Unnecessary Roughness

Unnecessary Roughness

The team decides to try to win it all with a two-point conversion. They fake a point after attempt and pass for two. Blake scrambles and finally finds Banks in the end zone to win the game. The film was shot at various locations in Texas. The University of North Texas in Denton, specifically Fouts Field , which was then UNT's football stadium, was a major location for filming football and college scenes.

Texas State's green and white uniforms in the movie are exactly the same colors worn by North Texas. In an unusual coincidence, Southwest Texas State University , the real team that is the fictional Texas State's first opponent in the film, was renamed Texas State University several years after the film was released.

Prior to the renaming a "Texas State University" did not exist. During one scene, when the team takes part in a scrimmage game with a team of convicts, cameos are made by several NFL players. The Los Angeles Times called it "a genial, slight, entirely predictable football comedy". Ebert stated that the film is predictable but does not pretend to be anything more than entertainment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Necessary Roughness.

Mace Neufeld Robert Rehme. Steve Mirkovich John Wright. Archived from the original on Retrieved 19 February Retrieved July 1, Retrieved September 16, Retrieved January 5, Retrieved June 7, Retrieved February 24, Retrieved June 14, Plus Cost, Box Art and More! Retrieved January 24, Archived from the original on October 27, Archived from the original on November 18, Retrieved 15 September Retrieved June 19, Retrieved July 4, Official Website of the Golden Globe Awards.

Retrieved March 15, USA Network original programming. Ninja since Chrisley Knows Best since Mr. The inmates of a juvenile prison play a game of football against the guards. The guards have made and will continue to make the boys' lives a living hell, including but not limited to the sexual molestation of the four main characters.

Necessary Roughness

The boys see this as a chance to turn the tables for one day. Their gameplan is simple: Rizzo pays with his life; his death is avenged many years later In Sorority Boys , the Tri-Pi Sorority girls play the role of the Opposing Sports Team in a football game against the protagonist Delta Omega Gamma sorority. The DOG sorority's advantage comes from having three guys in drag on the team, but this advantage is neutralized when the Tri-Pi sorority girls perpetrate a Groin Attack against each of the disguised frat boys.

Played for laughs in The Replacements , in which the title team racks up over fifty yards of Unnecessary Roughness penalties in one play purely to boost their own morale. In Necessary Roughness , a loudmouth defensive lineman on the opposing team takes a cheap shot at kicker Lucy Draper played by the lovely and talented Kathy Ireland. Lucy after getting up: Welcome to foot, BALL! Cue Groin Attack in a later game, after karate expert Samurai is told to go all out: Ref complete with gestures: Oimawatsu roundhouse lunge kick to the corner-back.

Tagatami insword block to the Pretty much the entire plot of The Waterboy. The kid is reluctant, but ultimately goes along with it. The leg is actually injured in the first place when Daniel's opponent is ordered by the Sensei to deliberately cripple him with an illegal attack in another example of this. He protests the order, does it anyway, and is subsequently ejected from the tournament.

For his part, the kid apologizes profusely as Daniel is carried out of the ring. Johnny experiences some unnecessary roughness in the sequel, in the opening scene which takes place immediately after the first film's climactic fight. Having cheated and still lost, Johnny confronts Kreese and tells him where he can stick his particular brand of karate. Kreese nearly kills him, but Miyagi intervenes.

Done in a potato sack race in Uncle Sam. In Escape to Victory , the German team commits many violent fouls against the Allied players, which the referee doesn't call. The reason is that the referee has been ordered by the German Army officers to cheat and help the German team win. Done repeatedly in Cars by Jerk Ass perennial runner-up Chick Hicks, who won't hesitate to slam other racers and cause a thirty-car pileup just to stop his rival. He never gets penalized in any way for his tactics, even after causing a near-fatal crash for the retiring champion and winning the coveted Piston Cup championship.

In Million Dollar Baby , Maggie's opponent for the final match repeatedly takes cheap shots and hits her after the bell rings, which should disqualify her, but she only gets points deducted. The rival baseball team in 3 Ninjas: In The Wave , fascist methods apparently gave the water polo team more team spirit than ever. So one of them tries to drown the adversary captain.

Yeah, fascist training leads to team unity, but not to fair play. The Last Boy Scout takes the trope to its logical extreme but ultimately a subversion because During the dirt bike race in Happy Birthday to Me , Etienne and his rival attempt to force each other off the track. Etienne eventually wins the scuffle forcing his rival into a ditch and the race.

