Floods 1: Neighbours (The Floods)

Five neighbours, one problem: South Asia's countries have gone from drought to flood in 45 days

In this situation, the rainwater has less chance of percolating underground and recharging the water table. It rushes along the surface instead. Riverbeds silted due to ill-planned embankments, dams and barrages do not help. In many cases, people were flooded out when officials were forced to open the gates of dams or barrages to protect the structures.

In Himachal Pradesh, the Sutlej — which joins the Indus downstream in Pakistan — has inundated villages through multiple flash floods in the mountain areas. The rains have been followed by landslides throughout the Himalayas.

Flood Thy Neighbor: Who Stays Dry and Who Decides?

Hundreds of tourists are stuck behind them in the resort town Manali. Over 50 people were killed by landslides and flash floods in Nepal in the last week of July alone, according to the home ministry. The toll since May has crossed ; of them 97 have been killed by landslides. In the last week of July, almost all the major rivers of Nepal breached danger levels, which experts say is rare.

Still, in a country with over 6, rivers and rivulets rushing down the steep mountain slopes of the Himalayas, the early warning systems are few and far between. By the end of July, floods had killed 14 people in Bangladesh and displaced almost 1. Most of the deaths and damage have taken place in northwestern Bangladesh, where the Brahmaputra enters the country from India. Ripon Karmakar, duty forecasting officer at the Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre FFWC , does not expect more damage in northwestern Bangladesh, but is more worried about the central and southern parts of the country, as the floodwaters rush to the Bay of Bengal.

Ataur Rahman, a hydrologist who teaches at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, said that apart from floods in Tibet and India, siltation in the rivers and lack of structural measures were worsening the situation. But life in the waterlogged parts of Lahore, Sialkot, Gujranwala and other towns along the Indus and its tributaries has come to a standstill. In , the Pakistan Meteorological Department installed an early warning system in Leh Nullah, a natural storm water drain that flows from Islamabad to Rawalpindi.

Helmet and road safety campaigns might have been neglecting a sizeable chunk of the public at risk.

Thanks to the warning, the Rawalpindi city administration now cleans up the city drains on time and gets vigilant about encroachments, so there is no flooding. By the first week of July, 46 people had already been killed and 21 more injured in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa alone, according to media reports. There are continuous reports of more damage due to lack of preparedness on the part of the government. It requires a little investment, and some government capacity to put in place by-laws and ensure that appropriate space is allocated on roads for the purpose of maintaining storm water drains.

Storm water drains were traditionally planned keeping extreme records in mind, but the extremes are being breached more and more often. The other problem is encroachment on the drains due to migration from villages to cities. For people living nearby, those extra inches of water can mean the difference between soggy front yards and replacing the furniture, carpet and walls in the first floors of their homes. Now, every time he drives past new construction sites in the floodplain, he envisions the river near his home rising another fraction of an inch.

As the suburbs sprawl across open land, soil that might have absorbed rainfall is paved over, sending water rushing faster toward the river and creating more frequent floods. Some of this is driven by Valley Park subdivisions built after , near two small creeks that funnel runoff straight into the Meramec. Phillip Eydmann, a retired engineer with the Corps who helped design the Valley Park levee, said conditions along the river have changed since The second variable is climate change.

It was a fairly new concept for federal policymakers in the early s, but by the time the levee was complete, scientists were highly confident that human-driven climate change would affect rainfall all over the country. But climate change makes everything more unpredictable. The Corps now considers climate change in some of its flood planning, but an Obama-era executive order that might have strengthened its approach was rescinded last year by President Donald Trump.

The Corps never updated its calculations or checked them for accuracy — not when the levee was finished in , nor when the levee held back its first big flood in or after the larger, more recent floods. The Corps used widely available modeling software of the early s.

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As a result, levees that are meant to last for decades, even a century, are built based on maps and modeling technology from another era. The Valley Park levee met its first test when floods tore through the Midwest in spring But upstream in Pacific, the mood was grim. More than buildings flooded. Then-Mayor Herbert Adams urged federal officials to provide a levee or some other protection for communities along the Meramec. And at least one resident wasted no time assigning blame. The record floods in and only fed the suspicions in neighboring towns.

Was the levee to blame? The Corps defended its work with a fact sheet citing its calculations from , but no new data. John Boeckmann, the Corps engineer, said development in the area makes it hard to assess. If one community got a special study, every other flooded town near a levee would want one, too. Louis District alone has more than 70 levees, so the costs soon would add up to millions of dollars. Such a study could even help the Corps make better predictions. But there are built-in disincentives for the Corps to prove its own work was wrong, Remo said.

It could expose the agency to litigation. Anne Jefferson, a geology professor at Kent State University, said it all comes down to funding priorities. Researchers say this is a common problem in science and engineering. The federal government has the tools to get a much better picture of how levees worsen flooding, for a fraction of the cost of a comprehensive model.

