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The series Shadowhunters fans are addicted to now. Find out why readers are hooked on The Angel Trials! Review "Jae-Jones follows up her best-selling debut, Wintersong , with this introspective, ethereal sequel Product details Age Range: Wintersong Book 2 Hardcover: Wednesday Books February 6, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Forgotten Realms meets Game of Thrones. Looking for your next epic fantasy series? The Vampire Trick Dark World: The Vampire Wish Book 3. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention goblin king old laws bipolar disorder mental illness felt like young man six months wild hunt brother josef austere young exchange for an honest liesl and josef authors note fairy tale second book der erlkonig jae jones liesl and the goblin feel like really enjoyed.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. For anyone who has read and loved But trust me, if you allow yourself the opportunity, this book can sweep you away in a storm of folklore, complexity, and utter lyrical beauty all on its own.

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Just as I had written in my review for Wintersong, the writing in Shadowsong has a way of making me feel raw. These characters, Liesl, Josef, Kathe, the Goblin King, are utterly stripped of their complexity and bared for the entire world to see their soul. The writing quality has surpassed my expectations in this series and made me appreciate Jae-Jones as an author immensely. What I appreciate most is the risk she took to also bare her own soul within these characters. It encompasses any sort of behavior or thought pattern that deviates from the norm, not just mental illness.

I, like Liesl, am a functioning member of society, but our mental illnesses make us mad. They make us arrogant, moody, selfish, and reckless, They make us destructive, to both ourselves and to those we love. We are not easy to love, Liesl and I, and I did not want to face that ugly truth. These traits are shared among several members of the cast.

I feel him, Sepp. The touch of his hand upon my hair. The press of his lips against my cheek. The sound of his voice, whispering my name. There is madness in our bloodline. I was utterly surprised by the complexity of this duology. From what I gathered in Wintersong, I did not foresee the path in which this plot would traverse. Majority of the time, the plot walks a narrow path, dipping toes in both the fantastical and reality, obscuring which is which. I believe the way in which this book is written is figurative to Liesl's experience as a character.

Her constant battle between living in the "real world," yet, being enticed by the underground and back to her beloved is palpable. What was real and what was false was as unreliable as memory, and I lived in the in-between spaces, between the pretty lie and the ugly truth. But I did not speak of it. Could not speak of it. She knows, along with those that still hold to the Old Laws, that there are consequences for each and every action. The Old Laws must be appeased.

By thwarting them, the Wild Hunt occurs, seeking souls to balance the scales. As the threat draws nearer, Liesl grows more erratic in her deliberations, trying to protect her sister Kathe, repair her relationship with her brother Josef, and learn to live with herself and accept who she is. Acceptance proves to be a main theme throughout this story.

Each character struggles with acceptance of a certain truth in their life, but instead, try to ignore it by I was so focused on being Elisabeth, alone, I had not thought about what it meant to be Elisabeth, entire. And that meant embracing my past as well as uncertain future. I was so determined to not wallow in my misery that I made myself lonely; I pushed away memories and feelings and connections not only to the Goblin King, but myself.

I had mourned, but I had not let myself grieve. I had not let myself feel. While I wish there had been more appearances from the Goblin King himself, I'm glad there wasn't. I think that after Liesl's experience in the underground required this sort of backlash in her character.


Her transformation from the Goblin Queen back to Liesl required addressing. No matter how "romantic" her experience in the underground may have been, although, it was definitely twisted Liesl experienced much that required more attention. It is in Shadowsong where Liesl truly becomes a woman and owns each part of herself--whole and broken. That is the beauty of this story--learning to accept that we all have attributes, experiences, memories, and influences that make and break our character.

It's how we deal with those points that define who we are. I couldn't help but feel forced to look inward and evaluate parts of myself I wished to ignore while traversing these pages. It also forced me to consider others and observing these same qualities that makeup people around me. He nods at me. You know who I am, Elisabeth. My teacher, my playmate, my friend. For being a sinner.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? I loved Wintersong because of its lush, musical content, so I was super excited to get my hands on Shadowsong. These issues are very important topics that should be discussed more frequently. I'm literally going to cry because I actually can't believe I hated this book, wow who would've thought? Although she deeply respected Malfurion, his merciful decision hardly satisfied Maiev. Malfurion's grief and anger made him completely focused on stopping and punishing his brother, just as Maiev had hoped.

