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Upon arrival, they immediately started pouring out their lives among abandoned street children. She and her husband also oversee a network that includes thousands of churches across Mozambique and ministry bases in over 30 nations. Her great passion is to live in the manifest presence of God and to carry His glory, presence, and love to a lost and dying world.

Just as Heidi and I were starting to do this interview over email, massive flooding devastated Mozambique. We know of hundreds of people whose homes have been completely destroyed. Almost everyone we know has lost belongings or had some damage to their home. We are praying for God to break in. As they were in the midst of the flooding, she asked to include a prayer about the situation with the floods as well. God, we pray that you would come.

You are King over the floods. You are our Rescuer even in the midst of difficulty and trials. Please come and rescue us. Rescue our friends who are suffering.

You Are My Lord | God Is Love “All the Way in Your Company” | Christian Music Video

Daddy God, would you stop the rains and provide everything needed to repair the damages. You are our Provider. God, we pray that many will turn to you and be saved in the midst of these difficult situations. She continued with the interview as planned from there, and it is printed below. I am stunned by her generosity to open her heart to us in the midst of disaster. What follows encourages me like never before that I can vividly encounter Jesus, not just in the secret place, but also in my circumstances as I yield my life to him.

And others will, too. H eidi, thank you for doing this interview, especially in the midst of such a trying time. I wholeheartedly desire for you, me, and the readers to encounter him in these moments. With that in mind, can you start off this interview like you do your talks—by engaging the presence of the Lord and seeking his face in prayer?

Many are hungry and thirsty and poor in Spirit. When you are hungry for natural food, you eat and are satisfied.

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When you are hungry for more of Jesus and you eat of Him, you just get more hungry. So come today poor in spirit, hungry and thirsty for Jesus. Let the riches of the Kingdom of God be released to the hungry children. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it. God is going to shift the atmosphere because we want more of the Kingdom, and as we want more of the Kingdom, we are going to become more childlike and more poor in spirit. Hold onto the Father, come poor in spirit. Yield yourself to God. He wants to fill you.

I was praying, and I saw oil, wine, milk, and honey, being poured into people, people who were positioned like little children, those who came poor in spirit. God, we must have more of you. We want to be fully filled, oh God. We want to be fully possessed by you Jesus. We want to be vessels, dripping and overflowing with oil. We want to be overcome and totally undone.

We want to carry your Kingdom God. We want to be burning ones. God, take away every distraction. All of our affections are on you, Jesus. We are going to come like little children to our Papa today, to our Papa who loves us. You lose your life and you find it.

Flood Update

Stephanie Taylor used to dance for money at strips clubs until a demonic Lord Jesus, don't let me die. He wants to show you and reveal to you who He is. Lead Me Lord | Jesus Christ, You Are My Life | "All the Way in Your When I come back to You, You show mercy, smile to embrace. Sing and Dance Happily to Praise God | "All Nations and All Peoples Praise Almighty God" (MV) . NewsSpecial FocusInterviews & CommentsChurch NewsReligion and.

You empty yourself out and you are filled. You humble yourself and He lifts you up.

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With You by my side, danger or trouble, I can face. In Your company, journeys won't be too hard. Bumpy roads passing through troubles, they give way to a beautiful spring. Dawn will soon appear, and skies will shine blue as before. I'm in Your company. Dance and Song Videos.


We welcome all truth seekers to contact us. Please select a language. Similar Videos Personal Collection. II You are my life, You are my Lord. Other Series of Videos. That night she returned to the strip club and saw something she had never seen before…. They were sitting in chairs, standing, and moving about.

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When I visit, he is working on a rolling piano-driven s-style soul song. I saw these girls, and they looked like death warmed over. God wants us to learn from the poor the attributes that we need spiritually. Stephanie wanted desperately to be free from her destructive lifestyle. The last night he cooked again: The poor are my friends and my family. National Student interview Luke Morton interview.

They were having the best time. I saw these girls, and they looked like death warmed over. It was like the Lord just opened it up, and He showed me. It was like I could literally feel the darkness within me rising up. I remember people coming around me and praying. I remember the pastor praying for me. At that one moment God set me free of every spirit, every demonic force that I had made a choice to open a door to. She and Lance married. Then God gave her a new dance and a new song. I remember listening to that song, and it was just so powerful to me. It just spoke of everything that I had come out of -- for everything that I had been through and what God had done in my life.

His love for her has completely transformed her. He wants to show you and reveal to you who He is. His arms are open, ready to accept you. For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. Skip to main content. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN is a global ministry committed to preparing the nations of the world for the coming of Jesus Christ through mass media.