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How to answer ". NET Framework" interview questions? NET Framework is a complete environment that allows developers to develop, run, and deploy the following applications: NET Framework also enables a developer to create sharable components to be used in distributed computing architecture.

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NET Framework supports multiple programming languages in a manner that allows language interoperability. This implies that each language can use the code written in some other language. NET Framework provides enormous advantages to software developers in comparison to the advantages provided by other platforms. Microsoft has united various modern as well as existing technologies of software development in. These technologies are used by developers to develop highly efficient applications for modern as well as future business needs.

The following are the key components of. The following are the new features of. NET source code is compiled to IL.

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Buy Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: Read Books Reviews - Whether you're a candidate or interviewer, these interview questions will help prepare you Explain the difference between managed and unmanaged code.

Assembly metadata is stored in Manifest. Manifest contains all the metadata needed to do the following things Version of assembly. Scope of the assembly. Resolve references to resources and classes.

The assembly manifest can be stored in a PE file either an. This information is called METADATA and include the name and the verison number of the assembly, security information, information about the dependencies and a lost of files that constitute the assembly. All the application developed using the.

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NET framework are made up of assemblies. Namespaces are also stored in assemblies Answer 4: NET framework an assembly is a partially compiled code library for use in deployment, versioning and security. In the Microsoft Windows implementation of. NET, an assembly is a PE portable executable file. A process assembly represents a process which will use classes defined in library assemblies.

The compiler will have a switch to determine if the assembly is a process or library and will set a flag in the PE file.

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NET does not use the extension to determine if the file is a process or library. This means that a library may have either. The code in an assembly is partially compiled into CIL, which is then fully compiled into machine language at runtime by the CLR. An assembly can consist of one or more files. Code files are called modules. An assembly can contain more than one code module and since it is possible to use different languages to create code modules this means that it is technically possible to use several different languages to create an assembly.

In practice this rarely happens, principally because Visual Studio only allows developers to create assemblies that consist of a single code module. Name some of the languages.

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Some of the languages that are supported by. Data will be retrieved through Datasets 2.

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Disconnected Data Architecture 2. Data cached in Datasets 3. Data transfer in XML format 4.

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Interaction with the database is done through data commands. How many types of exception handlers are there in. A finally handler that executes whenever the block exits, whether that occurs by normal control flow or by an unhandled exception. A fault handler that must execute if an exception occurs, but does not execute on completion of normal control flow.

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A type-filtered handler that handles any exception of a specified class or any of its derived classes. A user-filtered handler that runs user-specified code to determine whether the exception should be handled by the associated handler or should be passed to the next protected block. Unstructured Exception Handling 2. Difference between Panel and GroupBox classes?

Panel and Group box both can used as container for other controls like radio buttons and check box. Group box 1 Captions can be displayed. What is the base class of Button control? Listing from visual studio.