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Summer Camps for the children are mandatory with many options. Information on staying Hydrated during our warm weather is courtesy of Flamingo Pharmacy. Meet the artist, Benada Oduma, who creates the joyful and colorful canvases as seen at Paradise Arts Gallery. Read all about a growing real estate trend in building small villa communities designed to keep home ownership on a Caribbean island even more attractive with maintenance, rentals and security looked after. Giving back to the community: A new charity has just completed their first year of providing breakfast to school children on our sister islands.

See the story on "Food for Thought" to learn how you can help. In general terms, there are a few staple ingredients that constitute a good holiday: And this issue, we hone in on one particularly efficient way to relax… SPAS Oh the spa… Those godlike sanctuaries that descend an air of cool and calm over anything else… Our breakdown on page 45 gives you everything you need to know.

In our culinary pages, we round up some of the best vegan and vegetarian dishes to come out of our island kitchens, beginning on page , with dishes championing stellar ingredients from quinoa to falafel to roasted pumpkin for vegans, vegetarians and anyone fancying a bit of a detox. In our regular restaurant reviews, we head to Chinese restaurant Chopsticks on page , and authentic Indian restaurant Garam Masala on page , to see how eclectic faraway flavours are integrated into the tropics. By way of art, we meet fascinating artist Alexandra Brace in our Island Perspectives, who fuses vibrant colours with scientific and philosophical concepts to create captivating paintings inspired by the island landscape.

This, along with a definitive list of island activities, real estate news and guides to flora, the night sky and what to do on the island, will ease you into the summer the only way we know how… getting the best out of where, when and how you spend your holiday time.

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On the arrival of spring, nature takes on a transformation and with it, the urge to revamp and refresh our wares to suit warmer climes and lighter nights. Our restaurant reviews cover two much-loved eateries; Las Brisas serving up a delicious beef wellington against a picturesque backdrop, and Crackpot Kitchen serving up authentic Caribbean cuisine cue the almond crusted grouper in Grace Bay. This along with a definitive list of island activities, real estate news and guides to flora, the night sky, and where to go whale watching, to name a few, comprises how to make the most of island life in the springtime.

Join us, at Where When How for the turning of the season, to celebrate all things new…. New Year is undeniably a prime time for a fresh start, whether it be refreshing your outlook, embarking on a new experience, or revamping those tired looks in your wardrobe. For those wanting something more low-key, more high octane, or just more of that , our cover story lays out an array of activities suitable for different people with different tastes, of what a perfect holiday includes.

By way of cuisine, our food and wine writer Mandy Rostance-Wolf sums up Solana! Our featured islands are North and Middle Caicos , with a pullout MAP included to take the hassle out of finding your way here. Pick up a copy of Where When How at your hotel, villa, restaurants, fine shops and the Graceway food stores.

The 12th Annual Providenciales Dining Guide is a must for visitors and residents alike. Find recipes from some of our favourite island chefs, as well as biographical stories about them. Read features on our local cuisine , our fish and seafood.

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More slices of pizza , more signature cocktails and all about conch. New this year - enjoy an extensive photo essay on Vegan and Vegetarian dishes available all around the island. This issue is all about re-thinking perspectives; awakening a newfound interest in something by looking at it from a different angle. Also learn all about the green moray eel and rescue a green turtle.

Above the surface, our featured excursion visits Long Bay Beach for kiteboarding , where we find out how its appeal is attracting a much wider demographic than is widely presumed. Find two new restaurant reviews. Tempt your tastebuds overlooking the water at Baci Ristorante beginning with the famous garlic bread.


Or relax with a glass of wine enjoying an elegant Parisian sidewalk cafe ambience at Le Bouchon du Village. But where do you stay? What do you do? Where do you start? A list of areas and resorts, hotels and villas, ranging from the quaint to grand, beach or hillside, are at hand to give consistency to a sometimes inconsistent range of resources. By way of art, an exciting evolution is emerging in TCI. Sophie Newstead meets local artist Charrish Ferguson, the pioneer of a brand new creative business, who describes how a new wave of creatives re-interpreting the island are in turn, reinventing the local art, fashion, jewellery and interiors.

Our real estate section lists some exciting new development, while our regular features are back to shed light on our night sky, flora, fauna and marine life. When it comes to where, when and how to do island life, our Summer issue is where to get your fix. Come Browse our Summer e-magazine to help with planning where to stay on your next vacation, or to remind you of the last one.