Geological Survey, a scientific agency that monitors natural hazards, operates stream gauges that measure the flow of water in rivers. In , two scientists used stream gauges next to or directly upstream of levees to examine water heights during floods, as well as flow rates — the amount of water rushing past the gauge each second.

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The higher the flow rate, the larger the flood. The scientists studied 13 levees in the Midwest, compiling these two measurements before and after the levees were built. They wanted to see whether floods with similar flow rates produced different flood heights before and after levee construction. They found that in all 13 cases, for floods of the same flow rate, water heights post-levee were higher than pre-levee — in one instance by more than 5 feet.

N.C. Resident Uses Pump To Help Save His Block From Florence’s Flood Waters

But the Geological Survey and other agencies have struggled to maintain their network of gauges. Due to tight budgets, the Geological Survey said only 73 percent of the gauges it considers essential for monitoring rivers are operational today. Bob Criss, an earth science professor at Washington University in St. Louis, tried to do a stream gauge analysis for Valley Park, but the limitations of the gauges led him astray. Correcting that data made the extra height disappear.

The Geological Survey acknowledged this shortcoming to reporters after the flood. Six months after the Criss paper, a separate report found that the levee must have been higher than its authorized height, because at the year-flood level, it would have been submerged in , which would have lowered the water level in nearby towns. The report was funded by the Great Rivers Habitat Alliance, which had hired a local engineering firm to measure the height of the levee at several locations.

When the agency designed the levee, it modeled the size of the year flood at Valley Park and found the baseline levee height needed to hold back that flood. Then the Corps added an extra 3 feet to the levee design for safety and up to 4 feet more to account for how the levee might settle over time. That meant the levee was built up to 7 feet higher than the elevation of the year flood. For Valley Park, the added height makes it virtually certain that the city will be protected from a major flood, even if its flow rate is larger than what the Corps calculated in And just like the Army Corps, they have little incentive to do anything that might indicate their levees are piling extra harm onto surrounding communities.

Geological Survey scientists also have proposed a sophisticated computer model that would do what the Corps says it cannot: Rydlund said he hopes such a study could help people on the river understand its changing behavior. Lately, the agency has been asking local officials to help. The and floods were a clear reminder that, after almost a century of work by the Army Corps, most communities on the Meramec remain exposed to flooding.

Belum lagi Dickie, anak laki — laki dengan kegemaran masuk ke rumah orang tanpa izin, mengencingi kursi dan meja, ataupun memasukkan boneka Barbie yang ia temukan ke dalam Microwave. Sehingga tidak perlu jeran jika Keluarga Flood memutuskan untuk mendapatkan kembali kehidupan mereka yang damai dengan menggunakan sedikit sihir pada tetangga mereka yang sangat menyebalkan ini. Ya, keluarga Flood memang berbeda dengan keluarga — keluarga lainnya. Nerlin dan Mordonna Flood adalah suami istri penyihir yang melahirkan 7 anak yang tentunya juga memiliki kekuatan sihir.

Keluarga ini memang benar- benar istimewa. Namun jangan pernah berharap untuk menjadi tetangga mereka. Apalagi jika kalian tidak jauh beda dengan Keluarga Dent yang menyebalkan itu. Bisa — bisa jadi korban berikutnya. Satu lagi buku tentang penyihir. Tapi jangan pernah membandingkan mereka dengan penyihir- penyihir di Hogwarts. Walau aneh, tetap saja kekuatan mereka selalu membuat saya iri. Tidak perlu bertanya kenapa. Selain cerita yang konyol, buku ini juga dilengkapi dengan ilustrasi yang tidak kalah mengerikan.

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Belum lagi dengan narator yang bisa dibilang aneh. Walauu konyol, aneh dan mengerikan, saya tetap ingin membaca buku selanjutnya. Sihir memang punya daya tarik sendiri. Sesuatu yang kadang dilupakan banyak orang. Recommended to Hunter by: Listed for school's reading challenge. Review by my nine year old daughter: The author and illustrator, Colin Thompson is an Australian and one of the authors that are coming to the book festival at my school this year. The book was easy to read and is suitable for junior readers with big print, chapters and black and white illustrations.

The Floods are no ordinary family. They are all witches and wizards Review by my nine year old daughter: They are all witches and wizards. One of their children even decided to live as a dog. Betty is the youngest child, and is the only family member that looks like a human, but she still has magic in her. This family is normally very kind but when the Dents move in next door, things get a little bit more serious. The Dents turn out to be bad neighbours as far as the Floods are concerned. Something has to be done about it. I recommend this book for Years 2 and up, depending on their reading ability.

I could see the Dents and the Floods in my mind, which meant that Colin Thompson had done a great job at painting a word picture of the characters.

