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He then worked in the dry goods commission business in Boston and later was a cotton buyer with his son, Arthur Loring Jackson, as P. He also served as the treasurer of the Boston Provident Association. Patrick married Eleanor Baker Gray , the daughter of Rev. The couple had four children: The family lived in Cambridge and summered at Pride's Crossing in Beverly. Russel, and the cousin of Patrick Tracy Jackson Cabot was shot and killed at Fort Wagner in Charleston, South Carolina on 18 July , three days before his nineteenth birthday. John Noble was born in Dover, N.

He graduated from Harvard with an A. He received a law degree and was admitted to the Suffolk Bar in , practicing law until his appointment in Aug. John married Katherine Williams Sheldon b. He received his Harvard A. From to , he worked in the offices of John D. Loring and Harold J.

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Coolidge in Boston, working chiefly with trust estates. In , he traveled to Panama, spending a few weeks there before the opening of the Panama Canal. John married Susan Loring Jackson in , and the couple had four children: From to , Susan served as a squadron chief in the Women's Motor Corps of the Red Cross, transporting wounded soldiers from wharves to hospitals. In , she married John Noble , and the couple had four children: As a lawyer for the firm of Warren, Garfield, Whiteside, and Lamson, he successfully argued a case before the U.

John married Barbara Elisabeth Warner in , and the couple had four children: John Joey Noble b.

Noble enlisted as a lieutenant junior grade in the Naval Reserves in and was trained in naval air reconnaissance. In the Battle of Leyte Gulf in Oct. He was discharged with the rank of commander in From to , Noble was assistant general counsel to James V. Forrestal, the first U. During his tenure with Tapline from to , Noble and his family lived in Beirut, Lebanon. He moved with his family to New Canaan, Conn. The Loring-Jackson-Noble family papers consist of 18 document boxes and 1 oversize box spanning the years to The collection has been divided into six series: Loring family papers; Jackson family papers; Noble family papers; Gray-Chapman-Rogers family papers; unidentified family papers; and genealogies and family histories.

Family correspondence, discussing family news, daily life, and social events in Litchfield, Conn. Correspondence and papers of Boston lawyer Charles Greely Loring primarily pertain to the purchase and development of his farm at Pride's Crossing in Beverly, Mass. The papers of Charles's daughter, Jane Loring Gray, contain correspondence with her husband, Harvard botanist Asa Gray, a small collection of Asa's personal correspondence, and Jane's diary of her trip through New York to Niagara Falls.

Jackson family papers include those of Patrick Tracy Jackson , his wife Susan Loring Jackson, their siblings, and their children, particularly their son Patrick Tracy Jackson Family correspondence and personal papers reflect the elder Jackson's career as a cotton merchant; Susan Loring Jackson's studies at the Litchfield Female Academy; and the Civil War service of the younger Jackson and his cousin Cabot Jackson Russel.

Of note are Jackson's papers pertaining to his service as ordnance officer for the 1st and 5th Massachusetts Cavalry Regiments and Russel's brief Feb. They include John's diary of his Harvard sophomore year; John's detailed diary of his journey to the Panama Canal; and Susan's records of her service in the Women's Motor Corps.

Loring-Jackson-Noble Family Papers

The bulk of the series consists of the papers and personal correspondence of John Noble , reflecting his work as a lawyer, World War II Naval officer aboard the U. His correspondence includes vividly illustrated letters to his sons from the South Pacific in the s and discussions of politics, the oil industry, and the life of an American living in the Middle East in the s and '60s. Jane Lathrop Loring Gray papers, Gray Herbarium Library, Harvard University.

Loring family correspondence, Litchfield Historical Society, Litchfield, Conn. Loring family papers, Only the correspondence of Susan Mary Loring before her marriage to Patrick Tracy Jackson in can be found in this series. For Susan's later correspondence, see Series II.

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Jackson family correspondence, and for her other papers, see Series II. Susan Loring Jackson papers. The bulk of the series consists of family correspondence.

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After the men hauled the Flyer back from its fourth flight, a powerful gust of wind flipped it over several times, despite the crew's attempt to hold it down. Some aviation buffs, particularly those who promote the legacy of Gustave Whitehead , now accuse the Smithsonian of refusing to investigate claims of earlier flights. They include correspondence, personal papers, financial papers, a travel diary, and material related to genealogy and family history. Anna's aunt Mary Pierce took care of her children after Anna's death in He wrote in his diary that on the night of October 2, "I studied out a new vertical rudder". Retrieved March 7,

Included in this subseries is correspondence between the family members of Charles Greely Loring. The bulk of letters dating from the s were written to Anna Pierce Brace Loring, while those of the s were largely written to Jane Lathrop Loring later Gray. Other family correspondence describes daily life and social events in Boston and Litchfield, as well as news and activities of the interrelated Loring, Brace, and Pierce families. Topics include family births, deaths, and marriages; religion; political events; travel; and children's health, behavior, and education.

