Mastermind (Mitchell Parker crime thrillers Book 1)

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Mastermind , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This is the first book I have read from this author and it will not be the last! It turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable crime novel with lots of action, a really good story and some very interesting characters.

Mitchell Parker is the star and he is as intelligent, skilled, attractive and slightly flawed as every lead character in a detective novel must be. We discover a little about his past and what made him how he is but a lot more could be developed in the sequels. The dialogue is well wr This is the first book I have read from this author and it will not be the last! The dialogue is well written and I enjoyed the humour in the banter between the different members of the team. A very readable book and one that you do not want to put down.

View all 7 comments. Sep 24, Brenda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Billionaire Lawrence Hackett was excited — the next game of Mastermind was about to be unleashed. Once every five years a selected few would be chosen to participate — it was time again; he was sure this would fix his boredom; it was always intensely exciting. His directors joined him and they began their plotting Special Agent Mitchell Parker of the TransNational Crime Unit knew they would get results — his plan was flawless; he needed those security tapes.

But what was on those tapes made it worthwhile and exceeded their expectations well and truly. It seemed a plan was afoot regarding a gold shipment — as he assembled his team, they dug deeply. And found there was much more involved than they had initially thought. As Parker and his team joined forces with other government agencies across the globe, the danger was immense.

Stopping the crimes before they occurred was their only agenda — could they do it? Or would they be too late?

This fast moving, suspense filled novel by Aussie author Helen Goltz is full of mystery and intrigue. The plot is excellent, the characters are well crafted and the tension is gripping!

Stand aside Jack Reacher, Mitchell Parker is in town! I have no hesitation in recommending Mastermind highly. With thanks to the author for my copy to read and review. Nov 19, Carolyn rated it liked it. This is a fast paced thriller with plenty of action. Mastermind is a competition to see which select team can pull off the perfect crime.

US special agent Mitchell Parker and his team have stumbled across one plot and must race against time to find out where and when it is going to happen and somehow prevent it. The action is fast and thrilling as Mitchell and the team race around the country and around the world tracking some very clever and determined criminal minds. The novel is mostly written This is a fast paced thriller with plenty of action. The novel is mostly written in dialogue and while this is fast and often witty and moves the story along at a good pace I felt it did limit the character development somewhat. As the main character, Mitchell scores most of the dialogue and the action is centred around him so his character comes across quite well and I finished the book having a good idea of what he was like but felt the other characters were a bit flat and underdeveloped and I often had trouble distinguishing between them.

However, if you like fast, plot driven thrillers you will enjoy this. This book was given to me as a gift from the Author. What do you get when you combine full on action, intruge, girls that would put Bond girls to shame and even the odd humour? In book forms it is this great action aventure read by Helen Goltz. The story goes of billionaire Lawrence Hackett who runs a secret web site were players are invited to mastermind the perfect heist.

With a huge prize for the winner the rewards are high but the risks are great with either prison or death a distinct possibi This book was given to me as a gift from the Author. With a huge prize for the winner the rewards are high but the risks are great with either prison or death a distinct possibility.

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The team know they have to think outside the box to shut down the operation and along the way will put there own lives at risk, have an agent who becomes rouge and another who decides to do things her own way. All roads will lead the Hackett's home town London.

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Will the team be able to shut down mastermind and bring Hackett to justice? As an action fan Mastermind was well up my alley and had me in it's grip right from the first page. If your a fan of action and adventure than this book will provide you with all you will need to last you to the new year. Aug 18, Kathryn rated it really liked it Shelves: There were a few typos, which didn't detract too much from the reading experience but enough to stop me giving it 4.

This book was kindly provided to me by the author for review. Only a select few are invited to play for the bounty at stake. Washington, This book was kindly provided to me by the author for review. Washington, Paris, London … the clock is on! The book is broken up into two parts and Part 1 follows Mitchell Parker Mitch , Special Agent with the Washington DC-based Trans-National Crime Unit as he acts on a tip-off and, along with his team, carries out a reconnaissance to pilfer security tapes from the University.

Those tapes contain important images which will assist Mitch and his team in identifying the key players of the game. After watching the footage and through various investigations and surveillance, most of the players are identified and with a plan in place, Mitch and his team trail the suspects in an attempt to figure out how they all connect and to uncover the identity of the Mastermind. There are some nail-biting scenes, for instance when Mitch, during surveillance, comes face to face with one of his oldest friends whom he has just discovered is playing for the other side as well as a heart-stopping mid-air battle between Mitch and a member of his team who has double-crossed them.

In Part 2, the countdown begins as we see Mitch and the team widen their search for the Mastermind and the final contestants in order to bring the whole operation down before any real damage is done. The clues are few and far between but Mitch and his team do a great job of anticipating what the next move is going to be. I really liked this book, although it had me a bit confused in the beginning as it jumped around quite a bit. There are, of course, some glimpses, such as him struggling with bad memories and nightmares of a childhood with an abusive alcoholic father, but these are rare and I feel this back-story could have been expanded upon.

Aside from that fact though, for a first novel, Helen Goltz has produced an engrossingly compelling thriller which is well-written and action-packed. An elaborate and complicated plot makes this book one which is bound to keep you interested.

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I certainly will be looking out for the next one in this series. Helen Goltz has worked as a journalist, marketer and producer for print and television in Australia for more than twenty years. Mastermind is the first in a series of novels featuring Mitchell Parker and his crime-fighting team. Jan 15, Lorraine Montgomery rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The premise is quite clever and multi-layered, involving a variety of characters who are readily acceptable yet not necessarily predictable.

The mastermind behind the scheme is bored billionaire Lawrence Hackett who sends out his board members from his corporate headquarters in London, England, to supervise 6 different Mastermind teams in various locations around the world. This is Book 1 in the Mitchell Parker crime thriller series. He carries some personal baggage from his childhood that surfaces in nightmares when his schedule becomes erratic and days merge one into the other.

Working with him on a tip-off to strange shenanigans in a university lab in Washington, D. Mitch also has a roommate, Charlotte, who is somewhat complicating his life, but in a good way. Then, there are the players in the university lab. There are many twists and surprises as the plot develops, and the various daring crimes are wonderfully inventive. There is also some romance thrown in along the way. However, I soon picked it up, and never looked back. This is an extremely entertaining story with engaging characters, solid research, and lots of adventure.

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Lying awake at night thinking of. Naming a character and other tough decisions. That name you choose must reflect the character through thick and thin; they have to live up to it or down to it; it might have to be sexy or tough or mysterious. When choosing a name for my action hero in Mastermind—the first thriller in the Mitchell Parker series—I really wanted to name Mitchell, Dylan. But how do you shorten that?

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Davia Taylor marked it as to-read Dec 31, Top Authors in Action Adventure. Juanita rated it did not like it Feb 25, I obtained a galley of this novel for review through https: This is a real island which has many wrecks in the waters around it and a Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. To ask other readers questions about Mastermind , please sign up.

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