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He leaves ThunderClan for a while to raise their kits in her Clan, RiverClan, which has a big impact on his best friend Fireheart. Although Silverstream's death affects Graystripe for a long time, he eventually does find love again a few years later between the second and third series, and Silverstream herself supports the new relationship as it means he's happy again.

Thought to have perished in the ocean, a major plot point of the first season has Peggy becoming a double agent to help his friend Howard Stark. Peggy even confesses that she did this just to get a second chance at keeping him safe. Daniel's death is what prompts Sidney Bristow to become a double agent and kicks the plot in motion in Alias. He later tries to use Time Travel to take her with him but is told that only one person can be transported. He later finds out that she has lived a long and happy life and meets her descendants on Tarazed.

The death of Rebecca Merlyn is the ultimate cause of the events of the series. Malcolm Merlyn was never able to move on from her death, and in the process he joined the League of Assassins, alienated his son, and devised the Undertaking to destroy the Glades in a misguided attempt to avenge her death. Robert Queen, who opposed the plan, had his boat sabotaged, causing his son Oliver Queen to wash up on the island of Lian Yu and remain stranded there for five years, allowing him to learn and hone the skills that would make him the titular "Arrow" and oppose Malcolm.

Shado's death and Oliver's role in it along with the Mirakuru driving him insane is what caused Slade Wilson to become an insane psychopath hell bent on destroying Oliver Queen's life. Oliver himself has had several. Along with the aforementioned Shado, he's lost Sara twice , and Taiana.

But the one that completely and utterly crushes him is Laurel, his Childhood Friend , his First Love , his Living Emotional Crutch during his five years away from home, and quite possibly the love of his life. Not only that, she was the woman his best friend Tommy loved and died for, and the immense amount of grief, regret and failure he feels that stems from all this is what causes Oliver to regress on his Thou Shalt Not Kill rule that he adopted in the wake of Tommy's death. In Season Five, it is made very clear that Laurel's death was the one death closest to pushing him over the edge above all others, and that he can't take much more tragedy before he breaks completely, like Malcolm and Slade did.

She only moves on after Barry uses Time Travel to film a video of Eddie telling her to find happiness again. Similarly, Caitlin Snow is deeply affected by the death of her husband Ronnie Raymond in the Season 1 finale, especially since it was not the first time he died in her eyes. However, because of that she has an easier time than Iris moving on from her love's death. Unfortunately, her relationship with the guy she tried to move on with did not end well either, though for entirely different reasons.

In Season 3, Barry's messing with the timeline alters the future so he and Iris never get married — he later finds out that this is because Season 3 Big Bad Savitar kills her. When Barry travels to the future in "The Once and Future Flash" to avert this tragedy, he finds out that his future self did not react well to Iris' death. He became a recluse, hidden away in S.

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Her death is the cause for Van's Roaring Rampage of Revenge the series is all about. Yoshimura has Ukina, the human woman he loved in his youth. Because the story starts In Medias Res , this technically happens before the story begins during a flashback, not to mention that even though Casca is not dead, Casca has been insane for most of the series and her insanity has played a bigger role in the course of the story than when she was sane much to the chagrin of the fanbase , since a her insanity caused by Griffith violently raping her in front of Guts drove Guts to revenge the most, b the loss of love and affection that Casca provided Guts constantly anguishes him , and c the entire drive of the story as of recently is Guts trying to find a cure for Casca's insanity, thus trying to make her "unlost. He died some time before the beginning of the events of the game occurred, but it's made pretty clear that his ex-girlfriend, Clarissa, never recovered from the loss and his presence is felt throughout the narrative. H has his "tastes" is his relationship with her when he was a child and she was a child, which ended in the trope. You would never expect to find this trope in a first-person shooter, but Halo 4 ends with the realization that there has been a romance brewing in this series since the first game, and Cortana becomes this for the Master Chief in the end. Since both became recipients of Ankhseram's Curse, the only people they could relate to were each other.

Labs and continuously mourning the death of the love of his life. And he wasn't the only Barry Allen to break. Savitar is a time remnant of Future Barry who was rejected by the rest of Team Flash. Already on the brink thanks to losing Iris, this rejection caused him to go insane and try to become a god so he could no longer feel emotional pain, eventually resulting in him being driven so mad that he was willing to recreate the greatest tragedy of his life if it meant he could still exist.

Season 4 opens six months after Barry gave himself as prisoner to the speed force, and Iris has taken his final words to heart. Unfortunately she took them too well, as in "keep running" she cuts herself off emotionally from her friends, and fully jumps into running STAR Labs in his absence. At the same time she refuses to mourn his disappearance, and can't even bring herself to sleep in the bed she shared with Barry, sleeping on the couch instead. John Sheridan believes his wife Anna to be dead, and clearly feels pain and guilt over her loss.

