Under Siege: A Jake Grafton Novel (Jake Grafton Series)

In addition, a trip down Memory Lane, as the book was written in the timeframe, wherein 1 Ayatollah Khomeini had just died, but Saddam Hussein hadn't yet invaded Kuwait, 2 Bush 41 was the POTUS, and 3 the Colombians in Cali and Cartagena , as opposed to the Mexicans, had the most powerful cocaine cartels--I get the impression that Mr. Coonts modelled Colombian kingpin Chano Aldana at least partially upon real-life cocaine cowboy Pablo Escobar. But I rate this book less than 4 or 5 stars, for the following reasons: Assassination attempt against Bush 41 and several other senior government officials n the mysterious Henry Charon; 2.

Jake and a couple of his fellow Naval officers "Toad" and Rita Tarkington becoming wanna-be infantry soldiers. Still worth reading, and I do intend to read some more of Coonts' books in the future. May 07, Brett Thomasson rated it it was ok Shelves: Nobody reads suspense thrillers looking for great literature -- at least, they don't more than once.

All the same, thriller writers, like Serious Authors, possess differing skill levels. Stephen Coonts is one who commands quite a bit of skill at shaping his stories and making them flow smoothly whether they're building suspense or hurtling through action sequences. His Jake Grafton book Under Siege is a good example. The arrest of a Columbian drug lord during the George H. Bush administrat Nobody reads suspense thrillers looking for great literature -- at least, they don't more than once. Bush administration provides the hook for a story linking narco-terrorism, undecover police operatives, crack-dealing gangs, assassination attempts and quite a lot of other threads together.

This is early in the series, so Coonts is still laying out the characterizations of his players, but he does so deftly enough that they stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd that peoples most novels of this kind. And Coonts' vision of how the government would respond to armed terrorist attacks in Washington, D. Two things weaken Under Siege in relationship to some of Coonts' later work. One, he creates events that make his fictional world diverge widely from the real world we live in, and political suspense thrillers work best when the characters inhabit a world as close to our own as the author can manage.

The split doesn't hurt Under Siege so much as it will hamper stories that follow it. Two, Coonts seems so consumed with the desire to Say Something about U. Overall, though, Under Siege is a quality read and worth the time. Feb 14, Ann Amadori rated it really liked it. Nov 06, Oru Solomon rated it it was amazing. This book reminds me of the woes facing the Nigerian society though in different and in same scene similar.

The novel reveals the banes of drug addiction very common in the American society and the various intrigues used by those proponents of drug pedaling even to legislation as a cover to protect their illicit business. It is same in Nigeria with the business interest different but the illegality the same. Corruption is the very bane to our national progress and development. The assassination This book reminds me of the woes facing the Nigerian society though in different and in same scene similar.

The assassination attempt on the life of the president goes to show the world that America is not immuned from Terrorist attacks as currently witnessed in Nigeria in the form of Boko Haram sects. This novel gets me glued and my interest in reading it well sustained until and at a point i became voracious because I was spell-bond by its content and characters. I recommend it to all and sundry especial now that insecurity is the order of the day. Feb 10, Mike rated it really liked it. Plenty of action as a convergence of several systems creates war-like havoc on Washington DC.

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The illicit drug trade has impact on not only politics, but the personal safety of some of the nation's top elected officials including the President of the U. I like the adventure, the details, the action Coonts writes. It's a good winter night's read several nights , however, there's more One of the early Stephen Coonts action thrillers featuring Jake Grafton and his buddies Toad, Rita and Jack. It's a good winter night's read several nights , however, there's more than one sub-plot that does not contribute to the story line and left me wondering why it was introduced at all.

Why did Jack Yocke go to Cuba? I like Stephen Coonts' books, including this one, but his later ones are better. Feb 11, George rated it really liked it Shelves: What if narco terrorists with lots of money hired mahem and anarchy in the US? That's the thesis of this book and Jake Grafton plays a small but crucial role. I was surprised that the US leadership did not apply interdiction in Columbia to the story; it would have improved some.

Instead, the author stayed with tactical roles, even making the CJCS a tactical commander. I liked the book and am looking forward to the next i What if narco terrorists with lots of money hired mahem and anarchy in the US? I liked the book and am looking forward to the next in the Grafton series. Feb 24, King Tony Neale added it. The political views of this novel are disturbing. This novel is about making choices. The choices of particular characters leaned heavily to the right of the political spectrum.

