What Lies Between The Sheets

Dirt that lies between the scandal sheets . . .

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I forgot my password. Don't Have an Account? Please check your email for a link to reset your password. If you can't find it, be sure to check your spam folder! YEAR I am over 21 years old and have read the Terms and Conditions. I have an account. I loved seeing Brody and Ashley in here, and how Brody has continued to change: I'm looking forward to reading Harrison's book next! ARC received from the publisher via Netgalley It's not even past.

One evening a neighbor lady stops by to complain about his noisy habit of working on motorcycles until the wee hours. It's about the furthest you can get from love at first sight. However, when Ty gets c 3. However, when Ty gets called to the school to pick up his frequently in trouble son, lo and behold there is the neighbor lady, also the school's art teacher, and she is one of the few in the room sticking up for his son. Here starts the interaction and relationship between Ty and the neighbor art teacher, Shelby.

Shelby's story and background is completely saddening. She grew up in a house where her farther tried daily to break her down physically and emotionally and when she escaped into herself by deadening her emotions, he focused on her mother. Her father is dead now but her mother is also in the middle stages of Alzheimer's disease. Every day is a struggle for Shelby and when Ty walks in her door, she sees him as the perfect stress reliever. Their relationship starts off as escapism through sex, some steamy angry sex scenes here folks. Eventually, Ty starts to develop deeper feelings for Shelby and grows tired of feeling used.

Shelby not knowing how to accept, understand, or express her feelings for Ty pushes him away, even as she wants to cling to him. This story, with its characters and themes, was almost too real; it's not easy to read. The author does an amazing job of crafting incredible backgrounds, thought, feelings, and emotions for Ty and Shelby. At times, however, I almost felt like I was reading a story about Shelby and Ty, but separately.

The relationship aspect takes a hit because of all the issues Shelby and Ty are dealing with; there really is not a lot of time left over for them. There is also an added story thread dealing with an exboyfriend of Shelby's that could have just been left out, the woman is dealing with enough already and it didn't really add anything to the story. The writing and pace is good and with this being the third in The Boys of Bishop series, past characters make an appearance but never overwhelm the story and in fact, make me want to go back and visit their stories.

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Everything you have to give to a person, I want to be the man who gets it. She loves exploring every character's road towards happily ever Molly O'Keefe has always known she wanted to be a writer except when she wanted to be a florist or a chef and the brief period of time when she considered being a cowgirl. She is traumatized by a overzealous religious father who hated her and she bears the guilt of letting him humiliate and abuse both her and her mother. He wants to have their relationship become an open thing, acknowledged in front of their neighbors and friends, and between each other. Just when you think that their relationship is doomed no, not really- this is a romance book, remember?! Much like The Real Deal , Jasper and the other Isleys began adding background vocals to the tracks, whereas in previous Isley records, the vocals had been handled primarily by Ronald and older brothers Kelly and Rudolph.

Like I said, this is a heavier read but Shelby's past pain and increasingly declining mother coupled with Ty's ongoing struggle to connect with his son make for, while a daunting read, it is also an emotional read guaranteed to remain in your thoughts after you've put the book down. May 18, Lexxie un Conventional Bookworms rated it really liked it Shelves: This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog un Conventional Bookviews.

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Oct 21, Jacqueline rated it liked it Shelves: I wanted to like this better than I did but I just couldn't like the heroine. The hero wanted to treat her with respect but she kept making him treat her basically like a whore by refusing to accept anything else from him. Consequently the sex scenes while hot enough left me feeling kind of icky. I don't know why he fell in love with her since she made him feel bad about himself.

Yes she had a miserable back story and she had flashes of kindness mostly to his son but she was just cold and unyiel I wanted to like this better than I did but I just couldn't like the heroine.

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Yes she had a miserable back story and she had flashes of kindness mostly to his son but she was just cold and unyielding. The three stars are for the quality of the writing and for the hero's relationship with his sone. Apr 23, Kaetrin rated it really liked it Shelves: I really liked it.

Reviewed for Dear Author: View all 3 comments. Jun 13, Mskychick rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wow, as always, Molly O'Keefe delivers with this book! Are you looking for a contemporary romance with maladjusted heroes and heroines with lots of personal issues and poor coping mechanisms? Looking for those coping mechanisms to be broken painfully down as they fall in love? Looking for the redemptive power of love to bring them into a happier life, integrated into the community they once felt set apart from, and with a loving partner who makes them be a better person?

