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You can have a hands-on experience with railroading in the last century. Make your appointment with history. Use the calendar below to pick your date, or call and book your locomotive rental or train rental today at STEAM You can operate a steam engine!

You can drive a steam locomotive! What would be a greater holiday, birthday, or special gift than being at the throttle of one of our engines for a real engineer experience?

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You can buy an "open ticket" as a gift and select the exact date later. Participants must be able to climb up to the cab unassisted. Due to the harsh environment in locomotive cabs, no medical devices or assistance, such as oxygen, is possible. Requires sturdy closed-toed shoes, gloves, a long sleeve shirt and pants, all made from all-natural material cotton, wool, leather - no synthetics, vinyl, or rubber.

One rider, 12 years or older, may ride along in the cab at no additional cost. Engine availability is subject to a variety of both controlled and uncontrolled circumstances. Both steam locomotives are over a century old and even the "new" diesels are a half-century old.

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It is very rare, but possible, that circumstances may require delays, substitutions, or rescheduling. Excursions operate throughout the year: Hands-On Adventures Join railfans who come from around the world for a first-hand adventure on the "Best-preserved short-line in America": Check out some of the options: Overnight in the Yard Yes, you can spend a night or two here in the museum.

Clubs, Reunions, Schools, Weddings Use this great facility for your next event: Iron Horse Cooking Yes, we cook bacon, and lots of other things, on a shovel in the firebox of a real steam locomotive Buy the Iron Horse Cookery Cookbook.

ASEA SJ Dm3 for Malmbanan, 9,655 horsepower

The idea was formalised in by the formation of 5AT Project dedicated to developing and building the 5AT Advanced Technology Steam Locomotive , but it never received any major railway backing. A real Hands-On Adventure! The last steam locomotive built in China was SY , finished in A diesel locomotive has to carry its own fuel around with it and there has to be enough for a reasonable length of trip. It was the th engine from the locomotive works of Robert Stephenson and stood under patent protection. The Turbomotive ran from to , when it was rebuilt into a conventional locomotive because many parts required replacement, an uneconomical proposition for a "one-off" locomotive.

There's more to see on our social media sites: Other ways to make a difference: How to get here Hours and Address When do the trains run? Sign up for our email newsletter here: Gift Certificates The perfect gift: Come, experience it this year. It's nice up here, isn't it? From now on, it will always be more than just a dream By reservation, so make plans in advance.

SLM Re 6/6 for Switzerland SBB, 9,705 horsepower

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I was the engineer on 93 steam in September of Mark makes you feel right at home. It's the most fun you'll have for 2 hours anywhere. I hope to return and do it again one day as once is not enough! I did the engineer experience in September of It was amazing being able to operate the steam locomotive. Doing so was one of my bucket list items that I got to fulfill.

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The staff were friendly, helpful, answered all my questions about the locomotive. I was able to take my GoPro camera with me and fastened it to the rear window in the cab to document my experience.

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I flew into Las Vegas as it is a cheaper destination, rented a car, and drove to Ely. Spent one night in a local motel, Spent one night in a local motel, engineer experience the next day, spent another night, and returned to Las Vegas.

This review is very late, so please excuse the 8 year tardiness! My son and I had this experience in There are not enough superlatives in my vocabulary to describe the experience! Currently, the titans of the rails worldwide are, hands down, electric locomotives. While mid-century American bruisers like the General Electric DDA40X coursed with 6, diesel-electric horsepower, the contemporary electric motors from Russian and Chinese manufacturers can top 15, horsepower—as certain presidential candidates would have it, a geo-political diorama writ on parallel tracks.

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International power struggles aside—if they can ever really be—machinery is machinery, and we will respect the numbers. Here are the nine most powerful locomotives in the world, almost all electric. Plus, one honorable mention, because every data spread needs a romantic denouement. Still, when the locomotive debuted in , it rocked literally with 8, horsepower emanating from a three-car set-up. The first held the control cab and a diesel generator; the second, an enormous oil-burning ten-combustion chamber gas turbine engine; the last, 24, gallons of fuel.

That 8,horsepower rating was at an altitude of 6, feet and at 90 degrees. During cool months and at sea level, the Big Blow could push as many as 10, Adorably, most of these locomotives are named: Viktor, Baron and Josefina still operate today.

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There have been several real locomotives that have appeared in other forms of Fenchurch is the oldest engine in the Bluebell Railway's heritage collection. Though we're currently in the thrall of another, newer mode of transport—the relatively cheap, small and free-ranging “car”—trains rolls right.