The Prophecy (The Watchers Chronicles)

A slower pace with a little more explanation, as well as decent editing to clarify who is who and what's going on are definitely needed here. A A very messy book - too much going on, too many unexplained or confusing characters, and not enough of anything to make you actually care about anyone. ARC provided by publisher. Jul 18, Sapphire Rayne rated it it was ok. If there's one thing I hate about a book, or in this case, a series it's when it has potential that goes down the drain. Thus it follows a story of Christian mythology regarding a group of people called The Watchers.

In this book they are, in short, people born with the ability to 'see' the battles between the fallen angels, and the good ones. Now, the concept isn't what I have a problem with. It's the execution of it.

Dawn lives up to ever If there's one thing I hate about a book, or in this case, a series it's when it has potential that goes down the drain. Dawn lives up to everyone's worst fear when reading a series—that the first book is nothing but a drawn out prologue. This book is over pages long, and yet there were 2 strategies used that allowed most of those pages to be useless. I kid you not. I think the good ones—at least I hope they're good—want to help us. The bad ones, they're trying to keep us confused and apart—to get us when we're alone.

We are not informed of anything useful beyond that until the bitter end. And the once you DO find it out, it turns out to be lame. Like, I feel embarrassed for the author lame. This is the kind of example authors set for themselves. If you can't throw me a bone in book 1 of 3 or more She hasn't made me want to find out whats going to happen next.

She's made me think she doesn't even have a 'next'. And one of them wasn't around by the end of the book, so Jonah Becker, the main character, is a junkie rock-star wannabe who likes hot red-head chicks and Ozzy songs. He can sing really well, when his lungs aren't blowing on joints. Next is Sam Becker, my personal favorite. Sam is kind, strong both inside and out, and isn't spoon fed to the reader so that they'll like him.

Unlike some hot red-head chicks. He is essentially the one who brings and keeps everyone together. Jenna Maldonado is a quiet, 19 year old mom who's desperation for attention, love, and money land her in some pretty messed up situations. Mikey Maldonado is Jenna's 5 year old son who has more common sense than some hot red-head chicks. He likes drawing, watching cartoons, and macaroni and cheese. J is a gang leader living in Chicago who Other than a deeply religious grandma. And lastly is Carly Hagan. She's a hot red-head chick and a mary-sue. In a group of deeply scarred and struggling friends, is the only one who hasn't gone through shit.

And she only needs rescuing twice! She has a good form that seems to combine a first-person level of connection to the character's thoughts and feelings, while writing in third person exclusively. When there are multiple characters in a scene, she usually focuses around Jonah, which helps keep things from being confusing. I didn't appreciate Dawn making everything that a typical Christian does not understand out to be 'evil' and 'bad'.

Such as physics, tarot cards, and she even points a finger or two at science.

See a Problem?

While I understand the stigma behind this, she puts things like tarot reading in league with doing drugs and drinking alcohol like crazy. She did not bother to think up her own dark symbol. No, just use a 5 pointed star and be done with it. She didn't think up her own evil tool for her fallen angel followers to use. No, just slap in a fortune teller. While I understand that it's the genre, this is outfitted to leave no room up to the person reading it.

It's literally a 'no-no finger' morality story. Things like this never require much originality to make. And in this book, it shows. D - Her raw writing style saved this story—and I'm so glad I got it for free. Nov 25, Chibineko rated it liked it. Another type where the religion content is so awkwardly placed into the book to the point where the plot development doesn't feel natural. Then there's the type of book where the religious content mixes perfectly with the rest of the story, making for one fine book.

Relax readers, this book is solidly in the third category. Sam doesn't talk to his childhood friends much anymore, but lately he's been experiencing things that remind him of certain mysterious events that happened in his youth- things he can't exactly remember. Somehow knowing that their lives- and souls- depend on it, Sam attempts to gather all of his friends together, including his wayward brother Jonah.

The plot for this book sounded great, but I'll admit that I was a little skeptical for multiple reasons. First off, angels have started becoming the new "sparkly Twilight vampires" in YA fiction, so I didn't know if I'd be jumping into a series that would be similar to this. Don't worry- it isn't that type of book. Secondly, I'm used to my religious reads falling into the categories listed above, but I shouldn't have worried- this book was excellently written.