While the referee Madam Hooch winds up screaming virtually non-stop at the Slytherin team and awarding Gryffindor half a dozen penalty shots, we don't know what kind of offence would result in someone being sent off and not even the Slytherin team ever outright assault an opponent. Quidditch is an exceptionally violent and dangerous game anyway—realistically, the bludgers could quite easily kill someone. According to the spinoff book Quidditch Through the Ages , there are separate fouls in the game A recurring gag is that every single foul on the list occurred in the first Quidditch World Cup, as well as several nobody thought to put on that list such as one team captain sending bats after the opposing team and another team captain teleporting his opposite number into the middle of the Sahara.

There's also "the Transfiguration of a Keeper into a polecat". It's unclear whether this was done to provide an edge in a scrap, or simply render the enemy Keeper unable to use his broom. In fact, the actual list of what constitutes a foul has been kept secret for years for fear of "giving the players ideas.

Wodehouse Jeeves and Wooster story "The Ordeal of Young Tuppy" has the eponymous Upper-Class Twit getting involved in the yearly rugby grudge-match between two rival villages ; the event quickly proves to be an excuse for the participants to beat on each other. The impromptu football match between the armies of Ankh-Morpork and Klatch in Jingo is scored by fouls rather than goals.

Unseen Academicals suggests that this is how Ankh-Morpork street football is traditionally scored. The Big Match at the climax of the book also has an example; most of A-M United realises that playing UU fairly is both good for the game and not actually that difficult, but there's a handful of real psychos seeded in there, and they're careful only to act when the ref isn't looking linesmen haven't been introduced yet. The smarter pros realize that and are also aware that the opposing team are actually ultra powerful wizards who will likely enact their own Unnecessary Roughness after the game.

The Librarian alone is known for beating people to a bloody pulp for calling him a monkey he is an orangutan. In reality even slight damage to a race car can result in such a huge performance loss that drivers usually avoid contact at all costs. Anyway, every major organized motorsports competition has strict rules against deliberate vehicle contact, and will disqualify or even ban an offending driver who's being reckless.

And if it resulted in someone getting injured or worse in a wreck then that's the least of their problems!

Odd-vehicle races on Top Gear have strict no-contact rules — which are always forgotten before two laps. They all teach their players to use copious amounts of this, including sticking open safety pins in their wristbands to stab the other team with.

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Unsurprisingly, the Big Game at the end is an all-out brawl. Quinn, Medicine Woman episode "Travelling All Stars" we see a baseball match where the professional team's players deliberately injure members of the Colorado Springs team and receive no penalty. Naturally, Colorado Springs wins anyway. There were a few instances of the American Gladiators and the contestants mixing it up in the heat of competition.

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Due to NCAA sanctions, the Texas State University Fightin' Armadillos must form a football team from their actual student body, with no scholarships to help, to play their football schedule Favorite Fictional Movie or TV Football Team. Several players from different backgrounds. Created by Elizabeth Kruger, Craig Shapiro. With Scott Cohen, Callie Thorne, Mehcad Brooks, Marc Blucas. A Long Island psychotherapist's personal life.

Once, Turbo actually punched a contestant during Sling Shot. Friday Night Lights is full of these; in one case Riggins is shown having bloody gashes on his neck stitched up midgame, the implication being that an opponent tried to claw his jugular open. Necessary Roughness , about a sports therapist working for a gridiron pro football team, is a pun on the football foul. Excessive on-field violence becomes an important point in season 2 when the new owner institutes a 'bounty' system where players get under-the-table bonuses for injuring key players on the opposite team.

When Coach and Niko find out about it, they are furious because it is an extremely dangerous practice and if the truth is revealed, the league will shut the team down and clean house. On Justified the Bennetts and Givens have been Feuding Families for over 50 years but in the s agreed to a truce.

However, Dickie Bennett and Raylan Givens ended up on opposite sides of a high school baseball game.

Dickie tried to hit Raylan with a baseball, a brawl erupted as result and Raylan hit Dickie in the knee with a baseball bat. Dickie's knee was broken and he had to walk with a limp ever since. Dickie still holds a massive grudge over this and in the present tries to kill Raylan with a baseball bat. In "The Last Man", a vital cricket match comes down to three balls left and six runs to win.

