Developing Mediumship

It is by receiving spiritual knowledge that mankind will receive and adopt an enlightened code of values that will lead to the end of war, poverty and the other troubling trends in our present world. If this is not the case, then it is fruitless for spirits to use humans as instruments for the progression of all souls.

Students of mediumship should possess an inner yearning to be used for the higher purpose, and to view mediumship as a means to help others.

Simple 3 Steps to Developing Your Medium Skills

It should be a denial of selfishness and a giving of self to a spiritual purpose. A true medium becomes a participant in the divine plan for the furtherance of good. Mediumship needs a mind that is strong, purposeful and capable of self-discipline.

Mediumship was born as an exact Spirit Science, but it cannot be assessed by analysis or material values; it cannot be put under the microscope. Because of our inability to fully comprehend the science of mediumship, an air of mysticism has surrounded it, and this has at times given rise to questionable practices and opinions.

How to Develop Psychic Medium Abilities

It has been attacked, ridiculed and opposed, but still survives. As understanding of the process evolves, it becomes more respectable and acknowledged by scientists, religious leaders, and the press.

Improve Your Mediumship by Overcoming These 5 Limiting Beliefs

Today, there are a great number of classes being held in Spiritualist churches and in home circles. The mediums who conduct these are sincere, good people, but it is understandable that all sorts of practices have arisen.

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These practices have been handed down from medium to medium, and have become accepted as being true, when in fact they may not be. If you think about it, you can recall times when you knew who was calling before you picked up the phone, or when you were driving and had a sense of an upcoming hazard before you could see it, or when you had an uncanny sense that your child was sick or in trouble. We are all born with psychic ability — if we chose to pay attention to it.

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Mediumistic skills take a little more work. Certain individuals are more prone to mediumship than others, and usually develop mediumship skills over a period of time. The first step to becoming a medium is to enhance your psychic skills. You can do this by meditating, journaling, or by taking a quiet, mindful walk.

All mediums are psychic, but all psychics have not necessarily developed to the point where they can communicate with the Spirit world.

Video Showing Psychic Medium Abilities

Develop your psychic mediumship abilities in new ways with these insightful pathways. Click here for 7 new tips to connect with Spirit!. Certain individuals are more prone to mediumship than others, and usually develop mediumship skills over a period of time. The first step to becoming a medium.

Once you have developed your psychic skills, you are ready to work on connecting to Spirit. A medium is a psychic who has fine-tuned his or her extrasensory perception and can interface with the spirits in other dimensions.

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We wouldn't jump straight into a car for the first time and try to drive it without understanding what each of the controls are and how they function as the results might be catastrophic! Go inside to your quiet space, and ask to have a loved one come forward. They transmit thoughts in the form of words through the aura to the subconscious of the medium. Without that goal, one is neither a Spiritualist nor a medium. I pushed myself to give a little more than my best every time I worked. Craig Hamilton-Parker Apr 3, , 2:

A medium reads the messages of the spirits in the afterlife. This means the reader will just transmit to the sitter the messages or signals from the spiritual world. In contrast, a psychic reads your aura and the presence that could influence your future.

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This means that a psychic directly interacts with the sitter and will not be able to contact the spirits at all. The Spirit people vibrate at a much higher frequency than the living.

FST: Mediumship: Helpful Hints on Development

In order to bridge the gap and make a connection, a medium must raise his or her own vibration higher and, in turn, Spirit has to lower its vibration so the two can meet. The challenge for a medium is to sustain that higher vibration for long enough to get a detailed message or impression and pass it on to the earthly recipient. I often say that your loved ones never die, and they are always with you.