I really enjoyed the slow buildup to the finale of this book, although once or twice I did feel as if the plot could have moved a little bit faster. Ok, so I was impatient. I loved that the characters are all flawed, but aren't over the top flawed. I can honestly believe that with everything the kids had gone through, that they might have ended up like the ways they did. Can't elaborate without doing spoilers.

My only real gripe is with all of the angel name dropping. It would have made keeping up with the different angel names a bit easier- especially since the angels weren't entirely in play that much until the end of the book. I may have gotten this book for free, but I can guarantee that I'll be buying the next volume. I want to know where it goes from here.

This book had a conclusion much like others have said , but it does leave it open for the next book in the series. ARC provided by amazon vine Jun 04, Elisabeth rated it liked it. Dawn Miller's The Prophecy has a great cast of characters and a complicated plot--probably not the best choice for my first read-as-fast-as-you-can entry in the 48 hour book challenge. So, there's a war between good and evil um, angels and fallen angels but there are some humans who are really important to that war.

So far, so good--though it did take me some pages to figure that much out, at le cross-posted from my blog So far, so good--though it did take me some pages to figure that much out, at least with any clarity. The characters, though, make it: They are intriguing characters, and the slow pace of the novel there are nested flashbacks, which keeps a reader on her toes but, again, slows her down gives us time to try to get to know them. There's a lot going on here, and I don't want to give it all away. In a quick read, I give it about three out of five stars: And, as I said, there are some intriguing characters here, though some are better developed than others.

Jonah's at the center, which is fine, but I wanted more of Carly and Jenna, myself--Jenna's story, in particular, is tantalizingly hinted out but remains undeveloped. So, all in all, a fine way to start out the hour book challenge. May 12, Jess rated it it was ok Shelves: I won this book through Goodreads Giveaways. I would give this book a 2. I actually think it's a little violent to be read by the younger YA's, but oh well. This book is not really unique, the whole plot of the book is the essential battle of good vs.

The difference is that the people on the forefront of the battle, don't know what they are or who they are fighting. At this point they don't even know there's a war going on. As the tee I won this book through Goodreads Giveaways. As the teens are forced back together after a long separation, they struggle to remember bits of their past that they've forgotten.

In the process they are being hunted by something, the likes of which might not be human. Overall, I thought the book was a dichotomy. On one hand, it was a really classic idea of good vs. I really adored the prologue of this book. It pulled me in, and made me want to KNOW what was going on. The problem is that it didn't fulfill until the latter half of the book. The beginning crawled on, and was a bit confusing as the POV was consistently shifting between each of the teens. It was a little hard to keep up, and frankly it was a little boring to keep switching back and forth without any idea of what was going on.

The second half of the book did get a little more interesting, but I'm not sure it was worth sitting through the first half of the book. I have no intention of reading the sequel, the book just didn't have enough in it to grab me or make me curious about what happens next. View all 4 comments. Jun 02, Lex rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Usually I find them boring and hard to stay interested in, but as I read The Prophecy I found myself having a hard time putting it down instead of picking it up. I loved how the book showed the characters in their highest points and in their lowest points.

Also the book was so well written and used such a variety of words that I could actually picture the scene in my head! Although I am not the best reader and at some parts there was a lot going on, I felt that the story as a whole was magnificent!! But in The Prophecy the ending was satisfying yet cliffhanging. It leaves you knowing that there is still more to come. What an imagination you would have to have in order to think of using names like Shammah and Irinim!

Having such wild names lets us know how much thought the author has put into the story. This book over all is fantastic! Jul 03, Sarah is currently reading it. It's building up the characters and I'm anxious to see what is about to happen Aug 08, Ronnell Gibson rated it it was amazing. Riveted from the first page. A book I couldn't read alone at night. Some of the detail became confusing, and the timeline was hard to follow at some points, but it was exciting and creepy with well developed characters. Jun 01, Tara rated it it was ok.