Then you've come to the Wow, as always, Molly O'Keefe delivers with this book! Then you've come to the right spot. Once again, we're in the town of Bishop. Shelby is an art teacher who grew up as the only child of a narcissistic shyster preacher, who was very emotionally abusive to Shelby and her mother. As a child, in the face of her father's violent disapproval, she'd created this identity, this cold distance between herself and other people's opinions, in an act of defiant self-protection.

Dad couldn't hurt her if she pretended not to care. Pretended she didn't need affection or approval. And then no one could hurt her if she pretended she was above the messy needs and wants of the human heart. If she just buried what she wanted so deep they couldn't see it- so deep that even she forgot it.

It had been an abused and scared kid's way of coping. And as a woman, she didn't even know how to change it. Her father died, but the legacy of his abuse lives on in Shelby's thoughts. In the heavy dark silence he left behind, she stacked and put away those small desires to be someone else, to want more than she had, and she got back to the business of being Shelby Monroe, Art Teacher.

And if sometimes she wanted to scream, or cry, or find some stranger to prove to her that she wasn't totally dead inside or invisible to the world, it was an urge she could easily overcome. She had overcome worse. Shelby is the main caregiver for her mother, who is sinking further into the dementia of Alzheimer's. She feels like a pressure cooker, from the pressures of trying to lock away her feelings from everyone, and from trying to take care of her mother, which is growing more and more difficult.

Shelby found she could blow off steam and also punish herself by having raunchy sex with Dean. She turns to the same act of destruction with her new neighbor, Ty. Ty has moved to town to give his newly discovered 11 year old son Casey a fresh start in a wholesome environment. Casey lived with his mom, a hanger on in a motorcycle club, until she went to jail for dealing meth. Casey escaped from foster care and trekked across the country to meet his dad, who didn't know he existed until Casey shows up in his grandfather's motorcycle repair shop.

Casey is scared and hurt, and hides it by being troublesome. Ty is feeling overwhelmed trying to learn how to be a parent to his son who is quite a handful. He agrees to sex with Shelby as way for his to decompress as well. Ty quickly finds that he wants more from Shelby than just dirty sex. There was no part of her that looked comfortable, as if she was enjoying this, and he wondered if maybe they shouldn't just leave things at filthy sex on the floor. But their lives were already brushing up against each other in a dozen places and, well, he didn't want to leave it at filthy sex on the floor.

Liked her awkwardness and her seriousness. He liked what she hid behind them. Suddenly, he wanted to see her smile. Hear that hooting laugh again. Ty begins to try to get Shelby to open up, to talk to him about what is going on with her home situation, and why she is so closed off. He gently tries to help her. In the truck, after the party, he'd told her that the two of them wanting each other wasn't something to be scared of. That whatever was happening wasn't a big deal, but then he saw her mother not remember who Shelby was.

He saw Shelby broken wide open over the guilt and pain of her mother's accident and he'd been ruined.

Between the Sheets

At that moment Ty wanting Shelby had become profoundly a big deal, because he wanted to help her. He wanted more than just this nasty amazing sex in the barn, he wanted more than the freedom of her body. He wanted her to see him as more than a simple tool. I'm falling in love with her. He wants to have their relationship become an open thing, acknowledged in front of their neighbors and friends, and between each other.

And I won't be yours anymore. And she wanted it to be private. Not because she was ashamed of him, or thought less of him, but because her entire life she had kept the things she wanted very small and very secret,- so her father could not touch them. Hot shame flooded her. But Shelby is so ossified into her learned reactions from her father that she has great difficulty letting Ty into her heart. They agree that they will try to be a couple and move past their issues and to love each other, learning how to do so together. I want more of your fierce heart and your secret smiles.

Your loyalty and decency. I want to make you laugh until you hoot. I want to help you shoulder some of the load you've got because you've helped shoulder some of mine. I want to find out what you think and how you feel. I want to put you on the back of my bike and go for a ride. Lie down in a bed with you. I want to argue about what to watch on tv and Everything you have to give to a person, I want to be the man who gets it.