Also Adira to Londo Mollari, when her murder which he attributes mistakenly to Lord Refa pushes him completely into the designs of Morden and the Shadows, and to a stunning revenge plot against Refa. All of this was arguably pivotal to Londo's eventual fate in the story arc. Marcus for Susan, although she never admitted her feelings while he was alive. Carolyn "Ship of Tears" to Bester—not quite dead, but no one as yet knew how to bring her out of her unusual less-than-alive state either.

And supposedly this was the only person Bester was capable of actually loving, by his own words. His discovery that the Shadows reduced her to that state to prep her for fitting into a battlecrab's organic systems led him to some Enemy Mine cooperation with Sheridan against the Shadows. And per the book ''The Shadow Within'' , Morden agreed to serve the Shadows when they revealed to him that his wife and daughter, lost in a transport explosion a few years earlier, were actually trapped alive in a bubble of hyperspace and suffering in perpetual isolation. They offered to release them to a merciful death in exchange for his services.

We also see here and in The Passing of the Techno-Mages trilogy that the necklace Morden wears in the show was a special gift from his wife, who he still had feelings for. The Passing of the Techno-Mages trilogy reveals how Isabelle died and why Galen blames himself he inadvertantly told Elizar how to defeat Isabelle's shield. His death turned Stacey into a paranoid Broken Bird which is why Mike went back to a life of crime to provide for her and his granddaughter.

She attends a grief counseling group where that helps people dealing with their lost love. Anna Grant is this to Kerr Avon in Blake's 7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Jenny Calendar for Giles. After her death, she's frequently mentioned and seen in flashbacks and dream sequences. Though Giles has other relationships, he never really seems to get over Jenny's death.

Also, at different points in the series, both Drusilla and the First Evil use Jenny's form to manipulate and torture Giles and other Buffy characters. Spinoff Angel arguably has a slightly twisted version in its final season. The death of Fred soon after they got together sends Wes into an alcoholic, desperate spiral. And since Illyria takes Fred's form , he's forced to still be around her every day and be driven by that constant reminder of his grief, which culminates when Wesley asks her to turn into Fred as he's dying. In Charmed the sisters' grandfather Alan was this to grandmother Penny.

He was killed by a warlock and the death caused Penny to fly into a blind rage and become a cold demon hunter. She also became incredibly bitter towards men, getting engaged five more times and marrying three of them. Invoked in Community , where Annie has Abed shoot a video of herself so that in the event of anything happening to her she can more effectively fulfill this trope for someone.

You know in movies where the hero's wife or girlfriend is dead or missing and so he sits in the dark and he watches her in a home movie. Or hologram, and she's always beautiful and full of love almost to the point of being stupid? We're making footage of that for me in case I get kidnapped or murdered! David for Ellen in Damages after season one. He even attempts to turn his other love interests into her.

It's implied that the Doctor might have at least one of these in his past i. Rose Tyler becomes a non-dead version of this to the Tenth Doctor when she falls into an alternate dimension, to the extent that he completely alienates his next companion Martha as he spends the next series effectively moping over Rose. First he spends 4.

Ultimately, the only way for him to move on is to erase most of his memories of her. In Series 4, Matthew dies and is mourned by Lady Mary; a major arc that series is getting her out of the shell she's imposed on herself since his death. It's implied that even by the end of the series, she hasn't quite gotten over his loss, but is out of her shell.

The death of William Boone's wife in the Earth: It doesn't take a genius to figure out that she was killed when he refused Da'an's initial offer by claiming that he wants to spend more time with his wife. While Da'an's role in Boone's wife's murder is unclear at first, Zo'or blatantly states in the Season 2 opener that Da'an was the one who ordered her death.

From Farscape , D'Argo's wife, Lo'laan. She's killed, he's framed for her murder and imprisoned. He spends much of the series trying to clear his name so he can return home and trying to find their son. John might qualify for Olivia in Fringe. Robert Baratheon's rage and pain over the death of his betrothed, Lyanna Stark, still hasn't cooled after 17 years.

The Season 6 finale implies that this was not really reciprocated since Lyanna was convinced that Robert would murder her son and she feared his wrath. You want to know the horrible truth? I can't even remember what she looked like. I only know she was the one thing I ever wanted Although she is probably alive somewhere, Tyrion's first wife Tysha is still a deep source of grief for him, as Tyrion poignantly indicates whenever she comes up.

I was wed; or don't you remember? Tywin adored his wife Joanna. He holds her Death by Childbirth against Tyrion, and the fact he has not remarried seems to indicate this trope. Loras and Brienne mourn Renly later on, with Loras eventually moving on to form a doomed relationship with the male prostitute Olyvar, while Brienne remains devoted to Renly and avenges him.

General Hospital 's Sonny Corinthos has two—his late wife Lily, killed by a car bomb meant for him, and Brenda, who for years was presumed dead in a separate incident, but he blamed himself anyway.

Long-term relationships are well and truly dead in 2017, and here’s why

In the two decades since Lily's death, he has sabotaged nearly every other relationship he's been in because he's afraid of her meeting Lily's fate, and he fell for Hannah Scott because of her eerie resemblance to both women. The Legendary Journeys Hercule's whole reason for fighting for justice is because Hera killed his wife Deianara, and their three kids. Turns out while Ted was searching for his true love, the Mother was having trouble letting go of her boyfriend Max who died in at the beginning of the series. In the end The Mother became this for Ted after dying from unspecified illness.

