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In and , the city held an equally successful Century of Progress Exposition on Northerly Island. In the half-century following the Great Fire, waves of immigrants came to Chicago to take jobs in the factories and meatpacking plants. Many poor workers and their families found help in settlement houses operated by Jane Addams and her followers.

Her Hull House Museum is located at S. Daley , Chicago's longest-serving mayor to , reformed education and public housing, strengthened community policing and oversaw the construction of billions of dollars worth of schools, libraries, police stations and infrastructure, as well as the renovation of Soldier Field and the creation of Millennium Park.

Mayor Daley was also known for spearheading many environmental initiatives in his quest to make Chicago the 'Greenest City in America'. Skip to Main Content. Home About Chicago Chicago History. The Great Fire of As Chicago grew, its residents took heroic measures to keep pace. When residents were threatened by waterborne illnesses from sewage flowing into Lake Michigan, they reversed the Chicago River in to make it flow toward the Mississippi.

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Chicago was the birthplace of: In , Richard M. Daley , the son of Richard J. Daley, became the mayor of Chicago. Daley was the longest serving Mayor of Chicago. Chicago is the largest city in the United States to have a female mayor since Chicago has a very well-known culture. Some of the many things Chicago is famous for are: Chicago is also known for interesting architecture like the Sears Tower , many museums, and many loyal sports fans.

Chicago was home to the Bijou Theater, the longest-running gay adult theater and sex club in the United States. It opened in , [11] and it permanently closed its doors in September For many years, the Sears Tower was the tallest building in the world. It is the second tallest building in the United States. Chicago has the most Polish people inside its city limits outside of Warsaw.

Long before Chicago was winning accolades as Best Big City in the United States and Wanted dead or alive: Chicago historic sites from crypts to culture. Items 1 - 12 of Visit the many historic sites in Illinois, from the Land of Lincoln, to the site of an ancient Native American Chicago Stock Exchange Chicago.

Chicago is a major world financial center, with the second largest central business district in the United States. Chase Bank has its commercial and retail banking headquarters in Chicago's Chase Tower. There are many museums in Chicago. Adler Planetarium - built in , it is the oldest planetarium in the world Art Institute of Chicago - has a large collection of American and Impressionist art Field Museum of Natural History - has Sue , the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus fossil known Museum of Science and Industry - has many exhibits including a real Boeing jet plane which was given to the museum by United Airlines Polish Museum of America - Museum haunted by famous piano player Ignace Paderewski, has large collection of Polish art in the biggest Polish city outside of Poland Shedd Aquarium - at one time the world's largest aquarium.

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By , Progressive Era political and legal reformers initiated far-ranging changes in the American criminal justice system, with Chicago taking the lead. Chicago refused to be discouraged even by the Great Depression. World War I cut off immigration from Europe. On 24 July —a calm, sunny day—the ship was taking on passengers when it rolled over while tied to a dock in the Chicago River. On December 2, , the world's first controlled nuclear reaction was conducted at the University of Chicago as part of the top secret Manhattan Project.

Has 19 million liters 5 million gallons of water and 22, fish. Sports are a big part of the cultural life in Chicago. Chicago is home to 15 sports teams. All of the city's major sports teams play within the city limits. The White Sox won the World Series in The Cubs won the World Series in For many years, Michael Jordan played for the Bulls, and he helped them win six Championships during the s. Chicago also has a Major League Soccer team, the Chicago Fire , although it plays outside of its city limits, in Bridgeview. Many people and things travel through Chicago to get to other places.

Chicago has a complex network of trains and buses , which help people who live in Chicago travel across the city. Chicago's commuter train system is called the Metra. It runs within the city and also into the suburbs that are around Chicago. Chicago has another airport called Midway Airport.

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Many trains use Chicago as a place to change loads and to change directions. The Chicago River is the only river to travel backwards. The city lies within the humid continental climate zone, and has four distinct seasons. Summers are hot and humid, with a July daily average of Spring and autumn are mild seasons with low humidity. There are also many mild winter and summer days. Thunderstorms are usually common during the spring and summer months; sometimes they may produce tornadoes which are more likely in the far suburban areas than the city itself.

The heaviest snowfall record that Chicago had was in January when it snowed Although Chicago is known as the Windy City, it is in fact less windy than many other major American cities. The "Windy City" moniker is believed to actually be a reference to the boostering politicians of Chicago from the s.

The phrase may have also been created by Chicago tourism boosters promoting the city, suggesting that the cool breezes from Lake Michigan make Chicago an ideal summer destination. They are officially recognized by the City of Chicago. Census data are tied to the community areas, and they serve as the basis for a variety of urban planning initiatives on both the local and regional levels.

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Chicago is the county seat of Cook County. The government of the City of Chicago is divided into executive and legislative branches. Civil and criminal law cases are heard in the Cook County Circuit Court of the State of Illinois court system, or in the Northern District of Illinois, in the federal system.

The Mayor of Chicago is the chief executive, elected by general election for a term of four years, with no term limits. The mayor appoints commissioners and other officials who oversee the various departments. In addition to the mayor, Chicago's two other citywide elected officials are the clerk and the treasurer. The City Council is the legislative branch and is made up of 50 aldermen, one elected from each ward in the city.

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The council enacts local ordinances and approves the city budget. Government priorities and activities are established in a budget ordinance usually adopted each November.

The council takes official action through the passage of ordinances and resolutions. Chicago had a murder rate of This pales in comparison to smaller cities, including New Orleans, Newark, and Detroit, which saw 53 murders per , residents in Chicago's homicide tally remained steady throughout , , and with , , and respectively. Chicago is a major transportation hub in the United States.

It is an important component in global distribution, as it is the third largest inter-modal port in the world after Hong Kong and Singapore. The Kennedy Expressway and Dan Ryan Expressways are the busiest state maintained routes in not only the City of Chicago and its suburbs, but also the entire state of Illinois. CTA, Metra, and Pace.

Greyhound Lines provides inter-city bus service to and from the city, and Chicago is also the hub for the Midwest network of Megabus. Amtrak long distance services originate from Union Station. Chicago is one of the largest hubs of passenger rail service in the nation. The services terminate in San Francisco , Washington, D. Parts of this were built, but it was ultimately never completed.

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