French: A Linguistic Introduction (Linguistic Introductions)

There are two types of grammars: Descriptive grammars represent the unconscious knowledge of a language.

English speakers, for example, know that "me likes apples" is incorrect and "I like apples" is correct, although the speaker may not be able to explain why. Descriptive grammars do not teach the rules of a language, but rather describe rules that are already known.

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In contrast, prescriptive grammars dictate what a speaker's grammar should be and they include teaching grammars, which are written to help teach a foreign language. There are about 7, languages in the world right now a rough estimate , and linguists have discovered that these languages are more alike than different from each other.

There are universal concepts and properties that are shared by all languages, and these principles are contained in the Universal Grammar , which forms the basis of all possible human languages. This page is a collection of my notes from undergraduate and graduate courses in linguistics.

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If you are interested in linguistics textbooks, I recommend the following:. Chapter 4, Lexicology and derivational morphology , combines analyses in derivational morphology, including word games such as verlan , along with presentations of contact-induced borrowings, and state intervention in vocabulary. Chapter 6, Historical perspectives , intentionally put at the end of the volume, is destined to provide the preceding analyses with a historical context. It shows continuity and rupture between well-known characteristics of the language, while also revealing new aspects of its history, such as proper name formation and use.

Note to the reader Throughout the book we have used italics to show example words and phrases.

Technical terms which appears in the Glossary are shown in bold. Counter-clockwise a and clockwise b shift of nasal vowels in Parisian a and Canadian French b. A model of the hierarchy of prosodic constituents following Nespor and Vogel Disambiguation of syntactic structures via phrasing and intonation.

The relevant syntactic trees are shown in Figure. Examples of the intonation contours of a canonical yes-no question a , wh-question b , declarative c , imperative d , and stylized calling e. Schematic syntactic tree of Pierre ramasse son sac. Schematic diagram illustrating the order of several pre-head modifiers NB: Buy the selected items together This item: Ships from and sold by Wordery Specialist. The French Language Today: Ships from and sold by Amazon. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

[Introduction to Linguistics] (OLD) Word Order, Grammar, and Phrase Structure Rules

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What is Linguistics?

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