Satans Subterfuge

Indeed, Satan has been very successful in perpetuating his form of "Christianity" in the western world and up to now God has allowed it. In fact, the Bible prophesies that Satan will finally be allowed to bring in a world government that the majority of people will accept, but the Bible calls it the rule of the Antichrist. This will develop just before the Second Advent of Christ.

So, if Satan rules the governments and societies of this world the totality of the world , then the churches, denominations, religions, shrines, temples or grottos that support his world governments must also have individuals in charge of them who are under the control of Satan the Devil.

And to get people to work for him, he wants people in the world to think he is an angel of light and that his ministers are ministers of righteousness. He will punish by the laws of society any person or all the people who go contrary to his moral, ethical or doctrinal principles that sustain his societies even when those moral and ethical standards may appear to be those that are in accord with the principles of good biblical conduct.

But there is even more. This proposition will show anyone just how thoroughly Satan controls the governments and societies of this world. Many of you are going to be shocked to discover that Satan is using outright pagan symbols, sign and ceremonies in the religious world today in order to deceive the world into thinking that in using them they are righteous and holy and that they are God-fearing and righteous people.

Believe me, most people will be shocked beyond belief when they realize the actual tactics and devices concocted by Satan to confuse this world into believing that they are serving God. Though there are many false teachings that Satan has caused people to believe are right and holy, let us look at the most pernicious. It is a teaching that has done the most damage to the truth of the biblical revelation among which is the Gospel of Christ Jesus. The most damaging of all is this: This false doctrine is diametrically contrary to the teachings of the Bible Ecclesiastes 9: Satan told Eve that though God had said in the "day" that they would eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that they would die, Satan told Eve and Adam in a deceptive way that God in effect was a liar and that they would not die in the "day" they ate the fruit Genesis 3: So, Eve and Adam ate of the fruit and true enough, in their view, God appeared to be a "liar" because our first parents kept right on living.

They not only lived through the "day" that they ate of the forbidden fruit, they continued to live until Adam finally died at years of age. So, was God a liar, or was He not? The early Jews knew that God was not a liar because they were able to surmise from the Scriptures that God meant a "day" of years see the Jewish work written about B. The apostle Peter understood this principle as well and said; "Beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day" II Peter 3: These years were analogous to the seven days of creation mentioned in Genesis One.

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So, God told Adam and Eve that in the "day" that they took of the fruit of the forbidden tree, they would die. And lo and behold, Adam did in fact die just 70 years shy of years. Adam died in the "day" that God said he would. So, God was NOT a liar. Satan presented his teaching to our first parents in the most logical manner that Adam and Eve could imagine. Satan changed the year "day" into a 24 hour "day" that most men would have thought God meant if they did not regard the spiritual teaching of God concerning this matter.

Indeed, this is precisely how Satan deceives man the most. He asks man to look at things in a "logical and realistic" fashion and not in some "spiritual" or esoteric way that God often uses. Why, anyone hearing God saying that Adam and Eve would die in the "day" they took of the fruit would logically assume God meant a 24 hour period or perhaps the 12 hour daylight period of the day which can also be called "day".

This is how Satan initiates his ways of deception. By doing so, Satan makes God appear to mean diametrically opposite of what God intended in many circumstances. And we humans delight in such "common sense" reasoning. This approach appeals to us as being honest and fair and it normally looks like the preferred thing to do or to believe. Two biblical verses were given later, however, to show what this type of human reasoning will produce: The fact that Satan made our first parents believe that God was not telling the truth that is, they did not in fact die on the "day" that they took of the forbidden fruit, viewed of course as a 24 hour day , this made our first parents begin to believe that there was something immortal about them.

After all, they did not die. And yet, in their respect for God, they somehow wanted to reckon God not a liar. So, since they knew that they were made in the image and likeness of God whom they talked to in the garden , and since it was reasonable that God was immortal, they then reasoned that mankind himself must have an immortality within him of some kind. This doctrinal hint to our first parents was the first teaching about an immortality in man, that is, that mankind had something of an immortal essence in him that would not die.

