Hacker Monthly Issue 13 (Regular Issue)

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I'm surprised to discover Hacker Monthly still exists, after the iPad app simply stopped serving up new issues 7 months ago. Was having some problem on AppStore in-app purchase submission before Newsstand. Update to the app along with new issues coming soon. I just bought the print subscription, after forgetting to the last few times I thought about it.

I'm also getting a print subscription while thinking "excellent marketing campaign! Thank you, Lim Cheng Soon!

Hacker Monthly

As a student I really appreciate the free year-long subscription you offer. Put a torrent up before your server melts down. I recommend not running anymore automated scripts directed towards his server. I'll try to chuck it onto mediafire once I get all the issues.

Just missing 9 at this point. He's uploading them here: Another download link with everything: You just made my iBooks library look 10x more awesome http: I'm happy to mirror if anyone actually has the files I have tons of bw on a ton of big servers. I thought of doing it, and I can't get to the webpage to see if there's a special license The HM folks would have to offer. Sorry, my offer was intended to the folks who are actually making the offer, who have the steaming server: I think they have a sweet problem of being waaay to popular.

And everybody likes free stuff. I meant to say they should use nginx, but apparently they are already using it, I guess that is why our connections are not getting dropped. Anyway, nice gesture, thank you HN! I am getting all zips corrupted: Try downloading 'em again.

Should be fine now. As a monthly subscriber, this is great to see! Hopefully this will lead some other subscribing as I think the price is well worth it. Wow, I sound like a salesman, but genuinely just a fan of well done work for our community. Not to plug, but welcome to upload mirrors depending on the redist. Thanks for the early Christmas present! I've been wanting to check out a subscription, being able to see the current content will push me over the edge. I could make a torrent but it is not mine to make it, I think HM owners should do this if they feel like it.

I don't want to abuse their good will. It is Christmas early Hacker Monthly is a great resource for the HN community, keep up the great work with it. But we need one of two things.. The offer is actually 48hr to cover all timezones for Christmas: SquareWheel on Dec 23, It would be nice if a torrent was available, but they couldn't exactly have it expire after 24 hours.

Here's the list for wget I came up with: I had never read Hacker Monthly. I will now probably subscribe. Anyone have a mirror? If you want to download them all with one click works in Chrome: If you manage to connect to the site, that is. Hacker News new comments show ask jobs submit.

BlackJack on Dec 23, He put some of them up on aws, probably more on the way. Toddward on Dec 23, Here's a Python script I threw together to automate this: Toddward on Dec 24, Thanks for the tips. MikeCapone on Dec 23, Maybe there's a way to put the archive in a file locker like Megaupload and delete it after 24 hours.. EwanG on Dec 24, At the risk of appearing to be a fool, I can suggest that if you are doing enough DLing that the wait is a problem for you, you might want to go the Premium route.

DannyPage on Dec 23, Thanks for this! The June issue includes 16 articles, from programming to startup, contributed by programmers,…. The March issue has something for the old-school gamers and plenty of assembly code. Learn the inside of the classic Pac-man game, how emulator…. This site uses cookies.

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Continuing to use this site without changing your cookie settings means that you consent to those cookies. Sign up Log in Help. Products Solutions Create Shop. Publications in Hacker Monthly 66 publications. July by Netizens Media And we're at Issue 50! October by Netizens Media Our latest issue focuses on security.

February by Netizens Media Our 33rd issue features Justin Kan on the cover with his entrepreneurship story. June by Netizens Media Can you imagine it has been 2 years since our launch? March by Netizens Media Our 22nd issue is action-packed. August by Netizens Media The August issue features a behind-the-scenes look at making the special effects of Tron: July by Netizens Media The July issue features Whitaker Blackall on the cover with his journey of first six months of programming, and Chad Etzel on why startups are hard.

June by Netizens Media The 13th issue features The Lisp Curse as the cover story, and how to find startup ideas that make money. May by Netizens Media Our 1 year anniversary edition features how to become Batman and tells an inspiring rags to riches story. January by Netizens Media SR Blackbird cover is making a comeback since the the launch issue. September by Netizens Media The September issue of Hacker Monthly is a combination of boosting productivity and programming.