The entire point of the show, talking to his kids about the events leading up to the meet, was his dealing with the grief and covertly asking their permission to date once more. The fact that he couldn't save his wife from a car wreck is what spurs David Banner to gamma experiments in The Incredible Hulk the TV series. In Key West , the major elements of Gumbo's backstory are based around the loss of his wife, Cee Cee, to a sudden and unexpected illness. In "The Great Beyond," Gumbo finally realizes that he has to move on with his life despite still being desperately in love with his dead wife.

But that's okay, because Cee Cee still loves him, and understands. Charlotte could be this for Faraday. He is smitten with her, and then she dies. Her death makes Faraday question his entire belief system about the ability to change the past, resulting in him deciding to detonate a hydrogen bomb over a pocket of electromagnetic energy, hoping it will change things. This ultimately leads to his own death , and also forms the major narrative of the finale as Jack attempts to continue his plans. Patrick's wife counts in The Mentalist.

Her murder by Red John is what fuels all his actions in the series after. Queen Igraine, King Uther's wife and Arthur's mother. She's a Posthumous Character whose death is the result of a spell that allowed to her concieve , and who kick-started Uther's Roaring Rampage of Revenge against magical users, setting up the main conflict of the entire show that Merlin has to keep his magical abilities a secret. Agent Gibbs in NCIS never has truly gotten over the murder of his first wife and the daughter the two had. Daniel's murder was what led Nikita to go rogue and attempt to take down Division.

Owen has his own example in Emily. Michael's wife and daughter are also killed with a similar effect. Once Upon a Time: Daniel, Regina's true love, becomes this after he is murdered by her own mother. This leads Regina down her path to darkness , seeking to take revenge for Daniel's death.

Belle is also this for Rumplestilskin, who carries this on to his Mr. Subverted in that it turns out Belle isn't really dead and is eventually reunited with him. Once Upon a Time loves to use this trope for its villains. Captain Hook also has one in the form of Rumplestiltskin's wife, Milah. Subverted with Merlin and Nimue.

We're told that the original Dark One murdered Merlin's lover Nimue. It turns out Nimue is the original Dark One. Moray's wife in The Paradise. Jessica is this for Reese. His death continues to have lingering effects on Ingrid's private life throughout the series. Even before the titular hero knows for sure she's actually dead she appears in flashbacks and dream sequences, and after she dies in his arms.

Spartacus does get another love interest, Mira but 1 she bears more than a passing resemblance to Sura and 2 it takes him a long time to reciprocate her interest. They spend a lot of Season 2 dancing around Spartacus' ongoing love and grief for his murdered wife, and after they finally do get properly together, Mira is killed too! Word of God has it that Spartacus probably will never be able to love again. Melitta is this both for her husband Oenemaeus and his friend Gannicus, who had been forced to have sex with her for a Roman noble's amusement and ended up falling for her.

The fact that she died while about to have sex with Gannicus complicated matters even further. Quintus becomes this for his wife Lucretia by Vengeance. Their ludus was massacred at the end of the first season and he died, while Lucretia survived. That and the death of her unborn child turns her into The Ophelia. Star Trek Star Trek: He keeps a hologram of her in his quarters, which becomes a plot point, and becomes friends with her sister and is hurt when she betrays him. Also, he makes an enemy of her alternate timeline half-Romulan daughter , whose appearances serve to remind him of Tasha.

It led to Sisko accepting the post in the first place, him becoming the Emissary, him becoming so bound to Bajor, and his final fate at the end of the show. A partially successful example occurs with Tora Ziyal. It succeeded via her father's storyline.

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He had never been entirely sane and broke completely over the death. He ended up as the Big Bad , trying to bring about a Bajoran apocalypse. She was also supposed to be this trope for Garak as his driving inspiration for every future action he took against the Dominion.

However, because the show refused to openly admit the impact of her death on Kira and Garak because it wanted to redeem her murderer , the fans only learned this fact through Word of God rather than the show itself. Mary for all the Winchesters. She's the motivation for much of the first two series and Zachariah tortures her soul or an artificial copy of her because he knows it will upset Sam and Dean. Jessica is Sam's Lost Lenore. She appears as a hallucination and in his dreams.

Lucifer wears her form the first time he talks to Sam, so that he'll be more convincing and possibly for the sake of fanservice. Lucifer also tries a similar trick with his first vessel Nick, who had lost his wife in a violent crime. And Bobby has his wife, whose death he has never quite gotten over. It's the motivation for everything he's done and if Bobby is getting an episode in the spotlight, chances are fifty-fifty that his wife will appear at some point.

