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From 20th May, owners of cars over 40 years old will simply have to declare on an annual basis that their car meets the rules for not needing an MOT. Current law states that any car first registered after would have a need to pass an MOT to be taken on the road. This will mean that around half a million older cars on the road will no longer need to pass the test.

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If a car has been significantly changed or modified then it will still require an annual service. Diesel drivers will be among the motorists to be most affected by the rule changes. Stricter emissions checks are being introduced to clampdown on the number of cars producing toxic emissions on the road. If the tester does see signs of this then they will have to refuse testing the car until a legitimate reason, such as cleaning, and proof is produced.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of three new categories which deem the severity of a fault. Minor faults are similar to current advisory notices drivers receive under the current test rules. To appeal against an MOT pass is free of charge, but appeals against a failure incur a fee whose value would amount to the normal maximum price of an MOT for that vehicle. This fee is then refunded if the appellate inspection finds in favour of the motorist lodging the appeal.


This can range from penalty points being issued for minor infringements, to the station's MOT licence being rescinded for more major violations. An MOT station cannot be held responsible for defects that occur to the vehicle several months after the test was conducted. The appeal process is outlined on the reverse of the VT20 pass certificate and the VT30 failure notice. It is a common misconception that the MOT inspection provides an irrefutable record of a vehicle's mileage.

However, although the mileage is recorded during the test, no part of the inspection requires the test station to verify that this is indeed the actual mileage. It is merely recorded, and any tampering of an odometer would not be discovered as part of the MOT inspection.

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In the MOT test was radically overhauled with many items not previously included in the test now becoming standard. It also saw the introduction in Great Britain of 'receipt style' plain paper certificates that serve as a notification that a 'pass' entry has been recorded on the DVSA database. The MOT test number contained on the certificate gives access to the vehicle's current test status as well as its test history from onwards, via the DVSA web site.

MOT certificates in Northern Ireland continue to be issued on paper, accompanied by a paper 'certificate disc' which must be displayed on the vehicle. Display of these discs has been mandatory on Northern Ireland tested cars since However, this was abolished in April From 18 November, the MOT [17] certificate shows the vehicle's recent mileage history.

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This has been introduced as part of a government initiative to reduce vehicle crime. Where available, the mileage history will comprise the readings associated with the three most recent VT20s test passes along with the date of those readings. This involves some changes to the way the test is carried out and reported, with the basic essence of the test remaining the same. After the change date, vehicles first registered 40 or more years prior will not need to undergo an MOT test.

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Check the MOT status of a vehicle

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If the tester does see signs of this then they will have to refuse testing the car until a legitimate reason, such as cleaning, and proof is produced. The decision to pass or fail each presented vehicle comes down to the discretion of the tester following the guidelines issued by the DVSA. Motorists who recently had a vehicle MOT tested and disagree with the outcome of the inspection are entitled to an appeal against the decision. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If the items in question are repaired, replaced or removed from the vehicle, the right of the owner to appeal becomes null and void. This includes vehicles previously exempted on the basis of being first registered before

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The MOT test is an annual test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions required in the United Kingdom for most vehicles over three. Mot or MOT may refer to: Contents. 1 Media; 2 Religion; 3 Science and technology; 4 Organizations; 5 See also. Media[edit]. Ministry of Truth, the propaganda.

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