August by Netizens Media The August issue will surprise you in so many ways - more programming articles, more pages and a new 'Tech Job' section. March by Netizens Media The March issue has something for the old-school gamers and plenty of assembly code. Learn more How to turn off cookies. HN Monthly has been scrupulous in observing copyrights. Comments on HN, ditto, although YC has an implicit license to at a minimum display them.

I also just returned from a search for licensing information. It's a bit peculiar, since it's not quite like HN produced the content. HN aggregated the content. Perhaps to do this completely honestly, one would need to check the licensing of each individual article. Since undoubtedly it is not clear for every article, I wonder what the "default" set of assumptions for an article posted on the internet is. I discovered Hacker Monthly a little over a month ago and subscribed straight away.

I rarely visit HN as my schedule doesn't permit it so having a curated well formatted chunk of stuff to read when I can was amazing and pretty much led me to buying a new iPad.

I'm gutted that HM is coming to an end but greatly appreciate that it isn't an abrupt end and I still have a whole other year of issues to look forward to. I'm so grateful for your hard work over all these years and having access to all the previous issues gives me a huge amount of content to make my way through. Good luck with all your future endeavours!

I've loved getting a copy of the magazine by email every month since then. All the best from London, James. This is the first I head of it and I must say it looks great.

I would like to buy previous issues, is that possible? You can still subscribe now and get all the previous issues for free. How about the print versions? Could you share a bit what type of customers did you gather? What did they like the most about HackerMonthly? Would have this worked online-only or was the print version part of the great value of this magazine? Lim is a great guy who has put in so much work to make an awesome publication - it really is a great example of a project done well. I started my newsletter about the same time and it has been great to work with him over the years.

Really sad to see it go!! I subscribed since 5 weeks now, as it was only then I discovered it. I must say, this news saddens me a lot. I've been downloading a lot of the past issues and read articles that I either missed a lot of them , and articles that have been posted way before I ever heard of hackernews. Thank you for the time and energy you've put into this! I won't be selling the site. I'll probably leave the site up for as long as I can. There just won't be any new issue. Could you share the numbers after you finally close it?

The number of subscribers, sales, expensed, profit, traffic, conversion I'm interested by such stats. Maybe put those in the final issue: I'm not sure there's a specific reason. I guess I just wanted to shut it down before it wither and die. I also wanted to explore other options e. Haha, I went for the wither-and-die approach myself.. Major props, next time I shouldn't miss my Penang flight.. This looks really nice. So, how many new subscriptions have you got so far after HN caught this?

That wasn't an accusation of cynicism, just curious. Certainly more than I expected. And I definitely wouldn't expect people to subscribe to a service that's shutting down soon. Damn no idea this existed: Me neither - I'll be buying a bunch of these then. Yeah I feel this would have made my life much easier.

Sorry to hear this Lim, i liked the concept advertised with you in the past: Best of luck with your new ventures. I really wanted to subscribe at one point, but then I wondered why I would do that since I was already reading HN daily. Why wait for the news? I guess other people who would be interested in such a magazine would face the same problem, content is already here on time and free. A rule-of-thumb to distinguish the two is that a news article is the kind of thing you read right away, an educational article is something you deliberately bookmark to read later when you have some time to reflect on its content.

The early issues of HN are full of articles that are as valid today as they were then. You may not have minded waiting for them. So you do want to be there when discussions happen. Talking about discussion, it happens a lot that I don't even look at the article and just look at the HN comments.

Just learned about Hacker Monthly 2. Downloaded first issue and read immediately. Subscribed for 1yr and started reading from 2nd issue on. I want you to know that after 5 years, there are still people finding out about your work and regarding it as awesome: This is a bummer and not because I am a subscriber, but because I would have been one had I known about Hacker Monthly. Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but will the issues be archived somewhere for newcomers to read?


I read the headline thinking it was talking about Hacker Quarterly. Haven't really looked into Hacker Monthly, but I hate to see someone have to shut down their company. Congrats on doing it and to all involved.