Later correspondence includes that of various nieces, nephews, and cousins in the extended Loring family. Some letters are accompanied by a summary or typescript prepared by descendant John Noble in the s for his family history, "Squire Loring. These typescripts consist largely of the early correspondence of Charles Greely Loring with his parents, siblings, wife Anna, and his wife's aunt Mary Pierce. Included in this subseries are Loring's correspondence, personal papers, printed material, and diaries. Much of the material pertains to Loring's development of his fifty-acre estate at Pride's Crossing in Beverly Farms, including papers related to its original purchase, its development into a working farm, expenses, planting records, purchases of additional land, importation of farm animals, and daily activities.

This subseries contains personal correspondence, letters of recommendation, papers related to Loring's July 4th oration for the town of Boston in , and correspondence with his Beverly neighbor Charles Cushing Paine about rights of way and property boundaries. Also included is a detailed building contract for his Beverly house, the first constructed on the North Shore exclusively for summer use.

Other farm papers include an contract and correspondence with his farm manager containing lists of supplies and farm tasks; bills and receipts collected as Loring took an active role in reducing farm expenses; and an sketch and plans for an orchard house and grapery. Additional papers include Sep. Claims of the Inhabitants of the states engaged in the rebellion to restoration of political rights and privileges under the constitution ; bills and receipts collected for the settling of Loring's estate after his death in Oct.

Loring's three diaries describe daily activities on his Beverly farm. They include brief entries on the weather, farm activities such as plowing and planting, and observations about plants and animals. The journals also record Loring's trips to Boston, as well as the arrival of family and guests. The bulk of Loring's printed material are farm publications, including an issue of New England Farmer , seed and manure advertisements, and fencing diagrams. They include "tokens of friendship" from her days at the Litchfield Female Academy; poems to Anna from Charles during their courtship; letters from friends, including A.

Curtis, Elizabeth Howard, and Hannah Glover; and a letter from a milliner discussing the purchase and design of a new hat. Anna's account book includes a record of money she received from Charles and expenses for her clothing, gifts, household goods and services, and the needs of her children. Trimble Rothrock; and various friends and acquaintances. Also in the subseries is Jane's diary describing her trip to Niagara Falls, as well as a small collection of her husband's papers.

See also Series I. Loring family correspondence, and Series II. Jane's correspondence with her husband Asa Gray includes letters from Asa during his trip to London and two letters from Jane written during her father's final illness. The bulk of Jane's personal papers is and correspondence related to her engagement and wedding. See also letters from Peters in Asa Gray's papers. Also included are letters from J. See also Rothrock's letters in Asa Gray's papers. A house inventory in Jane's hand lists the furniture and contents of each room of the Gray's Cambridge home after Asa's death.

A small collection of Asa's papers includes a light-hearted letter to American botanist John Torrey about educated women; several letters from Thomas Minott Peters, including a 27 Jan. Trimble Rothrock near Fredericksburg, Va. Jane's diary chronicles her trip with her sisters and Brace cousins from 22 June to 4 July In it she describes the natural and historic sites on her trip through New York by rail and steamer. Mary's papers contain letters from friends, including several letters from Peleg Sprague, a Litchfield Law School classmate of Charles Greely Loring who became a U.

Also included are letters from Laurens P. Hickok, a Litchfield minister. The papers of Sarah Pierce, founder of the Litchfield Female Academy, include an poem by Catherine Beecher, correspondence from friends, and a notebook containing a manuscript draft of a play, financial memos, poems, and other writings. Papers include Mary Ann Loring's certificate of achievement from Mrs. Cranch's Academy in Milton Abbey, a literary prize, and an award for "best scholar. Loring's farewell letter to her Sunday School students, an letter to Charles Greely Loring from William Everett, and other miscellaneous papers.

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This subseries contains letters between Patrick Tracy Jackson and his sisters discussing news of family, schooling, and travels from to , and courtship letters between Patrick and Susan Loring in Litchfield. Also included are a large group of letters from Patrick and Susan to Susan's sister Jane Loring Gray, the bulk from to and from to They write from Boston and Beverly with news of their families and children.