Supernatural loves this trope. The eponymous Rebecca arrives at her new husband's house only to find out he is obsessed with preserving everything in the house for his second wife. Logan's wife, who died in something he believes to be his fault. Emma resembles her, to the point that he pulls tries to her out from under the Hindenburg , despite knowing she was one of the victims of the explosion. Kate for Neal in season 2 of White Collar. Male example—and doubly unique and interesting as he is the Lost Lenore to another male character—Brandon from Season One of The Wire , whose death continued to have ramifications through subsequent seasons.

Eurydice to Orpheus may be the Trope Maker. He missed her so much he descended into Hades to try and revive her. He cuddles her old clothes, and was generally unhinged by it. One night Tony was shot by a mobster who was trying to seduce Lola. Thirty years later she still spends her nights at the bar, drinking and dressed in the same clothes she wore when Tony was alive. Her name is Lola She was a showgirl But that was thirty years ago, when they used to have a show Now it's a disco But not for Lola Still in the dress she used to wear Faded feathers in her hair She sits there so refined and drinks herself half blind She lost her youth and she lost her Tony Now she's lost her mind Country Music loves to tell stories about people pining for their lost loves; for extra drama , the lost love is often dead to insure that the narrator will never, ever have the resolution they want.

In fact, it's a bit of a stock Twist Ending for songs in the genre to reveal that the object of the last three verses' obsession is gone forever. Of note is that both of the above examples have a woman pining over a man, presumably because it's more poignant to hear a feminine voice sing a dirge, as per the One-Woman Wail. My Dying Bride loves this trope, as you can probably tell by their name. This album has quite a few examples. The second verse reveals it's actually that they're unable to move on from a dead lover.

The last line of the song swaps out the title lyric for "the corpse you really love. It ends with the man begging his son not to ever fall in love or he could suffer similar pains. Much of Tristania's first album is made of this trope, and it's not subtle about it, either: In the original text, Lear's dead wife is only given a passing mention, but some productions emphasise that his deteriorating sanity was started by her death.

At least one gave a Gender Flip to The Fool and portrayed the character as a hallucination of the wife. Lucy Barker in Sweeney Todd: Except she isn't really dead. And for much worse, Sweeney kills her without knowing it's her. Lily Craven in the musical adaptation of The Secret Garden , both to her husband Archibald, as in the novel, and to his brother Neville. They sing a duet called "Lily's Eyes". Manfred takes this trope Up to Eleven.

In Strange Interlude , Nina can't get past Gordon, who is already dead when the play starts. She sleeps with wounded soldiers because she feels like she has to, after never getting to sleep with Gordon. Charles, for his part, is jealous of a dead man. Ned gets pretty much sick of hearing Nina talk endlessly about Gordon.

When she has a baby out of wedlock with Ned years later, she names the baby Gordon. Roger's ex-girlfriend April in RENT is undoubtedly a Lost Lenore, as his entire angst over her suicide and reveal that they've got AIDS is what keeps him locked in the apartment for the better part of a year and prevents him from pursuing a proper relationship with Mimi. The film version even goes as far as including a happier home movie of Roger and April.

Sayoko Robbins' death and previous life is the driving force of both games. Bioshock Infinite —Lady Comstock, mourned both by her husband and the entire city. It's later revealed that she was killed by Comstock himself to preserve the secret that Elizabeth is not their child, framing nearby scullery maid Daisy Fitzroy in the process. Dracula's wives Elisabetha back at the 11th century and Lisa in early 15th century.

The guy is not really lucky in love. Lords of Shadow , Gabriel's wife Marie plays a role almost identical to Mono's, albeit a bit more involved. In Blue Tea Games' Cursery: While she has been reborn as the player character's sister, her ghost still haunts the areas where she lived and died until the Crooked Man triggers the sister's memories. In The Darkness 2 , Jackie Estacado is haunted by eerily lifelike visions of his girlfriend Jenny, who died in the first Darkness game. In the second Dark Parables game, the Frog Prince is immortal and eternally grieving for his lost brides, most particularly his first wife Ivy.

Used directly in the tenth installment of the Dark Tales , which is based on The Raven ; losing his beloved Lenore is implied to have driven Alan to suicide. Strongly implied in the trailer for Days Gone , with the main character reminiscing of happier times with his girlfriend before The Virus happened. Nicole in Dead Space and its sequel. It's a major plot point in both games. This is the whole point of Dear Esther. Although it's not explicitly stated in Dragon Age: Origins , supplemental material reveals that his late wife, mother of his daughter Anora, is actually this for Loghain Mac Tir.

After her death, he never returned to the teyrnir of Gwaren, which he's supposed to be running. If he becomes a Warden and is asked to do the Dark Ritual with Morrigan, he even states that he'll be imagining her while he does. This is an especially interesting case because Loghain's wife is his Second Love ; other supplemental material shows that he has another Lost Lenore in the form of Queen Rowan, his first love, who was married to his best friend King Maric. Dragons Dogma has the Duke Edmun Dragonsbane , who is the hero of the past.

