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He wants Raleigh to allow him access to photograph two paintings that he will then replace with fakes. Wambaugh writes a rich, easy-to-follow stories with characters that are unique and memorable. This isn't a literary classic, but isn't supposed to be. It's an action-packed, page-turning story. If that's what you're looking for, I think you'll enjoy Hollywood Hills. Nov 12, Mary Gramlich rated it it was amazing. He starts with the police officer who wants to be a movie star, the struggling director that wants to be an Oscar winner, the drug addict trying to figure out how to get the money for the next score, an ex-con working a new angle, the art thief plotting his next idea, all the police officers on the beat dealing with all of this and still getting up the next day to do it all over again.

There are so many people coming and going in this book and the chapters are fast reads and come at you from every point of view. Wambaugh pulls everything together so that you know what this character is up to, thinking and figuring out their next move along with them. It is fascinating reading and everyone in this book completes it and without each of them it would not work as well which is something this author is the master of.

Every person has a reason for being in the story and every reader will be mesmerized as they follow the plot of all these lives. I am thrilled to have read this and been able to hopefully sell a few copies with this review. Jan 10, Maddy rated it it was ok Shelves: When she decides to go on a vacation to Italy with her latest lover, B-list director Rudy Ressler, her nearly bankrupt art dealer, Nigel Wickland, comes up with an elaborate plan to steal two of the paintings and replace them with photographic look-alikes.

However, Raleigh never feels completely comfortable about the theft. Due to a series of unforeseen events, the paintings end up in the hands of two young drug addicts who attempt to sell them back to Nigel for a pittance of their true worth. In addition to the art theft, the book focuses on several police teams working for the LAPD. The third pair is an older cop, Della Ravelle, who is training her partner, Britney Small.

The adventures of each of these teams, as well as a few secondary teams, are told in a series of vignettes that are interspersed throughout the narrative. These episodes relate only very tangentially to the main plot. I assume that the antics of the cop teams are meant to be comedic, but I mostly found them stupid.

I felt that Wambaugh was aiming at a laugh rather than any development of the plot and characters. Oddly, the two female cops go in the other direction and are extremely earnest as Della provides lessons in being a cop to Britney. However, based on the reaction of members of a mystery discussion group that I belong to, I may be in the minority in feeling that way. Feb 10, Gerald Kinro rated it it was amazing. While she and her film director husband are in Europe, her art dealer and butler steal two of her prized paintings and replace them with imitations.

However, two young drug addicts are after the same prize. Things become violent and deadly. Included are sub-plots involving officers of the Hollywood Station—their wants, needs, and ambitions-- who become involved in of this deadly violence.

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Wambaugh adeptly weaves these subplots into the story. As with his other books, the author creates humor that the officers need to mask the ugliness that they face. The story takes a while to get going, but the characters are interesting and kept me reading. I haven't read any Joseph Wambaugh books in a long time. The narrator on this book is excellent.

The character development is spot on Hollywood. I couldn't help but laugh. The story line melds smoothly and progresses right along. I may well catch up with the Joseph Wambaugh books that I have missed. Feb 06, Margie rated it liked it Shelves: Love the surfer dude cops and Hollywood Nate. I hope Wambaugh continues this series. Dec 14, Jim rated it really liked it. Jul 16, Debra Pawlak rated it it was amazing. I am a huge fan of Joseph Wambaugh and love the Hollywood Station series.

This is book 4 and it does not disappoint. The characters are familiar--Hollywood Nate, the handsome cop who moonlights as an actor, Flotsam and Jetsam, the surfer cops, etc. Wambaugh's humor shines through in the various cases that his cops must respond to. At times, it's laugh out loud funny and other times, it's crying out loud sad. Wambaugh can shake you to the core with his descriptions of heinous crimes and two page I am a huge fan of Joseph Wambaugh and love the Hollywood Station series.

Wambaugh can shake you to the core with his descriptions of heinous crimes and two pages later delight you with some unsavory character's shenanigans. At this time, there are only five books in this series and I will be sad when I finish up the last one. Jul 15, Lee rated it it was ok Shelves: A pretty good book about the exploits of the Hollywood Station of the L.