As I said in my review of Wintersong, this book may not resonate with everyone. In fact, I'm certain it won't. It has potential to truly challenge its reader and forces them to evaluate more than just a fun, light-hearted plot with a shallow romance. No, Shadowsong has a lot to offer.

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I only counted 3 words! Unlike Wintersong, there is very little regarding this area in this book.

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While Liesl does think about her times with the Goblin King, she doesn't go into explicit detail. The two warriors escorted Kael's caravan to Pyrewood Village , where they were suddenly ambushed. Kael and Maiev saw his caravan across the river while Tyrande held the line on the bridge. When she called down the stars of Elune to destroy the undead, Elune's fury was unleashed. The bridge, unable to stand the weight of a fully armored night elf on tigerback, crumbled beneath Tyrande, and she was swept down the river.

Kael was about to attempt to save her when Maiev stopped him. She knew that time was growing short, and that Illidan had to be stopped, and insisted that Tyrande had been prepared to make the sacrifice if needed. She demanded that Kael help her find the demon in return for her assistance protecting his caravan.

Kael helped her track Illidan to Dalaran's ruins, where they met up with Malfurion , who had felt the land being torn apart and seen a vision that it was Illidan's doing. He suspected the worst and feared for the fate of the world itself. Maiev told Malfurion that Tyrande had been torn apart , and that his only recourse was to gain revenge on Illidan.

Maiev reminded Malfurion that Tyrande would never have come to Lordaeron and met her alleged death if not for Illidan's actions, and thus he was to blame. Malfurion's grief and anger made him completely focused on stopping and punishing his brother, just as Maiev had hoped. Cornering Illidan with the night elf and Alliance forces, Malfurion grimly told his brother that for what he had done this time confinement would not be sufficient and that he was to be put to death. Maiev enthusiastically volunteered to execute him personally then and there. Illidan explained that his spell had not been meant to harm anybody but the Lich King at Northrend and his undead servants, whom the Night Elves surely had no love for.

His spell had been specifically targeting the area where the Frozen Throne was based. Not placated, Malfurion raged that Illidan had given no thought to the cost of his actions and that Tyrande had died because of him. Illidan was shattered by this statement, since he had never wanted anything to happen to the woman he loved and had even tried to dissuade her from following him to Lordaeron since he was concerned for her safety.

Then Kael spoke up, much to Maiev's chagrin, saying it was premature to pronounce her dead. The blood elven prince explained the bridge's collapse and the noted absence of tearing apart. Malfurion, understandably furious with Maiev for her lies, entangled her. He asked her bitterly who the "betrayer" was now.

Freeing herself from the grasping plants and gathering her few remaining soldiers took Maiev long enough that Illidan succeeded in saving the high priestess. By the time Maiev caught up with the demon, Malfurion and Tyrande were bidding him a farewell that sounded almost fond. They were letting him go. He was a demon who had murdered countless innocents, spread corruption and madness among the beasts of the forest, and nearly caused irreparable harm to Azeroth. Jarod had given Malfurion the responsibility to determine Illidan's fate, but Malfurion was letting the demon go because Illidan had saved Tyrande's life.

Evidently Malfurion felt that Illidan had been washed clean of all the blood he had spilled. The Watchers were gone, betrayed by their own government.

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If that government would not at least avenge their deaths, then by Elune, Maiev would see it done herself. Thus, when Illidan suddenly opened a portal and stepped through it, Maiev and her soldiers followed him without a second thought. She knew that Illidan placed great value on his life and would never deliberately endanger it. When she arrived on the other side, she found herself in the ruins of the orcish homeworld, Draenor. They soon discovered that Illidan had come alone, leaving his naga servants on Azeroth. Greatly outnumbered, Illidan discovered that his evil powers were of little use against cold steel, and his recapture proved to be fairly easy.

The gateway Maiev followed Illidan through had vanished, and none of the many other portals in Outland led to Azeroth. The geography of the shattered world was unknown to her, and she did not know what dangers they would face. Maiev and the Watchers explored cautiously until they were surprised to discover Alliance soldiers. These soldiers were part of the Sons of Lothar and had been established in a base called Honor Hold.

