The Phoenix Charm (The Magic Knot Series)

People think she is a prude and a cynic but that's the way is must be. While scrying for the future she envis The heroine has always been withdrawn both emotionally and physically for good reason. While scrying for the future she envisions a dark and dangerous enemy targeting the Cornish Pisky group. With the king and queen away, she must turn to the hero for help in finding a way to stop the darkness. The hero was never one for bravery. He was never one for pain or selflessness or anything truly meaningful. The birth of his nephews changed a vital part of him and the man who once had no worries or ties to responsibility feels the need to protect those 2 small children.

When Fae arrive at the keep claiming an illegal portal to the underworld was opened on Cornish Pisky land, the hero's natural instinct was to deny his command among the group. Never did he imagine that they would force one of his nephews to take the heroes place. The doorway is sealed Lost in grief and guilt over what has transpired, he and the heroine and their small group must make their way into the underworld to find answers on how to save the lad. Never have the hero and heroine paid that much attention to each other.

She may think he's attractive but she also thinks him useless. He thinks she could be attractive under that dull dress but there's enough women in the world to distract him from finding out. Now, it seems they have only themselves to rely upon. She is fearful of Nightstalker and the heroines young apprentice is not much help. Bond together by the circumstances and their common need to save the boy, both characters develop a very strong and a very true connection.

Their adventure takes them into the politics of the Underworld and the very real danger that things are not what they seem. With both hidden enemies and hidden allies alike, the hero discovers things about himself that shed light on a future of a man far more important that just a hansom face. The heroine too learns about herself and her past, learning that she was deceived and that the hero may trust and know her better than herself. I liked this book better than the first book. I liked the ease in which the hero and heroine came to rely and trust one another. There was no question, no hesitation that they must work together to save the young boy and they were also instantly bonded emotionally as well.

Each felt the inherent need to comfort the other and I found that very sweet. The hero was not a true hero in the typical sense. I say that because he is honest with his lack of bravery. Even knowing his death will save his nephew he still hesitates. I found that to be honest. Rather than brashly being a selfless man, he had to work up to it. Regardless of his previous behavior in the first book, this character had already grown a great deal by the start of this story.

As such, he was able to become the leader he was meant to be and show himself as a capable hero. The heroine, whom I thought was going to be that annoying and self minded feminist type, was strangely wise and subservient to the heroes lead. She was strong in her own way but vulnerable in a great many ways because of her repressed powers and her repressed emotion as well. Never allowing herself to feel that connection with anyone other than her cat, fighting the need to flame that emotional fire between herself and the hero.

She was living in a prison of her fathers making. I found that because of the constant action going on in this book that the characters love story was a bit I won't say rushed and I won't say easy but it was second fiddle. Not by much, just in the way that characters seemed to fall instantly in love at the start of their journey and considering the hero and heroines natures, I found that to be a bit out of character. However, I was in love with both of them as well as the overall story. It showed great character development. I really really want Nightstalker to have his own happy ending and while he got the baby he desired curtesy of a baby brother, I think he deserves his own mate who will love him with as a much devotion that he shows to his blood partners.

Jul 19, A. The nymph and the immortal I really loved this story! Michael and Cordelia are amazing characters of their own, but add all the others, their story becomes epic. There were quite a few errors and typos. This may have been due to formatting. It does detract some but the story was still great. Sep 28, Jane Stewart rated it it was ok Shelves: Complicated magic rules and abilities create problems and then solve problems. The king and queen of the piskies are traveling to America. Cordelia is half pisky and half water nymph.

Gwyn is king of the underworld. The Tylwyth Teg Tegs are entities who work for him.

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Some construction workers dig a hole in the ground which accidentally opens a gate to the underworld. Three Tegs come to the piskies and kidnap Fin, claiming someone must pay a price for opening the gate. Cordelia, Michael, and two others travel to the underworld to free Fin. Cordelia has magic abilities but cannot use them for two reasons: They encounter various dangerous situations, most of which are due to magic being used against them. They get themselves out of trouble by using their own magic and magical objects.

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Jan 21, Molly rated it liked it. Cordelia is the very uptight wise-woman of the Pisky's who is drawn to Michael even though she knows he is trouble. The Magic Knot 2. This second book in her series is every bit as intriguing and charming as her first. Jan 01, Enjee rated it liked it.

I was not engaged or entertained. I wanted it to be over. I read the first pages, and then I jumped to the end reading the last chapter. Later in the story, she needs her magic so she just washes off the wards. That made him the most dangerous person in the world. Examples of unnecessary mystery created with vague communication follow. These characters were on the same side. At least one sex scene. Jul 26, Sandy M rated it it was amazing Shelves: This second book in her series is every bit as intriguing and charming as her first. Cordelia, the Pisky wise woman, is left in charge when the King and his wife are out of town.

