas again in the book I really disagreed with advice that she was receiving, I also had issues that this book revolves around cheating but I can easily put those issues aside if the story is good enough to back up the current affairs and this certainly does. So this is a book that kind of lets you see past bad behaviour because there is a bigger picture to it all. And of course I just have to read it! Jul 13, Rob rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed this story.

I liked the build-up of their rekindled relationship. I liked learning of their past through the flashbacks. I liked how, through other people getting involved, a breakdown in communication led to their separation. I thought the author did an excellent job with developing the main characters but also the secondary characters. Ohh emm geee lol. He was exactly how I imagine a gay bff would be!

My wife has a gay bff and he is an Eric! Totally over the top, totally inappropriate, Adriana was an excellent bestie who then became an ex bestie and then a bestie again! This was through the misunderstandings in the past. Charlie was also a great character. She was determined, no pushover, conflicted, self-motivated, strong. I like reading about strong female characters. Manwhore because he lost the love of his life. Trying to redeem himself to Charlie, with an air of arrogance you need in an alpha male, but he also had a desperate side to him. Desperate to prove to Charlie of his love for her but not in a wimpy way.

The bad and the ugly: The author made the mistake of re-telling each chapter almost verbatim in the alternate POV. It made the book disjointed and clunky to read. I want to read the next book and hope that the author takes on board the comments made regarding the way she changed POV. Just sort out your POV changes!! Jul 06, Tina Lee Harris rated it it was amazing. I was intrigued with the secrets that Charlie and Lex had. How can the love of your life be the darkness part of your existence too.

This is just that story. Not only did she fall in love with him, she saw a future with only him. He was her happy ever after. And he was hopelessly in love with her 4. And he was hopelessly in love with her too. But there was that small circle on his finger that said he belonged to another. Charlie thought she had it all till one day that all fell apart. Her dreams became nightmares. Alex took the one thing that Charlie had when he left, her heart, her ability to love and trust anyone.

Charlie had to learn to live without him. She had to pick herself up and move forward and learn to live without Alex. Then when Charlie finally has her life back together, a college degree, partners in her own law firm and a man that she trust to love her, Julian. But then out of the blue there he is. Alex Lex is here in the same room with her.

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She can not seem to believe her eyes but once she looks into those emerald green eyes, she knows Lex can see straight to her soul. She has to get away. This can not be happening. It has taken seven years to find peace in her life. This was a beautiful story of true love. Sometimes true love has more than speed bumps in the way. There are oceans in the way. There are always secrets and things left untold when your heart is broken. Follow along as Charlie and Lex learn to be friends and try to get back what only happens once in a lifetime.

I can not wait for the next book in this series to come out. I need more of the side characters, Bull, Rocky and oh you will not be able to forget Eric. He was a hoot. Jul 20, Alison rated it it was amazing. I loved reading from both POV even though at times they did repeat each other; however I did find more often than not it was relevant so you could feel and understand how both people were truly feeling.

Both left heart broken, confused and lied to by those around them.

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Charlie is n 5 Stars Amazing read that has you hooked from the start. Charlie is now living in New York working as a successful Lawyer, she has found happiness with Julian Baker and he is perfect in every way. She has rebuilt her life, got great friends, a great man, and great career yet still deep down she knows something is missing. Lex now living in London running his own successful Business Empire has thrown his life into building his career, he has worked to bury the pain he still feels from 7 years ago.

He has business in New York and by chance he sees Charlie. The sparks are still there neither can deny it. Lex is determined to get her back and he will go to any lengths to get her. I can not wait to read Into the Light the next book in the series it can not come soon enough. I do have one snippet that is my favourite funny moment that I just have to share. Tip-toeing to my door I opened it quickly as a shocked Eric pummelled to the floor with a paper cup.

Everyone needs a friend like Eric. Jul 04, Allyson rated it it was amazing.

He's waiting for you...

Okay where do I start with this I couldn't put it down Kat owes me sleep. Into the darkness was such an emotional roller coaster. One minute I'm in love with them and the next minute I want to slap them. There was so much I loved about this story, the flashbacks into the past, the alternating point of views. I won't give anymore away because you need to experience this for yourself. There are some moments in the boo Okay where do I start with this There are some moments in the book where my heart ached but it was always followed up with something hilarious.

It was a great balance in which the writer conveyed nicely so that it wasn't so melodramatic. This isn't your typical brooding rich CEO type character and you get to see that as his past unfolds and you get to witness the butterfly moments of two young people falling in love. The side characters are hilarious and entertaining. I want so much more of them! If there was one thing I didn't like it was how perfect Julian Baker was.