He chose to sacrifice his most beloved named Lenore in a Faustian Pact to, both, avert a disaster and become the duke. The fact that Warlic and Xan's teenage rivalry led to the woman both of them were crushing on, Jaania, being imprisoned in a crystal is a major factor in both of their motivations Xan in particularly wants revenge on Warlic for it. Then Jaania gets out , and she's so royally pissed at both of them that she freezes both them and the player character solid and goes on to become a Knight Templar. New Vegas , one of your companions, Boone, recently lost his wife after she was captured by Slavers.

He's haunted by his failure to protect her and by the fact that he killed her himself. The reason she joined Cloud's party to begin with is because Cloud for one reason and another is similar to Zack. She keeps hallucinating that she sees his spirit following her around and it turns out the Occurria were exploiting this trope to manipulate her. It affects every main character, especially Snow and Lightning.

He's the Implied Love Interest , and his death breaks and marks a painful change in the Warrior of Light 's attitude, which is lampshaded by several characters over the course of the story. Lunafreya serves as this for Noctis in Final Fantasy XV , as a good chunk of the second half of the story involves him overcoming the PTSD that accompanied him helplessly witness her death at Ardyn's hands, and the guilt of her using the last of her strength to protect him and ensure his destiny fulfilled.

The Sacred Stones has Monica for Orson, her husband. Luckily, the player never sees the result. Ke'ri is this to Lon'qu in Fire Emblem Awakening. It's made worse than the standard since she died in a Heroic Sacrifice to save him. Some of them are: He even named his cat after her.

David's wife Laura in the adventure game Gray Matter. You would never expect to find this trope in a first-person shooter, but Halo 4 ends with the realization that there has been a romance brewing in this series since the first game, and Cortana becomes this for the Master Chief in the end. Guardians reveals that Cortana survived and has developed the desire to rule over the galaxy as a benevolent tyrant. Chief is as angry and heartbroken about this as a stoic killing machine can be. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has the unnamed wife of King Rhoam, who died while their daughter Zelda was very young.

As the women of the Royal Family of Hyrule are the ones who pass down the Royalty Super Power capable of defeating Calamity Ganon and teach their daughters how to awaken it, and as his wife was the kind and encouraging parent, King Rhoam made Zelda go through a regimen of ritualistic prayer at sacred springs to unlock that power while forbidding her from researching Ancient Technology as she wanted because that was the only way he could think of to do so. Link himself may have had one in Mipha. She was clearly in love with the Childhood Friend and while it's not confirmed he felt the same, the two had a close bond and some dialogue implies he reciprocated.

Depending on the player's actions in Mass Effect , this ends up happening. Liara, in particular, is affected by Shepard's death—though her character development is partially a facade due to emotional trauma and survivor guilt. Mass Effect 3 can potentially add two more. If Kasumi was encouraged to keep her graybox and either the extended Destroy or Control endings are activated, she's shown to not be over Keiji at all, and in fact spends nearly all her free time reliving his memories.

In the Citadel DLC, if Thane was romanced, Shepard can experience this herself through the use of paragon options during Kolyat's memorial service. The Sorrow became a rare male example in Metal Gear Solid 3 , having sacrificed himself so his love, The Boss, could live. Ame-onna husband died at sea turns into an oni and takes other demons' life force to protect the bridge where she waits for her husband.

Tamamo no Mae wife struck by lightning mourns his beloved as it rains seven days in a row. Michael from Oxenfree qualifies. He died some time before the beginning of the events of the game occurred, but it's made pretty clear that his ex-girlfriend, Clarissa, never recovered from the loss and his presence is felt throughout the narrative. Mono from Shadow of the Colossus. Bringing her back to life is the entire premise of the plot. James's wife in Silent Hill 2. Maria could be considered this to Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2. Stella to Senel in Tales of Legendia.

Senel is so hurt and hung-up on her death that this causes him to be completely oblivious to her younger sister Shirley's own feelings and emotional turmoil and the enemy uses this to break her , among other things. Lloyd Irving's mother, Anna, for Kratos Aurion. Yuan Ka-fai's is also this for Martel.

Zaveid's girlfriend Theodora, who became the dragon Shenlong and was killed by Eizen Tiffin Wrynn in World of Warcraft , who was killed by a brickbat. A rather ornate memorial is built for her, and Varian spends significant amounts of screen time in lore angsting over her death or talking 'to' her about various things. In Wolfheart , he is shown still blaming himself for the death well over a decade later, and in the leader short story The Blood of Our Fathers , he is shown to carry around her locket as a form of Security Blanket.

Xenosaga has both male and female examples of this trope. Mary , as well, for chaos. Xenoblade , Fiora is this to Shulk. Though she later comes back as a Hollywood Cyborg. Godot from Phoenix Wright: He spends much of the game berating and insulting Phoenix as his way of dealing with it but by the end he sees her spirit in him and realizes that all the hatred he had been building up for Phoenix was misplaced. This trope has become so common in Dangan Ronpa that it's become a running joke among fans that falling in love equals death.

