The Expectant Parents Companion: Simplifying What to Do, Buy or Borrow for an Easy Life with Baby

For a cheaper alternative, I absolutely love this Jeep stroller. It reclines for smaller babies, has a full sun shade, tray, and a great storage pocket underneath. Most babies are happier held close to the body than in strollers. Babies love kicking, and this piano gym reinforces them with music when they hit the keyboard. It can also be hooked onto strollers, high chairs, etc. Our daughter got RSV when she was 7 weeks old and after a 4-day stint in the hospital we brought her home on oxygen and had to repeatedly clear out her stuffy nose with a bulb syringe, which was torture for both of us and not terribly effective.

Being able to help a baby with a cold breathe easier is definitely worth the price of this little gadget.

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It also works well for diaper rash, and can be applied regular at diaper changes for easier cleanup. The wubbanub is a cute plush animal toy attached to a hospital-style pacifier, which makes it much easier to keep track of day and night. Additionally, parents say the attached toy make it much easier for baby to learn to put his pacifier back in by himself a day when all parents rejoice. Sleepers are super comfortable for babies shirts and overalls are always riding up on newborns and easy for mom: And during nighttime changes zippers are so much easier to deal with than snaps!

Look for sleepers made from fleece to keep winter babies warm at night. Please read all labels and warnings and use all products as directed. Glad to read that many of the items you are recommending are currently in our nursery! Now we just need our little guy to get here! We used it with our first and now our twins. We borrowed a few other fromfriends so we could have multiple swings with twins.

I use the twin Brest Friend nursing pillow and adore it!

20 best baby products

Can I suggest adding the snugglebundl on here. My partner has a back injury and this will make it a lot easier for him to pick baby up out of car seat etc and also I think t would help with grandparents and ladies that may of had C-section. We tried it out at a baby show with a doll weighing an average baby weight and had to get one. We already have the stuff on this page and this has just helped me feel a bit more secure about our choices with products so thank you for this x.

Items such as this can become squashed down in the event of an accident meaning the straps you thought you had tightened securely are no longer quite as tight. Thank you so much for this! I am pregnant with my first child and have been freaking out over everything I should or shouldnt get.

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This was incredibly helpful to read! I think you should add to your list these swaddling blankets made by bubbles, they are made from bamboo so they are anti microbial and they have a stretch to them that the muslin swaddling blankets do not.

Best baby products for better sleep:

She established this reputation by creating and running a model breastfeeding clinic at San Luis Obispo General Hospital in California; by lecturing widely to professional peers and hospital administrators; and through her book The Nursing Mother's Companion. I had to wear breast pads day and night until I stopped breastfeeding my kids. In your sleep-deprived fog, it'll be easy to lose track of these important documents, so it's best to keep it all in one place. We have most of the stuff you mentioned and they worked wonders with our first. May 2, at 2: Most of my friends say the list does not make much sense till after the baby is born.

I thought I should share because I fell in love with them yet I rarely see them advertised. The car seat safety instructor told us NOT to get a mirror for baby in the car. Because then you are focused on baby instead of the road. He said he has seen SO many accidents from people who do that.

The Fisher Price Rock and Play, had some models recalled due to mold building in the plastic, also there have been numerous reviews stating after a few months of use babies had very flat heads and had to wear helmets, we had one loved it, read the reviews, and returned it…. Thanks for the heads up, Danica!

It then turns to mold, like most things would, when not cleaned properly. Flat head occurs when baby is left laying on their back for long periods of time, in anything, not just this product. We used this with our first and plan to use with our next one coming next month. It was a lifesaver for us. We had no issues with mold or baby developing a flathead.

Thank you for the great recommendations. We have most of the stuff you mentioned and they worked wonders with our first. Hoping they work this time around too. I absolutely agree with all of the recommendations.

Other awesome lists:

The Expectant Parents' Companion: Simplifying What to Do, Buy, or Borrow for an Easy Life With Baby [Kathleen Huggins] on *FREE* shipping on . Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This comprehensive guide walks new parents step The Expectant Parents' Companion: Simplifying What to Do, Buy, or Borrow for an Easy Life With Baby - Kindle edition by Kathleen Huggins.

If only I had this list before my daughter was born, I would have saved a lot of money!! This is the first time I have seen the Wubbanubs on an article like this. As a labor and delivery nurse, I recommend not using swaddling blankets that have Velcro, snaps, or other securing devices. A guide to infant and nursery products.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Retrieved 8 September from https: Sids and Kids Retrieved 22 July from http: Suitable for Months. By Raising Children Network. You may not even have done more than smiled politely at your neighbours and perhaps exchanged pleasantries about the weather. Now that you have a baby and are on maternity leave, you have a conversation piece. Not only can nice neighbours provide social interaction something new moms can benefit from if you are particularly isolated at home most of the time but they can also prove to be excellent allies later on.

