A KNOWING Is The Issue Of Life: With Golden Nuggets

I carried around those 20 or so books throughout all the years of my rebellion. My parents had given them to me--hoping that I would read them--long before I was converted. After I was converted, I would wake up in the morning, pick up one of those books and begin working through it. I now have somewhere close to 10, volumes in my library Needless to say, I went a little book crazy after I was converted.

Prospector finds huge gold nugget, even though it's and not

When people come to my office for the first time, they frequently ask me if I've read all the books in my library. Sometimes I jokingly respond by saying, "Shoot, I've read some of these twice!


32 Golden Nugget (My Baby's Daddy and the Prison Cell we Share). 38 MY BABY'S DADDY AND THE PRISON CELL WE SHARE . 39 Golden Nugget. I love this question because it can be applied anywhere, anytime. I define a golden nugget as the most important lesson, but everyone has their own definition.

I have spent countless hours picking through most of the books in my library and can tell you what each book is about and what you should expect to find in any given volume. If someone asks me about a particular book in which I have spent a more substantial amount of time, I like to share with them some of what I consider to be "the gold nuggets. Life is so very short and we only have so much time to spend searching. In the short time that we have in life, we must learn to search for the gold nuggets of truth that will benefit our own souls and the souls of others.

I am currently preaching a series on the Gospel of Luke on Sunday mornings at New Covenant and working through the book of Acts at home in family worship during the week. Doing so has reminded me that Luke was a master of finding the gold nuggets of truth about Christ and his Church. And if I love His people, then He will love me for doing it. God would rather I'd love you, than love Him. Did you know that? I'd rather you love my boy back there, no matter what you say about me. I want you to love my children.

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And any father would think that. So Father God thinks the same thing for He said, "Insomuch as you have done unto the least of these, My little ones, you have did it unto Me. And God will reward you. If you'll just love His children that shows the love of God is in you. Tomorrow may be too late. God might have chose you to Eternal Life. But if you don't make up your mind and accept it, somebody else will take your place.

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God's purpose can never be defeated. There is nothing can defeat it. So how happy ought we to be today, resting upon that beautiful revelation of the Word of the living God, that there is neither things present nor things that can come; there's no sickness, no sorrow, no death, no perils, nor nothing can separate us from the purpose of the living God.

What God has imagined in His mind, what God has purposed in His heart to bring to pass, there is no demon, there's no power, there is nothing can ever separate God's great immortal inter—eternal plan. It must be as God has said. Now that sounds hard in a Pentecostal group, but I would rather have it. Where there is gifts, they can be questioned, but where there is love, it is perfect, that right.

So work first with love, that brings fellowship and fellowship brings gifts. When you once see the Message of the hour, there's nothing else you can see but That. Everything else is gone, the rest of it's just a filler, see, see, when you once see the Message! But watch when, the spiritual Bride, when She begins to have a revival, when She begins to come back and line Herself up with the Word of God.

Watch then again, you see, how that the Scriptures, at that time, There'll be a Message sweep out to catch that Bride, catch that Woman, Elect. I know, Lord, I've listened to things I ought not have listen. The times I've been setting there reading magazines and things, when I ought to have been reading Your Word, the time I was downtown shopping, and gadding around, when I could've been spending in prayer. God, forgive me; I now raise my hand and say, "Be merciful to me. Anywhere along the general gold path where the river slows down on a large scale during a major flood storm is a likely spot to find pay-streaks.

Pay-streaks are important because they are large deposits as opposed to smaller, single-type deposits—like what you might find in a bedrock crevice along the general gold path.

Most Prospectors Struggle to Make a Living

The size and richness of a pay-streak depends upon the size of the low-pressure low-velocity area created in the river, and on how much gold traveled through that section of the river during the flood storms which formed the deposit. Most pay-streaks have definite left and right outside boundaries, meaning the gold tends to run out quickly once you get outside the pay-streak. Sometimes upstream and downstream boundaries are not so easy to distinguish.