Aug 21, Cristy rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a book about faith, about conviction and definitely a book about the supernatural war between good and evil, God and the devil. A fictional paranormal read wrapped up with a good amount of biblical references and scripture and one that I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed. Each of the first chapters introduces you to a new character and contains a ton of information with bits and pieces of lost memories from their past and an explanation of their current life situation.

I loved that all the characters felt so real and true to life. A mistake I will be sure not to duplicate when I up the next exciting installment in The Watchers Chronicles. I know I do! Aug 30, Audrey Graser rated it it was ok Shelves: YA Christian fantasy Where I got it: ODLC the e-book library One sentence: Five teens are reunited by a nightmare from their childhood and realize that their memories have been blocked by an evil force at work, and they must work together to stop it and uncover the truth.

The Prophecy (The Watchers Chronicles, #1)

Faith, truth, defeating evil, memory, friendship. Jonah was an interesting and entertaining character. He had a fascinating past, and had a well-rounded person Title: He had a fascinating past, and had a well-rounded personality. Jonah had to struggle with himself, with guilt, which made me connect to him. Few characters were as well-written as Jonah, but J was also well rounded and had issues to deal with that were interesting.

I found the other secondary characters Sam, Carly, Jenna to be one-sided. Some of the writing was a little choppy so I had to re-read every once in a while. There were also a lot of flashbacks which became slightly confusing. At first, the whole supernatural evil thing was awesome and really spooky until I found out what they really were. Also, the memory block was reiterated too much.

Ending scene; lots of action, enough said. Lots of confusion, stereotypical characters, slow plot movement. Left open for the next book in the series. I found the plot was overdone, and after the beginning, there were things that really distracted me from just enjoying the read. May 21, Jessica at Book Sake rated it really liked it Shelves: While reading The Prophecy, I was definitely aware that it had a religious premise to it, but it was not an in your face type of a thing. It is about heaven and hell and the angels who have taken sides, but more importantly it is about the lives of these five people and how their actions and decisions affect the world around them.

We see that the characters all have their strengths a While reading The Prophecy, I was definitely aware that it had a religious premise to it, but it was not an in your face type of a thing. We see that the characters all have their strengths and weaknesses, though they need to realize that about themselves and each other. It is a little slow going in the beginning since we are taking the time to learn about each character one at a time and this same slow down happens throughout the book when we reread and reread the same scene from the past from each characters perspective with a little being added on each time.

Flashbacks are often problematic in books, as I feel it distracts from the here and now and takes away from the action of the story. I was also lost several times trying to figure out which of the angels were the bad ones and which were the good ones as their introductions were a blur. The theme of the story itself was great and the ending was left wide open to continue on into book two. This basis in reality is the biggest draw of the book along with the side characters that work with or against the five young adults.

This is a great read for those that are looking for a character driven tale. May 17, Abby rated it it was ok Shelves: This book has a lot of potential, until it rears it's ugly Christian fundamentalist bent. On the one hand it's a urban fantasy with an intriguing format twist that granted Stephen King did a better job with in IT. On the other hand, it reminds me of the things I hate about religion. Sure, it includes Jews in on the good side, but there's still the 'My way or the highway' mentality of the Christian God is the only path to salvation. In addition to the dig at the occult, there's a dig at science This book has a lot of potential, until it rears it's ugly Christian fundamentalist bent.

In addition to the dig at the occult, there's a dig at science as well. One of the appealing characteristics about "Celticism" and Native American world views is there ability to see another way of thinking and work it into their view, rather than condemning anyone who thinks differently as pitiful at best, damned at worst. Then there's the faith issue. Believe in God, believe he will save you and it will work out. I've always considered strength from a higher power to be a cop out, a weakness on the part of the individual.

If it doesn't come from within yourself, then there's a sense that it's not sincere or deliberate. Still, I'm curious about the next book. Mar 16, Margaret Chind rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: On the cover of this book there is a sticker that states "Guaranteed Good Read". Well they got that right! Dawn Miller is a new author to me, but I am not disappointed. I am very much a fan now. This book was incredible. Everything was easy to visualize and I felt the action and emotions as if I were there right along with the characters.

