Little Blue Whales (A Cutter Point Thriller Book 1)

I started this book with a wee bit of trepidation when I discovered that it is written in the first person style. Normally I prefer to read from the side of an onlooker telling the tale. I quickly put my fears aside though as I progressed. By the end of the first couple of chapters, I was firmly hooked and read straight through till I was finished with the entire book. The story is basically about Dr.

Michael Kahn, a geneticist, striving to find a cure for his wife Annie, who is dying slowly of HIV As the tale proceeds Mr.

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Norwood weaves complex government plots and corporate evil doings into the tale. It is so real that you find yourself comparing what you are reading with what we seem to be experiencing in our own lives these days. Medical technology abounds in this novel laced with gene splicing, bio engineering, and futuristic medical meddling much of which is very much happening now, but taken to new levels by Mr. At no time did I feel the tale dragging or lacking in exciting details. It is full of characters of all ilks, some of which you will love, and others you will hate.

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The single downside to this book is that it ended. On an up note however, the author has spilled the beans and admitted to a sequel which will be finished sometime in I for one have already signed up to receive notice of its arrival on the market. If you have not yet read "Perfectible Animals" I suggest you do so now and you can thank me later. Thomas Norwood has written a powerful, heartfelt, conflicted novel about where we are headed as a species, the vested interests that seem to propel us there at ever-quicker speeds and how we might avoid that unpleasant destination.

Written in the voice of preeminent geneticist Michael Khan, Norwood explores how one scientist seeking to solve Homo Sapiens' existential and ecological juggernauts ultimately must face his biggest challenges within his own conscience. Can he change humanity's destiny by genetic means?

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Should he even try? Are we worth saving from ourselves - or are we genetically predisposed to avarice and self-interest and therefore doomed to destroy ourselves? The big picture doesn't get much bigger than this, yet Norwood manages to keep it specific and focused on a dystopian near-future world as experienced by Michael, his ailing wife Annie, their coterie of friends and colleagues, and their struggles with the morally bankrupt upper echelons of government, business, and the military. Constantly pitting public interest vs.

I get all the other reviews that stated this book was informative without being preachy. It was very well written and enjoyable. Not your typical cookie cutter book that wraps everything up in a too perfect bow at the end. It tells the story of a man, Michael Kahn, with a sick wife named Anne.

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We are shown how Michael gets put into an impossible situation in order to save her life. Lots of concepts and ideas about morality are shown but most of the time both sides are not glossed over. Michael struggles with what he has done and will do to save the one person he truly loves. The part of the book I found most compelling was the amount of time he uses trying to save Anne and in turn almost neglecting her.

Little Blue Whales

Forest for the trees I guess. And this isn't lost on him either. The scientific parts are just enough to sound convincing without making me feel stupid or confused. The trial lasted just long enough. The ending was satisfying. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars was the sexual aspect of his friends and their church.


I saw the value in it as to how society was behaving but I felt that it almost distracted from the book at times. It needed to go full force and have Michael interact with it and go thru that inner turmoil or just leave it be. Anne was too nonchalant about giving Michael permission to have a one night stand when she obviously had years left to live. I did really enjoy the way one, seemingly harmless decision led to so many other harmful and out of control situations.

I liked the way it built on the character so you could understand how it got that way. I read this book all the way through before putting it down, much to the dismay of my family and I am hoping the sequel is available soon. This is a story set in the not too distant future after severe global warming has taken it's toll on our planet.

Starvation, disease, and over population are serious issues, and rather than working in concert to solve the world's problems, countries are attacking each other for dominance. Michael is a genetic scientist working on methods to alter our genes to make us more resistant to disease. His success also reveals unintended side effects of greater empathy for others and increased levels of cooperation, along with potentially increased libido.

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This would be a terrific book to discuss in a class or book clubs. Would increased empathy, compassion for others, and a genuine desire to get along be desire able in our population? Would we still have strong work ethics, desire to succeed, power to invent? Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Available for download now. Flight of the Bowyer Oct 24, Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Available for immediate download. Only 1 left in stock more on the way.

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Provide feedback about this page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Hammond for this glowing review as well! Hammond if you are reading this, please do not deposit the funds for at least ten days. Ken, thanks for chatting with me! I love the title of your book, Little Blue Whales.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. " engrossing, a wonderful first time effort. The characters in this Look inside this book. Little Blue Whales (A Cutter Point Thriller Book 1) by [Lewis, Kenneth. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Ken Lewis immerses you in the shattered minds and lives of two Buy now with 1-Click ®. Promotions apply when you . Little Blue Whales, won the Public Safety Writers Association First Grand Prize for.

Hi Julia, and thanks for having me on as a guest. The title of the book has a double meaning, actually. Blue whales, as you probably already know, are the largest creatures on earth. In the novel a small plastic toy blue whale is used to lure the victims down to the beach in hopes of seeing the real thing. The irony is that blue whales are true creatures of the deep and as a rule never venture in any closer than seventy miles or more of the Oregon coastline, while other more common species, like grey whales, sometimes beach themselves in shallow coastal waters during their winter and spring migrations.

Your novel is preceded by a beautiful quote from Richard Rayner: A murder book is a large, three ring binder which contains all of the investigative reports, evidence sheets, witness statements, crime scene photos, etc. The story focuses on Billy McGrath, a very flawed L. I finished reading the book only months before starting my own novel and when I read that passage—on page of the Harper Collins paperback edition—I finally knew what it was I wanted to write about.

So often in life we learn our most important lessons the hard way, and we know what the consequences may be for repeating those same mistakes, but in the end our hearts always seem to lead us forward more often than our heads do. I wanted to write about that…about a tragically flawed man whose past has made him believe he can never truly love, and about the equally flawed woman he falls in love with anyway.

Police Beat says that your book captures " Could you have written this book without that experience? When I entered law enforcement almost thirty years ago the police in this country had reached almost folk hero status, and today I consider the quintessential American cop to be almost iconic in our culture. Of all the different jobs and ranks in the police department, being the chief is the absolute worst! Being a chief was never a conscious goal of mine, but not ever having to work graveyard shift again, and always having weekends off, was.

So I guess it did kind of work out for me in that regard. Seriously though; I feel good about having earned my way to the top by applying myself and learning all the other jobs and skills in law enforcement it takes to eventually become a chief. Well, I've learned something today. What is alluring about police work? Every person you meet, every scenario you deal with, no matter how similar to other events and people you have already come across on the job, will have a slightly different slant to it. It is both fascinating to see, and to some degree be directly involved with, the entire spectrum of human behavior from the absolutely macabre to the positively wonderful sometimes all in the same day every day you go to work.

There is an extended water metaphor in your first chapter.

Will water images be important to the theme of this mystery? But you are very right. Rivers and oceans are a definite theme in the book because water bears things along on its surface, and water sometimes pulls things down. Water gives life and at times, takes life away. The novel is set on the southern Oregon coast where the western continental land mass ends and the Pacific ocean begins.

For Kevin Kearnes, the ocean represents a dead end he has reached in his life long race to outrun his past; he can literally run no further.