Anytime is simply beautiful. Since , NILA Destinations has been planning and organising all the little details of your perfect wedding day. Dream along through the paperwork, venues, accommodations, hair and makeup stylists, flowers, caterers, the cake, the music, and the fabulous photographers, who create that perfect day. Our featured resort - exclusivity reigns supreme at this stunning resort on Long Bay Beach. The Shore Club is about to open for guests in the Fall of this year. Take a look at this new option as you make plans for your next stay on Providenciales. In the market for real estate - read all about the resurgence in popularity of canal front living.

Enjoy waterfront views and easy access to the sea from your new home in Leeward. Take a trip to our sister island of Grand Turk for a taste of our past at the TC National Museum, stroll down streets steeped in history, lined with Bermudian architecture, and soak in the sun on an island surrounded by beaches. Meet the artist Hazel Thomson, who creates beautiful collages and casual jewellery from beach treasures lost and found on Grand Turk. Dine with our food and wine writer as she enjoys a sunset dinner at 72West located between the pool and Grace Bay Beach at The Palms.

Then on to LUPO where she indulges in classic Italian cuisine prepared by a passionate team intent on capturing and satisfying your taste buds. Enjoy the informative photo essay titled How to Cure that Wedding Hangover. Take a trip to North and Middle Caicos, learn all about the historical sights, ultimate deserted secret beaches, and real estate opportunities on your excursion to the Caribbean of yesteryear.

Enjoy lunch and drinks on the deck or book your stay now. Meet the Artist "Wellington Williams" and fall in love with his line of jewellery made from our beautiful beach sand. If you miss this, it can now be purchased on-line! On to The Vix… with new management, new chef, new menu, all worthy of repeat return visits.

Providenciales Dining Guide 2013

Let the experts drive you to the best of local cuisine on this scenic three hour tour. Our Whale Watching season continues. Read the Captains Blog to learn about what fish are biting this time of year.

What Stars and Constellations to look for in our night sky for the months of March and April. Enjoy photography by www. The articles, photographs and reviews will help you plan your trip. In this issue, we focus on all the different watersports and land excursions you could enjoy during your stay in paradise. One of the main attractions at this time of year is the annual northward migration of the majestic humpback whales. The TCI is one of the handful of places in the world where you can enjoy a soft in-water experience with these mammoth marine mammals. Salt Cay, our featured island in this issue, is perhaps one of the best islands from which to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

However, Providenciales and Grand Turk also enjoy many sightings and encounters each season. The north shoreline of North and Middle Caicos is also great whale watching site. Plan your meals too. You will also find your favourite columns — native birds, indigenous plants, Sky Watch, and more.

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It is bursting with delicious recipes, 72 delightful dining venues, both well-loved and brand new, fabulous photographs and lots of information about the epicurean pleasures on Providenciales. The 11th Annual Providenciales Dining Guide is a must for visitors and residents alike. This is the Dive issue and the underwater photos will knock your fins off. Why not learn to dive in our crystal clear waters? Our dive operators can teach you how, and then show you our amazing marine theatre with a cast that includes awesome sharks, pods of free dolphins and amazing fish. The scenery is colourful corals, shipwrecks, canyons and a curtain of intense aquamarine.

And nowhere is it in better shape than South Caicos, our featured sister island for this issue. You can be one with the reef, without getting wet. There are also wonderful villas and resorts on equally spectacular, but less publicised beaches and shorelines. Familiarise yourself with these wonderful vacation opportunities, in the pages of the Summer issue.

Dolphins, bananaquits, and plants that are parasites, oh my! Tom Lesser will remind you that our night sky is beyond spectacular. We will see a total eclipse of the moon this summer and several meteor showers. Meet Katie Greenwood, our featured artist for this summer issue. Young, talented and bursting with creativity, you will see and hear more about her as her art takes root in the TCI. And for all of you who decide that THIS is the place to retire or invest, turn to our real estate section for an expanded look at our many waterfront communities and property available on their shorelines.

Then take note of all the different ways to work off those calories and see the sights, in the Things To Do section. Of special note, the Silly Creek Watersports article features our unspoiled southern shores. Keep in touch with the wonderful eco-system we inhabit, through articles by Bryan Manco on native plants, Kim Mortimer our bird watcher extraordinaire, Jayne Baker who is part fish, Jonathan Sayao who takes you on a hike along the new Bird Rock Trail, and Dr.

