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In the Gmail search bar, try typing in:. Attachment Search all messages with attachments.

This search is great for clearing up space by finding and deleting messages with hefty file attachments. Search messages sent or received before a specific date. Combine before and after for further precision:. Similar to above, but instead of exact dates you can use days d , months m or years y.

Believe it or not — veronica. Well life has just been upgraded — turns out there is an undo button. Feeling a little claustrophobic in Google Mail? Choose what feels right for you! First, turn on the Canned Responses feature in Gmail Labs.

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Now just write your email and click the extra drop down bit on the bottom of your message, beside the trash can. Once a canned response in inserted, any personalization needed can be added to the template before sending it off. With your conversation open, just go to More , and select Mute. Archiving emails is a great way to keep your Inbox clean without deleting emails, letting you appear a normal, healthy internet user while secretly hoarding a decade collection of old emails.

Clicking the Select All box the one highlighted in pink below only selects all the emails shown on that page.

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To select all emails that match your search, click the link that appears in the pop up highlighted in blue. Now that I have all the emails that match my search string selected, I can just hit the Archive button. Ah, that feels better already. And the hardy inhabitants of the northern outpost are bemused that Mr Skyllenberg did not make it out of his car and seek civilisation.

Andreas Ostensson runs the local petrol station, and is the only person in the village who remembers meeting Mr Skyllberg, who came in regularly in the summer to buy cigarettes, coffee and bread, while he was living in a tent in the forest. He must have had at least a thousand snowmobiles pass him, and no one saw anything.

Others find it difficult to believe that, only a mile from the road, he was unable to get out of his car and seek help before he became too ill to move. At the car, you can hear frequent revving from the many snowmobiles which buzz up and down the nearly trails. It's a trek of less than a mile to the main road — although the snow is well over three feet thick.

Roger Vesterlund, from the local snowmobile club, says that one of the club's members did indeed find the car in mid-January and reported it to the police. All the doors were locked and he knocked on the windows and didn't see anything. He took the plate number and he gave it to the police, but the police only confirmed that it was not stolen, and that it was parked in a crazy place.

The frost-coated interior is a depressing testament to Mr Skyllberg's isolation. It is littered with old paper cups, used tissues, and empty cigarette packets. There's an empty bottle of beer, some rolling tobacco, and a home-made pipe. There are camping pans, rolls of kitchen towel, a sleeping bag, a large coolbox, and a bumper pack of extra-large nappies. That would chill the body out much too fast. Conrad Allen, chief instructor of Trueways Survival , who regularly organises Arctic Survival courses, said that people could last for a long time without food, provided that they had access to water.

But he said that his decision to remain inside the car, which as a metal object would only get colder, would have made his experience all the more gruelling. If the snow was very densely packed then it would be a problem having enough air, but if this man was snowed in there and survived it means that the snow was light enough for air to filter through. It's unusual for him not to try to see a way out or draw attention to himself. Furthermore, when he was discovered a week ago, Mr Skyllberg initially tried to send Mr Gidlund and his colleague Torbjorn Lundgren away, telling them: For a moment, he said, he and his colleague had debated whether to leave him, as he requested.

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Snapchat's best feature, on a purely shallow level, is its filters. But girl, look how good you look in that flower crown lens! on your lunch break, Snow's filters are like an all-you-can-eat buffet with no time limit, and you Because who has time to go through and keep up with all of their friends' stories?. Free up those precious hours, so you can get back to what you do best Are everyday tasks keeping you from growing your business? Are there Snowed Under can help with the tasks that weigh you down, without the worry of paying another salary. Send / receive / filter your emails; Desktop publishing: for all business.

Thanks to holm for the contribution. Merged Stops Bluebird warning about unreturned promise Thanks to robinbullocks4rb for the contribution. Merged Added missing dependency: Thanks to Manish for the contribution. I have added a browser sub-folder that contains a browserified bundle and an index. See Browser section for details. Apologies for letting that through. Merged added a maybe partial solution to issue This fixes Too few data or empty worksheet generate malformed excel file Thanks to mminuti for the contribution.

Goodbye lodash, goodbye bluebird. Minified bundle is now just over half what it was in the first version. Merged Sheets with hyperlinks and data validations are corrupted Thanks to simon-stoic for the contribution.