Maiev was hopeful they could help her find a way to leave Outland.

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A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "shadow" - from the Lyrics. com website. Shadowsong has ratings and reviews. Sana said: Friend: Hey what's worse than being a living, breathing disappointment?Me: this book not real.

However, before the Watchers could reach it, Illidan's allies attacked. Maiev and her soldiers fought the naga and their traitorous elven friends, but the new army outnumbered hers, and eventually she was defeated. The naga and blood elves recaptured Illidan and freed him. With Illidan freed and bolstered by new allies, Maiev and her remaining followers were forced to retreat. Sometime after Illidan's failure to destroy the Frozen Throne, Maiev was contacted by Akama himself unsatisfied by not being given the Black Temple as promised, and the further defiling the temple underwent while in Illidan's control and the wary Maiev agreed to enter a partnership.

Before they departed, Akama handed her a stone that would allow him to contact her. At the suggestion of Arechron , Maiev sought his cousin Alexius , within Shattrath. Upon arriving, Alexius was able to inform the Warden of the various factions within Shattrath. Using this knowledge, Maiev decided to seek out the Aldor and Sha'tar , while having no intention of contacting the Scryers. However both factions ultimately rejected aiding her due to dealing with other matters, and though the Scryers sought to speak with her, Maiev found herself unable to trust the blood elves and refused to even meet with Voren'thal the Seer.

After leaving Shattrath, Maiev trained her new recruits, and spent the next few years making hit and run strikes against Illidan's forces , while being informed by Akama of what the Broken gleaned of Illidan's plans. Following Illidan's discovery of Akama's treason, the Lord of Outland bound a portion of the Broken's soul to his will. Under Illidan's command, Akama ultimately tricked Maiev into leading her forces into an ambush, with Maiev being the only survivor.

The Warden was then captured by Illidan and placed within a cell. It was during this time that Akama appeared before her, and a bitter Maiev lashed out at him. Despite this, Akama was able to convince the Warden to hear him out, and revealed that both Illidan and himself had plans for her.

Even as Akama departed, Maiev found herself wondering if she could trust him and spent time plotting the composition of a spell that would help her trap Illidan. This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade. For many years, Maiev's fate remained a mystery, and many believed she had died on Outland. She was indignant that Akama seemed to be merely sitting there, scheming, while Illidan's grasp over Outland tightened.

However, Akama was secretly biding his time until he could strike at Illidan, and when the time came, he joined forces with Maiev to overthrow Illidan and, aided by the Aldor and Scryers , entered the Black Temple. Maiev quickly split off from the rest of the forces to go after Illidan alone, eventually finding him at the top of the temple with a band of adventurers at his mercy.

Freeing them, she joined the battle against him, laying traps to incapacitate him and decrying the pain he had caused her, from forcing her to guard his prison for ten thousand years by committing his crimes, to causing the death of Naisha. In the end, as Illidan lay dying, Maiev told him he was beaten, but Illidan retorted that the huntress is nothing without the hunt. With her quarry slain, Maiev realized that Illidan was right, and that she was indeed nothing without him. Maiev took the Betrayer's corpse and encased it in the Vault of the Wardens so that his dark, lingering soul could suffer the rest of eternal sentence, as justice to be forever served.

She also imprisoned his surviving Illidari along with the body in the Vault, vowing never to allow the fel -touched demon hunters to roam free ever again. Searching for something to live for following Illidan's death, Maiev left Outland and journeyed to Darnassus to rejoin her people. Despite her role in leaving Tyrande for dead during their venture into the Eastern Kingdoms , she was permitted to return to Darnassus to begin training a new generation of Watchers , some of whom were fanatically loyal to Maiev and her cause.

When Malfurion and Tyrande allowed for the Highborne and the Worgen to live in Darnassus, Maiev was secretly outraged — despising the Highborne for their part in the War of the Ancients , and the other races of the Alliance for bringing the night elves into their affairs. Around this time her brother, Jarod Shadowsong , returned to night elf society after ten thousand years of self-imposed exile.