Other parents in the neighbourhood can give you the inside scoop on teachers and programs.

All of these points can help make your parenting life easier on the road ahead, and in the meantime, making good friends who are a few houses down is simpler than trying to schedule regular play date with your best friend and her kid who unfortunately live 5 hours away. You're beginning to get to know the village that will help raise your child. Even though leisurely shopping at the mall while your bundle of joy sleeps peacefully in his stroller or carrier seems like a dream, it rarely happens.

Shopping with the goal of actually trying clothes on, carefully examining the dietary labels at the grocery store or patiently waiting in the checkout line is infinitely more difficult when your newborn suddenly starts wailing for nourishment or has an explosive diaper you need to take care of immediately. Or really any retailer that has an online presence and decent shipping policy.

You will be able to browse, select and check out at your own leisure. There are also a multitude of coupons you can sign up for, but be aware, they can be tempting when they land in your inbox each day. Be sure not to shop out of boredom easier said than done some days , but when you truly need to purchase items and the fusspot won't let you put him down, online shopping is the simplest option. With a newborn, you'll be inundated with charts and lists. There are so many things to keep track of!

Newborn feeding charts how long baby fed, how many ounces of formula or amount of time spent nursing on each breast how often baby eliminates, length of naps, etc. Then there's all the forms you'll need to fill out. Birth certificate request, health card, social insurance number, health insurance forms and more. In your sleep-deprived fog, it'll be easy to lose track of these important documents, so it's best to keep it all in one place. Grab an old-school binder or file folder and keep all originals in it.

For electronic documents, set up a folder on your computer. You will spend many hours a day surfing the net. Having a newborn baby is a magical experience and yes, you will spend lots of time staring into those beautiful eyes and cherishing those snuggles. But it is mentally and physically draining caring for a newborn all day and night. When the baby is napping or otherwise content, and you just want to zone out and chill, the easiest thing to do is reach for your phone and start checking Facebook or Instagram. It requires no brain power and you can do it from the comfort of your couch.

You will do this many times a day. So that you don't have bill shock when you get your next wireless bill, be sure to add a decent data plan to your phone or home internet for Wi-Fi surfing before you have the baby.

20 best baby products that will make your life so much easier!

Download some cool apps, play Candy Crush and upload lots of photos of your sweet little munchkin to your heart's content. You'll get a chance to delve into a good book, organize your closets or watch a critically acclaimed Netflix series later on- for now, you're just in survival mode. When I was pregnant with my first baby six years ago, I came across a baby book called The Baby Whisperer. Taking into account the baby's age, she espoused that the baby should eat upon waking up, have a period of time to be "active" awake having a bath, tummy time, playing peekaboo and then "passive awake" rocking in the swing or being worn in the carrier while you go about your tasks but not being actively engaged before putting her back down for a nap.

It was pretty simple but brilliant advice actually. And while each baby's temperament and needs are different, sticking to a pattern like this helps set a tone and overall rhythm to your day.

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Even for adults, having a solid routine to their day can boost mood, encourage regular social interaction and increase productivity. And in trying to navigate life in the haze of newborn days, having a simple routine can help bring you moments of calm and peace for focusing on just you and your self-care. It seems contradictory to the point above, but there is a difference in having a time-based schedule and a routine. I found this out the hard way when I eagerly registered for a mommy and me stroller fitness class during pregnancy.

I had no way of knowing that trying to make the 10am class with a 4 week old would prove so difficult. It always seemed to be that half an hour before I needed to pack up my daughter for the minute car ride there, she would fall asleep. I never seemed able to time it just right. I learned from that experience to not be spend money on pre-registered activities, but instead, find drop-in activities where it didn't matter if we missed a class.

Eventually, as the baby got older and was awake for longer stretches, we fell into a good pattern where she would be awake and happy for our favourite baby rhythm and song program. Likewise, if a book tells you that every 3-week old baby needs to nap for exactly one hour and fifteen minutes 3 times a day and sleep at least 6 hours in a row at night, don't worry.

Knowing "averages" is fine, but as long as baby is growing and meeting her milestones as determined by the doctor, it's all good. A routine will bring you a comfortable structure to your day, but a rigid schedule that goes awry is the quickest way to make you feel miserable.

Which really, is the last thing you need when trying to simplify your life with a newborn.