Also, I found the depictions of minority character unbelievable. I got the sense the writer based his African American characters on some stereo-type learned from movies or television. Colombian drug lord apprehended and brought to trial. Cuban revolution and Castro is killed. In this mix even hired killer, several key politicians, Judges and power brokers killed. Attempt on President Bush and his Vice president Quayle. Jan 02, Jasey rated it it was ok.

Overall an enjoyable experience but I would not call it a gripping read. Some elements are well done, particularly Charon's character and role. Some may find it somewhat overly political and some plot devices and resolutions are lazy and somewhat convienient. Aug 02, Carole rated it really liked it.

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For a book published almost 20 years ago, there are many parts that were eerily prophetic I just hope other parts don't come to be! Starts a little slow and confusing, but soon becomes a "can't put down". Good all around book. This book had several different plots that meshed as well as the numerous characters. Excellent mystery with attention grabbing scenes.

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There was only one question I had at the end. Where did the 10 million end up going? Mar 12, Jim rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book and I am reading another book by this author. I recommend this book to everyone. Jul 10, Greg rated it liked it.

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A good read, lots of stories woven together. Strange how real some of the comments have become todays reality. Mar 30, Justin Miller rated it liked it. This was a competent book written by Coonts. My biggest problem is the title just because I really like that Seagal movie and this book is a lot different than the movie of that title.

The whole Jake Grafton series is excellent reading. Read the series in chronological order! Keeping track of the storyline will keep the Rader engaged as Coonts weaves his way through a story filled with plenty of simile to today. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Stephen Coonts born July 19, is an American thriller and suspense novelist.

Under Siege

Coonts grew up in Buckhannon, West Virginia, a small coal-mining town and earned an B. He entered the Navy the following year and flew an A-6 Intruder medium attack plane during the Vietnam War, where he served on two combat cruises aboard the USS Ent Stephen Coonts born July 19, is an American thriller and suspense novelist.

He accumulated hours in the A-6 Intruder and earned a number of Navy commendations, including the Distinguished Flying Cross. After the war he served as a flight instructor on A-6 aircraft for two years, then did a tour as an assistant catapult and arresting gear officer aboard USS Nimitz CVN His navigator-bombardier was LTjg Stanley W. Bryant who later became a Rear Admiral and deputy commander-in-chief of the US naval forces in Europe.

After being honorably discharged from duty as a lieutenant in , Coonts pursued a Juris Doctor J. He then worked as an oil and gas lawyer for several companies, entertaining his writing interests in his free time. He published short stories in a number of publications before writing Flight of the Intruder in made into a movie in Intruder, based in part on his experiences as a bomber pilot, spent 28 weeks on the New York Times bestseller lists in hardcover and launched his career as a novelist.

From there he continued writing adventure-mysteries using the character from his first book, Jake Grafton. He has written several other series and stand-alone novels since then, but is most notable for the Grafton books. Today Coonts continues to write, having had seventeen New York Times bestsellers out of 20 books , and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife and son. Other books in the series. Jake Grafton 1 - 10 of 11 books. Books by Stephen Coonts. See All Goodreads Deals…. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It falls between the early adventures when Jake Grafton is a Naval pilot and the latter stories when Grafton is associated with covert operations. This time Grafton is working in the Pentagon directly for the Joint Chief of Staff on drug related issues and seems to be a bit out of his depth in a pretty unrealistic story. What would happen if a Colombian drug lord is apprehended and brought to trial in DC? What would happen if that drug lord with a wealth of billions of dollars wants to spend part of his wealth hiring terrorists and assassins to bring Washington to its knees?

Coonts paints a violent picture of a missile attack on the President's helicopter, the assassination of several key politicians, Judges and power brokers plus an invasion of suicide gangs intent on killing as many people as possible. What is the outcome - martial law and Grafton and his cronies trying to find the main assassin and destroy the suicide gangs.

This is done against a background of war between drug dealers. IMHO things like this are a bit over the top. All in all this book really didn't work for me especially because Coonts involved real people in the drama, with George Bush Snr and Dan Quayle taking leading parts in the fiction. He also manufactured a fictitious overthrow of Fidel Castro. The only part of this story that really interested me was that Coonts told me how Washington Post journalist Jack Yocke became an unusual associate of Grafton - something that had puzzled me in some future books where Hockey plays an important supporting role.

All in all I still love the Jake Grafton series, despite this "Lemon". This is a good book - if you want to get to know drug dealers and other lowlifes up close and personal. That was what the author spends most of the book doing. If you like martial law, there's some good stuff for you too.

