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May 19, [15]. Smitten by Karen's offer, Keita is slightly disappointed that he wasn't the only one Karen asked to join, but ends up having fun playing FPS games with the other members. Ultimately, however, Keita decides against joining the Game Club as he prefers to play games for enjoyment instead of competition. This rejection hits pretty hard with Karen, who runs off in tears. As Keita's public rejection of Karen's offer causes a stir among his classmates, Tasuku Uehara comes across Keita at the arcade and ends up playing various games with him.

Keita runs off when Tasuku's friends show up, feeling he shouldn't interfere with his "normal life", but Tasuku chases after him, revealing he had only been putting on a front as he was bullied for being a geek in middle school.

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After the two come to a mutual understanding and part ways, Tasuku notices Karen seems to have fallen in love with Keita before returning to his own girlfriend, Aguri. Having only been dating her without any particular reason, Tasuku is surprised to learn that Aguri fell in love with him when he was still a geek, changing his entire perspective of her.

Wanting Keita to talk properly with Karen, Tasuku encourages him to strike up a conversation with Chiaki Hoshinomori, a girl in Karen's class who also plays video games. The two manage to quickly strike up a friendship over their similar tastes in games but soon get into a fight over trivial gaming matters. As Tasuku tries to mediate between the two, he unknowingly causes Aguri to worry that he is making moves on Chiaki, particularly when he compliments her after she cuts her hair. Keita chases after Aguri in the hopes of clearing up any confusion, but things only get worse when Aguri spots Tasuku and Chiaki together across the street.

Karen's increasing obsession over Keita starts to have a serious effect on both her daily school life and her gaming ability. Upon running into Keita during the weekend, Karen invites him to the arcade and challenges him to a battle of coin games. Surprised to find that Keita cares about winning sometimes, Karen finds comfort in Keita's belief that playing to win and having fun need not be separate things.


Despite becoming motivated by Keita's words, Karen finds herself only becoming even worse at video games. While Keita is with Aguri, Tasuku discovers that Chiaki is both Mono, Keita's online friend from his social game, and Nobe, the developer behind some of his favorite freeware games, leading to the moment where Aguri makes her misunderstanding. Despite a healthy discussion about the games Chiaki are developing, the misunderstandings involving them and Aguri only seem to increase.

The next day, Tasuku tries to convince Keita that he's made more progress with Karen than he thinks he has, only to wind up giving Chiaki yet another misunderstanding. Following his accidental confession to Karen, Keita contemplates if he should rescind it due to assuming she and Tasuku are an item. After Aguri tells him to decide for himself on what to do, Keita formally asks Karen to go on a date with him to an entertainment center.

As the two spend time playing sports games and going to the pool, things become awkward when they run into Chiaki, who proposes they play a kart game.

Although Keita ends up losing, Karen is happy that he made things more enjoyable and the two finish off their date with some cheerful game discussion. Feeling conflicted about her recent revelation, Chiaki goes to the convenience store and comes across Keita, who left his train pass behind the previous night.

Gamers on YouTube: Evolving Video Consumption

Upon returning to her apartment, Chiaki accidentally shows Keita her computer and phone linking her to Nobe and Mono and, in her panic, claims that Konoha is the one behind both of those aliases. First, as gamers moved from researching to purchasing and playing, we discovered that they viewed brand released and community-created videos, but relied on them at different times. Before a game came out, fans mostly watched content released by the brand, such as announce, gameplay demo, and launch videos. Our data showed this in action, as walkthrough, how-to, and game powered entertainment videos became the focus after launch.

Looking at the lifecycle of a game from pre-launch to post-launch, community-created videos effectively doubled the amount of views the top selling games would have received through brand-released content alone. Second, gamers displayed a preference in viewing certain types of content on certain screens. Finally, gamers engaged differently with various types of videos.

Certain types of video earned more social interaction, such as sharing and commenting, while others received more voting. Brand-released and third-party videos associated with highly anticipated moments like the announce, the initial view of gameplay, and the review of a game had the most shares and comments per view in To drive sales at launch, console game marketers typically focus on creating interest and then sustaining it in the months leading up to release. They often leverage specific video types to achieve specific goals during pre-launch: But, this approach presents a major marketing challenge and one encountered by all companies that launch products: With billions of game views on YouTube, we wondered if our data could help answer that question.

We then compared all pre-launch video views brand released and community-created for the top games to their sales in the first four months and a compelling correlation of 0. Because the correlation seemed particularly strong, we investigated this relationship more. Further research revealed that as a game accumulates additional views in the months leading to launch, the correlation between views and sales not only remains intact, but grows stronger. This is big news for game marketers who could use view data as a leading indicator of their future game sales.

By using video data as a weekly or monthly pulse check of audience awareness and interest from pre-release to launch, brands could better measure their buzz and then optimize their marketing strategies accordingly. While these initial findings are promising, we acknowledge that the relationship between game views and sales deserves deeper analysis. In the future, we intend to examine an expanded data set, investigate the effect of paid views, research how different types of video are connected to sales, and analyze the potential of video as a forecasting tool for game marketers.

Increasingly, their time is spent with online video. Consumer Insights Marketing Resources. Emerging Technology Mobile Search Video.

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Certain types of video earned more social interaction, such as sharing and commenting, while others received more voting. While Keita and Aguri assume Karen and Tasuku are trying to cover up their alleged cheating, Konoha brings Chiaki to the same theme park to intrude on their date. In the run-up to the event, Tasuku, Aguri, and Chiaki start to have wild assumptions of what the reactions of each other will entail in terms of relationships while Karen assumes that Keita is preparing to reject her. Never miss a great news story! Humanz Brother as Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges. As the moment of truth finally arrives, Keita, having completed a dating sim the previous night, inadvertently blurts out a love confession taken from the game, which Karen immediately accepts to everyone's shock.

Video — A Growing Medium The rapid growth of game content consumption on YouTube suggests that it has become an important medium to gamers, providing them with information and entertainment. Game views 6 Video — Content For Every Context So, gamers are hungry for video, but what type of content are they viewing?