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Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Feb 11, Gigi rated it really liked it. Reread October Total erotica. Sex was delicious, but not much in the way of a story. This was fucking HOT! This is the first in a series of the Dume brothers, who own a dude ranch in Texas. Aug 20, Riverina Romantics rated it really liked it Shelves: Read all about it — Kaylea Cross has turned to the dark side!!! I have only read one other book by Callie Croix aka Kaylea Cross and it was a majorly intense romantic suspense that gave me heart palpitations — it was fantastic.

So when this extremely talented author stepped over the line from romantic suspense to delve into the naughty waters of erotic romance, I KNEW I needed to get my hands on it. This book was HOT Was this book hot? Was Deacon a totally macho, sexy, dominating alpha type? Bloody oath Did Callie Croix stumble and show her insecurities when writing a sex scene? Pfft — gawd no. Callie is one naughty lady with a knack for the sizzle, sizzle. View all 10 comments. Jul 18, Rva Booklover rated it it was amazing.

Dume Ranch Series by Callie Croix

This is so much more than your typical erotica novella. Deacon and Jessica meet when Jessica attends a bridal weekend at Deacon's family's dude ranch. Sparks fly between them from the start. Given the natural parameter limits of the novella, there is good character development. I liked both Deke and Jessica, and liked them even better together. Both had trust and commitment issues, but their attraction for each other was very believable.

What I liked most about the story was the obvious affectio This is so much more than your typical erotica novella. What I liked most about the story was the obvious affection the characters displayed for one another. So often in the erotica genre, this reader isn't able to fully believe the emotional connection between the primary characters. No problems with that here. Deke was considerate and caring, though he did push Jessica to expand her sexual boundaries. I could feel their bond deepening as they explored each other's limits.

Deke was never cruel, never ignored Jessica's signals of distress and gave her time to adapt to what he was doing. I also liked that we didn't get to "the main event" immediately. There was a lot of sexy, melt in a puddle on the floor, erotic play before hand, because sex isn't or at least, shouldn't be limited to insert Tab A into Slot B.

What sets Deacon's Touch apart is the amount of emotion exhibited by the Hero and heroine, and how well that emotion is conveyed by the author. There is attention to detail here most authors do not achieve.

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His hand on the small of her back, her discomfort at being among a group of near strangers. I got a feel for what made these characters tick, which enhanced my reading experience. Can't wait for the rest of the brothers' stories.

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As a person who is often too busy to leave work at work, I understood the stress that she was under not to take a break at a crucial point. Other than taking him away from Jess, what was the point of that? This Dom had a soft side to him which a thoroughly enjoyed. Jessica has dropped everything to be part of the bachelorette party at the dude ranch. It just seemed incongruent to the story at this point.

There is foreshadowing here, giving just a hint of what is to come. Though there is a definite BDSM slant, Deacon's Touch is much more about two people finding the perfect partner for them.

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The BDSM is limited to mild bondage and obedience. Sep 10, Judi rated it really liked it Shelves: Great little sexy and steamy short story from the alter ego of Kaylea Cross. I recently discovered Ms. Cross and have read 2 of her military romantic suspense titles and really enjoyed them, so when I discovered she had an erotic alter ego I knew I had to give Deacon's Touch a try.

I really enjoyed Deacon's Touch and look forward to getting caught up on Kaylea Cross's backlist and any new titles under all her author names. View all 4 comments. Sep 26, Nikki rated it really liked it Shelves: Hot hot hot but way too short. It had the perfect shades of Kaylea Cross' awesome writing with the welcome addition of spicy erotica.

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Deacon's Touch (Dume Ranch Series Book 1) - Kindle edition by Callie Croix. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The first Dume Ranch book about four brothers. Deacon was a para-rescue jumper in the military but had to quit after he was injured. He's back working on his.

I really felt it would have made more sense being a full length novel as there were parts of the plot that didn't have the time to develop; but it was a great read either way. Perfect as a palate cleanser or for someone wanting a sweet and sexy quick read. Feb 02, Carisa rated it really liked it Shelves: My first story by this author, a steamy novella, very well written, especially the love scenes: Will read more from her.

View all 3 comments. Jessica has dropped everything to be part of the bachelorette party at the dude ranch. Not looking forward to leaving her world behind, she comes armed with mobile phone and laptop, ready to continue her work in-between the revelry. Immediately, attraction flares between the two of them and soon the car journey is starting to get them both a little hot under the collar. But Jess is off limit Jessica has dropped everything to be part of the bachelorette party at the dude ranch.

Both have their doubts, but when they keep finding themselves alone together, soon the attraction is too strong to deny. Once they succumb to the inevitable heat that is between them, they head on a sensual and emotional journey together. But the bachelorette party is a short term holiday and soon Jess will be returning home. Will they be content to part ways after such a short, hot fling? Or will they find another outcome to find out if they are a more than just sex? I was given this novella as a review copy but I will be quite happy to part with my money for the next two.

Jessica was a woman that needed a break. As a person who is often too busy to leave work at work, I understood the stress that she was under not to take a break at a crucial point. She needed a break and by golly did Deacon give her one. He was a tall, dark mysterious cowboy with a painful military background. Once they begin to explore their kinkier side, the feelings that have been developing since their initial meeting, start to explode. I enjoyed the build-up to the sex scenes; the flirtatious looks, the coy smiles and the hot and steamy kisses were enough to whet my appetite for a romance.