Shade of the Moriah Tree

This experience of Adam and Eve was the initial phase of the later doctrine of the immortality of the soul or spirit in mankind, This false teaching, prompted by the first deception of Satan, has given rise to the most blatant of erroneous beliefs imaginable. In the Christian world, the belief of the immortality of the soul or the spirit has led to the doctrine among other things that Mary, the mother of Christ, is still alive and that she can intercede with her son in heaven for humans on earth who need his help or forgiveness.

The denomination that teaches this false doctrine also believes in a plethora of "saints" who have died and are now in a similar august position of spiritual power and authority in heaven who can also intercede with Christ on behalf of mankind. It has even led Protestants to believe that as soon as Aunt Mary or Uncle John died, their souls or spirits went to Jesus in heaven and that they are now alive in joy and happiness looking down on this world and all their relatives still in the flesh.

These are false and lying spirits telling human beings such things. The Bible teaches in no uncertain terms that the dead from the time of Adam and Eve until now are still dead and in their graves and awaiting the resurrection from the dead Ecclesiastes 9: Of all people who have ever lived on earth in the past, only Christ has been resurrected to inherit immortality I Timothy 6: All the rest including the apostles of Christ are dead and in their graves without the slightest consciousness Hebrews Another false doctrine that Satan the Devil has engendered to fool the Christian world into denying their inheritance and to get them to jettison from their beliefs their divine destiny that God has promised them is to get Christians to believe that the Godhead is a closed society.

Since the New Testament gives the Christian believer clear teaching that there is God the Father and that Christ is His firstborn Son who is also considered as God, then Satan comes along and takes the Holy Spirit which to humans is a nebulous type of unidentifiable essence and places the Holy Spirit as the third member of the Godhead.

Home Study Course, the very role of Jesus Christ in coming to earth was to exalt mankind into becoming members of the very Family of God into becoming Elohim themselves, Elohim is the Hebrew word for "God". If mankind assumes their rightful position of being members of the Family of God, then Satan has to submit himself to them even to the lowliest of them — since they are "Gods" and Satan is not about to relinquish his power and sovereignty to such individuals as long as he has sway on earth to do as he pleases of course, within the guidelines that God has set for him , For proof of our destiny, see my Lesson Thirteen: What Satan has done is to establish his official Christian churches who will accept the Immortality of the Soul and the anti-biblical doctrine of the Trinity.

See my Lesson Fourteen for proof of the nonsense of the absurd doctrine called the Trinity. These false doctrines make it possible for Satan to introduce a countless number of heathen teachings among Christians that they themselves have come to believe are righteous and proper. Remember, Satan imposes himself on this world as an angel of righteousness and his ministers whom he has chosen also look ever so righteous and good on the surface. These teachings are given in "churches. What does the word really mean? I have literature that explains this.

Nowhere in the New Testament does the Greek word ekklesia which our modem translations usually render as "church" ever refer to a building or a denomination of people that we presently call a "church. The word ekklesia simply means an "assembly" or "congregation" or "group" and this is the way it should always be rendered and understood in English. Now for an important point. See any exhaustive classical and religious encyclopaedia about ancient religious beliefs and they will adequately confirm this fact about the "Baetyls.

But there is more to it than that. There is actually a benefit to us who know the truth when the word "church" is used to identify places of Christian worship even though the word "church" is a wrong translation. Fausett in his "Home Bible Study Dictionary" under the word "Church," mentions favorably this same research by Lipsius. And what was "circe" or "kirke"? This is where God gives His people a real clue regarding His opinion of "churches.

The word denotes a woman of ancient times. Her exact name was Circe or, Kirke. She was the great heathen goddess, daughter of the Sun God who tamed wild animals in her circus, who met Ulysses returning from the Trojan War and had an adulterous relationship with him that produced, as one of the children, Latinus the supposed founder of the Latin race. And how is Circe pictured in the classical accounts?


Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr. Fred DeRuvo is the author of numerous articles and a Satan's Subterfuge - Kindle edition by Fred DeRuvo. Religion. Though "subterfuge" is a synonym of "deception," "fraud," "double-dealing," and " trickery," there's nothing tricky about the word's etymology.

