Marlowe versus Shakespeare: Wrongful Death and Double Identity

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To prove this I chose a playwright whose texts were available in electronic form on IDAP and who was not a suspect in the sense that there was a close relation to Marlowe timewise or stylistically.

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The texts were by John Fletcher and partly written in collaboration with Beaumont and Massinger. The Marlowe plays are indicated by the white squares, and Fletcher's by the blue ones. It's true the linear regression is not as steep as in the Marlowe-Shakespeare cluster. But once again this has to do with higher "most"-values in the Fletcher texts causing lower quotients. To be fair Farey did not explicitly state the identity of Marlowe and Shakespeare, but implicitly his chart figure 1 - or rather the impression of it on the reader - suggests such reasoning.

If we were to follow it the Marlowe-Fletcher chart on this page would have to be seen as a proof that Marlowe also wrote the plays of Fletcher. He also could earn money doing a bit of acting and owning a piece of the Globe Theatre. William Shakespeare clearly spent most of his time learning the ins and outs of commodity trading, real estate, money lending, litigation, and whatever else it took to become a successful businessman and an affluent country gentleman.

It is a real stretch of the imagination, therefore, to believe that he would have spent several years of hard intellectual labor writing plays about the War of the Roses. But Logan simply reflects stultifying academic orthodoxy when he writes: But, as I explain in my book, Marlowe wrote the Henry VI trilogy probably because the Countess of Pembroke suggested that he write historical dramas based on English history, and it is most likely that she paid him to do so. Otherwise, why would any writer take on a project of that magnitude and complexity without support from some source?

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Logan promotes the standard Stratfordian belief that Marlowe's work influenced Shakespeare, echoed by scholars since the late s with A. Verity up till today via Stephen Greenblatt: How else would a Stratfordian explain the close similarities between the two? Yet, the assumptions abound: I'm amazed at how much Shakespeare scholarship also seems to focus on the psychology of the "writer" Shakespeare - heavy doses of speculation, so much of it emotive, to fill in the glaring blanks of a life seemingly devoid of a passion for literature.

Would it surprise Professor Logan to know that the reason why there is so much of Marlowe in the works of Shakespeare is because Marlowe probably wrote them? Yet similar circumstances have occurred in America in recent times. During the Red Scare in Hollywood in the s, as Daryl Pinksen has demonstrated, several screen writers were forced into exile but continued to send scripts back to Hollywood fronted by other colleagues.

Those who fronted for the exiled were actually given awards for scripts they did not write. Yet, no one was the wiser, and it is only recently that the truth has come out. Logan, of course, does not dare entertain the notion that Marlowe survived a faked death in and continued to write plays which in were collected by his faithful friend and executor Edward Blount and published in the First Folio.

All of which has led the good professor and other Stratfordians to invent all kinds of absurd scenarios to explain the inexplicable.

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Marlowe disregarded all this and crafted a portrayal of an initially ineffectual king who grew into his crown, but who was ultimately overthrown and ignominiously executed. Speaking of "Shake-scene", I just finished work on an in-depth article which, I think, will prove once-and-for-all that Greene's reference was directed towards Edward Alleyn. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. This highly acclaimed spiritual guide tells of one man's struggle to free his soul while guiding the reader to their own inner freedom. Notably, Marlowe was released after a very brief imprisonment, while Watson was held in Newgate until February. His audiences include kings of Hungary and Germany, and even the Pope. She is, arguably, happy at the end with a relationship based on wit and companionship, whereas her sister Bianca turns out to be simply spoiled.

Click here for the blog's home page and recent content. Newer Post Older Post Home. The blog is closed Please enjoy our archives going back to Ted Hughes, British Poet Laureate "The way to really develop as a writer is to make yourself a political outcast, so that you have to live in secret. This is how Marlowe developed into Shakespeare. Christopher Reid, Faber , p. We're a blog dedicated to the brilliant Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe. Yes, we believe he could have authored many of the Shakespeare works, and so we offer up hearty servings of delicious intrigue.

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