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Affordable Online Colleges in America: 2018 Rankings

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Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Strategic Commu Bachelor of Science in Communication - Communicatio Bachelor of Science in Communication - Media Studie Bachelor of Science in Communication - Strategic Co Master of Science in Cyber Security and Information Master of Science in Sports Conditioning and Perfor Master of Arts in Teaching in Education - English t Master of Education in Adult and Career Education Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction i Master of Education in Instructional Technology - P Master of Education in Instructional Technology - S Master of Education in Instructional Technology and Educational Specialist in Coaching Pedagogy in Phys Educational Specialist in Instructional Technology Master of Business Administration in Strategic Lead Bachelor of Liberal Studies - Family, Community and Bachelor of Science in Human Resource and Workforce Master in Special Education - Special Education wit Master of Science in Human Environmental Sciences Professional Master of Information Systems - Enterp Educational Specialist in Curriculum and Instructio Bachelor of Science in Education - Elementary Educa Master of Science in Career and Technical Education Master of Science in Education - Curriculum and Ins Master of Science in Education - Elementary Educati Master of Science in Education Curriculum and Instr Graduate Certificate in Education of the Deaf and H Bachelor of Business Administration in General Busi Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice - Organization Bachelor of Arts in Reverse Logistics Management Bachelor of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Ma Bachelor of Business Administration - Information T Bachelor of Business Administration - International Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - Mec Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science - Fish Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science - Regi Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science - Sust Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Mob Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Pro Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Web Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Manag Bachelor of Science in Mathematics - Operations Res Bachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences Master of Arts in Homeland Security - Counterterror Master of Arts in Homeland Security - Intelligence Master of Arts in Homeland Security - Transportatio Master of Arts in Intelligence Studies - Intelligen Master of Arts in Intelligence Studies - Terrorism Master of Arts in Management - Organizational Leade Master of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Mana Master of Business Administration - Government Cont Master of Business Administration - Homeland Securi Master of Business Administration - Information Tec Master of Education in Educational Leadership - K Master of Education in Teaching - Curriculum and In Master of Education in Teaching - Elementary Educat Master of Education in Teaching - Instructional Lea Master of Science in Information Technology - Enter Master of Science in Information Technology - Infor Certificate in Web 2.

Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management Execut Graduate Certificate in Environmental Hazard Mitiga Graduate Certificate in Environmental Planning and Undergraduate Certificate for Employee Relations an Undergraduate Learning Track - Professional Develop Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership - You Master of Business Administration - Missional Leade Online Bachelor's Degrees 25 B. Special Education K B. Business - Healthcare Management B.

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Business - Human Resource Management B. Business - Information Technology Management B. Cloud and Systems Administration B. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance B. Data Management and Analytics B. Health Information Management B. Mathematics Education Middle Grades B. Mathematics Education Secondary B.

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Network Operations and Security B. Science Education Middle Grades B. Science Education Secondary Chemistry B. Science Education Secondary Physics B. Mathematics Education K-6 M. Mathematics Education Middle Grades M. Mathematics Education Secondary M. Science Education Middle Grades M. Science Education Secondary Chemistry M. Science Education Secondary Physics M. Teaching - Elementary Education M. Teaching - English Education Secondary M. Teaching - Science Education Secondary M. Information Technology Management M. Learning and Technology M. Curriculum and Instruction M. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance M.

Integrated Healthcare Management M. Nursing - Education M. Nursing - Nursing Informatics M. Master of Education in Special Education - Dealfbli Master of Education in Special Education - Educatio Master of Education in Special Education - Generic Master of Education in Special Education - Orientat Master of Science in Environmental Sustainability a Graduate Certificate in Agricultural Communications Graduate Certification Preparation for Educational Graduate Certification Preparation for Family and C This sweet spot represents a point where a college is perfectly affordable for the average student.

In a small band around this point are similar schools whose costs do not eclipse the benefits received from an online degree program.

Affordable Online Colleges in America: Rankings

If you extend too far above the sweet spot, an online college becomes very expensive relative to the benefits; if you extend too far below the sweet spot, you are entering the territory where programs are so cheap that their quality becomes questionable. We have gone through each school with another critical filter and added in an even finer layer of detail.