She is shown holding a golden cup in her hand mixed with wine and drugs through which she controlled the kings of the world among whom was supposed to be Ulysses. Now for a fact! This Goddess is found in the symbolic teaching of the Bible. She is called the Great Whore who sits on many waters and seven hills who masterminds Mystery Babylon. Listen to what God says: This is a clear biblical description of the Goddess of the classical world known as Circe, the great sorceress. As a matter of fact, when Circe died she was buried on one of the islands of the Pharrnacusii group in the Aegean Sea in eyesight of the Isle of Patmos where the apostle John saw most of the Book of Revelation.

God has allowed the name of this very Whore to adorn all Christian churches in existence, if the churches use the name "church" to describe themselves. But what an excellent device God and Christ are using to indicate to their people what to avoid on this earth. God has given to His people this great sign of identification in these historical and biblical references.

Even though Satan is allowed to control the nations of this world that the Great Whore has caused to err with her wine mixed with drugs, God has also allowed the name of the Great Goddess and Whore to be placed on all the religious places of meeting where the teachings of the Great Whore are disseminated.

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Listen, the word ekklesia in the New Testament means simply a group, assembly or congregation. It does not mean the House of God a Bethel, which itself is condemned by God in the Bible , nor does ekklesia mean a "Church" which name derives directly from "Circe" the Great Whore of Revelation. In biblical teaching a "church" is nothing but a Whorehouse! When people enter most of these "churches" named after the Great Whore of Revelation, what do they see prominently displayed in most of them?

Why, either in an idolatrous fashion with images, icons or statues or in picture form, you will see a bearded long-haired personage whom they benignly tell you is a representation of Jesus, the Son of God. Besides the fact that God even in the days of Moses condemned the making of any images whatever of any God even the true God , we find Christian churches and even the most prominent of the Protestants now displaying an illegal form of a person they will inform you to be Jesus.

But Jesus did not have long hair when he was on earth nor does he have long hair now , and I have an abundance of biblical and historical material to prove this without doubt. Indeed, the personage they are displaying as Jesus in their churches is no more than an image of Zeus usually in the form of the Egyptian God Serapis that Satan has cleverly deceived people into believing is the Jesus of the New Testament. Listen, if the apostles could enter these so-called Christian churches today and see the image of such a long-haired personage in the chief area for worship, they would instantly ask why is such an idolatrous and illegal image of Zeus put in that place of Christian worship?

The truth is, Satan has got people to believe that the grooming that denotes Zeus the chief heathen God is now that which identifies Jesus. But Jesus does not have long hair I Corinthians This nonsense we see in the churches is just like placing a picture of Tiny Tim with his long hair in a photo an gallery and then placing a sign under his picture stating that he is John Wayne.

This practice of showing Zeus with his long tresses as now being the Jesus of the Bible is a travesty of the truth. It is an outright lie! But not only are such pictures false depictions of Jesus, even displaying a true picture of deity is in itself blatant idolatry and is an expression of rebellion to God on the highest level according to the Bible. But go into these "churches" named after the Great Whore and you see a long haired Zeus prominently displayed and falsely called "Jesus.

Do you know what these "Churches" that is, these "Circes" named after the Great Whore have as identifying signs to show they are a "church"?

Satan's Subtle Subterfuge

For almost a millennium they have had a steeple or spire placed on top of their buildings of worship. In Europe near the start of the Crusades, the people learned to make such spires and put them on their places of worship to mimic the minarets of the Muslims from which the Musseins the men in the tower would call the faithful of Islam to prayer. However, not preferring the human voice to call the faithful as in Islam, the Europeans put bells that is, Baals in their newly created spires and called them "belltowers. This was to indicate that this was a tower that had the appearance of reaching up to heaven.

Such a pointed shape at the top gave the illusion of a tower vanishing into the heavens.

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It was to give the impression to the people that this is the place that reaches up to heaven and that the people themselves can attain heaven by coming into the place of the tower. In the Bible, however, the first time people on the earth wanted to make such a tower that looked like it reached to heaven, God got angry with them.

He came down and confused their language and sent people into all areas of the world for their rebellion to Him in raising up such a tower Genesis Christianity actually learned this practice of raising towers over their churches from the Muslims who then represented the apex of a modem and sophisticated society. In the Muslim world at the time it was fashionable to erect such towers with each Mosque and the Christians in Europe wanted to be modem like the advanced Arab society.

