The Political Consequences of Anti-Americanism (Routledge Studies in Globalisation)

First published in Edited by Daojiong Zha. It focuses on projects that have demonstrated effectiveness in addressing vulnerabilities faced by the ten states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and China, Japan, and South Korea…. Edited by Andreas Gofas , Colin Hay. Despite the proliferation of ideational accounts in the last decade or so, the debate over the role of ideas remains caught up in a series of disputes over the ontological foundations, epistemological status and practical pay-off of the re turn to ideational explanations.

Anti-globalization movement

It is thus unsurprising…. Traditionally in International Relations, power and authority were considered to rest with states. But recently, in the light of changes associated with globalisation, this has come under scrutiny both empirically and theoretically. This book analyses the continuing but changing role of states in…. Private Interest Governments were identified in the s as a special form of public regulation in selected economic sectors, rivalling conventional market, state, or community-based forms of public order. This book examines how these institutional arrangements have changed since their….

Governing the Global Economy explores the dynamic interaction between politics and economics, between states and markets and between international and domestic politics. The contributors study how the governance of the global economy is shaped by interaction between international institutions,….

Hobson is widely recognised as the most important British New Liberal thinker of politics and political economy of the twentieth century.

The Selected Writings of John A. Hobson showcases an exciting and previously unpublished collection of Hobson's writings and lectures from that…. Edited by James Goodman , Paul James. Even in the face of neoliberal globalization, nationalism remains a significant political force. The leading contributors to this new volume explore the extent to which nationalism can be a foundation for alternative solidarities.

Edited by Heribert Dieter. This edited volume looks at regional integration processes in Asia. Whilst integration in the region, defined as Southeast and East Asia, is not a new process, it has gained momentum in recent years. Two developments have acted as catalysts for integration, first at the economic level the Asian….

Edited by Philippe De Lombaerde. There are now more than regional integration initiatives and this number is steadily increasing. This trend raises a key…. Edited by Morten Ougaard , Anna Leander. Over the past two decades, the role of business in global governance has become increasingly topical. Transnational business associations are progressively more visible in international policy debates and in intergovernmental institutions, and there is a heightened attention given to global…. From the vantage point of the key powers in global finance including the United States, the European Union, Japan, and China, this highly accessible book brings together leading scholars to examine current changes in international financial regulation.

They assess whether the flurry of ambitious…. We are now in the era of the G8, although the G7 still exists as a grouping for Finance Ministers. Why do G7 finance ministries and central banks co-operate?

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What are the implications of this co-operation for US power and the abilities of the other six states to exercise leadership? Edited by Helen E. What is the relationship between globalization and economic security? Globalisation and Economic Security in East Asia is an incisive new engagement with this important question that uses detailed conceptual exploration and fresh empirical analysis.

Viewing traditional neorealist conceptions of…. Edited by Ian Marsh.

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Seven key countries are covered: Save for Singapore and Malaysia,…. Edited by Bertrand Fort , Douglas Webber. A fascinating insight into how regional organizations in Europe and East Asia are currently grappling with a striking number of essentially similar challenges. This issue-based overview of political integration focuses on the differences and similarities in regional integration levels and….

Edited by Maurizio Bussolo , Jeffery I. The consequences of globalization for the world's poor are uncertain and fierce rhetoric is dividing its supporters and detractors. The channels of effect of essentially macroeconomic shocks on the microeconomic position of individuals and households in poor countries are many and various.

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Retrieved from " https: Polity, Cambridge, UK, Mass arrests were conducted; people were arrested on April From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While several globalizers have seen an increase in inequality, most notably China, this increase in inequality is a result of domestic liberalization, restrictions on internal migration, and agricultural policies, rather than a result of international trade. Hughes The events of the 11th of September revealed most dramatically that globalization has a shadow.

Edited by Andrew F. Cooper , Christopher W. Hughes , Philippe De Lombaerde. The relationship between global governance and regionalization is fraught with ambiguity. Understanding regionalization in this context requires an understanding of its relationship, and reactive condition, with both the constellations of global governance and globalization.

This book presents an…. Edited by Richard Devetak , Christopher W. The events of the 11th of September revealed most dramatically that globalization has a shadow. Edited by Peter Burnell. This volume brings together expert contributors to explore the intersection of two major contemporary themes: Globalising Democracy clearly shows what globalization means…. Edited by Diane L.

Stone , Christopher Wright. This timely book offers the first critical examination of World Bank policy reforms and initiatives during the past decade. The World Bank is viewed as one of the most powerful international organizations of our time. It is argued that the Agreement was….

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This volume draws together leading experts from academia, think-tanks and donor agencies, to examine the impact of transnational knowledge networks in the formulation of local, national and global policy in the field of international development and transition studies. This book provides an analysis of the processes of micro-regionalization in East Asia within the broader context of globalization and regionalization.

The author examines the specifics of corporation production and investment networks that link parts of Japan, Taiwan and China with a detailed…. It analyses how the interaction between globalisation and domestic politics shaped the evolution of AFTA over the past 10 years, arguing that although…. Edited by Mark Rupert , Hazel Smith. Now that Soviet style socialism has collapsed upon itself and liberal capitalism offers itself as the natural, necessary and absolute condition of human social life on a worldwide scale, this book insists that the potentially emancipatory resources of a renewed, and perhaps reconstructed,….

Edited by Shaun Breslin , Christopher W.

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Hughes , Nicola Phillips , Ben Rosamond. Following the financial crisis at the end of the twentieth century, regionalisms in the global political economy have evolved in a number of ways. This informative book brings together the leading scholars in the field to provide cutting edge analyses of contemporary regions and regionalist….

Edited by Jane L. Parpart , Shirin M.

Rai , Kathleen A. Rethinking Empowerment looks at the changing role of women in developing countries and calls for a new approach to empowerment. An approach that adopts a more nuanced, feminist interpretation of power and em power ment, recognises that local empowerment is always embedded in regional, national and…. Edited by Richard Higgott , Morten Ougaard. While 'one world government' is not on the cards, the globalization of political life has progressed significantly over the last decades. Providing rare, authoritative analyses by those who deal with the issues first hand, Civil Society and Global Finance is rich in….

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Routledge Studies in Globalisation

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