The opposition bowler deliberately bowls a ball at Kembelford's star player's head to knock him out. You could watch wrestling matches constantly for 50 years and not see single instance where any such action resulted in a disqualification. At most a referee will just get between the two wrestlers and admonish the offending one not to do it again. Greasing your skin, groin strikes, removing your opponent's ring gear, foreign objects and outside interference generally do get the referee to call for a DQ though.

If they see it happen. One that almost all promotions not affiliated with The National Wrestling Alliance have retired is knocking or throwing your opponent over the top rope. Heels routinely get away with this kind of behavior — in fact, it practically defines being a "heel. It used to be exclusively so, until bookers started using them to let the heel cheat openly and win.

From The Rock's own page , there was his unprecedented 10 chair shots in a row to Mick Foley 's damn head while the man was handcuffed normally to take a chair to the head you throw your hands up to soften the blow, none of that here. And Sheamus was actually the Face in this feud Prime examples include The Mass Transit incident, where he brutalised a 17 year old wrestler and left him requiring fifty stitches after slicing his forehead open with an X-Acto knife; The Gypsy Joe incident, where he brutalised an old man with various weapons, including a baseball bat during a match; the 'stabbing' incident, where he pulled a piece of sharpened metal out of his pocket and used it to stab a local indy wrestler 17 times with during a match he was later arrested for aggravated assault ; and the Vic Grimes incident, in which he attempted, by his own admission, to kill a fellow wrestler at the conclusion of a scaffold match "I wanted him to die.

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I ain't got no love for Vic. Norman Smiley ran Chavo Guerrero Jr. It's Randy Orton 's M.

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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Carter's ex-boyfriend was a high school football star, but Blake and his team humiliated him and his team in a championship game. Hey, this is touch football. Despite that such an obvious attempt to injure would get him ejected from the game at minimum , he only gets a 2 minute minor penalty and Lampshades it on the way to the penalty box. Season 4 Castle Rock: Nico gathers inside information on V3.

If we listed all the examples, we'd be here all day. Starting in , The Undertaker modified his triangle choke into a gogoplata, a legitimately dangerous submission maneuver, which caused the victim to cough up blood. Then-GM Vickie Guerrero banned the move both for petty reasons as well as the safety of the superstars. Later on, after the ban was lifted, the move was named the "Hell's Gate" and Undertaker routinely uses it to finish matches, though it no longer causes the opponent to cough up blood. The Al-Bhed Psyches kidnap Yuna to attempt to blackmail the Besaid Aurochs into throwing their game and beat Wakka up so badly he collapses.

Which comes off as even more unnecessary, considering they're overpowered to hell and back. And also because Yuna was able to free herself from the kidnappers just as help was about to come.

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You can win a game by simply killing the entire opposing team. And the refs don't escape from the bloodbaths either.

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Mutant League Football also has an inversion of this trope. By bribing the ref, he will start calling bogus penalties against the other team if it will help yours.

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One of the penalties that can be called is "Unnecessary Kindness. The entire premise of Mario Strikers Charged is this trope. Tackling your opponent into electrical fences, lobbing bombs, Koopa shells, banana peels, and unleashing Chain Chomps onto the field is very common. They've turned soccer into something so intense the players all wear body armor. Most hockey minigames in the Spyro the Dragon -series involves breathing fire at your opponents. The ones that don't take place in worlds where Spyro's Breath Weapon has been changed to something else.

In Base Wars , it's not sufficient to tag a runner out. Instead, the two robots fight to the death. In Tiny Toon Adventures: Done accidentally presumably , when Earth manages to nail Venus right in the face with a rock while playing a game of catch. This here's the Mantage! As a result, he loses his popularity with the sports fans just as quickly as he got it.

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Shows up in the animated film Animalympics. In one memorable sequence, a hockey game literally turns into a warzone Even the briefing from the coach is violent, starting with "First, you start with the faceoff. After you take his face off, you kick him in the shins Shows up in an episode of South Park that parodies the living hell out of sports movies, and ends with a team of hockey players causing bloody injuries to a group of four-year-olds.

There was an episode of Doug second season where Roger Klotz not only sabotages Doug and Skeeter's original downhill derby car, but he also pulls the Ben Hur chariot race trick. In the episode of Jem where Jem and the Holograms and their rival band The Misfits are invited to compete in a sports competition in Hawaii, The Misfits' band manager Eric Raymond actually hires someone to teach The Misfits "how to cheat"! Tricks such as spring-heeled shoes, spring-powered vaulting poles, and a bike that sprays oil and slices other competitors' tire spokes a la Ben Hur have The Misfits winning and setting records This was the eighties.