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The first in a laugh-out-loud series from the ingenious mind of much-loved children's author Colin Thompson. Nerlin and Mordonna Flood have seven children. The Floods #1: Good Neighbors Paperback – August 26, Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the year so far in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, children's books, and much more. Colin Thompson is the award-winning author and illustrator of more than forty books.

This was an entertaining book, and I read it in one day. I borrowed this book from my local library. I am going to read Book 2 in the series. Jul 07, Rumput Bergoyang rated it liked it. Ini adalah bacaan ringan yang mengangkat tema kehidupan penyihir yang mengerikan sekaligus kocak, Jadi Keluarga Flood adalah keluarga penyihir yang hidup di tengah-tengah masyarakat biasa.

Keluarga bahagia yang membuat orang normal tidak begitu bahagia Dan saya ngakak ketika baca 'Sebagai contoh, Satanella bukanlah binatang peliharaan keluarga', karena anak mereka, si Satanella ini wujudnya adalah seekor anjing Andai cerita seterusnya sebagaimana halaman-halaman awal, saya kasih bintang lebih dari tiga! Overall, saya suka kok. The Floods are a strange family who live in a normal neighbourhood. Nerlin and Mordonna are the Mum and Dad with six children who have arrived in different ways — by spells etc.

Valla — 22 - who works in a blood bank. Satanella — 16 — Was once a pretty girl but now resembles a scruffy dog. Winchflat — 14 — A nerdy genius who happens to look dead. The twins — Morbi The Floods are a strange family who live in a normal neighbourhood. They are a family of wizards and witches, all with their own talents. The Floods are part of a series and the 1st called — Neighbours, is all about getting rid of their noisy, rude, lazy neighbours.

These stories are illustrated with foot notes on most pages explaining many parts of the text. The Floods, a wizard and witch family, live in a realatively normal neighborhood. They are a nice family besides the drinking of blood and attending wizard school. There's just one problem, their neighbors, the Dents. The Dents are an annoying, lazy, loud, and criminal family that are always bothering the Floods. The Floods, tired of their neighbors, get rid of each family member one by one. They turn the Dent son into a refrigerator, the daughter is eaten up by a grave in the Flood's backyard, The Floods, a wizard and witch family, live in a realatively normal neighborhood.

They turn the Dent son into a refrigerator, the daughter is eaten up by a grave in the Flood's backyard, the mother is turned into a flat screen television, and the father is turned into a vacum. Annoying neighbor problem solved.

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The next-door neighbours should've known better than to rob a family of witches and wizards. Tracylene, anak perempuan dengan pemulas mata yang terlalu tebal dengan sel otak yang sangat sedikit. They are all witches and wizards. Pillion rider safety has always been second in priority. I love it how the kids were created, Betty's magic never works and

This is a hard one to review. I feel that the reading level can probably begin at 3rd grade, but the content is a bit more mature. Some content included is poking fun at parents hitting kids, drinking the father is a drunk , child neglect as Mrs. Dent doesn't care that her kids are missing she doesn't really like them , and the mention of "hell.

Oct 23, ellemaddy rated it really liked it Shelves: I read this a long time ago but the floods used to be my favourite when I was in the sixth grade. I thought this was about vampires but after reading the summary now i remember this was about wizards and witches. Whoops, my bad but really if you look at the illustration the floods are so pale it's like they're vampires. There are a bunch of children in the family and they're all unique in their own way.

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One is addicted to blood i mean really! Their neighbour is literally white trash from the way they act. This book is super satisfying, so much fun, and hilarious because in the end the bad neighbours are turned into furnitures and the floods bought the neighbour's house and extended their own house, happily ever after. Jan 28, Salma Ayu rated it liked it.

Buku yang aneh, tapi unik. Keluarga Flood adalah keluarga penyihir yg dilihat sampai batas maksimal jarak meter tampak seperti keluarga normal lainnya, tapi kalau dilihat kurang dari meter, baru terlihat bahwa keluarga mereka sama sekali berbeda. Pertama baca buku ini sekitar tahun yg lalu, dari rekomendasi temen. Awalnya pas liat covernya sempet gak yakin soalnya ilustrasinya aneh banget, dikiranya semacem horror gitu. Keluarga ini bener2 unik ma Buku yang aneh, tapi unik. Keluarga ini bener2 unik maksimal, dari ayah ibu sampe anak2nya.

Ada yang kembar, ada yang mirip anjing, ada yang bisa nyetrum, ada yang tengkorak, pokoknya bener2 random. Tapi malah penokohan yg absurd itu yg bikin buku ini recommended buat young readers.

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  • Floods 1: Neighbours.

Ceritanya sebenernya banyak sadisnya, tapi bagi aku malah disitu juga yg bikin aku ngakak bacanya. Pokoknya bener2 konyol deh. This is the first book in a new series. The family consists of a beautiful dark mother, a slightly dumb father, and several weird children one of which is completely covered in hair like Thing. Their neighbors begin to bother them so much that they come up with creative ways This is the first book in a new series.