Zombiewood Confidential

My Zombie Valentine-Katie MacAlister, Angie Fox, Marianne Mancusi and Lisa Cach

The book will be released in Germany in August.

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All in all a very fun weekend had by all! Maybe someday I will recoop the money stolen from me. Posted by Mari Mancusi at 5: Another fun and original take on the zombie genre. We are not going to ask you for money or banner clicks.

The editor said she loved it - I hope you guys will, too! For the rest of you, we're still hanging out, fingers crossed, waiting for my US editor to read Book 5 and hopefully commit to publishing it. Keep spreading the word about the series to your friends - the better it does, the more likely it will continue! Posted by Mari Mancusi at This weekend I finally fufilled my long ago made promise to visit my friend Diana Peterfreund down in DC.

It's really easy to get to DC from NYC - just jump on a BoltBus, which is one of those nice bus lines that have internet access on board. Now I'm not sure why I didn't go sooner! We had a really fun weekend. Got to go out to her friend's restaurant Friday night where I ordered a duck special yes, I'm obsessed with duck now and sampled yummy cheeses and desserts and wine.

Had to go off the pre-wedding diet for the weekend, but it was well worth it! The next day we headed out to the woods to go hiking with her adorable dog Rio. I always say Molly is the best dog in the world - well, now it's confirmed that Rio is a close second! No offense to other great dogs out there After hiking - man DC still has a ton of snow! Ally did not steer us wrong - it was super cool. After that we had a leisurely dinner and then headed to the movies.


In fact, it had a major plot flaw, which we discussed til exhaustion on the way home. We figured out a way to make it work, if the filmmakers are interested in doing a revision at this late date. Then on Sunday we made cinnamon muffins and when I say "we" I mean Diana made them while I watched her and drank lots of coffee and talked writing. Actually we talked a lot of writing all weekend, which was fun because I feel like I never get to really talk writing with other writers unless I'm at a conference.

So that was fun in and of itself. And then I jumped on the bus and headed home! All in all a very fun weekend had by all! Of course it wasn't til I got back that I realized neither of us remembered to take a single picture. Guess I'll have to go back sometime! Posted by Mari Mancusi at 3: I think my favorite part was the names of the movies that Mason had been in lame movies like Sparkly Vampires from Hell.

Anyway if you do read it don't take it seriously, it's sort of goofy like a sifi channel movie in that regard. It is a fast read and an enjoyable book though. Mar 25, Gretchen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love the characterization in this. Mancusi has a talent for displaying a character's core personality through a few well placed actions and words. For instance, Mason is a Hollywood big-shot who, for all intents and purposes, seems to be the shallow, womanizing, love-em-and-leave-em playboy the tabloids make him out to be.

Mancusi could have devoted passages building a counter argument. Instead, she has a few scenes where this manly guy turns to mush over his best friend -- a small dog he resc I love the characterization in this. Instead, she has a few scenes where this manly guy turns to mush over his best friend -- a small dog he rescued and dotes upon. No counter argument needed; anyone who can show that much love and affection to an animal is a good person. Likewise, I liked Scarlet's integrity. She holds herself to a standard of professionalism and personal pride that not even heartbreak, ego-bruising, and wads of offered cash can undo.

That's a good heroine. It's not that she isn't tempted to be petty and spiteful, she even considers how momentarily enjoyable it could be to take the moral low road, but she doesn't do it. I like that about her. I even like the side characters.

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Jesus, the maintenance man, cracks me up. And the twist I guess at the end. Mar 15, G. Swanson rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was a little campy and made me think of the Evil Dead series which I loved. As the two main characters interacted throughout the story I could easily visualize Bruce Campbell and Embeth Davidtz playing those roles and even see them reciting the lines in my mind. The detail was very good as were some of the gory descriptions. A fun read on the set of a low budget movie about, of course, zombies.

However, these zombies became all too real and things quickly spun out of control. It is a light, fun read and you will love it!

Marianne Mancusi

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