I am left in desperate need of book two which thank god is only a month away!!! The speech is awful with foolish names for body parts, and things like oh-em-ggee. Charlie and Lex's past is one of betrayal and great loss. Lex has been gone seven years, without a word, no explanation and he's bothered by the fact that Charlie has a life? What did he expect that she would be searching the world looking for him? She would stop living?

I want to like Julian and feel pity for him but Charlie just fucked another man while you were in the next room. How aren't you able to smell his scent all over her? Julian truly deserves better than a slut like Charlie. I dislike cheaters and the fact that Lex cheated on his wife years ago with Charlie and now Charlie is fucking with him while she's engaged? They deserve each other. The woman is tough as nails and an inspiration. Her resilience towards Levi in the beginning is nothing short of honorary. It is always so beautiful and satisfying to see someone like her break down the walls and let someone in because she is someone who needs it the most.

I am constantly amazed by Elle Christensens versatility as a writer.

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Falling Into The Dark: The Butterfly Series Book 1 [Kimberly Sala Dennis, Dana Chapman Photography] on domaine-solitude.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. Review. Rick Crum, crew, THE HUNGER GAMES, PIRATES OF THE Book 1 of 3 in Girl On Fire (3 Book Series) . Uma Mawaery, author, The Silver Butterfly━"I totally fell in love with it! was how much of the book was spent with keeping Aeris in the dark about what had been done to her, why Brewster.

Within the romance realm she genre hops from fantasy to suspense, from rockstars to sexy teacher student flings. Each one is different and yet her writing is spot on each time. That being said I believe she went above and beyond with this book. Her knowledge of the musical world blew me away. The tumultuous lives of rockstars were never better told than in this book. You get such a good feel for who they are, what they experience, and how they feel about not only their music but also preforming for their fans.

It's like you're inside their heads, feeding off their energy, and coming out of the book with a better appreciation of the musical process. Levi and Brooklyn's story gives you a touch of everything. Humor, suspense, steamy sex, exhilarating musical highs, and twists and turns that will leave your head spinning.

Their story wasn't an easy one but there was beauty in every minute of it. I went into this book blind with no expectations and no idea what I would be getting. As always Elle gave me a book that I devoured. A book I couldn't put down. A book I'm still raving about a month after reading it.

This is by far her best work to date. You can tell she poured her heart and soul into this book and it made for one hell of a read. I am a total sucker for a rock star book! I typically devour them in one sitting, and Another Postcard was no exception. I loved Brooklynn Hawk and Levi Matthews. Brooklynn has been a steady behind the scenes force in the music industry and her talent is insurmountable. One dream may include Levi as more than the lead singer in the band, but as the leading man in her life. Give me just a minute to get over the swooning here.

I loved all their interactions as they started as friends and then moved onto lovers. Christensen made me feel as if I was in the room as they rehearsed and wrote music. It was awesome, so darn awesome. I loved the twist too. So hard for all involved. I cannot wait for more for the members of Stone Butterfly. Count on me to be the first in line for book two! One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. This book was utter perfection!!! Levi and Brooklyn have a chemistry that just cannot be denied. Combine that with their voices, hers so beautiful it's awe inspiring and his with that rocker vibe and these two are unstoppable When Brooklyn is given the chance to go on tour with Stone Butterfly, she moves out of the proverbial dark to finally live her dream.

She wasn't counting on falling for the lead singer and he definitely didn't see her on his romantic radar. However, with this heat also comes a mystery that could derail their lives before they can explore having a forever together.

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This mystery just added to my enjoyment of this incredible book because it kept me guessing and I was so enthralled with the story that I actually felt like I was on tour with the band. Levi is one determined man to get and keep Brooklyn no matter what It's also very clear to me that Ms. Christensen has an extensive background in music because her details were spot on which I truly appreciate in a book that's dealing with the music world.

If it's not done correctly, the whole story just doesn't flow. Well folks, this one was done so correctly that it deserves a Grammy!! See all 92 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 6 months ago. Published 7 months ago. Published 8 months ago. Published 9 months ago. Published 11 months ago. I have loved all of Elle's books Published 12 months ago. Published 1 year ago. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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I typically devour them in one sitting, and Another Postcard was no exception. And speaking of captor, he can hold you captive and you would be in captivity, but you would never be in "captivation" which is throughout the book If you're looking for a sexy, funny and modern ready I can't recommend this book enough! Maryse can you please recommend of more dark read books… Sarah: Jul 11, Philomena Callan Cheekypee rated it it was amazing. Yet as he stands before me in this darkened club with the lights swirling around us, I'm not so sure.

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