PD and what they face during a typical shift. Nice complicated art theft case carries throughout the book along with other items.

Jun 03, Todd Shissler rated it it was amazing. This book moved right along. It took several turns that I really liked. I would recommend this series to anyone. Jul 08, Nita rated it it was ok. My least favorite of Wambaugh's books. Jun 03, James Cunningham rated it it was amazing. Mar 25, Jack Heath rated it liked it Shelves: Many exciting moments, yet there was something missing.

Jonas and his mal-treated girlfriend Megan are down on their luck, and need a score of oxyc 3 Stars. Jonas and his mal-treated girlfriend Megan are down on their luck, and need a score of oxycodone, "Ox," to survive another day. At the same time, Leona Brueger, the cougar who fancies Hollywood Nate, and her current fling, Director Rudy Ressler, are leaving for a long vacation in Italy.

Enter her new butler Raleigh Dibble and art dealer Nigel Wickland who believe the art collection in her Hollywood Hills mansion will make them rich.

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You just know it will all collide in the end. Another point of enjoyment - from start to finish, none of the characters seem to know what is going on. And that includes the police and justice itself. Wambaugh makes one wonder if the denouement in real criminal matters is as random as in fiction. Chalk up another successful novel in Joseph Wambaugh's continuing saga of the fascinating "coppers" in the country's most colorful police precinct, the guys and gals of Hollywood Station. In an earlier post I reviewed the three previous novels in this ongoing story http: There's a plot to Hollywood Hills, just as there was in every one of its three predecessors, but this is a novel about people, not events.

There's just enough action to drive the characters from the opening page to the very end, showing their stuff along the way. You may wonder what happens next, but you're likely to be far more curious about how things turn out for Flotsam, Jetsam, Hollywood Nate, and that young female rookie cop. Like so many of Joseph Wambaugh's police procedurals, Hollywood Hills charms with what it reveals about the nitty-gritty of life on the front line of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Because these coppers are uniformed officers -- street cops -- not high-powered detectives or police politicians. Clearly, Joseph Wambaugh has stayed closely in touch with the Department he left as a detective sergeant nearly half a century ago. Over the next few chapters however new characters and plot threads were brought in and I found myself becoming less sure about what the plot of the story actually was — there were so many things going on. I stuck with it though and was glad I did as bit by bit Wambaugh wove the seemingly unrelated threads together to tell a thoroughly engaging tale.

There are plenty of interesting characters to be found within the pages of Hollywood Hills. I did find initially that I confused a couple from time to time but pretty quickly I got them all sorted and separated. Some of the characters did at times feel a bit caricaturish, for example the experienced female cop who spends all her time explaining to her female trainee the ways her male colleagues will act badly towards her.

Flotsam and Jetsam remained firm favourites with me, their bromance was written so well that I would have happily read a spin off novel featuring them as the main characters. I shall certainly add Joseph Wambaugh to my list of authors to look out for in the future. Oct 19, William Bentrim rated it it was amazing. I have a nephew who works on the phone line. A cop story in traditional Wambaugh style that memorializes the insanity that seems to be Hollywood.

The characterizations are so rich, vivid, colorful and flamboyant that they often make you laugh out loud. The interplay between partners provides a thoughtful perspective on how relationships can develop in the pressure cooker of a shop. The book paints cops as people, not as stereotype characters of sterling character but people. People with ethics, concerns and lives that are held to a higher standard of behavior than those they police.

The above is pretty much a repeat of my review of Hollywood Moon. I enjoyed this book as well. Again antics that make you laugh out loud are graphically told. Hard to think that this author could get better after writing so many books but he does This is the latest installment of the Hollywood Station series. I couldn't read it fast enough and yet hated to be done with it. The cops seem like old friends to me now. Great empathetic characters full of nuances and range; the dialogue is funny and brilliant, and the intertwined plot s work beautifully.

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There are some heart wrenching scenes as well. In this book, it's impossible to keep a dry eye at the Hard to think that this author could get better after writing so many books but he does In this book, it's impossible to keep a dry eye at the exchange between the two surfer cops in the hospital room as Hollywood Nate is standing outside the door. It takes superior writing skills to pull off profound tearjerking dialogue using surfing lingo.