Seeing her little brother's desire for a simple life while he could have been the leader of the night elves, was shameful in her opinion. To her, his seclusion was an abandonment of his duty to his people. Though the reunion between the Shadowsong siblings started off bitter, Maiev eventually softened her demeanor towards her brother when he sympathized with the hard choices she had to make in order to fulfill her duties.

She still felt proud of Jarod, and even thought she could manipulate him as a puppet for her own ends. When the Highborne mage Thera'brin was assassinated and his corpse was found near the Watchers' training grounds, it seemed to be intended to impute the Watchers. Maiev offered her services to investigate the matter and bring the murderer to justice, to which Malfurion and Tyrande consented. In truth however, she was secretly the one responsible for the Highborne killings. Maiev had planned to slaughter the Highborne and their leaders first, and then give Malfurion a slow rotting death.

In her opinion, Malfurion was guilty of the same arrogance that his twin, Illidan , displayed. By believing that he knew what was best for the night elf people, she felt Malfurion condemned them by not having Teldrassil properly blessed, thus taking away their immortality although Teldrassil was not his idea, and only the Dragon Aspect Nozdormu could do so.

She also despised him for forgiving the Highborne and accepting them back into night elf society. It is suspected that the trauma caused by years of dedication to her duty, combined with the torture inflicted upon her when she was Illidan's prisoner had finally driven her insane.

Now she has become a megalomaniac who deludes herself into believing that only she can exact "justice" on those she deems guilty. Her ability to mask such madness, though, is a credit to her skills as a survivor.

Jarod Shadowsong later freed Malfurion and joined him in confronting Maiev and her Watchers. Jarod distracted Maiev while Malfurion was rescuing the Highborne, whom Maiev had captured in a deadly trap. Jarod subsequently drove Maiev off, unable to kill his own sister. The Highborne were safe, and most of the new Watchers were dead, though their mistress had vanished into the night.

Maiev has vowed that she will be the one to restore the night elves to greatness. Seeking to locate Gul'dan , Khadgar eventually tracked his magical signature to the Broken Isles. Upon arrival, he met with Maiev Shadowsong. Recognizing the Warden's abilities, he sought her help.

Initially, the Warden refused to help Khadgar, as she held him responsible for Cordana's betrayal and disapproved of his rashness. Disappointed, Khadgar departed to continue his search for Gul'dan. However, Maiev eventually had a change of heart and pursued the Archmage. She joined up with Khadgar while he and Gul'dan clashed in a magical duel. Working together, the pair breached the chamber and assaulted Gul'dan, who, with little effort and fueled by Kil'jaeden's might, brushed their attacks away again and again.

Yet, the pair was unrelenting. Recognizing his need for assistance, Gul'dan let his power slip away from him and down towards the portal, at last allowing the Burning Legion's third invasion of Azeroth to commence. Khadgar and Maiev were forced to the floor, and Kil'jaeden commended Gul'dan for his choice. Gul'dan now had something he never before had from the Legion: As demons began pouring out of the portal, Khadgar and Maiev ran for their lives. Maiev veered North to fortify the Vault of the Wardens and Khadgar transforming into a raven, flying east. This section concerns content related to Legion.

If the Watchers are infamous among the night elves, Maiev Shadowsong is a legend. Famed for her uncanny ability to capture any enemy, Maiev tracked Illidan Stormrage, the Betrayer, all the way to the Black Temple in Outland. After his demise, she imprisoned his surviving followers, the Illidari, vowing never to allow the fel-touched demon hunters to roam free ever again. However, Maiev would have little choice. When the Burning Legion began their largest invasion of Azeroth ever, they attacked the Vault of the Wardens in search of Illidan's imprisoned corpse.

With no other choice, Maiev freed the demon hunters who had languished in her prison for years. Together, Maiev, the demon hunters, and Wardens still loyal to Maiev fought off the demons from the Vault of the Wardens, but it was too late to stop what the Legion had come there to do. Gul'dan and Cordana Felsong succeeded in retrieving Illidan's body and left the battlefield. When Illidan's corpse was stolen from the Vault of the Wardens, Maiev pursued them and subsequently went missing. Wardens loyal to Maiev began to search for her across the Broken Isles , and Jarod volunteered to help them.