Michael is a lover of women, the clan storyteller who has a voice full of glamour that can entrance nearly any being. I think I like this book even a little better than the first in the series, The Magic Knot, and I loved that one. Michael grows and steps into himself at first with doubt, then with stoicism, a little fear, and eventually a lot of pride.

His love for his nephews is just as moving as his growing love for Cordelia, and she is the perfect heroine for him. There is a side story for Nightshade that caught me off guard. We also meet another son of Troy, who I thoroughly enjoyed. You cannot miss by giving this book — this series — a chance. See my complete review at http: Jan 16, Wendy Hines rated it really liked it.

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The Phoenix Charm (The Magic Knot) [Helen Scott Taylor] on * FREE* shipping on 51 customer reviews. Book 2 of 3 in the Magic Knot Series . The Phoenix Charm has ratings and 26 reviews. Celtic magic and adventure combine in this “deliciously decadent” continuation of the Magic Knot series.

Cordelia is the Pisky Wise Woman and since the King is away for a few days, she's been left in charge. While alone, she spends time looking into her divination bowl and spies upon Michael doing erotic things with other women. She yearns for him but cannot act upon her desires. She is half water nymph and her allure is dangerous. Michael is fairy and his rakish charm and handsome looks are widely known by the women folk. His recent companion, Nightshade, is a Nightstalker aka Vampire.

Though they Cordelia is the Pisky Wise Woman and since the King is away for a few days, she's been left in charge.

The Phoenix Charm

Though they may share a blood bond, Michael wishes it to go no further to Nightshades dismay. What Michael would really like to do is get a peek under Cordelia's high buttoned long dresses. When a portal to the Underworld is unexpectedly opened, the guardians blame Cordelia and Michael and take the King's son Finian as part of the bargain to seal it. Michael and Cordelia, her cat familiar Tamsy, her son and Nightshade start a trek to the Underworld to beg favor of Finian's release. Along the way, Michael is given the Phoenix Dagger from his father Troy, who says he will need it to free Finian.

The council denies Michael's request for Finian's release, so he offers his life for Finian's. Michael's curse is the Phoenix Charm. If he is stabbed with the Phoenix dagger, than the Phoenix dagger can bring him back to life if he is grounded in the living world. They work out a plan among them, and Michael must bond with Cordelia so he can return to the living after he frees Finian. The problem arises when, after Michael gives Cordelia his mind, body, and soul, she only gives him her body. Her soul and mind are already bonded to her familiar Tamsy.

Hopefully that will be enough, but even the greatest of plans can run afoul. Taylor does a remarkable job of world building. Her attention to detail had me entranced. The sizzling passion between Michael and Cordelia, along with the jealously of Nightshade had me up late turning the pages breathless to see what would happen next.

Romantic Fantasy at it's best! Water nymphs, fairies and leprechauns, oh my Taylor does a wonderful job drawing you into the world she has created with water nymphs, vampiric fairies, leprechauns and more. The love story between Michael and Cordelia is funny at times. I could imagine her frustration and fascination with the good hearted womanizer she can't help but be attracted to. What girl doesn't love a bad boy with a heart.

However, be warned it is strictly for adults.

The love scenes are extremely explicit. That be Water nymphs, fairies and leprechauns, oh my That being said, I still love the series. The world's she creates are beautiful and dark. There are heroes to root for, bad guys to boo. We get the tenderness of romance and the characters we learn to love despite their flaws. Having read these first two books, I am sure the last in the series will be just as well written. Within seconds, wide ribbons of smoke rose before her. Raising a hand, she sketched a magical symbol in the air. The smoke stilled and glazed over into a mirror.

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She pressed her fingers to her lips as the picture became clearer. Muscles rippled beneath smooth skin when he moved. His biceps clenched as he lifted a hand and flicked back a handful of dark wavy hair from his face.

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A woman appeared before him, an indistinct form clothed in muted colors. When Cordelia watched Michael, she chose to ignore the identity of his numerous human lovers. All her attention focused on him. Slowly, sensuously, he ran his hand down his ribs, over his abdomen, flicked open the buttons on his fly one by one with a little flourish of his hand like a magician performing a trick.

Although it was no white rabbit he was about to pull out. Heat flashed across her flesh, gathered and swirled, a hot whirlpool in her belly. Her sensual water nymph allure flowed closer to her skin, preparing to draw in and capture the man she desired. When the energies met the barrier of the magical Celtic symbols painted on her skin, her temperature shot up as though she were trapped in a pressure cooker. She flapped a hand in front of her face, fanning herself.

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