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Spiders fly on the currents of Earth’s electric field

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Airgo Electric Air Pump. Scientists have long known that air currents can lift spiders high into the air, allowing the eight-legged critters to disperse hundreds of miles to new ecosystems. We'll explore the wide worlds of science, health and technology with content from our science squad and other places we're finding news. But the idea that an electric field can also pull on spider strands had been dismissed years ago.

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Since then, scientists discovered a naturally-occuring global electric field — located between the negatively charged surface of the Earth and the positively charged air residing 50 to miles up, known as the ionosphere. But until five years ago, no one had revisited the effect this electric field might have on spiders. She then created electric fields to mimic those found in nature by installing charged metal plates — electrodes — on the bottom and the top of the clear plastic box.

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Morley observed a dramatic increase in this spider tiptoeing when the field was turned on. And in some cases, the spiders even began to fly in the box.

Morley knew spiders grow thousands of sensory hairs on their bodies, which can detect sound and tiny currents of air. Suspecting these hairs might sense electric fields too, Morley then focused a small laser beam onto individual hairs to see if they moved. Once aloft, spiders travel just a few feet to thousands of miles, even crossing oceans to new continents.

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When the laser reflects off of a hair that has moved, the wavelength, or color, of the laser light slightly changes. Understanding spider migration is important, because as top insect predators, spiders play a major role in all ecosystems, Vollrath said. Such events can impact populations of insects across whole continents.

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One possible application of this research: Spiders are the predators of many agricultural pests, such as fruit flies in California. Vollrath joked that perhaps a human-generated electric field could attract spiders to the cropland to eat the fruit flies. The chance of the spider tiptoeing in this study being just a coincidence is extremely small.