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And she decides to give up on Ty and on love. Something bad will happen in our lives and I'll be right back on the outside looking for a way in. His heart, under the too bright lights, shattered against the flecked linoleum floor, right at her feet. And he would be going on without her. Shelby understood that her instincts right now were wrong.

That she was living out the programming her father had given her when she was too young to understand. Too young to know that he was sick. Despite knowing all that, she stood outside Casey's hospital room and knew that this was her fault. The boy in there. Her mother in surgery. Ty's barely contained anger and grief. It was all her fault. Because for a little bit, she'd been happy. I cried when I got to this part of the book. I hurt for Shelby- for all her anxiety, and her yearning, and her pain in being stuck in her emotional rut. And poor Ty, who loves Shelby and wants a life with her!

Just when you think that their relationship is doomed no, not really- this is a romance book, remember?! It was so well written, and I felt caught up in the story the whole time I was reading it. I can't wait to see what Molly O'Keefe comes up with next, and there is no question, I will grab her next book as soon as it is available.

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She is definitely an auto buy for me, as her works are consistently outstanding. Jul 29, Saly rated it liked it Shelves: I had a hard time connecting to the heroine despite her sad past and the romance was tricky too and I would have liked more of it rather than a one year later. Jul 31, Gisele rated it it was amazing. Well, that's how I'm feeling right now. Between the Sheets is a love story, but not only about that kind of love which the H falls for the h. We findit here too, but it also shows us another kind of love that is so strong - and sometimes much greater - as the love of a husband for his wife is the love of a father for a son and a child by his parents.

Here we have the story of Ty and Shelby. He is a good man, but he had a troubled childhood and adolescence as well and finds himself inadequate to the task of being a father, but he still loves his son and is doing everything to have a good relationship with him and give him a better life. Shelby's life is also not that great. To survive, she closed within herself, became an impenetrable island, driving people away from her. Shelby really believed that she was not capable of love, only to hurt people, so why bother to get involved? And what about Casey? People, he broke my heart!

He suffered enough in the hands of a mother who took very bad care of him. She exposed him to things that no child should be exposed.. She go tinto jail and he fell into the hands of the system.

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So to mask those fears he makes trouble at school, and is not very good with his father, but what he really want is love, affection and understanding. Shelby lives across the street from Ty, and they begin realize they are attracted to each other. At first their meetings are exhaust valves for both.

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Those moments in which sexual attraction is released, they can forget a little of life's problems and give free rein to their desires, but this is not enough. I can not even imagine what she was going through, and if you put her childhood traumas into that plate, it only gets worse, and despite her actions are justified, I can not help but be a bit annoyed with it. Damn, Ty was also afraid, he had thousands of reasons to think that they both would not work and that it could reach Casey somehow, yet he put himself out there.

But anyway, her actions at the end of the book made it all better. And I understand that is very dificult to cut ties with the past and move on. But without a doubt, what I enjoyed most was seeing the growth of love and the relationship between Casey and Ty. I loved the way the author dealt with it and did not let them both stay in this game of hide feelings. As hard as it was, we saw Ty come out and say to the his child that he had no idea what he was doing, but at the same time he wanted to do it rigt so bad! And that admission made all the difference for Casey, because he saw that his father was struggling so he also tried.

It was beautiful when Ty said he did not care if Casey did a lot of bad things, he would discipline him, of course, but nothing he did would make him not care, not to love him. The ending is beautiful, we see these three lives coming together and seeking a new beginning, based on love and acceptance. I super recommend it! E o que dizer de Casey? Mas enfim, as atitudes dela no final do livro conseguiram redimi-la. Jul 24, Sandy K rated it really liked it. Jul 08, Jojo92 rated it liked it. Une histoire toute simple qui fait du bien au moral. Aug 14, Ana rated it really liked it Shelves: As I read the opening chapters of Between the Sheets I finally realized why I had struggled with her books.

They are better people than they appear to be, but they did deep holes with each other and the reader. Between the Sheets is the second book in the Boys of Bishop series. The first book Wild Child has been sitting on my kindle since it first came available on NetGalley, abandoned after I read the first chapter and I only saw conflict ahead. Buoyed by my enjoyment of The Heart of It I was able to blaze through the conflict-heavy early chapters of Between the Sheets, till I was fully engaged with the characters, and their story. While Between the Sheets alludes to events in Wild Child and has many characters in common, I didn't feel I missed anything vital in skipping it.