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Merged Exclude character controls from XML output. Merged Add support for identifier Thanks to NOtherDev for the contribution. Addressed Breaking change removing bluebird Appologies for any inconvenience. Added Promise library dependency injection. See Config section for more details. Merged Update dependencies Merged Minor fixes for stream handling Added automated tests in phantomjs for the browserified code. The fix involved adding two new Call Value types: Boolean Value Error Value Note: Minor version has been bumped up to 4 as this release introduces a couple of interface changes: Boolean cells previously will have returned 1 or 0 will now return true or false Error cells that previously returned a string value will now return an error structure Fixed issue Code correctness - setters don't return a value Merged Add support for cp: Thanks to Rycochet for the contribution.

Fixed hyperlink with query arguments corrupts workbook The hyperlink target is not escaped before serialising in the xml. Merged Support error references in cell ranges Merged Issue with copied cells This merge adds support for shared formulas. Thanks to muscapades for the contribution. Merged Correct spelling Thanks to toanalien for the contribution. Merged Added support for auto filters This adds Auto Filters to the Worksheet.

Thanks to C4rmond4i for the contribution. My apologies for any inconvenience. Switching to transpiled code for distribution. This will ensure compatability with 4. And it will also allow use of much more expressive JS code in the lib folder! Images can now be added to worksheets either as a tiled background or stretched over a range. Merged Add missing Office Rels Thanks goes to mauriciovillalobos for the contribution. Merged Avoid error on anchor with no media Thanks goes to holm for the contribution.

Merged Assortment of fixes for streaming read Merged Issue This fixes Issue with writing newlines Thanks goes to holly-weisser for the contribution.

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Thanks goes to rmariuzzo for the contribution. Merged Fix right to left issues Big thank you to alitaheri for this contribution. Merged Fix TypeError: Cannot read property 'date' of undefined Thanks to Diluka for this contribution. Merged Add rowBreaks feature. Thanks to brucejo75 for this contribution. Merged Guard null model fields - fix and tests Thanks to thecjharries for this contribution. Also thanks to Ryc O'Chet for help with reviewing.

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Merged Add some comments in readme according csv importing Thanks to Michael Lelyakin for this contribution. Also thanks to planemar for help with reviewing. This also closes csv to stream doesn't work Thanks to Ocke Janssen and Kay Ramme for this contribution.

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This change allows control on how images are anchored to cells. Merged Don't break when attempting to import a zip file that's not an Excel file eg. Thanks to Andreas Lind for this contribution. This change makes exceljs more reslilient when opening non-excel files. Thanks to Vishnu Kyatannawar for this contribution.

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This change handles core. Merged Add Base64 Image support for the. Thanks to James W Mann for this contribution. Merged update moment to 2. Thanks to Markan Patel for this contribution. Merged Additional information about font family property Thanks to kayakyakr for this contribution. Merged Fixes This fixes Add style to column causes it to be hidden Thanks to Alexander James Phillips for this contribution.

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Merged Don't break when loading an Excel file containing a chartsheet This fixes Sheet Order Thanks to Robbi for this contribution. Assimilated fix 79 outdated dependencies in unzip2. Thanks to Jules Sam. Randolph for starting this fix and a really big thanks to Alexander Kachkaev for finding the final solution. Merged Round Excel date to nearest millisecond when converting to javascript date Thanks to Benoit Jean for this contribution.

Thanks to mah for this contribution. This fixes No way to control summaryBelow or summaryRight Many thanks to Sarah for this contribution. Merged add type definition This adds type definitions to ExcelJS! Many thanks to taoqf for this contribution. Merged Add Node 8 and Node 9 to continuous integration testing Many thanks to Markan Patel for this contribution.

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I cannot validate the file yet as Excel will not open it and I have yet to implement the streaming reader but I have every confidence that it is good since 1,, rows loads ok. Thanks to mminuti for the contribution. I have tested ExcelJS with bluebird specifically since up until recently this was the library it used. View the discussion thread. How far is Manzanita Lake from Manzanita Lake campground? Worksheet Properties Further refactoring of worksheet writer.

Many thanks to Guilherme Bernal for this contribution. Merged Add support for inlineStr, including rich text Many thanks to linguamatics-pdenes and Rob Scott for their efforts towards this contribution. Since this change is technically a breaking change the rendered XML for inline strings will change I'm making this a major release! Fixed spliceColumns problem when the number of columns are important Merged Loosen exceljs's dependency requirements for moment Many thanks to nicoladefranceschi for this contribution.

This change addresses Ability to use external "moment" package Addressed Is there a way inserting values in columns. To fix TypeScript definitions missing from npm package Many thanks to Kagami Sascha Rosylight for this contribution.