Some Buyers Will, Some Buyers Wont.

Recall the basic laws of human behavior. Why did I highlight conserve energy?

People Buy from People They Like Quote

Taking action means expending energy. They may agree that your solution removes their pain. Sure, they may even experience pleasure. Is it enough to overcome that feeling of inertia? My leaky faucet causes pain.

It adds a dollar maybe two to my water bill. The broken water pipe is immediate pain and lots of it. Does it amplify the pain enough so that inertia is even more painful? Pain is a more powerful driver of action. Pain in the present helps us overcome the natural desire to conserve energy. The craftiest marketers know this secret.

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Sign in Get started. We seek pleasure We avoid pain We conserve energy Why did I highlight conserve energy?

Some Buyers Will, Some Buyers Won't. and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. This is a look at the often unspoken world of fashion sales, from showrooms, tradeshows and exhibitions and ultimately by being stocked in premier retail stores worldwide. I said that to my five-year-old son yesterday. He won't remember this incident but I will. Being a parent comes with responsibilities.

Ask yourself this question? And while it might be true people often do buy from companies that employ people, the reason they must buy from people is because they must buy from salespeople. Not because the salesperson definitively adds value to the buyer Though they certainly can! Obviously, B2C understands this intimately, and buyers seem to have fully embraced the trend. Look at companies across so many different categories, like:. They must use technology. And, as soon as they figure out a distribution method that works, B2B will follow.

Amazon is now creating business applications for Alexa and Facebook has already created business applications for Messenger.

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Global Tech companies like Atlassian and Basecamp have , and 2. Here are a few non-software examples:. I love getting cold calls and talking to salespeople. So, how should salespeople move forward?

Use it to your advantage and stop trying to resist it. Third, rethink what you bring to the table for your customers and your company. Being able to answer this question, and others like it, could be the sole factor that distinguishes your value to prospective buyers.

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Talk to your marketing team. Follow industry blogs, and set up Google News Alerts for topics your customers care about. This is a hard muscle to build, but it can be built with practice and dedication. There are at least two general schools of thought in the sales world: Pain-based selling and opportunity-based selling. In my opinion, pain-based selling is far more effective. But to know pain, you must experience it.

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I learned this quickly when I started at HubSpot. In my first 30 days on the job, I had to build and launch my own website as if I were a marketer -- the very persona I was selling into. This project made me far more effective at selling to our prospective customers. He pointed out that few reps today actually understand the value of asking their prospects questions.

This is only reinforced by HubSpot Research showing buyers still think most sellers are pushy.

To understand what truly matters to your prospect, they must explain it to you in their own words -- before you consider positioning your solution as the one that will solve their challenge. Ultimately, this makes you more valuable to the prospect, which increases the chances of them becoming a customer.