Varying water flow turbulence during major storms can sometimes make a pay-streak somewhat inconsistent. It may appear to be good for a while, bad for a while, and then good again, but the outside left and right boundaries tend to hold true most of the time. Because pay-streaks have some size to them, they are much easier to find than single-type deposits while sampling. Most successful river miners use the following technique to locate and recover pay-streaks: First, locate a proven gold producing section of the river.


By digging or dredging sample holes, locate the main gold path. More sample holes are continued along the path until a pay-streak is located. This method is generally used whether the operation uses gold dredges in the river, sluices, or even heavy equipment up on the bank. Since the bank consists of older streambeds left high and dry, you are just as likely to find pay-streaks on the bank, or in the ancient streambeds further away, as you are in the river itself.

If you are able to find acceptable amounts of gold in a riverbed and you want to find more, look upstream and downstream along the same line of flow in the riverbed. Keep in mind the direction water and material would be moving in a major storm. Gold generally will have moved in the same direction as the water flow. The point about locating a proven gold-producing section of river is really important! You can save yourself a lot of time and energy by finding out where other miners are already doing well.

If somebody has located a pay-streak, there will almost always be more pay-streaks in that general area of the river. Investigation to locate proven areas, and communication with local successful miners to find out where deposits have been located, can save a great deal of sampling time. All of the really successful small-scale miners I know make it their business to stay updated on who is finding deposits and where. The overall process of successful mining is quite simple. We have it down to a science, having taken most of the chance out of it. Gold travels and deposits along special lines.

Nuggets of Truth

A knowledgeable, energetic, persistent sampling effort is assured of always finding the next pay-streak. This is because you never know where the next deposit is or how long it is going to take to find it.

Can People Make a Decent Living Gold Mining?

When you once see the Message of the hour, there's nothing else you can see but That. Most serious prospectors today would be doing great if the were able to find a pound of gold in a season. Pay-streaks are important because they are large deposits as opposed to smaller, single-type deposits—like what you might find in a bedrock crevice along the general gold path. Now that sounds hard in a Pentecostal group, but I would rather have it. You are also the one who evaluates the test results and has to decide what to do next.

And, this is why it always comes back down to that important, fundamental ingredient, which is you! You are the one who decides where to put your sample holes, how large to make them, and how long to continue them. You are also the one who evaluates the test results and has to decide what to do next. You have to decide, based upon your sampling results and the other information you have collected, whether a certain section of river deserves further sampling activity or if you should move on to another location.

Every decision you make is a crossroads that will directly affect the final outcome. It is important to realize that how much gold you get from your mining activity depends entirely on you and what you decide to do. A good miner is an investigator who tracks down where the gold is coming from, and diligently works his or her way right into it. How good you are does not depend upon how much time you have spent at it in the past. It depends upon how much you really want to succeed and how willing you are to hustle yourself into a deposit. I know of quite a few people who have discovered rich gold deposits in their first season.

I also know a lot of guys who have been at it for years, and still cannot seem to find acceptable deposits for themselves. They are not sticking to the right procedure. They are making the wrong decisions, and, a lot of the time, they are deciding to giving up too easily. Again, the main problem is not knowing. So, based on the information you do have, you are constantly being put to the test, having to decide if the gold is likely to be in a certain area or if it is more likely not to be.

People who have the most trouble in gold mining are the ones who give up too easily.

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You need to give your sample holes a little more time and effort than they deserve, but without overdoing it. This is a matter of judgment which gets a little easier with experience. Once you find a good deposit, it is easy to see why it is located there, and you will also see how easy it was to find. But when it runs out, you are right back to not knowing where the next one is going to be. Gold mining is always an emotional challenge.

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The problem most people have with mining and sampling has little to do with judgment in sampling. It has to do with other basic decisions they have already made concerning their own personal success.