How does this value compare to the number of degree programs that the school offers? How far away is this number from the average? By asking tougher questions and balancing their answers against other factors that make a school great its quality and breadth of graduate programs, for instance we have come up with ten colleges that, while not necessarily the top ten in our list, cater to the common desires of an average student looking to get a college education at distance at a reasonable price.

Why we picked this university: An unmatched balance of quality, quantity, and price put Oregon State University OSU at the number one spot in the overall list using our unique methodology.

It also happens to be one of our favorites. OSU is a very reputable research school, and its long tradition of high quality extends into its online classes. Relative to the quality of education students receive and the diversity of courses offered, the money you pay goes a long way in furnishing a rich educational experience. OSU even lets students create their own online degree experience by developing a liberal studies track in conjunction with faculty to suit their academic goals.

There are many reasons for a low graduation rate: This school is the best bang for your buck, but only if you live in Florida.


It comes in at number three on our ranking list and we highlighted it here due to its low cost. For the fall semester, that number is expected to double, and by the university is shooting for enrollment numbers over 20, It is likely this number will increase with enrollment. The major caveat with UF Online is that if you are not a resident of Florida, the program quickly becomes expensive.

Because the program is still new, its graduation and retention rates are extremely high. It will be important to watch how they change as the program begins accepting more students.

Most Affordable Online Colleges by Degree Level

Only schools that offer 10+ online degrees were added to the list. and the number-one most affordable online college by the SR Education Group. . American Public University offers + cheap online degrees in Military history. The Most Affordable Universities in America . Top 20 Cheap Elementary Education Degree Online Programs (Bachelor's) · Top 10 Cheap Online.

It gets mention here primarily because of its robust online course offerings, which include over 20 online undergraduate degrees and a similar amount of online graduate certificate programs. If you do not live in North Carolina, you should consider another school.

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Unlike many online schools, UM Twin Cities also keeps profiles of some of its notable alumni from its online programs on its website—so you can see what people are doing with their degrees in the real world. UM Twin Cities has a tuition rate that is higher than average, so it is best only for students who have a little more money to invest in the experience. Old Dominion University ODU came in at number four on our list for good reason, and we think it stands out.

Old Dominion University goes a step beyond its peers by providing video interviews with alumni from various online programs, who are currently applying their expertise in industry.

Most Affordable Online College Rankings by Subject

The University of North Dakota came in at number 19 on our list, but we feel that it differs from its peers in a special way. Where it really shines is in the spectrum of different subjects in which it offers degrees, which ranges from petroleum engineering to psychology and education.

We feel the equal offering of both humanities and science-based online degrees makes UND a worthwhile place to consider for an affordable online education. Regent University RU is number 28 on our list, but it stands out because of the thoroughness of its degree offerings. Fort Hayes State University FHSU is number 10 on our list, and we like it particularly for its unusually low tuition costs and relatively high course offerings. Fort Hayes has below average marks in some places, but it is an outlier in the number of programs it offers for the price you pay.

We recommend that you look deeper into specific degrees in order to make an informed decision about whether or not a degree track at this school is right for you. American Public University APU is number two in our list, and we recommend it because it has above average marks just about everywhere. Since it is such a large system, however, we recommend checking out the graduation rates in specific programs that interest you rather than judging all online programs by this number.

You pay a lot of money and invest a lot of time into getting a degree, so it is wise to do comparison shopping.

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It might also offer more degree options than another. Our favorite colleges are a very dynamic and balanced mix of cost, general graduation and retention scores, and degree offerings. Are there colleges we would recommend you stay away from that also appear on our list? But this is the nature of comparing products with an objective eye.

Kaplan University is number on our list. That means of every 10 people accepted to a Kaplan University program, only 2 actually graduate with a diploma. There are many possible explanations for this phenomenon, which happens at most for-profit universities; the most popular explanation is that since these institutions need to make money, they have less stringent acceptance policies. Loose acceptance policies attract a different type of student, and may contribute to high dropout numbers.