Jarod feels he has been a poor brother to Maiev, for he knows Maiev would never have committed the murders during the events of Wolfheart unless she was under some foul influence, but he did not investigate and simply assumed the worst. Maiev is freed from Black Rook Hold , where she reveals that Gul'dan raised Kur'talos Ravencrest and his soldiers to protect the secrets within the tower, with the ghost of Desdel Stareye protecting the dungeons. In her reunion with Jarod she is surprised that he came for her even after she tried to kill him, but Jarod says to forget about it, that he heard what happened in the Vault of the Wardens, and jokes that luckily his hair cannot get any grayer.

He thanks Elune that his sister is still alive, and together the Shadowsong siblings defeat Stareye, who, like all the undead in Black Rook Hold, believes them to be demons. Illidan arrives late to the second battle at the Broken Shore , prompting Maiev to snark that her wardens are doing all the work while his demon hunters play with their felbats , before Prophet Velen tells both of them to stop arguing. They bicker throughout the dungeon. After Mephistroth's defeat and the activation of the Aegis, an echo of Aegwynn , the Guardian of Tirisfal who created the Tomb of Sargeras , appears and reveals that said echo was placed there by Aegwynn in case the wards on the tomb failed.

She explains that the Pillars of Creation can restore her wards and that the Eye of Aman'thul can destroy the felstorm. After the Cathedral was reclaimed by Azeroth's heroes, Maiev appointed her Wardens to guard its upper halls. She also participates in Legion Assaults , directing the class order leaders.

Maiev later aided in breaching the Tomb of Sargeras. Maiev is a driven and ruthless individual, utterly dedicated to her mission to see Illidan either recaptured or killed. Almost every thought she has is poisoned by her obsession with the demon hunter; even wistful memories of her youth inevitably come back to Illidan. She feels entirely justified in her actions and considers her cause to be a righteous one, accepting personal responsibility for the many losses and setbacks she's suffered only under very specific circumstances; more commonly, she lays blame for her defeats at the feet of others, either for not adequately supporting her or finding fault with her methods.

Maiev believes that there is little wrong with utilizing questionable methods for the sake of destroying a greater evil. She is quick to anger and not above risking rash and destructive actions, exerting control over her thirst for vengeance and remaining civil in the face of opposition with considerable effort.

Maiev's love for the night elf people is undeniable, but the way in which she seeks to see her race restored to greatness has put her at odds with the night elves' leaders. She is fairly xenophobic, believing her people have been weakened by their association with the "lesser races" of the Alliance and their problems. Maiev has a special hatred for her Highborne kin and their descendants, viewing magic in general as a vile and untrustworthy thing, and was a strong supporter of the kaldorei's magic ban. She believes that Tyrande Whisperwind is a traitor to the night elves for her part in freeing Illidan, and should be locked in a cell alongside the Betrayer; she also considers Malfurion to be no better than his brother.

Her own brother, Jarod, wants to believe that this is not the result of madness on Maiev's part, but due to outside corruption. Maiev fervently rejects any comparison between her and Illidan, but several characters who have dealt with both on a personal level have reflected on the striking similarities of their attitudes and methods, Akama and Malfurion most prominently among them.

This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon. When the War of the Ancients broke out, she could do little but observe the destruction, and witnessed demons slaughtering her family and friends. Maiev is a driven, austere individual.

She both fears and despises arcane magic, and shows her derision openly to its practitioners. Aloof and silent, Maiev is always concerned with her duties or latest assignment. She does not care for the company of others; she refuses to let interpersonal relationships interfere with her cause. Maiev moves with fluid, deadly grace. Her voice is velvet-covered steel. Hers is an achingly lonely existence. Maiev sees things very much in black and white, and in recent years, lost belief in the concepts of rehabilitation or redemption that she was trained to uphold in Elune's name.

She is unwilling to forgive any association that is tied to the Legion or brings harm to others, whether a large one such as Illidan's ultimately siding with Azshara and causing the deaths of millions of life-forms or a comparatively small one such as Drak'thul's presence during the raising of the Tomb of Sargeras , leading to the deaths of many orcs. Maiev is loyal to her comrades and determined to ensure they come to no harm.