Faith Through the Fire: One Familys Discovery of Faith Through Enormous Tragedy

But a peek into the wisdom of the Dalai Lama provides tools to find fulfillment every day. The reality is that stress and worry are all a part of this thing we call life. But there are a number of ways to lessen its burden—including exercising faith. Sometimes, simply remembering certain things can be what we need to feel greater peace and hope for the future.

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I embraced technology as a tool for spiritual self-development, but it took me a few years to find the right balance. Have you ever had doubts or questions about your beliefs? Read on to learn how to evaluate and come to trust your faith. Every great athlete has had to push through obstacles and reach beyond limits. How do they do it?

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And how can we reach beyond our own limits in our individual lives? Churches are finding themselves at the center of an opportunity to share faith with others. Here are 3 things you can do to help share your faith. A recent humanitarian trip to the developing, third-world country of Zambia was a lesson for me on faith. Gandhi was a wise man whose life lessons far extend past the 79 years he spent spreading messages of peace, acceptance and love on Earth.

Here are four ways to find your intuition—and more peace of mind. When my therapist asked if I meditated, I said yes. I thought reading scripture and praying counted, but I was missing an easy, faith-affirming, stress-reducing third step. Modern abolitionist and former U. Watch how his story of faith unfolded in the face of great fear. Busyness is the language of modern life, but stillness is the language of the soul. Follow this advice to reconnect with the things that are most important. How has faith changed your life?

Watch this inspiring video from Faith Counts contributor, R. Here are the inspiring lessons I learned from my mom about how to have hope no matter how dark life may seem. Our trust in God increases each time we act in faith, especially when what we feel we should do seems risky or foolish.

Today, millions of people around the globe are celebrating Vaisakhi. We care for our bodies. We walk instead of drive, take the stairs, eat leafy green vegetables, drink imported spring water. But our spirits need just as much nourishment. Take the health of your spirit to heart. This spring when you notice the flowers and trees beginning to blossom, consider these four ways you can help your faith bloom and work towards becoming the person you want to be.

But those are also reasons I struggle with my faith because, thank you very much, I'm quite happy where Watch the incredible story of Chanel White, who has faith — not to be healed — but to have the emotional and spiritual strength to endure whatever comes her way. For many of us of different backgrounds, faith brings peace, power, possibilities, provision and purpose.

Many people are familiar with the story of Esther and her incredible faith, but did you realize that there is an entire Jewish holiday dedicated to honoring and celebrating her story? Have you ever felt betrayed? Although at times it may not be easy to keep a hopeful perspective, here is how I found the courage to move past betrayal and press on to brighter horizons. Here are a few things I realized faith and exercise have in common. Mother Teresa was a woman of intense faith who dedicated her life to succoring and empowering the disenfranchised, and taught us, through her actions, to cultivate and live an attitude of faith.

God was slowly laying down the puzzle pieces, revealing the larger image He has for me. Showing me how faith brought me here. My son went missing when he was two years old. The holidays are a perfect time for staying in and watching a classic holiday movie. We can learn a lot about faith, family and love from our favorite holiday movies.

The holidays seem to be defined more and more by busyness, but the story of Christmas invites us to something different, something better. What we crave most is connection, not things. Here are five tips for keeping the holidays focused on what truly matters. Watch the video today and invite the Christmas spirit into your home. As you hurry to get everything on your to-do list done, take a moment to look around for someone who might need a helping hand or words of encouragement.

Every act of service counts this holiday season. But gratitude helped me to see how God was extending small and significant blessings. I decided to look for people who had already figured it out. Watch how two couples keep love alive. The year is almost over and the holidays are fast approaching. In a world with countless voices claiming to have the right answer to any question, it can be challenging to separate truth from opinion.

Here are some ways to move forward with faith in your search for truth. Faith opens the eyes of our hearts. Have you ever been blindsided by a comment that mocks your faith or the faith of someone in your social circle? Though trying times in our lives come, we can learn from the words of C. Lewis the power of moving forward with faith. Pumpkin spice may make you feel warm and fuzzy during this season of change. But that warm fuzziness is fleeting. Try a cup of faith. It will last forever. Between busy school schedules, Halloween costume making and leaf raking, find opportunities to do more service during your daily routines and inspire others to do the same.

This year-old made a choice to be happy in the face of a surprising diagnosis. Do you have the faith to be happy, no matter what? Visiting and understanding the sacred sites of other faiths helps us appreciate the faith we all share. In her short life of 19 years, she led armies of her countrymen to drive the English from France, ensured a French Prince was crowned, and then died bravely as a martyr. Take some time during your busy back-to-school, work or family schedule to do some service this month!

As the leaves are changing you can make a choice to change too as you better adopt the idea of service into your life and join FaithServes.

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FaithServes will run from September through December, and each month will bring a new batch of service ideas. On the 1st of each month thirty-one ideas will be posted, specific to that particular month and holidays. You can also follow MyFaithCounts on Twitter for daily service reminders! We are all afraid of failure. Four fiction writers express how faith can bring you farther than you ever imagined. People can be rude, insensitive, or downright mean. But holding grudges can weigh us down. Here are four tips to let go of grudges for good.

Transitioning to college life can be overwhelming and scary for everyone. How are parents sharing their faith with their families? The answer may have less to do with what they believe and more to do with how they believe. Here are five quotes from people who have felt the same way. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Captain Kirk and Mr.

God Really does have a Purpose behind your Problems!

Faith Through the Fire: One Family's Discovery of Faith Through Enormous Tragedy [Melissa Grimes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Faith Through the Fire: One Family's Discovery of Faith Through Enormous Tragedy Aug 03, by Melissa Grimes · Kindle Edition. $$ Available.

What are three ways faith can be your sidekick? Music is a universal language with the power to uplift, motivate, inspire, and transform our lives. Prayer can take many forms, but the purpose is the same. To connect for a moment in our busy lives with a higher power.

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And, like Zamperini, faith has played an important role in my sobriety, and my life. Watch the video today and invite the Christmas spirit into your home. How sharing religious best practices can help us raise families in challenging environments. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Just the battle-tested insights of a soldier who has learned to trust his heavenly Father in the valley of the shadow of death. Paul and of his companions where headed straight to the biggest storm and crisis if their lives. Yet David does ask God the hard questions, but he did not stop there.

Do you own the one device where you will never have to worry about paying for data or losing a signal? Is sharing your faith on social media a little scary? Read on to discover why you should share anyway.

A 5, pound mechanized death-trap strung together with pulleys and cables, hidden behind the curtains. How can you trust it? I was a stranger, and they welcomed me. Last week we asked how your mom has helped strengthen your faith. Here is what you had to say…. Born three months premature and weighing just 2. Yoga is much more than a group of people in stretchy pants looking calm as they strike perfectly balanced poses on different colored mats.

It has the power to heal and strengthen not only the body, but also the spirit. The next time you find yourself in the middle of a bad day, hold tight to your faith and you will be able to conquer any challenge that pops up. In cases of aggravated loss, where freak accidents or violence has taken a loved one, recovery may require from 3 to 5 years. And, in such cases life will never be the same again … but it can be good again.

One way the person facilitates his recovery is through mentally processing the crisis by retelling his story. This may become tiresome to family members and others who are close to the person. What is the likelihood that you will not mention this to your friend once you have arrived at his home? Some crazy idiot pulled out in front of me. I just barely missed him. During the months that follow he will compose a story about the crisis that leaves him a bitter person or a better person.

After all, none of us lives with the facts of our lives. We live with the story we tell ourselves about the facts of our lives. We see this in the vastly different ways children raised in the same family recall their history. We cannot change the facts of our lives.

Mercifully we can edit the story we tell ourselves about the facts of our lives.

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For believers we call these stories we tell ourselves about the tragedies of life theodicies. A theodicy is a theological explanation of life events.

Over a period of time by talking to God and ourselves we arrive at a version of this story that we choose to live with. The role of the pastor or Christian counselor during this period of recovery is critical. Our task is to assist the person seeking our help understand that the way he has chosen to talk to himself about these painful chapters is not the only version of the facts. And, he can tell a different story to himself about these facts if he will. The devil has a variety of destructive ways he wants to impose on these tragic facts.

The Lord has a variety of creative ways He wants a person to view his tragedies. This spiritual battle rages in the mind of the believer. The goal of the pastor or Christian counselor is to help the believer choose one of the creative ways God has for him to put the facts of his tragedy together. This is nowhere more clearly demonstrated than in the life of Joseph. Notice, Joseph did not forget the fact his brothers sold him to Egypt.

However, mentally and spiritually he had won the battle for a healthy way of putting this part of his history together This version of the facts allowed him to be at peace with himself and be reconciled to his brothers.

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There is no way I can change those facts. After all, my birth had killed her. However, one day at her grave I noticed she was only 19 when she died. I said to myself, This is too young for anyone to die. How valuable your life must be. Be sure you make it count for something. No longer do I think of myself as murdering my mother. I see her death as adding value to my life. This stage of recovery reveals the way we have finally internalized the crisis. During the weeks and months of battling our way from shock through storm and search ,we settle on a version of the story with which we choose to live.

The way we mentally choose to manage the tragedies of life is evident by our presence.

It is registered on our countenance. The people who live with us can tell whether we have settled on a redemptive way of living with the tragedies of life or a destructive way. They can tell whether we have found healing and peace for the hurts of our past or are still chafing under the pain. Remind those seeking your help that there is no life without pain. We enter this world through a painful experience. And, between our birth and our death each of us is tried in the crucible of life.

Dobbins Institute of Ministry in Naples, Florida, which he founded in He said the inspiration for the story came from several different places including the small unique Texas towns that surrounded his home, an episode of the Twilight Zone, and the experiences of a friend of his who had lost his dad and was struggling with his faith.

The brothers decided to base the story loosely on their aunt who served for ten years as a missionary with her family in India. On the day that she and her family were leaving India, her husband was killed. We took that and thought wow, what if she had lost her faith? She responds to the tragedy with anger and resentment. She no longer believes in God, the Bible, or prayer. At one point she explains that the first night she was able to sleep after the tragedy was the night she stopped praying.

She went to the Sudan, and she was a very big believer. Then these things happened to her family, and she thought if there were a God how could that happen? Her story reminded me of missionary Gracia Burnham whose husband was also tragically killed. She and her husband were vacationing in the Philippines to celebrate their anniversary when they were kidnapped by a terrorist group. They were held hostage for months in the rugged Philipine jungles.

Then during a rescue attempt by the Philippine military, her husband was caught in the crossfire and killed. If anyone had a reason to be angry with God, it would be her. But rather than growing bitter or being angry with God, Gracia held tightly to her faith. She even went on to forgive her captors.

Why does God allow tragedies in the lives of His children? But Scripture does speak about tragedy and suffering. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.