They began to do the same thing as the Muslims, although Christians usually put their towers on top of their churches or cathedrals. And where did the Muslims get the practice? It is known that most Muslim architecture was copied from the Great Mosque of Damascus which can be proved once to have been a Roman temple to the pagan gods.

Unable to shake them from worshipping that stone or praying toward it, Mohammed came up with an ingenious idea. Because he fell out of sympathy with the Jews and to win over the Koreish tribe, Mohammed ordered all Muslims to quit praying toward Jerusalem and to bow down and pray toward that idol five times a day as a cardinal teaching of their faith.

And now, Satan laughs at the Muslims who think they are against idolatry by cleverly having them pray five times daily to that ancient idol of the early Arabs. All Muslims are in utter idolatry and they show it five times a day. Muslims mean well but they are so uneducated and ignorant in this matter as are Christians in their profuse practices involving idolatry today.

This shows that Satan is very sly in getting people to think that their righteousness and their religious ways are right, when they are as wrong as they can be. Yes, even the Muslims are greatly deceived, and this even applies to their adoption of the towers near their mosques. But where did the Muslims get their basic design for their mosques and minarets towers? As mentioned before, it was basically from the great Roman pagan temple at Damascus.

But why should anyone want to raise up towers in the first place in association with places of religious worship which the Christians finally adopted from Muslim example? The use of towers stemmed from the practice in early Egypt of erecting obelisks as sacred shrines or monuments near or at their places of worship. But why have such towers with various shapes but almost all of them displayed as long, erect and normally with a type of point or pyramid on top like our steeples and spires?

Classical history is clear on this matter. When the Egyptian God Osiris was killed and dismembered with his body parts scattered around the country , the Goddess Isis his sister and wife sent her messengers to gather the body parts together for a proper burial of Osiris. They were successful in discovering all the parts of the body except the penis. They looked all over for it, but it was never found. So what did Isis do? To not let them forget it, she erected numerous obelisks penis-like monuments at the main places of Egyptian worship Diodorus Siculus, Book I, Chap.

As a matter of fact, the Egyptians gave the practice to the Greeks and then it came to the Romans. The Romans even transported to Rome some of these Egyptian obelisks for their own worship purposes, and one of them is now in the center of Vatican City prominently erected there as pretty as you please. Following the example of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, the practice of raising up obelisks in the form of spires and towers continued throughout the pagan world with various types being used and often their designs were subtlety changed to hide the meaning of what the obelisk actually was.

As a matter of fact, would you not think that a steeple with its spire looks more like a large upright writing instrument that we call a pencil with a sharp point at the top than an obvious erect male penis? Yes, most people would think so. But I ask you to go to any good size dictionary and look up the word "pencil" you know what I mean, that pencil we all use to write letters. Get ready for a shock if you have not looked up the origin of this word because the word "pencil" means "a small penis"!

Most of you probably never knew what you were actually holding in your hand when you wrote your last letter to Aunt Mable. And the word "pinnacle"? The word "pinnacle" has a similar origin. Pinnacles are simply another indication of upright penises. And, believe it or not, if you look up the early use of the word "prick" in the exhaustive Oxford Dictionary, you will find that five hundred years ago people customarily referred to pinnacles as pricks even in a normal non-gutter type of language.

That Dictionary showed one translation of even the New Testament that Satan took Christ to the "prick of the Temple" in order to throw him down see the article "Prick," vol. By the way, there were no standing towers or spires in the Temple at Jerusalem. And since it was quite common a few centuries ago to refer to the steeples and spires on churches and cathedrals as "pricks," I frankly think they ought to be called by this name today. At least people would then begin to understand what these steeples represent.

As a matter of fact, with some of the eastern European churches, the architects got more bold. They left the top of the steeple looking globular, which is even more penis-like in shape than the pointed pencil-like spire of our western churches and cathedrals. With this brief overview I hope that you will begin to understand how Satan the Devil uses his subtle ways to deceive the world. He laughs at God every day a church is erected with an erect penis on the top to identify it.

