The Sound of Gods Applause

The Sound of God's Applause

They are saying that they really do not want Him around; they want to praise men. The ancient sanctuary service was designed to create deepest respect for the awesome holiness of God, and the urgent need to repent of sin and obey His stated requirements. We must magnify, not decrease, the difference between the holy and the unholy. Our thoughts must be directed to our God. We are not to clap in adulation of the sayings and music of fallible man. That great truth still applies today. The rounds of applause become a temptation to some religious speakers and vocalists. They come to live for the applause; and, in their thirst for still greater approval, they do that which will increase it.

It becomes heady wine for them. Encouraging pride and self-adulation in our fellowmen is a dangerous thing to do. Speakers become addicted, not to telling the truth that men and women need, but to receiving praise. They are tempted to tell more jokes, give flowery sermons, and refrain from condemning sin.

The hearty applause tells them that they succeeded—at what? They well-know how unworthy they are; yet the applause glorifies them as though they were a god. Craving all the more applause, the only way they can increase it the next time is to keep lowering the standard of their presentation—keep making it more worldly.

The craving for ever more applause becomes intoxicating. It becomes the only measure of success. Applause measures entertainment value. Think about that a minute. Applause in church and religious services reduces them to little more than entertainment for its own sake. People leave, thinking that they have had their religion for the week, and they are free to go home and watch more entertainment on television. The search for entertainment becomes their religion, their recreation, their way of life.

Indeed, while the applause produces a craving in the performer for ever more, it leaves a feeling of emptiness in the hearts of those who, having praised men, leave the religious meeting. Many are tempted to leave the church entirely and seek more exciting entertainment out in the world.

Here is an interesting question: What are we trying to accomplish by clapping? Is it to give praise and adulation to the performers? If so, we have defeated the purpose of the gathering, which was to give honor and praise to God, and to renew our dedication to Him. By applause, the message conveyed to speakers and performers is "Please us and we will applaud you. That is the only reason you are here: But does it make us more like God? Does it help us draw closer to Him?

Does it help us resist temptation and sin? Does it help us study the Bible more and obey its precepts?

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Everywhere we go today, there is artificial excitement and a craving for entertainment. Must we drag our churches down to that low objective also? Intelligent people who are thinking about what they are hearing do not applaud. They are too intent on the message and the urgency of its meaning. Clapping of hands is mentioned only nine times in the Bible, and it never occurs in a worship service.

Nowhere in the Bible are we told to praise men, with clapping—or without it. In the summer of , I attended a college to finish up master's level certification. Hearing that the Democratic convention was on the television in the lobby, I watched it for an hour and was astonished. As the cameras would pan out and in to individuals, it was clear that the clapping by the audience was deadening their abilities to consider the message of the speaker, who happened to be the U.

Then a camera panned in on one woman who was doing something very different. She was sitting there silently listening to the message and thinking about it. I will never forget what I saw that night.

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The others were being mindlessly entertained, their perceptions dulled by their interest in clapping. She was quietly listening and thinking about what she heard. Then there is the intriguing experience which happened to young John Thurber and his singing group. Returning from a North Carolina youth congress in the s, they were driving into Chattanooga.

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The Sound of God's Applause [Les Hughes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Too often we lose our way in this world trying desperately to . The Sound of God's Applause - Kindle edition by Les Hughes. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

The car radio was advertising a gospel all-night sing in the civic auditorium. We had never experienced a gospel sing; and, since our music was hymns and gospel songs, we felt we could discover some new music by attending. We hoped that the person at the ticket counter would recognize us as a quartet and let us in free. Well, she not only let us in free; she showed us right up to the stage door, apparently assuming that we were on the program!

Backstage, Thurber explained the situation; and the auditioner was startled when they told him that they sang simple songs without accompaniment. Jack blew the pitch pipe and we sang The Old Rugged Cross. No frills, just the plain message in simple style. The man asked us to sing another. When we finished, he got up and said for us to go backstage and wait.

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No frills, just the plain message in simple style. Second, when such situations occur and they do occur! Most important, The Sound of God's Applause will give you the inspiration and biblical foundation you need to stop worrying about what others think of you, and find joy in a life spent pleasing God. We need Chrysostoms today who will plead with the people to return to the humble, godly faith of our forefathers. God on Mute Pete Greig. The Sound of God's Applause By:

We might be used some time during the program. The place went wild with whistles and thunderous applause. The group sang for about twelve minutes and came backstage. The audience wanted more, so the group went back out. The atmosphere continued to get wilder, with still more applause, plus other noises from the audience.

Thurber's group had never been to such a worldly concert. But which spirit it was became quite evident in their next song, and we knew we were in the wrong place! The title of that [second] song was Hallelujah Boogie. We decided to stay, hoping the music would improve. Much to our surprise, we heard him talking about this college quartet from the Chattanooga area that had happened in, and that were different.

The crowd gave us polite applause as we walked on stage. Wayne went to the microphone, introduced us, and announced our first song, The old Rugged Cross. When we finished, we got very little applause, and we felt sure this was out of place. When we finished this time,—there was absolutely no applause. It seems like angel voices, In strains of joy and love, That swell the mighty chorus Around the throne above. Her voice sounded truly like an angel's. First, instead of applauding people, the audience sat quietly thinking about the powerful message in the simple songs, clearly heard words they had just sung.

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Second, the Holy Spirit was able to use these simple godly songs, without accompaniment, to reach their hearts. They sensed its presence—and knew it was a time for silence and thoughtful reflection on their part. Third, they knew they should not be applauding these godly young people who had brought this divine presence into their midst.

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Lastly, everyone in that vast civic center knew they should not be applauding the presence of God or clapping while the Holy Spirit was moving quietly upon their hearts! The answer is something which is never done. The Holy Spirit was pleading with the hearts of the audience, and all could sense it. The meeting should have been stopped right there, and a godly servant of God should have stepped to the podium and made a series of urgent appeals to the audience: The need to put away sin and live dedicated lives should have been presented.

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A call to come forward should have been given, and those who did should have been counseled and helped, provided written materials, and directed to godly pastors who could help them remain with Christ. But this was not done, simply because, first, it would not be customary to do this. Second, when such situations occur and they do occur! But the audience started to applaud lightly and kept on doing so until the emcee asked if they wanted to hear more of our kind of music—and they kept on applauding. The only way the audience knew to get them back on stage was to begin applauding continuously, but they did it softly.

I know that some of our music is not pleasing to God. The message of this chapter has been that applauding speakers and singers interferes with thoughtful attention to the message. The blatant praise of the human instrument causes the Spirit of God to withdraw itself. The Sound of God's Applause. Description Too often we lose our way in this world trying desperately to gain the praise of others - and neglecting the one opinion that matters most. But in this uplifting and hope-filled book, Les Hughes reminds us that as long as we look to God for approval, we will always make the right decisions and never lose sight of our Christian purpose.

Just as Jesus' disciples were to please their master rather than satisfy crowds, kings, and other mortals, we must humbly say and do what we know is right in God's eyes, regardless of what people may think. The Sound of God's Applause draws rich and inspiring examples from the Bible of Christians who follow the teachings of Christ in the face of fearful opposition. It also recounts stories of contemporary Christians who put God's opinion ahead of the world's and celebrates the remarkable fruits of their faith.

Most important, The Sound of God's Applause will give you the inspiration and biblical foundation you need to stop worrying about what others think of you, and find joy in a life spent pleasing God. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions God is Good for You Greg Sheridan. Boundaries Updated and Expanded Edition Dr.

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