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The Cloak of Dreams : Chinese Fairy Tales

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I didn't like some of them and I must be missing something in the reproduction of the pictures as well. Nothing about them seemed to be truly understanding of Chinese culture and their own stories of magic and fairies. Zipes's introduction, in fact, was the best part of the book.

He did a solid biography of Balazs and how he came to write, how he lived in his own world. But he didn't explain why Belazs thought he could write about China. This is part of a series called "Oddly Modern Fairy Tales", which is intriguing. Older literary fairy tales have a lot of say about their contemporary world. These are odd in that I am not sure what they have to say about Belazs's world and life, which are certainly not modern.

I am going to look for other books in the series. I thought that this would be a book like Some Chinese Ghosts: But this is actually original stories with a somewhat Chinese flavor. The story about parasols with pictures of different skies painted on the underside was excellent. And there was one gory and creepy ghost-type story.

The story of the flea who has to reunite his past-life mortal parents made me think of Back to the Future. Though the ending was rather vulgar.

There is some good imagery here, and it I thought that this would be a book like Some Chinese Ghosts: There is some good imagery here, and it seems like a good translation. But some of the others were boring, or blurred into sameness with the other stories. I'll summarize it for you: Balazs was a socialist Hungarian Hemingway. There, I just saved you over 40 pages of tedious reading. The stories themselves are quick, light reads. The illustrator, Mariette Lydis, did some nice work in other contexts, but the illustrations here are mostly creepy.

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Did not realize these weren't really fairy tales from China before reading, but interesting stories nonetheless! Melissa rated it liked it Feb 13, L S Popovich rated it liked it Mar 25, Sonia rated it it was amazing Aug 08, Aimee rated it really liked it Oct 29, Marcel Du Plessis rated it it was amazing May 22, Antalm rated it liked it Dec 04, Brittany rated it really liked it Aug 13, Richard Parkin rated it it was amazing Oct 27, JC Hsyu rated it really liked it Jul 16, Alik rated it really liked it Mar 13, Tida Wilson rated it really liked it May 30, Keith rated it really liked it Mar 30, Andrew rated it really liked it Nov 27, Nick Pierce rated it liked it Nov 06, Rex Bradshaw rated it really liked it Mar 26, Lauren rated it liked it May 21, Jan 29, Mohammad Rameez added it.

The Cloak of Dreams

This book takes you to a world of yearning. The feeling to escape the world and the troubles The Cloak of Dreams Bela Balazs.

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Workers' Tales Michael Rosen. Back cover copy "A splendid modern work. What baroque dreams, grotesque scenes, ghostly, ridiculous, strange, and chilling brainstorms!.

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All of this is remarkable, original, and uncanny. I recommend that readers go and find some good time to spend with this beautiful book.

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A master stylist, Balazs puts us in touch with the sublime through velvety prose that mimics the brush strokes of master calligraphers. Jack Zipes's introduction tells its own fascinating tale about how a Hungarian writer and intellectual found redemption in fairy tales. The Power of Stories in Childhood "These fairy tales are wonderful, touching, and fantastic--you can feel the giddy liberty Balazs gave himself in writing them. I enthusiastically recommend them to anyone who can still feel the pleasure of being kidnapped by fantasy and being taken away to a land that is both vividly colored and intellectually curious.

The collection is a delight and Jack Zipes's introduction is splendid. Balazs creates a world of dreams in which the alienation of man from woman and soul from body is imaginatively overcome. These Chinese fairy tales reflect Balazs's wisdom, his powers of visual imagery, psychological insight, and playfulness.

The translations are beautifully poetic and a joy to read. I found myself rereading several and discovering each time some new and wondrous twist and detail. Alter, Temple University show more. The Parasols 74 Die Sonnenschirme Chapter 4: The Flea 90 Der Floh Chapter 7: The Ancestors Die Ahnen Chapter The Friends Die Freunde Chapter Tearful Gaze Tranenblick Chapter Top 25 Books "Except among a few film and music scholars, Balazs is barely remembered, and only four books from the mountain of his works--novels, stories, poetry, plays, puppet plays, screenplays, libretti, political articles, and film criticism--have ever been translated into English.

The Cloak of Dreams

But he was an archetypal modernist, a type that is now nearly extinct: Unlike others, [Balazs] did not believe that the movies would mean the end of stories and novels, and it is not surprising that he wrote The Cloak of Dreams at the same time that he wrote his first screenplay.

In the present moment, when fiction has yet again been declared dead, these deliberately anachronistic, pseudo-Oriental, and completely delightful tales are further examples of the perennial human need for imaginative narrative told in words.

Zipes provides a fascinating story of a complicated man, buffeted by his place in history, benefitting and suffering from the tumultuous times in which he lived. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Folksongs and Phonographs in the American South. Next Always For the Underdog:

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