Why do they want such a sign to be there? It is there because it identifies that this is a "church. He sees it as the original penis-sign erected by the Goddess Isis as a place of worship for the pagans who were to look for the lost penis of the Egyptian God Osiris. And our intellectuals know this to be the case. Now some may say that such signs today have lost all their original meaning and no one any more thinks of a steeple or spire as an erect penis.

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People today are so ignorant and uneducated that they do not know that their erection of a steeple and spire over a church is their erection of the Isis penis-sign. But, do not churches do a lot of good for society and should we not be too hard on them for their ignorance of the origin of their signs? This is the problem.

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But let us forget for a moment how we humans view these symbolic matters, While Christians today show an indifference to these corruptions, God the Father and Christ Jesus are not ignorant of the meaning of these penis-signs and other such abominations in our churches. They are well aware of what these profligate signs mean, and Satan laughs at so-called righteous Christians over their stupidity in erecting such penis-signs over their churches.

But really, should God and Christ be subjected to view such pagan idolatry when they look down from heaven on the worship services of their people? Why should they have to view these heathen corruptions adorning our Christian church buildings? It is outrageous that when God and Christ want to observe their people assembling for worship, they find them each Sunday or Sabbath under the upright penis or penises that Satan had them erect over their churches. And Christians today show not the slightest shame in their actions.

This indicates just how deceived Christians have become. This corruption, however, not only involves God and Christ looking at these obscene signs from the ancient world, what about all of us who know these historical and biblical truths? Why, every time my wife goes to buy groceries, she passes three churches which have those erect penises identifying them.

Believe me, she knows what they signify. The least the ministers of those churches could do is to put some kind of covering over their penis-signs to hide them from the sight of my wife and the general public. Should our wives and children be subjected to such indecency? In truth, the intellectuals know what they mean. As an example of this, Newsweek magazine for December 13, had an article with a photograph of the citizens of Paris, France placing a gigantic condom over the obelisk from Egypt located in the Place de la Concorde which is like the obelisk in Vatican City to commemorate the promotion of World AIDS Day and to remind homosexuals to use safe sex between themselves.

The intellectuals in France are well aware of what that obelisk sign from Egypt means. It is time that the Christian ministers and priests be honest enough with the general public to put the same kind of sheath over the penis-signs on the top of their churches. At least, all people would then know what those steeples represent. Really though, can you see why God calls our religious societies today "Mystery, Babylon the Great"?

He calls them "Mystery" or "Secret" because people today are so ignorant and uninformed that Satan has got even the most religious Christians thinking that all these disgusting and obscene signs on the tops of their churches and the equally offensive signs within them are actually holy, righteous and proper. Indeed, in this Report I have not discussed the pagan "female signs" in our churches out of respect for the women who read this Report, but I plan to write a book exposing the whole thing, and it will be a shocker! Indeed, if I am to be a truthful historian, I will have to tell the facts very plainly.

Do not open and read this book if you are sensitive to the history of the many religious signs now adorning our churches and the paganism in church liturgy which some people might consider pornographic. So, here are these "covenant churches" with their rampant idolatry overflowing to the brim acting like the Israel and Judah of old whom God said were two classic examples of first-class whores Ezekiel In closing, let me give you a present day scenario by using an example of an event of the past mentioned in the Old Testament.

When God today calls a council in heaven of His Sons with all the angels and including Satan the Devil, they all have a dialogue with one another. God no doubt still asks Satan where has he been. Satan would tell God he had been going throughout the earth. God would then ask Satan if he noticed the humans on earth who were His sons and daughters?

Millions upon millions serve this military with the numbers exponentially increasing daily. These spirits use object and symbols to draw humans into their world…the New World Order. This new age religion unfolds before us requiring its members to worship Satan, to bow down to his demonic messengers and ultimately to him. That should be the real questions…answer?

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A great leader, a charismatic man who will bring peace to the world…a false peace. He will settle disputes which have been waging since the days of old. The Book of Genesis and Islamic traditions consider Ishmael to be the ancestor of the Ishmaelites and patriarch of Qaydar. According to Muslim tradition, Ishmael the Patriarch and his mother Hagar are said to be buried next to the Kaaba in Mecca.

