Essential ASP.NET™ fast: with examples in VB .Net (Essential Series)

The writing style is respectful of learning. I regard this as one of the better technical books. The author is a trainer for DevelopMentor - if you've ever taken one of their courses you know what I mean - it's defiantly a guerrilla of a book! My compliments to the author. My library is mostly Wrox, but lately their books lost a lot of quality. I will take an extra look at. I have over 35 books on ASP. The approach is both unique and authoritative.

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Essential™ fast. with examples in Authors: Stobart, Simon NET. Additional material is available from the Essential series web site. Essential™ fast: with examples in (Essential Series) Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. Edition, Kindle Edition. by.

Although the code examples are in VB. NET, I write only in C and did not find this to be a handicap. It covers topics not covered in any other ASP. NET architecture and application implementation details. The architecture discussion wasn't a step by step "you have this specific problem, here is how to solve it", even better it gave me the information to solve it myself by creating a request filter in global. There are so many books out about ASP. NET it can be a very difficult task to choose one.

To me there seems to be two types of books. One is the example intensive at times over laden book. The other is the "how it works" type of book. The market seems to be flooded with example intensive books, but appears light in the "how it works" type. This book is a fantastic "how it works" book. It has good examples but is not drowning in them.

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The book's strength is its explanations of ASP. NET core topics, and the little tips and tricks that readers will pick up along the way. This book is well written and flows nicely. Without a doubt it is an excellent book for beginners and intermediate levels, but I would bet that even advanced users would pick up tips and tricks from the book. Architecture This chapter explains the basic new architecture behind ASP.

Web Forms This chapter is all about Web Forms. One section I liked the best was the "Day in the life of a page". It explained the step by step events that occur during a page's lifetime in a very clear and concise manner.

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Config, and configuration hierarchy are examined. It goes into great coverage of how that request is routed through the architecture. It also goes over Context, Applications, Custom Handlers, and a few other related topics. This is a great chapter. Diagnostics and Error Handling This chapter shows us how to get out of the classic response. Validation This is a chapter that explains form validation client and server-side , validation control architecture, and the validation controls.

Custom Controls This is the largest chapter of the book 69 pages. This chapter covers custom control fundamentals, state management consideration when designing custom controls, composite controls, and user controls. Designer integration with VS. Net as well as validation and data binding within custom controls is also covered.

This is an excellent chapter. Caching This chapter discusses the new caching opportunities that exist in ASP.

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Output caching and how it works is discussed. The VaryByParam attribute is also examined, as well as page fragment caching. The chapter also covers data caching, and consideration and guidelines for using it. State Management Application state, session state, cookie state, and view state are all covered in this chapter. Inventory Management System Source Code ( visual basic .net project with mysql database )

I think this is a great chapter because it discusses the pros and cons of each type of state, which will help developers be able to determine which type of state management would be best for their specific situation. Good discussion, with great insights. Security A short chapter on security ends the book.

Server and client authentication start the chapter out, and then we go into ASP. The authentication and authentication elements in the web. System identity is the last topic discussed. I give this book a 9 out of It would be a great addition to any developer's library. There is also another version of the book with examples in C for you semicolon worshipers.

Essential™ Fast : With Examples In Vb .net

If you want to know how ASP. NET works so that you can get it to do everything you want it to do, buy this book.

Fritz is great at explaining things probably why he is a DevelopMentor instructor. NET books, I only ever refer to two: Whenever I can't figure out what I'm doing isn't working or if I need a better explanation of a feature, this book works great.

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