Nugget Come Home - The Life and Times of a Queensland Blue Heeler

Queensland times funeral notices — Robert j murphy funeral home. Funeral Notice This notice is placed in the paper and advises relatives and friends details of the funeral, such as where and when. This is the life story of a Queensland Blue Heeler dog called Nugget.

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I am that dog and it is written by me and my adopted father. Years ago in the Western suburbs of Sydney I was born in a litter of six puppies.

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When I was about seven weeks old a family from the other side of town paid good money for me and took me away and they became my adopted family. Over the following sixteen years we lived in several houses and shared many adventures together. In my earlier years, like most puppies I suppose, I got up to a fair amount of mischief.

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I had my run-ins with cats and other dogs and even sharks, kangaroos and cattle ticks. There were great times and sad times and it is all recorded in the following pages. I hope you enjoy reading my story. My mother was placid and gentle and quite content to lie quietly and let us suckle. In those carefree early days it was fun playing chasings with my brothers and sisters and engaging in pretend wrestles. I soon learnt how to roll over onto my back and defend myself from that position.


It is on their next visit to the Bunton's that Nick and Dash hear a window smash and discover that Kylie is being kept prisoner by her own parents — the only way they can think of to keep her away from heroin. Nick is manning the desk when a young man, Gavin Stone, comes in to report that his father's car has been stolen. A bond forms between the mother and Adam and she extracts a promise from the young constable that he will leave no stone unturned to find her child. An ugly confrontation ensues, ending with a major injury and Adam's career in tatters. Tom mediates between them, insisting PJ take the case at face value. Runaway Bay Library Borrow it. Or will they discover a shallow grave instead?

This way, I had four paws and a mouth with a full set of sharp teeth to attack with. I meet my adopted family. Unknown to me, on the absolute other side of Sydney lived a boy called Ian.

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He had been pestering his mum and dad to buy him a dog for Christmas, not any old dog, but a Queensland Blue Heeler. His dad seemed rather keen on the idea but his mum had reservations. He was all the time fighting with that Shiatsu Scallywag from next door until Scallywag got badly hurt and the police called and told your father that he had to be taken to the pound.

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There was another concern; the family had only recently acquired a cat and how would a new addition to the family, a puppy dog, manage with Pyewacket the Burmese kitten? His mum finally relented and off the family went right across the other side of town, leaving Pyewacket, with mystical foreknowledge, sitting in the driveway angrily twitching his tail.

By this time I was seven weeks old and starting to fill out. I could run and wrestle with the best of them. He also liked to jam tablets down our throats, which were supposed to stop us from getting worms, whatever that meant.

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Anyway, this Saturday morning my siblings and I were dozing in our enclosure, blissfully unaware that a whole group of strangers were about to descend on us. My father and mother stood by, proudly I think, while people came in and looked us up and down and tickled us under the tummy and tried to get us to do tricks. It was all good fun and to be honest I was quite enjoying the attention until a gruff-looking man wearing a cowboy hat picked up Boofie, the biggest male in the litter and walked off with him.

They got into a car and disappeared around the corner.

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Nugget Come Home - The Life and Times of a Queensland Blue Heeler - Kindle edition by Don Janetzki. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC . Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Janetzki, Don, ; Format: Book; 75 p.: ill. ; 21 cm.

We exchanged glances; would Boofie come back or would that be the last we saw of him? No sooner had this happened than a family arrived to check us out. It had occurred to me when Boofie departed that all of us might be headed to new homes. What would happen if no one wanted me? What would happen if the rest of my brothers and sisters found homes and I was left, unwanted?

Intuitively I felt that it would serve my best interests to put on a bit of a show and in fact when I looked around it occurred to me that all my siblings had come to the same conclusion. This family of newcomers comprised a grown-up, good looking man, an equally well-groomed woman, and two small boys.

The man who fed us came out to meet them. The man confirmed it, following which they were taken out the back where we were staying.

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They approached us with excitement. As it turns out, I possessed all of the above attributes to a tee and then some!