What Every Wife Wants Her Husband to Know

10 Things Every Wife Should be Doing for Her Husband

I know he has the courage to fight for me and our family if needed — and I know he would do whatever it takes to make sure we were provided for.

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What Every Wife Wants Her Husband to Know Paperback – August 1, Insightful wife and author Annie Chapman draws on her year marriage to offer key areas a wife can watch to discover unique ways her husband makes a difference and then gives specific suggestions for telling. Everyone wants to know they're loved and wives rarely tire of your spouse how you feel can be equally important as telling her—it may be a.

I see it everyday as he goes into work, comes home and makes sure he spends time with both me and our family. He understands that time is all too valuable of an asset and invests as much time as he can to both me, our family and our extended families.

6 Things Every Woman Wants From Her Husband / Boyfriend / Partner

He makes sure that he is present in the moment when he is with me, giving me his full attention. He makes time for our family by playing with our son when he comes home from work or helping my son with his homework or practicing sports with him. He makes sure that time is spent with our families his side and my side and that our children spend time with our extended family.

He values the time we share not only as a couple, but as a family unit. I also know that he has faith in a higher power that will guide us together on the right path. I know that every relationship is different, and every person is different but I feel that almost all relationships could benefit from these same points: Tell me in the comments below, what do you want in your partner?

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Yes, I know men need respect and women need love. Your wife wants to feel respected too. It shows her honor and makes her feel loved.

2. I feel like everyone else gets the best of you- and I get what’s left of you

Letting Go of Anger: When she can be proud of her marriage, this helps her feel all the other things listed in this article! But he loves me with all my imperfections and loves me for me. He believes in me — and his words and actions show how much he respects me. I need a man! He encourages me to pursue my passions writing, blogging, my businesses, my painting and picks me up when I am feeling down.

Take the day off. This would result in the opposite of number four.

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Wives want their husbands to take the initiative for the spiritual things—not in every case—but in a lot of cases, wives would give up anything to have a husband who takes the lead on praying, reading the bible as a couple, or going through a devotional book together. Can I tell you my innermost thoughts? You can unsubscribe at any time. Sign in or create an account. Search by title, catalog stock , author, isbn, etc.

1. I worry one day you won’t find me interesting.

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