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The legal age for purchasing and consuming alcohol and recreational marijuana, the latter of which is only legal in the District of Columbia, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Alaska, is The legal age for purchasing and consuming tobacco products is 18 in most states; 19 in Alabama, Alaska and Utah; and 21 in California, New Jersey, Oregon, Hawaii and Maine.

In Canada, a person aged 16 and over can legally drive a car and work, but are only considered to be an adult at age 18 like in the US. In most provinces, the legal age to purchase alcohol and cigarettes is 19, except in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec where it is 18 years old. In Spain during the 19th century, there was a civilian coming of age bound to the compulsory military service. The quintos were the boys of the village that reached the age of eligibility for military service 18 years , thus forming the quinta of a year.

In rural Spain, the mili was the first and sometimes the only experience of life away from family. In the days before their departure, the quintos knocked every door to ask for food and drink.

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Years later, the quintos of the same year could still hold yearly meals to remember times past. By the end of the 20th century, the rural exodus , the diffusion of city customs and the loss of prestige of military service changed the relevance of quintos parties. In some places, the party included the village girls of the same age, thus becoming less directly relevant to military service.


In Christian denominations that practice Believer's Baptism baptism by voluntary decision, as opposed to baptism in early infancy , the ritual can be carried out after the age of accountability has arrived. Patrician males, however, might marry considerably earlier; Julius Caesar was married for the first time by the age of Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In the Romani religion, when boys come of age of 20, they become Shave , and girls become Sheya. Coming of Age Day Japan.

In others, the tradition was simply lost. Since , the age of majority in Japan has been 20; persons under 20 are not permitted to smoke or drink. Until June , persons under 20 were not permitted to vote. At the ceremony, all of the men and women participating are brought to a government building and listen to many speakers, similar to a graduation ceremony. At the conclusion of the ceremony Government officials give speeches, and small presents are handed out to the new adults.

Kovave is a ceremony to initiate Papua New Guinea boys into adult society. It involves dressing up in a conical hat which has long strands of leaves hanging from the edge, down to below the waist. The name Kovave is also used to describe the head-dress. During the feudal period, the coming of age was celebrated at 15 for noblemen. Nowadays, the age is 18 for girls and 20 for boys. In Bali, the coming of age ceremony is supposed to take place after a girl's first menstrual period or a boy's voice breaks. However, due to expense, it is often delayed until later. The upper canines are filed down slightly to symbolize the effacing of the individual's "wild" nature.

While in Nias island , a young man must jump up over a stone normally about 1 or 2 meters as a part of the coming of age ceremony.

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In the rite of initiation of Baka Pygmies , the Spirit of the Forest ritually kills the boys to propitiate their rebirth as men. The Monday of the third week of May is "coming-of-age day". There has been a traditional coming of age ceremony since before the Goryeo dynasty, but it has mostly disappeared. In the traditional way, when boys or girls were between the ages of fifteen and twenty, boys wore gat , a Korean traditional hat made of bamboo and horsehair, and girls did their hair in chignon with binyeo , a Korean traditional ornamental hairpin.

Both of them wore hanbok , and wearing hanbok on the coming of age ceremony can be sometimes seen even now. In the Philippines, a popular coming of age celebration for year-old women is the debut.

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It is normally a formal affair, with a strict dress code such as a coat and tie for the upper-middle and upper classes, and usually has a theme or color scheme that is related to the dress code. Each presents a rose or candle then delivers a short speech about the debutante.

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Other variations exist, such as 18 Treasures of any gender; gives a present instead of a candle or flower or other types of flowers aside from roses being given, but the significance of "18" is almost always retained. Filipino men, on the other hand, celebrate their debut on their 21st birthday. There is no traditionally set program marking this event, and celebrations differ from family to family. Both men and women may opt not to hold a debut at all.

In Cambodia, a popular coming-of-age celebration takes place at the age of The parents must prepare a feast for the celebration. They invite their relatives to come and celebrate their son's or daughter's entrance into adulthood. This event can also serve as an opportunity for the parents to look for potential marriage partners among the offspring of other families attending the celebration.

The ceremony usually happens at night-time, but from the morning the celebrator needs to wear the best clothes of their choice and make up in their style and go to some place of their belief to show that they are now becoming an adult. In many universities of Europe, South America and India, first year students are made to undergo tests or humiliation before being accepted as students.

It is still practiced. In gratitude, the bejant would give the senior student a pound of raisins. In turn this led to bejants being given receipts in Latin.

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If a bejant failed to produce the receipt, he could be thrown into a fountain. The word bejant derives from the French "bec jaune" a yellow beak, or fledgling. Universities in Chile follow an annual ritual called "Mechoneo" the act of pulling somebody's hair. First year students are initiated by theatrical "punishment". Freshmen are tied together while upperclassmen throw them eggs, flour, water, etc. Some universities have traditional ways of initiating freshmen.

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Coming of age is a young person's transition from being a child to being an adult. It continues through the teenage years of life. The certain age at which this. come of age definition: 1. to reach the age when you are legally recognized as an adult2. If something has come of age, it has reached its full successful.

Fraternities and sororities have different processes for associate members, also known as pledges, to become a member. It usually takes place with one or more ritual that is specific to that organization and teaches them the core values and beliefs behind their specific organization. Among apprentices, the step from apprentice to journeyman was often marked by some ceremonial humiliation. Times, Sunday Times Tell that to the thousands likely to be nostalgic for the coming-of-age movie they saw when they were young.

Times, Sunday Times It is partly a coming-of-age story. Times, Sunday Times An endearing and original coming-of-age story. The Sun A dazzling feast for the eye in a show that blends shadows and circus tricks in a coming-of-age tale. Times, Sunday Times It is a poignant teenage coming-of-age movie, too. Times, Sunday Times Striking coming-of-age drama set by the British seaside and with a decidedly dark edge.

Times, Sunday Times Submarine is a coming-of-age story set in Wales.

Times, Sunday Times But underneath all the big talk and gross out gags , this is actually an astute little coming-of-age film.