Donkeys (Hobby Farms)

Donkeys (Hobby Farm)

Modern Farmer’s Guide to Guard Donkeys

Donkey Vs. Horse: Which Is A Better Fit For Your Farm? February 23, Donkeys and horses are both equines with admirable qualities, and the right one for. Preview Contents. All About Donkeys & Mules Misdiagnosed as “stubborn” and “ ornery,” donkeys and mules have earned a bad rap over the.

Nubian goats have long, floppy ears and round noses. We have two chicken coops. One coop is solar powered. They lay several colors of eggs: We are thankful for being able to provide our guests with farm fresh eggs!

Miniature Donkeys – Business or Hobby?

They love to be fed carrots. Winnie is 44 years old and we have owned him for about 25 years! He is a sweetheart! We have owned Bell and Captain for about 12 years. Not a pretty picture! And now to the nuts and bolts of it. The first and most critical issue is the quality of your herd. The next is the money, energy, and time required in effective marketing. Why should I buy from you? There are so many aspects of the donkey business that I love and one of my favorites is the marketing because it is such a cerebral and creative effort.

If you feel your donkeys are special you must represent them as such, and buyers need to know you have them. In this day and age a web site is critical in my opinion. Most of the interested donkey contacts generated by my web site are educated about my herd and are enthusiastic at the outset. I have invested thousands in professional photos of my donkeys and the obvious beauty of those donkeys is often why people come back to my site repeatedly. Print advertising is equally important, and is appropriate way before you actually have anything to sell.

People like to buy from who they know and name recognition is key. Lets talk about quality and why it matters. The money spent on your breeding donkeys is only very first part of your story. Buying donkeys of high quality with recognized and respected, predictable bloodlines is the key to your success.

Donkeys : Small-Scale Donkey Keeping

This is one of the things that separates the wheat from the chaff and sets you apart. It makes perfect sense to me. It is very common for interested donkey shoppers that come here to fall in love with donkeys they consider beyond their means.

The flaw in that is simple math. A jenny and foal probably provide the best protection, however jennies also work very well on their own. Geldings are also effective and especially popular because of their even temperament.

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Intact males jacks are not used as commonly as they tend to be overly aggressive with both sheep and people. There have been instances where donkeys are over-protective of the flock. Lambing season should be approached with caution as some donkeys may behave as if the lambs are intruders. The donkey's protective behaviour can lead to the lambs being injured or killed. Another potential consequence of this over-protective behaviour is the donkey preventing the ram from breeding the ewes.

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Housing or penning the donkey separately from the ewes during breeding season, and lambing time, or until the lambs are well-bonded with their mothers and steady on their feet should resolve these problems. However one should question the use of a guard animal which must be removed during a high risk period of predation, particularly when lambing on pasture.

Like donkeys, specially trained livestock guard dogs can also protect flocks from predation. However unlike dogs, donkeys are not prone to wandering, providing the fences are well maintained.

Donkeys live longer than dogs and with proper management producers can expect donkeys to provide 10 - 15 years of productive protection. On average it will cost less to purchase and maintain donkeys than livestock guard dogs since donkeys will eat primarily home-grown feed. One of the distinct advantages of using donkeys as guard animals is that they can eat the same feed as the sheep, unless the hay is an extremely high protein legume.

Lush pasture or high quality legume hay are not recommended because donkeys have a low energy requirement and are prone to obesity and certain metabolic disorders such as laminitis founder and hyperlipaemia if allowed to feed free choice. Donkeys do well on good quality grass hay and in most cases will require very little grain.

If grain is fed, ensure the donkeys do not eat cattle or lamb rations containing rumensin as ingestion of monensin active ingredient by horses and other equine has been fatal.

The amount of hay and grain fed will depend to a large extent on the size and body condition of the donkey. As a rule of thumb the total dry matter intake hay and grain for maintenance should be about 2. For a lb. When graining the sheep it may be advisable to either feed the donkey separately or at least gives the donkey its grain in a separate tub.

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Otherwise the bigger more dominant donkey may prevent the sheep access to the feeder or even butt the sheep potentially causing injuries. Proper care of the donkey's feet is important if the donkey is expected to effectively chase predators away. Before proceeding with any kind on predator control producers must ask themselves "How much is it going to cost? Although donkeys alone may not be the ultimate solution to the Ontario sheep industry's conflict with predators, donkeys certainly have proven that they can successfully reduce predation under specific circumstances, if managed properly.

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Miniature Donkeys - Business or Hobby? - Benson Ranch

If you cannot enable JavaScript in your browser and would like to know the last modified date for this page, please contact the webmaster at - internet. How Do Donkeys Protect the Flock? Donkey Compatibility with Sheep Given ample opportunity, most donkeys will bond with sheep and protect them from predators.

Donkey Compatibility with Farm Dogs and People The donkeys' distinct dislike of canines may also include the farm or herding dog.

Considerations When Buying a Guard Donkey Size, Conformation and Behaviour miniature - under 36" at the withers small standard - over 36" and up to and including 48" large standard - over 48" and under 54" for jennies and over 48" and under 56" for jacks males and geldings large - over 54" for jennies and over 56" for jacks or geldings.