I have often wished I could memorize some of the lines, dialogue and jokes from Mr. Wambaugh's books so I can use them myself in later conversation. It is very easy to imagine this series as a movie or TV show, although I would hate to see a second-rate treatment of the top notch material. As I started reading Joseph Wambaugh fairly recently, I noticed that all his latest novels were titled "Hollywood-something.

IMHO, it has been a winning gambit--and he obviously knows that so he is sticking with it. I am sad to have reached the current end of the series and can't wait to read the next one! Nov 29, Michael rated it liked it.

Hollywood Hills

While I find all of his books satisyingly entertaining, I think this series has run its course on freshness. Wambaugh mines a lot of humor in their dealings with the tweakers and costumed charact This was the latest of Wambaugh's series involving the Hollywood Station Hollywood Station, Hollywood Crows, Hollywood Moon of the L.

Wambaugh mines a lot of humor in their dealings with the tweakers and costumed characters roaming the streets of Hollywood. He also manages to weave a couple of interesting crime plots among the humorous escapades but the books all are the same otherwise. This book has a couple story lines going on between all the cop humor mayham. One involves a couple of tweakers stumbling in on a plot by an art gallery owner and butler trying to steal some expensive paintings from a client's home. Another involves a rookie female cop involved in a shooting which leaves a child parentless.

Wambaugh is a gifted writer who started out with more serious police crime procedurals and non-fiction in his earliest books New Centurians, Blue Knight, Onion Field and then gradually drifted between the more humor aspects of cop-life and the more serious aspects. I liked his early books better but the more recent ones are still fun to read albeit becoming more and more repetitious.

Jan 30, Paul rated it liked it Shelves: Pretty good old-school Wambaugh. A series of humorous and interesting police war stories, obviously gleaned by the author from the cops he hangs around with, woven into a core crime story, this one involving art theft, surfers, and druggies.


The only off-putting aspect of the story is Wambaugh's insistent dropping of celebrity names, as if it's news that famous people live in or near Hollywood. Perhaps he thought he'd boost sales if names like Lindsay Lohan and Brangelina were splashed across th Pretty good old-school Wambaugh. Perhaps he thought he'd boost sales if names like Lindsay Lohan and Brangelina were splashed across the blurbs on the back cover. Wambaugh calls realtors Realtors. It would have been a typo if he did it once, but he did it every time.

I'm still scratching my head over that one. Still, Hollywood Hills is a quick and enjoyable read. I never would have revisited this review if Goodreads hadn't notified me that someone left a comment. But now I have, and re-reading it remembered that I also saw the word realtor capitalized in The New Yorker recently.

So I googled it. Realtor is a trademarked term, invented by some real estate salespersons' association. If you want to use the term you are supposed to capitalize it. Well I say fuck that. If I'd been Wambaugh, I'd have called 'em real estate agents instead. Apr 04, J. The last book in Wambaugh's "Hollywood" series is more of everything that makes the series so enjoyable. The formula doesn't change but the players do and the masterful way that he maneuvers the pieces of the puzzle to their ultimate conclusion is once again quite effective and the banter between the characters pops right off the page.

The criminal plan in this installment is centered around art theft and deception and once again a couple of drug addled micro-criminals somehow complicate things The last book in Wambaugh's "Hollywood" series is more of everything that makes the series so enjoyable. The criminal plan in this installment is centered around art theft and deception and once again a couple of drug addled micro-criminals somehow complicate things in an amusing manner and the cops show up to pick up the pieces.

As the series goes on the level of effective police work seems to drop. Look at the detective work done in Hollywood Station in regards to the jewelry store robbery as compared to here in Hills where the cops are almost an ancillary force that occurs after-the-fact. It makes quite the statement. It feels like this will be the final entry with these characters, due to certain events around the finale of the novel, but I hope I'm wrong and we revisit this world again because I like what Wambaugh has done with the characters and I'm sure there's more stories to be told. Battle Of Bush Qualifier Hcp 1st.

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