While most teachers and students trudge back into school after the holidays, Shelby Monroe is thrilled to be back. She loves her work, she loves using art to connect with her students but most of all her students and her work are an escape from her hellish home life. She is the main caregiver to her mother, Evie, whose Alzheimer is worsening to the point that Shelby can no longer manage with only occasional help. Shelby is actually a master at appearing unruffled and in control even if she is terrified and in pain.

A Heartwell Ending "The Secret Between The Sheets"

She feels deeply untouchable and she thirsts to be touched and desired, to feel wantoned and abandoned to passion. She is deeply ashamed to feel that way. Even after falling prey to obsessive man in Wild Child, and having him try to slut-shame her on TV, in the eyes of most in her community, she is still good sweet Shelby and no one believes the words hurled at her.

He has come to Bishop looking for a fresh start for his newly discovered son. Ty is also drowning and over-whelmed, and feels completely inadequate as father to Casey. Once confident and always able charm and make friends easily in any new place, Ty no longer feels so secure, and fumbles badly when Shelby shows up at his door at midnight, livid at the racket he has been making while tinkering with his bike.

He makes all the wrong assumptions about her, just as she does with him. I loved how Ty is the one to stand up and set boundaries because he wants more from Shelby than angry-escapist sex and seeks to see her, not just the masks she puts up to the world. He used his power in and out of the pulpit to abuse them. While Shelby has complicated feelings about church, it is clear that faith and community also have the power to heal and mend people, as evidenced by Ty's experience of it.

I loved that she could portray the fact that while abuse and hate are sometimes preached in the name of God, that is not what most churches are like. It's happened to me sometimes, to find myself in the middle of a book and realize that what I'm reading will define my concept of the genre it belongs to, or will be used to measure up all the books that will come in the future after it. It can be because one particular character feels very dear to me, or because a specific plot device surprises or leaves me speechless. When I'm done with that book and recollect its events, I can even come to the conclusion that it wasn't earth-shattering, in the It's happened to me sometimes, to find myself in the middle of a book and realize that what I'm reading will define my concept of the genre it belongs to, or will be used to measure up all the books that will come in the future after it.

When I'm done with that book and recollect its events, I can even come to the conclusion that it wasn't earth-shattering, in the history of literature, but the thought of it will still leave a smile on my face or cause a flutter of delighful fondness in my chest. That's my experience with "Between The Sheets". I bought it because I saw Harley Quinn reading it in "Suicide Squad", I won't lie to you, and it doesn't seem like a lame reason at all, to me.

There's this saying, that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover and I do that a lot. I totally judge a book by its cover, but in positive. I often buy books only based on the beauty of their covers and it often backfires - epically. I also buy books because people I admire read them and I have a huge crush on Harley, so I thought it could be a great idea. I'm so glad I'm so impulsive. There are a lot of different PoV's, and the third person omniscient narrator manages to capture the complexity of some of them better than others.

The main characters are a trio of very different people for sex, age and background, but all of them are linked by the need to rely on others, open up to someone willing and desperate to love them for who they are. Ty is a thirthy-something man who finds out he has a son on the edge of adolescence; he isn't exactly what could be defined as a mature, responsible adult. He's spent the last seven years of his life living in as many States, meeting people, traveling, enjoying himself, but not really finding any reason to put down roots somewhere. He's a little restless, a little wild. But having his son traveling alone to find him and know him in person, pushes him to change his view of the world, his idea on life.

He decides to try and find a quiet and welcoming place where to build a relationship with his son and they end up in Bishop. Casey is a sweet eleven-year-old boy. When he goes to his father, he hasn't anything to lose anymore. His mother is in jail. The most commonly used in modern music is the C Major scale. This is because it is the only major scale made of all natural notes. Some say, with a solid base, that Bach, owing a great debt to his Italian forebearers, marks the beginning of modern music.

A third theory states that the Catholic Church intervened in the medieval ages in order to standardize chants so that they could be sung throughout the known world. The origins of this English notation remains unclear. The names of notes carry with them an interesting history that harkens back to Italy in the Middle Ages. It was, of course, written in Latin: