How to Cut Your Electric Bill in Half

So, to turn them off we just needed to turn the surge protector off. That literally requires pressing a button.

Three Things That Could Cut Your Electric Bill In Half

We just plugged them back in when we needed them and unplugged them again when we were done. After a month of unplugging everything… I got used to it. It became a habit and a part of my routine. I began unplugging things without thinking about it. Also, I was no longer annoyed when I had to plug things back in because I knew exactly how much money it was saving us. That made a few seconds of inconvenience worth it to me. We have been doing this for years now, and I never even give it a second thought.

See how much money you could save. On to the next tip…. To save more on your electric bill, you want to use less electricity. One easy way to do this is to charge your devices in the car instead of in the house. I pretty much only charge my phone in the car. I just automatically plug it in whenever I get in the car.

If your car allows you to plug in USB cords, you can charge other devices in the car too. Most devices come with a USB charger and can be charged in the car. They last up to 22 years! It depends on how much you use them. A Note about LED bulbs: We also tried TCP brand bulbs, which broke shortly after putting them in.

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We contacted the company through their website twice and they never responded to us. Try these 3 tips to cut your electric bill in half today and see if they work as well for you as they did for us! The 1st Step to Saving More Money. How to Get Paid for Shopping Online. You can read more about my story here: We had a walk through done you are Electrical Company on how to save money on our bill. Our electric bill was almost cut in half!

3 Tips to Cut Your Electric Bill In Half

Hubby was convinced its worth it after our test so we will continue. Thank you for these tips. I have items all over my house that are plugged in and hardly ever used!! I have a pretty low electric bill already. I will now try unplugging items next month and see what difference it makes in my bill.

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Thanks for the tips. Thanks for the tips! My bill was almost cut in half as well! I just decided to do this last night before seeing this on Pinterest this morning.

50 Tips to Cut Your Electric Bill in Half

If you have especially dirty clothes, you can use warm water. Buy a pack of electrical outlet sealers and install them behind outlets and switches. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Microwaves also do not heat up your home, which is good if you are trying to reduce cooling costs in the summer. A fridge can use anywhere between kWh to kWh per year, depending on the type of fridge you have. To ensure your HVAC is operating efficiently, get annual maintenance done on it. An oven uses around 2, watts.

Thanks for the surge protector tip! My BF thought me turning of lights and stuff in other rooms was weird. We often use pocket juices or other places anyway. I would if I could convince my husband we need to unplug. Modern detergents use enzymes that are far more effective at breaking down dirt than those in the past.

The enzymes kick into action at any water temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have especially dirty clothes, you can use warm water. And your clothes will last longer too! Showering Simple… have a cold shower.. However, there are shower heads available for a relatively small cost that will cut that down to 2.

Reducing your Electric Bill

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of 50 ways—both big and small—to cut your electric bill in half. By employing these tips, you can accumulate big time annual. As electricity prices rise over time, finding ways to cut your electricity bill is increasingly important. Here are our top five tips to cut your electricity.

Speak to your home hardware expert and get a shower head that reduced water consumption and watch the savings! Your water bill will like you too! Change your water heater to an on demand heater.

1. Start with an Energy Audit

Rather than using a hot water tank, change to a tankless water heater. And we are well on the way to our goal — to cut your electric bill in half.

The Next big culprit for electric usage is your heating and cooling systems. So this is the area that you should concentrate on next. You may have noticed that your ceiling fan runs in two directions — clockwise and counter-clockwise. If you do not have double-pane windows, consider changing your windows. Simply cut the bubble-wrap to size to fit in the inside of your window, but make sure it does not touch the edge.

Then mist the window with water and apply the bubble-wrap. It should stick there and stay there.

how to cut your electric bill in half Free ideas part one DIY how to

You can feel the difference by placing your hand next to the window before you apply the bubble wrap and after. Before the bubble-wrap is applied you will feel the warmth coming in. After, you should not be able to feel any difference from room temperature. Consider Changing your Air Conditioner Of course, an inefficient air-conditioner is going to cost you more money than an efficient one.

Replacing old heating and cooling systems can really reduce your electric bill. Check for leaks Go outside of your house and run your hand around windows and doors. If you feel any cool breeze escaping from your house, fill it with caulking or weather-stripping. Dry air not only makes your skin dry causing discomfort, but it also means that your heating equipment has to work extra hard.

Humid air retains heat a lot more than dry air. And that is a BIG savings. Insulate your Windows Insulate your windows. Get some big-bubble bubble wrap and cut it to size for your windows the one-inch bubble size. Cut the bubble wrap to fit inside the window on the glass. Use water and mist the glass and then just stick it on there. It stays surprisingly well. The reason is simple. Heat rises, and in the winter you want to blow the hot air down from the ceiling.

Switch from the old light bulbs to florescent or LED light bulbs. A Watt standard bulb can be replaced with a 23 — 30 watt florescent light bulb or with a 16 to 20 Watt LED bulb. Replacing your light bulbs will reduce electric consumption from lights by one third to one fifth.