From to , the series includes letters from Cabot Jackson Russel to his cousin Patrick Tracy Jackson discussing schoolwork, boyhood adventures, baseball, dancing school, and, later, interest in girls and dating.

They include letters from Susan to Jane about Patrick leaving for the war and the war effort at home, letters to Patrick from Cabot about going to war at the age of 18, and farewell letters to other family members. Several letters from Charles Greely Loring at the Headquarters of the Army of the Potomac give Patrick advice about his commission and include money to buy a saber and officer's uniform. Later correspondence includes that of Patrick and his parents in the s, notably a letter from his father sending Patrick to St. Louis to work in the cotton trade; Jackson family birthday remembrances; and an letter from Eleanor Gray Jackson, the wife of Patrick Tracy Jackson , to her father-in-law from New Orleans discussing civil service reform.

Jackson's papers include an medical report, his Harvard University diploma, letters to North Carolina cotton manufacturer Lindsley Beach, and an undated letter from Charles Lowell. Also included is a series of shipping receipts and insurance policies detailing three commercial voyages carrying coffee and cotton cloth: Early papers include an letter from Dorothea L. Dix and letters and poems from Susan's schoolmates. Papers related to her years at the Litchfield Female Academy from to include report cards, a lengthy account listing her expenses, a farewell address to her schoolmates and teachers, and letters from friends.

Later papers include correspondence and accounts. Susan's memoranda book contains poems and notes about milestones in the lives of her children, including their births, christenings, illnesses, first teeth, and first steps. Jackson family correspondence for her correspondence after Jackson's papers include childhood and Civil War correspondence, his military commission and discharge, and records he kept as ordnance officer for his regiments.

Personal correspondence includes May and June letters from J. Lowell at Camp Winfield Scott in Virginia describing his wartime experiences, undated childhood letters from George Goddard, and other miscellaneous letters. Military papers include Jackson's commission as second lieutenant in the 1st Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment in Apr. Also included are ordnance invoices for Company E in Warrenton, Va. Documents also include his Sep. Papers from and include affidavits and reports of discrepancies on property returns, as well as his close of accountability and certificate of non-indebtedness.

Miscellaneous papers include poems in various hands, many addressed to Ernest Jackson; Cabot Jackson Russel's sparsely written Civil War journal describing his daily activities with the Massachusetts 44th Infantry Regiment from 1 to 8 Feb. Also included are the papers of John and Susan's children: The papers of John Noble comprise the bulk of this series. Early Noble family correspondence is largely that of John Noble and his son John Noble It includes childhood letters to the elder John Noble from his family members, as well as correspondence related to the settlement of his parents' estates and the division of his family's land in Wakefield, Mass.

Correspondence from to is primarily between John Noble , his mother Katherine W. Noble, his aunt Mary Noble, and his uncle George W.

Loring-Jackson-Noble Family Papers,

Copp Noble pertaining to the death of his father, family finances, real estate sales and donations, and the family's efforts to support Mary. Included are letters from John and Susan describing their trip to Europe. Illustrated by elaborate colored pencil sketches, his detailed accounts describe the people, landscape, and daily life at sea and in the South Pacific from Feb.

John's letters to his wife Barbara continue from Jan. Topics include the family's move to Beirut, Lebanon; the boys' studies and, later, job hunting; travel logistics; Pride's Crossing property management; and family trusts and finances. John's letters occasionally mention Middle East politics and culture, particularly after Correspondence primarily consists of the retained copies of John's typed correspondence, along with some originals.

This subseries includes Noble's correspondence, personal papers, a journal describing his Harvard experiences in and , legal and historical writings, and a scrapbook of newspaper clippings. Included are childhood letters, correspondence related to historical and genealogical research, and letters regarding Noble's retirement as clerk of the Mass.

Papers also include the contract of John's brother, George Washington Copp Noble, to rent school rooms in Boston for what would become the Noble and Greenough School. Undated papers include drafts for Noble's entry in the Biographical History of Massachusetts and a blueprint of land in Great Falls, N. Noble's diary records his impressions of Harvard College from Aug. A typescript of the journal includes illustrations. Noble's writing and research includes manuscript drafts, typescripts, research notes, and copies of records related to his various articles and speeches.

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Noble's scrapbook, which he began in , includes newspaper clippings of poetry, essays, and political addresses; manuscript poems and notes; and a handwritten copy of a March "Somersworth Gazette. Female Scripture Biographies, Vol. I Female Scripture Biographies, Vol.

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