Jacob and Isaac, Esau and Ishmael, the original Hatfield and Mccoys…the world war of all wars…and then we have the spiritual war…the Nephilim and fallen angels against mankind. These bloodlines came to be known as the men of renown, of old…of Atlantis. The Golden Greek Gods…demigods. But, they were just getting started back then! They were historically worshiped, having no regard for mankind. Disguised as gods, but actual demons in disguise.

These evil spirits are engaging in relentless battles that are fighting against opposing forces. Principalities and powers, world rulers of darkness, wicked spirits in high places and innumerable. These demons are at various levels which span across the world in governments, religions, entertainment, and even science. The powers of conquering spirits. I liken this analogy to a pair of bifocals.

Some bifocals have a clear, defined line between one lens and the other. Newer lens often have no distinct line; one lens blends into the other. The other is Satan, the ultimate enemy, the ultimate evil, standing behind, orchestrating opposition through his servants. Looking through the center of the lens lets one see clearly who is intended. While the other part becomes blurring, referring to both men until we receive Salvation and Satan. The Bible reveals that the devil always seeks to pollute and destroy the head, the leader, the king, and the priest.

We are witnessing manifestations of demonic illusions all around the world. The puzzle pieces are almost all in place now. Satanism is one of the most controversial belief systems in the world today, in whatever expression it takes. Knowing this, who dares to worship the false gods of the Koran and Bible? Because of this, the human race was drastically degenerated from spiritually and intellectually.

The people who exist within these Satanic groups want you to truly believe that Satan is a lie…not a liar. That is the grand lie from the best of liars. As a writer, I must travel the internet to find material which holds true to the statements which I publish…and in doing so, I find trash! So, dark and dirty that it can only be described as such. Two clicks to two websites reveal massive Satanic ritual abuse. These kinds of things are held secret and are performed by psychopaths.

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A psychopath is someone who is suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. Another parallel is that when demons attack…who do they love to attack?

Children and the elderly. The weak, the innocent…do you see the connections. These people are taught what they do, and they teach others! The very first item of interest…a letter. In it, it says…Did you leave a handkerchief? I think it has a map that seems pizza-related…. The bloodline issue belongs front and center…because GOD places it there. Blood is part of the good and evil. GOD uses it, so Satan must as well. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Before this there was only the supernatural creations…angels.

This has its origins in blood however slight it may seem. Because The Bible works on many levels, many will contest this subject. This is what took place with Eve. She was beguiled by Lucifer who was a beautiful angel into having sexual intercourse. This produced TWO children. When Lucifer fell and changed his countenance and stature. They came to Earth and nested. Herein lies evil bloodlines. They came and conquered women but not only that, they brought with them false doctrines which produced false religions.

This brings light to the evil Ascended Masters. They are nothing but EVIL! They are fallen angels…powers and principalities in high places. They rule over the earth with an iron rod. This includes the land and sea! Their place of origin? The deep blue seas…this of course was after GOD blew their precious Atlantis out of the land and into the sea! This is where we get the Greek demi-gods. History will tell you that the Christian Faith began about 30 A.

I believe that a parallel of this was Satanism. This is how Christian persecution began…sheep in wolves clothing! And it thrives unto this very day. But GOD tells us all things will come to light, even darkness! Witchcraft is witchcraft, no matter how you spread it. GOD speaks of witchcraft and gives it many names. Meaning, no matter how you spin it…evil is evil. Presently, we see thousands of religions…but if you dig into the core of each, we have two. The doctrines are what give them away. Satan tells his fellow comrades to make them look natural and cohesive.

This is what we are witnessing today…a culmination of religions coming together as one. A One World Religion. From the actual sermons of the Apostles…to the evil spreading across the globe…we see the traits…the characteristics. If you research many false religions you will begin to see that they originated within the Roman Catholic Church. This is the entity which is leading the Satanic craze. This involves power…blood increases power for Satanists. The woman drunken with blood? Suffice it to say that the RCC is not Christian.

This involves the metaphysical transformation of bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus. This is a doctrine which truly belongs in the occult. Remember, I told you blood holds power! The occultists of the RCC know this! This process is meant to override Salvation by means of your own personification. Circling around the world many times over…now Satan sits back and laughs.