It reminded me partially of that TV movie based on a book Fallen-something. But it was so much better. On the back cover it says that she is working on making On the cover of this book there is a sticker that states "Guaranteed Good Read". On the back cover it says that she is working on making this into graphic novel and feature film and oh that just gives me chill bumps I am so eager for it.

This is a story of entertainment, but it is with a great topic that breathes through every page. This is a book about faith. Faith when it is difficult and hard. Listening for God in all situations and living your life accordingly to his word and will. I am surprised at just how much I enjoyed this book. Though it is marketed for young adults, I think anyone could appreciate the story. But faith is a budding things in progress and I can see plausible redemption for all of them eventually.

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Taking the broken and putting them into a form of healing, the prophecy will bring them together and possibly keep them together. Oh what will come in the rest of the series!! Aug 15, Shannon rated it it was ok. From Booklist The first book in the Watchers Chronicles gets off to a confusing start and stays confusing for far too long.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. As children, they encountered two groups of beings not of this world. One side tried to kill the five of them while the other saved their lives, but made them forget that horrific day. They all went their separate ways. Sam is stunned by the horrible painting he created while asleep so he contacts the others only to learn they suffer nightmares too. They agree to meet in St. Louis, but on the road each encounters danger from adversaries trying to prevent their rediscovering what occurred. The quintet soon learns they are the Watchers caught in a raging war between warrior angels and fallen ones that normal mortals cannot sense engulf them.

The Mazzi-kin know of the Watchers who are a key element in the end prophecy and like the Grigori want the five dead. However God's Warrior Angels are entrusted to keep these pivotal teens safe as the beginning of the end of the heavenly war has the teens playing pivotal roles. This classic good vs. Each of the members of the human quintet is different with a couple unlikable. The three otherworldly groups come across genuine with diverse attitudes. The Fallen mated with humans against God's Orders and initially seemed sympathetic towards mankind but think of wolf in sheep's clothing; the Grigori are in your face evil and loathe humanity; and finally the Warrior Angels have no allegiance to the sons and daughters of Adam except as directed by God so they come across as superior and aloof.

Ironically they are the savior group besides the heroic teens in a delightful good, bad and ugly apocalyptic chronicle. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Really interesting so far and Love that it is based in St. One person found this helpful. This is a must read Louis five teenagers, five childhood friends, meet up again. Sam, his brother Jonah, Jenna, Carly, and J each suffer from crippling nightmares and blank spots in their memories. Seven years ago they experienced something so terrifying it imposed that very same memory loss and scattered them to the winds.

Somewhere Stephen King is calling his lawyer. I can see why this one's gotten the occasional less than stellar review. She writes brief chapters that dissolve the present and past, resulting in a tone that is feverish and delirious and confusing. I agree with one review that stated the writer seems to have deliberately left out information - whether in the characters' conversations or in their inner dialogue. It's like putting a jigsaw puzzle together with pieces missing. Too, Miller insists on telling the story from way too many perspectives.

And because all five friends are experiencing the same nightmares and recall the same bits from their mutual past, there's a frustrating sense of repetitiveness. We learn that these five characters are Watchers, integral players in the ancient war between angels, guardian and fallen. The Watchers are supposed to be on the side of humanity, except that these Watchers are a bit bumbling and prone to dumb choices.

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The first book in the Watchers Chronicles gets off to a confusing start and stays confusing for far too long. In part, that's because author Miller is trying to introduce. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. The first book in the Watchers Chronicles gets off to a The Prophecy (The Watchers Chronicles) - Kindle edition by Dawn Miller. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

If I had my druthers, I'd rather rely on Joan of Arcadia. There's also a supporting sub-plot concerning a star gate found beneath the St. Maybe we'll learn more about that in following volumes. Dawn Miller gets style points for her vivid writing. And she grounds things enough that the story doesn't really get too out of hand.

There are strong characters and exasperating ones. There's the evangelical subtext, for those with an eye for one. Ultimately, the storytelling was too murky for me, the adolescent angst too tortured, the plot could've done with more tightening up. I found myself spending too much time trying to pin down what exactly the hell was going on. I just didn't have the required reserves of perseverance. Now I'm looking for some lighter, less tricky reading.

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