From the first game , Sayaka for Makoto. She was both his first crush and the first student to die in the killing game , and her death was what drove the message home to him that this was real. He even privately vowed to never forget her and carry the weight of her and her killer's deaths with him forever.

In Dangan Ronpa 3 , he almost has another in Kyoko, but she fortunately survives, making him one of the few characters and the only protagonist in the franchise whose Love Interest is still alive. Super Dangan Ronpa 2 has Chiaki for Hajime. Her death leave him utterly crushed, and he constantly mentions how he'll never forget her. He's also reluctant to go through with the shut-down of the Neo World Program because it might cause him to lose his memories of her. In a twist of fate, Dangan Ronpa 3 retroactively reveals her real-world counterpart was also this for Hajime's other persona, Izuru, being the entire reason he masterminded the events of the game in the first place.

From the same game, there's also Peko , whose death kick-starts Fuyuhiko's Character Development. If you do his Free-Time Events you'll also get a clearer picture on how much she meant to him. Also, similar to Hajime above, he's very hesitant about shutting down the Neo World Program, because even though he knows the ramifications of choosing to graduate and bringing everyone back to life thus allowing everyone who died to be overtaken by AI Junko , he desperately wants to see Peko again.

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He is very deeply affected by her death and constantly references the impact she had on him. Also in that game, Kaito for Maki, and Tenko for Himiko. In a more disgusting way, Korekiyo's murder motivation was spurred by his romantic relationship with his sister. Satoshi Houjou's disappearance he disappeared a year prior to the story's events, and hence is believed by most to be dead is the main drive for Shion Sonozaki—how this affects her changes arc by arc it depends if she's subject to the local Hate Plague ; she may throw herself into a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against those she sees as responsible i.

It should be noted, however, that Shion only seems to truly believe that he is dead during the arcs where she goes on her RROR she believes her family killed him because of the prejudice against his family. In other arcs, she seems to hold at least a little hope that he will return even if it is to reassure Satoko, who believes this as well. The final arc in Kai reveals that he is indeed alive, but in a coma. She decides I Will Wait for You. In the first half of Umineko: This drove him to despair, and he ended up raping their daughter as she grew up to look more and more like her mother.

Said daughter gave birth to a child, and she too died shortly after. Said baby survived miraculously but grew up broken physically and psychologically, to the point of developing multiple Split Personalities and planning a murder motivated by love and all the crap they went through. For Want of a Nail indeed. Sakura refuses to accept Shirou's death and waits for the day Shirou returns until she eventually dies of old age. In Hatoful Boyfriend , the driving force behind all of the underlying plot is the death of Shuu Iwamine's beloved mentor, Ryuuji Kawara.

Said death leads Shuu to promise Ryuuji that he'd grant the wish of Ryuuji's son, Ryouta. For a world where humans and birds, historically opposed factions After the End , no longer fought. Shuu, unhinged Mad Scientist that he is, naturally concocts a plan to make it happen in the most straightforward way possible: So much that when Kim-3 is thrown into Universe 2 by accident, Barrett-2 is overjoyed at her "return" and begins socializing with her at the expense of Rita Jeanne actually has her own Lenore; an unnamed elf whom she was divided from by the Court-Forest war.

Even when he was alive, she was constantly longing for him and sending messages to the Forest. And when they both died as the result of a plot by the Court leaders and Jeanne's jealous Stalker with a Crush , her grief and anger was so strong that she lived on as a ghost, dwelling for hundreds of years, at least, in the spot where she died, violently attacking anyone—good or evil—who came down there. There is nothing in her but sorrow and the desire for revenge. Unusually for the trope, she's an example whose sadness drove her to evil instead of stasis.

Inverted in Tower of God. Rachel didn't die, she tried to kill Baam seemingly nowhere and believes along with the rest of the cast to have succeeded. Though the story begins In Medias Res , the Narrator spends portions of the second episode recounting how she had utterly convinced herself her suddenly vanished wife was dead, and was adjusting well with the help of grief support groups.

It's the sight of Alice alive on TV that kick-starts the Narrator's new, life-defining quest, traveling the country as a long-haul trucker in the hopes of hunting Alice down and getting an explanation for The Conspiracy that prompted her disappearance. Reginald's wife in Doom House died before the story begins, which made Reginald very depressed.

By the time he is an adult he has not only tracked down and purchased every single one of Irja's game machines, but is incapable of doing anything but huddling among them, grieving for her. She is dead, and a love interest, but is present for the entire series. After her death, Tenshirock tried to bond with his son by being good at several activities they did together. However, the lens of Judge Dead's Inferiority Superiority Complex made it look like his father was just reminding him how much better he was, contrary to his mother that had always been supportive.

One of the activities was playing the MMORPG in which the story is set, where Tenshirock at some point realized that his guild master had a mental condition heavily implied to have caused his wife's death. He eventually got his guild master to quit, which didn't go unnoticed since the guild master in question was Spectre, the game's Living Legend. Allison from Red vs. Mostly in the Director's efforts to get his beloved Allison back. During Monster Factory 's playthrough of Fallout 4 , the boys become attached to a radroach corpse they name Roachie, and he becomes The Final Pam's sons-band.

