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It's used on both sides of the pond. It originated in the UK: The phrase is dropping out of use in the UK, so it sounds a hair archaic. Indeed, generally the idea of being a "witty understated Englishman" is something that belongs more to older people there; the yoof have Snapchat. The expression seems to have come into being in the late 19th century. On Google Books I find a use of it from , but nothing before that. The reason phenry couldn't find matches from before in a Google Books search for "the pond" may have been that in many early references the expression contains a qualifying modifier: At least one fairly early reference to the Atlantic Ocean as "the big pond" comes up in a Google Books search, from Eliza Cook's Journal March 20, , a London periodical.

The earliest Google Books match for "across the great pond" is even earlier—from a U. The earliest and most common variation on "across the pond" in Google Books search results, however, takes the form "across the herring pond.

From " Sketches of Society,—No. There—those two, now walking off arm-in-arm, are two of the greatest sharpers on the turf. He in the short green jacket, white, hat, buff waistcoat, and cossack trowsers, is Jack Dauntless, who would, not very long since, have been sent across the herring-pond , if fortune had not stood his friend, and by means of a flaw in the indictment procured his acquittal of a charge of swindling; But, my precious eyes!

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I does'nt think as how you're no gemmen at all! Both of these instances evidently refer to transportation—the punishment of being sent off to a distant penal colony in Australia or elsewhere as punishment for a crime in England—and by the s few convicts were being sent across the Atlantic.

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Similar usage appears in instances from and , suggesting that this term remained a common slang expression at least into the s. In that book the author identified himself on the title page as "A Gentleman who has made the Police of the Metropolis, an object of enquiry twenty-two years. The sea; to cross the herring pond at the king's expense, to be transported. Earliest of all is this mention in The True Anti-Pamela: Or, Memoirs of Mr.

James Parry , second edition In short I expected nothing less than Transportation ; altho' I had no Way injured any one. Well, thinks I, if I must go over the Herring Pond , there is no avoiding it.


The Colonial Revival-Style frame house was built in for Dr. Landmark Ceramics for outdoor flooring Across the Pond. Join Us on Social Media. From a letter to the editor dated May 6, , published in the [Washington, D. Visit our Design Center page and find out how we can help you make the outdoor living space ofr your dreams become a reality! Poor John Bull is treated with very little ceremony; and his past conduct, in needlessly pushing his head into quarrels, squandering his money, and entailing debts on his children, is adduced to prove him mad, or 'governed by Old Nick. England can protest, but can afford to do no more.

I have been at Sea, and am not unacquainted with some Part of America , so that if I am obliged to quit my native Shore, I'll not be confined to what Province my Adversaries please; but will reach Carolina , where I am acquainted. At this early date, the American penal colony at Georgia was indeed a common destination of transported criminals, and appears to be the destination Mr.

Parry contemplates for himself, making "the Herring Pond" of this mention once again the Atlantic Ocean. In other early use, "the herring-pond" may to refer to smaller bodies of seawater such as the English Channel or the Irish Sea. Though these doggerel rhimes are often hobbling, vulgar, and ungrammatical, they bear the features of true satire, and prove the author to be gifted with some penetration.

across the pond

If his mode of treating his subject is not quite new, his work certainly is not tedious. Poor John Bull is treated with very little ceremony; and his past conduct, in needlessly pushing his head into quarrels, squandering his money, and entailing debts on his children, is adduced to prove him mad, or 'governed by Old Nick. Eventually "across the herring pond," like other formulations of "across the pond" most often meant "across the Atlantic Ocean"—as it appears to have done in its instance in The True Anti-Pamela.

A search of the Library of Congress's Chronicling America database for instances where across the pond means "across the ocean" go back to In the earliest matches, the pond in question is the Atlantic Ocean, but later instances beginning in use it in connection with the Pacific Ocean. To show the range of the expression as used in the s s, and s by U. A packet had just put her passengers on board of the steamer, and it afforded us infinite gratification to see the wondering faces of the women, and the astonishment of the men, to see so beautiful a spot across the big pond , as they call the wide Atlantic.

The editor of the Cincinnati Commercial, who claims to be the inventor of the project for extending Morse's telegraph across the Atlantic, intends at no very distant day, to organize a company to purchase the wire and take other steps to stretch it across the "big pond.

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Landry [Louisiana] Whig August 28, In the prairies here, we can beat the Jews or Gentiles in raising horses, Cattle, Sheep, Hogs, Fowls, Corm, Cotton, Sugar, and even Grapes to make Wine from, or any of those gentlemen across the "big pond" who want to make us subservient to their wishes. Keep up the Tariff, sir, and in a few years we will produce every thing the most fastidious taste could desire, and become a perfect world within ourselves!

From a letter to the editor dated May 6, , published in the [Washington, D. Daily Union May 16, Before I conclude, allow me to state the case of two shoemakers not far from this. They live in the same street opposite each other; one is a good cutter, has money, buys the best leather at the first hand, employs the best workmen, pays them regularly and promptly, and gets his work done low; consequently he produces a superior article at a moderate price, and as a matter of course takes the bulk of the trade.

The other man has no capital, gets his materials on credit at high prices, pays his workmen uncertainly, does not produce as good an article for the same money, and cannot get along. Now, why should not this man have a bill passed to protect him? The manufacturers get bills passed to protect them against English manufacturers; and the only difference is that they are across a big pond , and the shoemakers across the street; for we are all brothers. Collins is going ahead with his large ocean steamers, for which he has selected the names: It is stated that the new British steamship Niagara made the first half of her passage across the Atlantic, within sixty or seventy mi[l]es, in four days.

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Providing free expert advice to US students looking to study at some of the top best universities in Great Britain UK. English[edit]. Prepositional phrase[edit]. across the pond. (informal) On or to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. We flew across the pond.

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