Eight Homestead Stories

Loss, Fasting, and Spring by Peter and Krist….

Homestead Story - Chickens, Cows, Kids, and Catholics

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From Campfire to Limelight

Buy a tractor A Ford 9A was all our budget could afford, but it is working for now. The Hard Stuff about Homesteading by Peter a…. Not one drop of the family's experiences were wasted: Staying informed is making a difference. Your story is inspiring and I encourage you to keep on keeping on.

Livestock on a Small Property and Other Fun …. Join us as we share some of the most valuable thi….

Eight of the most haunted places in Macarthur | Camden-Narellan Advertiser

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The Hard Stuff about Homesteading. The Hard Stuff about Homesteading by Peter a…. All About the Dogs.

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Eight of the most haunted places in Macarthur

How We Got Here. In January a family visiting St Mark's Cemetery in Picton snapped a photo apparently showing the ghosts of two children who died almost 60 years apart. The photo appeared in major newspapers across the country. The children were believed to be Blanche Moon who was crushed to death in when a pile of sleepers that she and a number of children were playing on slipped, and David Shaw who was the son of a minister who died in from polio.

The photo gained considerable criticism within the Australian paranormal community with most claiming the photo was obviously photoshopped and that the children shown in the picture appeared to be wearing modern clothing. The beautiful and iconic Camelot, used as a location for television series A Place to Call Home, also has a dark past. White only enjoyed his dream home for only two years, passing away in His widow remained in the property until when she too passed away.

Eight of the most haunted places in Macarthur

Tragedy struck the Andersons in when William committed suicide and Frances died in Their daughter, Clarice Vivian, never marrying or having children, remained in the property until her passing in Campbelltown Town Hall Theatre, Campbelltown. Fred Fisher was sent to Australia as a convict in and was later emancipated. As he passed, he saw the figure of a man sitting on the fence of a bridge. As he got closer, he recognised the figure as Fred Fisher. As he approached, John became horror-struck and realised that he was looking at a ghost. He claimed that the ghost was bathed in an eerie light and had blood dripping from a wound in his head.

He was sentenced to death and executed three days later.

Lanyon Homestead · Exhibition

Home News Local News. Eight of the most haunted places in Macarthur. Locals and visitors have felt the chill of restless spirits in these spooky houses. Tales of their tragic deaths captivate macabre locals and curious visitors. A figure at the end of the tunnel has been seen, as if someone hung themselves.

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