Tom Lesser our celestial navigator. This issue will also tempt you to take a day trip to Grand Turk with a feature embellished with photographs. Be sure to check out the resort and villa pages, for stunning photographs and descriptions of your next vacation rental. Practice the art of Shopping, with Where When How as your guide. Looking for activities for the young at heart, the wild, and the restless?

Or turn to Taking Care of You for the ultimate in relaxation through yoga classes or spa treatments. This issue will also tempt you to take a leisurely trip to North Caicos and Middle Caicos, with a feature by Amy Caicos, embellished with photographs. We are also pleased to present a glimpse at the remote beauty of Wild Cow Run on Middle Caicos, an unusual kayak trip, and some local knowledge about flowers and birds and creatures beneath the seas.

Engaging Local Content.

Of course, you will also be advised in which direction to gaze as you enjoy our mesmerizing night sky, for planets and comets and stars. Read about these beautiful behemoths in this issue and then move on to stories about their ocean brethren. If you are wondering what you might like to do while visiting us in paradise, this issue is packed with great ideas.

This issue is loaded with tempting taste sensations that we are proud to bring to you. You may need that reservation. It may take some time to make your choice. The preparation techniques and qualities of our fresh caught local fish and seafood is explained in detail. Our team also sussed out THE real burgers in paradise and explored our native beers. Amazing food, fabulous venues, imaginative dishes and cocktails to quench your thirst.

The 10th Annual Providenciales Dining Guide is a must for visitors and residents alike. As always we keep you up to date on the newest resorts and restaurants and the many activities on land and water that will keep you active, or allow you to pamper yourself on your vacation. The sizzling Summer issue is full of fabulous photos of fantastic places to stay on Providenciales.

We also took a visit to The Big South because things are cooking on that dramatic island. Sailrock and East Bay Resort are going strong on the economic front and our photographer captured a slice of the natural beauty of the land and the surrounding sea.

Bimonthly Magazine Back Issues in English

Speaking of which, you cannot count the number of options for enjoying the sea and the sun in the TCI. Our Things To Do section will help you make perfect choices. Restaurant reviewer Mandy has done yet another superb job extolling the virtues of Coco Bistro and Somewhere. Do not forget that there are many more eateries to choose from during your stay in paradise.

And for those with enquiring minds, we invite you to learn a little about the Killdeer and the Scorpionfish and our fragrant Frangipani. Potential buyers will find pertinent information and listings for villas, condos and land. What better time to go shopping? Especially for our visitors. New outfits, new shoes, new art and jewellery to jazz up your image and your home. Something distinctly Turks and Caicos to take home and enjoy for the rest of the year — until you return to our perfect white beaches.

And for those of you who still have not made the leap across the passage — we celebrate Grand Turk. It IS the height of the whale watching season. Naturally we also highlight all the wonderful ways to keep yourself entertained, with numerous excursions on land and sea and air from which to choose. And of course this is the perfect place to do nothing perfectly, and do it in a fabulous spa setting.

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For the explorers this issue is a double whammy — take a look at our beautiful sister islands, North Caicos and Middle Caicos, with Maps included, and also learn about some of our native flora and fauna. You will be impressed with the myriad ways to amuse yourself in the TCI.

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Naturally we also highlight all the wonderful ways to keep yourself entertained, with numerous excursions on land and sea and air from which to choose. This issue of the most useful visitors' guide in the TCI is filled with info on all the ways you can get around the island — in fact, our cover story outlines exactly how you can get away during your getaway. The Providenciales Dining Guide has long been popular with tourists and residents; it is the go-to resource when making plans for dining out on Providenciales. Looking for activities for the young at heart, the wild, and the restless? This issue is loaded with tempting taste sensations that we are proud to bring to you. Read Where When How on line or pickup a copy when you arrive.

You will read about why captive dolphins may not be a plus for the TCI or any other place, and learn about the habits of a feisty small bird of prey that lives here. Businesses can participate in one publication or all nine, with discounts and benefits for expanding. No other publications in the region tie together print, web, mobile, social and video quite like the system we have assembled.

We recognize the importance of all forms of media and exposure. Launched in , Magazine was the first ZCode magazine. Every house in the zip code receives this revolutionary publication in their mailboxes every other month. A close-knit community, residents look forward to each issue every other month. Every issue is full of everything from the Poway Rodeo to the Miss Poway pageant. Single-family detached residences in Poway zip code Print Run …………. Covering Del Mar Heights and Pacific Highlands Ranch, readers get the stories they want to read alongside businesses in their neighborhood.

Since its launch in , has featured artists, sports stars, families and professional surfers. Every detached single-family residence in Encinitas zip code