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Instead, the author stayed with tactical roles, even making the CJCS a tactical commander. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Bryant who later became a Rear Admiral and deputy commander-in-chief of the US naval forces in Europe. I recommend this book to everyone. The series was then spun off into Tommy Carmellini series. I highly recommend it.

But if you like an actual cohesive story, look elsewhere. This is really just a bunch of sub-plots rolled into one book. Some of them come together in the end, some don't. And if, like me, you bought this as a "Jake Grafton" book, you might be wishing you could get your money and reading time back.

Jake and the other familiar characters are basically bit players, and their roles could have been played by any generic new characters instead of falsely advertising this as a Grafton book. I've loved so many of Mr. Coonts' works, and I've read several good Grafton books. This just isn't one of them.

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Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. YA-- Several story lines intertwine to produce a contemporary, fast-paced political thriller. Jake Grafton, seen in. Under Siege: A Jake Grafton Novel and millions of other books are available for Under Siege (Jake Grafton Series) MP3 CD – Audiobook, MP3 Audio.

One person found this helpful. I can say though that it is simply not like his past books. Although I would recommend his other books, I would not recommend this one at all. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. First, the President's helicopter is shot down by two missiles on the way back from Camp David, killing four including the Secretary of State and putting President George H.

Bush into a coma. Next eight or ten heavily armed terrorists break into the Capitol Building killing or wounding everything in sight in one bold suicide attempt, until they are finally suppressed. Then, acting President Dan Quayle, after viewing the damage at the Capitol Building, while giving a short press conference on the Capitol steps is apparently shot at. He isn't hit but the Attorney General is.

But this was just a prelude. Things get so bad that the National Guard and Army is called in and then the riots start. It seemed to start when, in an effort to show that we were winning the War on Drugs, the United States extradited Columbian drug kingpin, Chano Aldana, for trial. Aldana, probably insane but a truly scary and evil individual man gave an interview to two Washington Post reporters saying in essence that he was Satan incarnate and that the streets of Washington were going to be awash in blood if he wasn't released.

So begins a story of violence and terror in the streets of Washington that was written fifteen years ago but seems right at home in this age of terrorism and terrorist threats. I never read a book by Stephen Coonts where Navy Captain in this book Jake Grafton wasn't in and this is no exception. He, along with his sidekick Toad Tarkington is currently attached to a terrorism unit of the Pentagon, working directly for the Joint Chief of Staff. Jefferson Body, smarmy senator Cherry and last but not least, my favorite, undercover agent Harrison Ronald Ford, who was trying to get the goods on Washington's number one drug dealer Freeman McNally.

If the main story was engrossing, Coonts' method of weaving these sub-plots made a good book great. Each sub-plot was separate but they all had a thread that tied them together. The story involving Ford was most compelling and almost took away from the main story. The Author I don't read many of Coonts' books even though he's an excellent writer because his subject matter is usually militarily oriented a genre I do not gravitate to but this book was the exception.

Although the military is involved, it deals more with law enforcement and government.. Coonts is really a talented writer. His writing is fluid and compelling. It's easy to follow and in the case of this book kept me turning them pages.

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His character development is just right, making you feel things with the characters but not going overboard. Of course repeat character Jake Grafton is Mr goody two shoes, almost too perfect with no vices and the perfect family but that's the way Coonts chooses to portray him. You could compare him to Clancy's Jack Ryan.

Other characters in this book however are another matter. We have unethical to sociopath to truly evil behavior. Our assassin looks at his work as a game - the only thing worth living for. The drug dealers as you might expect are brutal. And of course there are frailties such as the irony of Aldana's attorney, Liarakos' position comes out, defending the number one drug dealer in the world while his wife is a crack addict.

Conclusion When I first read this book, some ten years before September 11th I found it to be a well written, very interesting story containing three or four interesting subplots but there was no way I thought something this horrible could be perpetrated on the American people. Well things have changed and as I read this for the second time, I kept feeling similarities to the atrocities that were being committed in the book and what's going on in Baghdad and throughout Iraq. It seems to me that if we ever capture the likes of Osama bin Laden or Abu Musab al Zarqawi we certainly don't want to bring them to the United States.

Better a bullet hole to their head and an unmarked grave. I really like how Mr Coonts draws you into his stories. I was hooked when I read Flight of the Intruder. I've loved all of his books, as they draw you in, in the same way This was an excellent read.

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I highly recommend it. See all reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 4 days ago. Published 28 days ago.