Roachie de-spawns, and they mourn him of the rest of the playthrough. The death of Pyrrha Nikos in RWBY holds significant weight towards the two big people who were affected the most by it — Jaune Arc, her Love Interest , who is shown to train through recordings she made and flipped his shit when her murderer decided to presses those buttons when they meet; and main heroine Ruby Rose, who witnessed her death, tried to flash fry her murderer with her until-then-unknown supernatural powers and then tried again when said murderer went after Jaune.

Princess Yue to Sokka. While he does later get a new love interest whom he actually met before Yue , he also spends a lot of time thinking about her, even after he gets together with Suki. This is indicated by his reaction to Suki's teasing during the Ember Island Players' depiction of her Heroic Sacrifice. Doesn't help that the moon is brought up from time to time.

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The Legend of Korra: We have Hiroshi Sato's wife, who was murdered by firebending gangsters. Her death resulted in him secretly supporting the Equalists, supplying them with weapons to fight off benders. Nora Fries from Batman: While she's still alive, in croygenic stasis, her tragic separation from her husband, Victor Fries, is what motivates him to become the supervillain Mr. This backstory proved so effective that was adopted as the official origin of Mr. The lost Lenore appears in the "Poe Pourri" episode of the Beetlejuice cartoon.

Poe himself arrives at Beetlejuice's house wailing about the fact that he's lost his precious Lenore. Subverted in that the lady isn't actually lost ; Poe just went to the wrong place to meet her. She turns up perfectly fine near the end of the episode, annoyed but still happy to see him. Razer's wife, Ilana from Green Lantern: Her death was the reason he joined the Red Lanterns. Invoked by Atrocitus , who not only started the war on Razer's planet in hopes of creating some Red Lantern material, but murdered his wife to achieve precisely this effect, pushing him over the edge.

This was shortly followed by the death of Edward, Harold's father, who was crushed by a tree that was felled by a lightning strike. Harold's grief was so overwhelming that he couldn't remember who he was for a time. Or rather, the most notable of many who got away. In Regular Show , Skips had a lover named Mona, with whom he used to skip every day. When she died during a fight with a school bully, he vowed to always skip in her memory as well as changing his name from Walks to Skips.

Exaggerated in the episode "I'm Goin' to Praiseland". When Ned Flanders invites his date Rachel Jordan to stay at his house to sleep in separate rooms, of course , she's skeeved out by all the photos of his late wife Maude, the Maude-shaped bedsheet indentation he preserves with sprayed starch, the monogrammed robe he hands her with Maude's monogram, of course , and his calling her "Maude". None of this prepares her for the discovery, upon awakening the next morning, that Ned has cut her hair to resemble Maude's. Ned isnt able to move on by himself, but is instead forced to have Homer and Bart get rid of all the stuff that reminds him of Maude.

By the end of the episode, he's finally capable of removing the Maude-shape in the bed, as he begins to move on. Rose Quartz, the title character's mother, is this to both Greg Universe and Pearl. Her legacy is a constant presence in Steven's life especially due to how she died but Greg actually handles his grief quite well.

Pearl, not as much.

The Dead Love Longer - Scott Nicholson

Duckman had Duckman's beloved wife Beatrice, who died before the show started, but appears in a few flashbacks. Unlike literally every other woman Duckman ever met , with Beatrice, he was a Chivalrous Pervert rather than The Hedonist than he is in the series itself. This is at it's most notable when Duckman is haunted by dozens if alternate universe versions of himself, and is visited by a version of himself from his wedding day decades prior. Am I doing the right thing marrying Beatrice? Do we grow old together? She was his year-old cousin whom he married when he was Regardless, it was a happy marriage and according to friends of theirs, they adored each other.

She died of tuberculosis at the age of 24, Poe never quite got over it. Any poem of his with a dead young woman—such as "Annabel Lee", "Ulalume", and "Lenore"—are believed to have been about Virginia. An enigmatic individual by the name of "Sook" was allegedly this to Truman Capote.

His last words were "It's me, Buddy. Theodore Roosevelt 's first wife, Alice. On the date of her death, Roosevelt simply drew an X through the corresponding page of his diary, writing, "The light has gone out of my life. Her death was why he disliked the nickname "Teddy"—it had been her pet name for him. Joe DiMaggio married Marilyn Monroe in , but they divorced in the same year. They became close again in , and it was rumored that they might remarry. When she died in , he arranged her funeral and would send half a dozen roses to her grave 3 times a week for the next 20 years until his death.

He never remarried or talked publicly about Marilyn or exploited their relationship, unlike others. When he died in , his last words were "I'll finally get to see Marilyn. Since then, he has only won 7 of 16 bouts. In December , shortly after he was first elected Senator of Delaware, Joe Biden 's first wife Nielle and their daughter Naomi were killed in an auto accident, with their sons Beau and Hunter hospitalized too. Joe always takes the day off on the anniversary of the accident. She died in , and Henry went into seclusion following her death on her 36th birthday, giving birth to a child who also died ; for several days he would allow no one to come near him except his own mother.