It was obvious that these two were heading for the bedroom, that what would happen would be satisfying for both them and me. Neither of them knew what to expect from the other, but what they find are people who are happy to accept and soothe all aspects of their characters. A fabulous steamy Cowboy novella with a lovely little plot and a believable love story. There are another two brothers on the dude ranch and I will be reading both of their books. Callie Croix has a gift for writing short novels. Not many authors can do this.

There is always something missing or it needs to be longer. Deacon AKA as Deke is a sexy hero you want to bring home to meet the parents. He is a gentleman and sweet. He thinks of himself as a Dom and even though he likes to have control in the bedroom, it is light and not kinky. He does know how to talk dirty, but he also knows how to treat a woman in and ou Callie Croix has a gift for writing short novels. He does know how to talk dirty, but he also knows how to treat a woman in and out of the bedroom.

Oh My Goodness that man knows how to kiss. The first kissing scene in the truck had me hot and bothered, I could not wait to see how he was in the bedroom. Let me tell you he did not disappoint me there. Jessica is a control freak and work alcoholic I love how Deke was the one to help her relax and let loose. Deke and Jessica are one of my favorite couples. Their chemistry is steamy and Callie Croix did a amazing job at a perfect length getting them together. She was even able to throw in secondary characters that did not take away from Deke and Jessica.

The secondary characters are part of the plot. Love those Sexy Dumen Brothers. This is Callie Croix first read for me and will not be the last. She has a beautiful writing voice that sucks you in and will be wanting more when the story ends. Originally posted at Wickedly Delicious Book Blog First book in a series about brothers who run a dude ranch.. Deacon Dumen is at the ranch recovering from an injury he received while an Air Force Pararescueman..

Jessica Talbot flies in from Seattle for her friends bachelorette party the ranch. Deacon describes himself perfectly in the book He might not be fully into the BDSM scene and want submission outside of the sexual relationship like some Doms did but he had a dominant streak a mile wide and it defiantly translated into the bedroom. This First book in a series about brothers who run a dude ranch.. This was this authors first erotic romance and she nailed it.. I am looking forward to reading the other 3 brothers books in the series.. May 24, Chalice rated it liked it Shelves: Wounded ex-military cowboy Deacon shame they call him Deke meets introverted work-a-holic stockbroker Jessica, whom Deke spends most of the book calling Sugar.

This is not a long story. I think it took me 90 minutes, start to epilogue. I'll sum it up with this. Deke likes "Control", Jessica aka Sugar discovers she has a heretofore undiscovered yen to be mastered, and they lived HEA. Nov 04, Carin rated it really liked it. I absolutely love Kaylea Cross and when I found out she had an alternate ego, I had to give Callie Croix's book a try.

It was my first foray into erotic romance and boy did she hook me! I cannot wait for her next book Oct 24, Teresa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I liked this very much, it's sexy and interesting and pretty hot all over, with a gorgeous hero and a very nice heroine. Dec 21, Joletta rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a short read, under pages. Jun 11, Steph rated it really liked it. Short, but loved it. Oct 23, Joy rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was hotter than hell.

A 4 alarm fire at my house. Nov 13, Pam rated it liked it Shelves: Short little cowboy naughtie.. Mar 15, Niina rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: She misses her plane and has to be picked up late by one of the Dumen boys, one of the seriously hot brothers who run Ranch where the bachelorette weekend is taking place. Deacon, an Ex-Air Force Pararescueman, has a hard time keeping up his walls around Jessica, the girl's reserved and bit snappish, but when he catches her off guard she's warm and kind - and lights up all kind of fires inside him that he hasn't paid attention to since his divorce and injury.

Deacon begins to warm up to Jessica, but that also means his other dormant desires surface, his desire for control in the bedroom, and he knows it would send a good girl like Jessica running the other way - but Jessica has few fantasies of her own and one of them just might include a cowboy tying her to bed. Deacon's Touch is a keeper, I sure am going to read it again! Nothing was missing, it had it all, romance, emotions, danger and little bit of kink! It started off as a sweet romance city girl meets hot and injured both emotionally and physically cowboy, they dance around attraction, finally give in, meet danger and then we get on the kinky side of the romance with some light bondage and bossy Dom attitude, yummy!

For a novella it wasn't at all too short, and even managed to get me teary eyed at the end - after all you really really want Deke and Jessie to make it.

I loved Jessie and Deke's chemistry, it was real and believable instead of the insta-love which works well in paranormal romance mind you ; that makes me cringe at contemporary romance genre. They had that dancing around each other feel where they both wanted more but didn't think their attention would be necessarily returned and keeping emotional distance was the way to go - but like always one kiss changes it all.

Bossy Deke was delicious to read, he had the whole ex-special ops way about him and when spiced with a little Dom and whole lot of cowboy he was irresistible! This book definitely wet my appetite to read more Dumen brother books, getting to know the brothers a little during the novella gave a great sneak peak at things to come, and I was hooked.

Callie Croix has a way of writing sexy, determined and yummy ex-soldiers like in Touch Me and she gets to the details of things without it harming the story. She can write delicious romance and very hot erotic romance with a light bdsm twist. Having read only two novellas by Callie Croix, I think I can still call myself a fan!

I highly recommend this to cowboy lovers who aren't shy around a little light bondage and erotic play. This is so worth reading!