It's also worth noting that while their marriage was political, it was unusually happy, with no recorded instances of Henry even being suspected of adultery unlike many kings of the era.

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After a time he did allow his courtiers to look for a new wife for him, but his description of what he wanted was almost identical to Elizabeth and, of course, no one could be found who came close. He died six years later, in , having never remarried nor taken a mistress. Although he did remarry three more times after her passing, he spent the rest of his life mourning his third wife, Jane Seymour.

She was his only wife to have died naturally while they were still married. She was also his only wife to give him the son he had always desired, the future Edward VI, and died giving birth to him. However, contemporary accounts have Henry as more "mildly annoyed" than "tragically destroyed" by news of her death see the Useful Notes page for more detail. He also began hunting for wife number four only days afterwards. He only retroactively began treating Jane Seymour as a Lost Lenore years later when it became obvious none of his following wives would produce another son.

Clark Gable married five times throughout his life but he never stopped mourning for his third spouse and film costar, Carole Lombard , to whom he was very Happily Married before she died in a plane crash in , alongside her mother and Gable's agent Otto Winkler. He was even buried next to her.

Queen Victoria went into deep mourning upon her consort Albert's death in It was customary for the bereaved to seclude themselves for a few months, and for widows to wear black for two years. But Victoria wasn't even seen in public again for nearly two years afterward; she even watched the wedding of her son, the Prince of Wales, from a hidden alcove where people couldn't see her. She also wore black widow's weeds—black veil and all—for the rest of her life. She commissioned her iconic small diamond crown because she could wear a small crown over her mourning cap unlike the full-size Imperial State Crown she would have otherwise had to wear to State Openings of Parliament and because silver and diamonds, being white, were acceptable for mourning wear.

Even the contemporary British population—which had an unhealthy fascination with death—felt weirded out by her behavior; the high-water mark for British republicanism was in the s, and the monarchy mostly held on through the efforts of the aforementioned Prince of Wales, the bon vivant Albert Edward, who did his best to keep up the positive image of the royal family and gradually get his mother to participate in public life. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Casca from Berserk is this to Guts, and is an interesting zigzagged case throughout.

Hank Pym of The Avengers —then Ant-Man —first became romantically interested in young Janet Van Dyne soon to be the Wasp because she was a dead ringer for his late first wife, Marya Trovaya, who had been murdered by Communists. In Ashes of the Past , Professor Philena Ivy is this to Brock in Ash's old timeline - a resonance cascade pulled her into the Unown's dimension, and Brock, who genuinely fell in love with her, went right back to hitting on girls to rebuild his broken heart. Films - Live Action. In 45 Years , Geoff and Kate are approaching their 45th anniversary.

In Alonzo and Melissa , one of the all-time great forgotten cheesy novels, Melissa is this for about half the book. Captain America becomes this for his girlfriend Peggy in Agent Carter. In Ludo 's rock opera Broken Bride , the main character is obsessed with turning back time to save his wife, who died in a car accident fifteen years before. Her name is Lola She was a showgirl But that was thirty years ago, when they used to have a show Now it's a disco But not for Lola Still in the dress she used to wear Faded feathers in her hair She sits there so refined and drinks herself half blind She lost her youth and she lost her Tony Now she's lost her mind.

Some adaptations of King Lear play this up. Most communities lurch between decay and rigor mortis and when they veer too far they die. Only one Rabbi dared to expect of us such a perfect balance that we could preserve the law and still forgive the deviation. So of course, we killed him. What a person had in mind. Once you understand what people really want, you can't hate them anymore. You can fear them, but you can't hate them, because you can always find the same desires in your own heart. When we declare an alien species to be raman, it does not mean that they have passed a threshold of moral maturity.

It means that we have. He was much better off with a wooden head. You are all so sure that the lesser animals are bleeding with envy because they didn't have the good fortune to be born Homo sapiens. Maybe it was enough to know that she was no longer who she was before. But do believe me, my dear friend, touching her heart is like bathing in ice. I imagine it feels like bathing in ice to the person touching her.

But how does it feel to her? Cold as she is, it must surely burn like fire. I've been there, and you've seen nothing but a map. Well, I find you guilty of dreaming good dreams, and sentence you to a lifetime of working and suffering for the sake of your dreams. I only hope that someday you won't declare me innocent of the crime of loving you. You'll perform your Questionable Activities to help out the poor little piggies, but there isn't a chance in the world you'll notice when they have something to teach you.

Because you think of them as animals. The Speaker agreed with her that she had made a mistake that night, and she knew when he said the words that it was true, that his judgment was correct. And yet she felt strangely healed, as if simply saying her mistake were enough to purge some of the pain of it. For the first time, then, she caught a glimpse of what the power of speaking might be. It was something else entirely.

Telling the story of who she was, and then realizing that she was no longer the same person.