An Offer They Cant Refuse: How to Make the Right Invitation to Your Customer

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In X Company a factory in Nazi occupied France has been converted to make weapons for the German army. Tom gives the factory owner an ultimatum: Referenced in My Name Is Earl. Joy steals a wrestling costume from her half-sister's neighbor, in order to infiltrate the match and defeat Liberty. She steals the costume by shoving the owner of said costume into the trunk of her car.

Played straight later, with Billie. She gets mad at Earl for focusing on the List instead of sex with her, so she steals the List and starts to undo the items Earl has already completed. Then she calls him, threatening to keep hurting people on the List if Earl doesn't choose her. Earl has no choice but to meet up with Billie. In exchange for giving Wednesday a large amount of worshipers in North Korea , Wednesday will stop his plan to gain power in America.

When Wednesday refuses the deal, the New Gods agree to leave peacefully, with the unspoken implication that they will then begin to prepare for war in earnest. Technical Boy demands to know why they don't just kill Wednesday now, while he's in their power. Mister World insists that Wednesday is old enough and has enough knowledge and wisdom that he deserves the respect of an honest deal instead of a Leonine contract.

However, instead of being a mafioso, he was a pimp, and his "offer you can't refuse" was to either step in the ring with him for their match, or the opponent could take their pick of any of the fine hos he always brought to the ring with him. Needless to say, it was very rare that the offer was refused. One criticism of Christianity, as voiced by Christopher Hitchens [1] , says that the offer of redemption through accepting Christ's sacrifice on your behalf amounts to this, since if refused, the person goes to hell. They still have the moral high ground, however, since every other major faction leaves off the "join us" part.

This trope happens every time an Inquisitor makes a "request". Unless you are very highly placed or connected death is the best thing that's going to happen if you refuse. Being a cop, Max isn't really inclined to deal with mob guys to start with, but since Max is on the run from the law for a crime he didn't commit and waging a one-man war on Punchinello's syndicate, Max accepts his offer to go after Boris Dime, a former Vladimir lieutenant who has joined Punchinello, in exchange for enough guns to go after Punchinello.

Technically, Max is under absolutely no obligation to accept Lem's deal: The reason Max goes along with the deal is three-fold: In fact, Vlad says this specifically for fun saying he always wanted to say that line. Vlad lives up to the trope in the second game, using the good will he earned in the first game to advance his plans for a while longer before revealing himself as the true Big Bad. Canon establishes that Gordon accepted the offer to work for him - refusing the G-Man results in Freeman being dumped into a horde of hostile alien monsters without a single weapon, which would make the odds of Half-Life 2 ever happening pretty much nil.

In Marc Laidlaw's non-canon Episode 3 ideas, the G-Man makes one with Alyx Vance as his new employee while Gordon is allowed to spent his retirement well away from anything else, alone, "in infinite finality". It's implied that G-Man makes these deals for his own employers to various characters such as [[spolier: Wallece Breen]] and [[spolier: Most of the plot in the video game Kane and Lynch.

The main protagonist, Kane, is tracked down by his old mercenary partners and is forced to recover their lost fortune. In order to motivate Kane, the mercenaries take his wife and daughter hostage. Genealogy of Holy War: One of the bosses in the battle with Thracia strong-arms General Hannibal into fighting Celice's army by taking his adoptive son Corple hostage.

And earlier, Ayra's nephew is used to coerce her to fight Sigurd's army. Turns out, Arvis got this too. He's basically coerced to accept Manfroy's help, otherwise his Loptyr heritage would be revealed and there's only one fate for those with that bloodline: Getting burnt on a stake publicly. This is the backstory of The Legend of Zelda: The Big Bad 's representative invades Hyrule and slaughters anybody who gets in his way en route to Princess Zelda. When he finally reaches her, he gives her an ultimatum she can't possibly fight — surrender the kingdom or watch your people be massacred.

She's already seen that her people can't stand up to the power he's brought with him, and drops her rapier in a gesture of submission. Or else you will die. Wong from John Woo's Stranglehold makes Tequila one of these offers as well. This time, the offer is to rescue his daughter Billie and her daughter Teko from the Golden Kane and the Zakarovs. Given Tequila's relationship with Billie and the fact that Teko is his daughter as well, this is an offer Tequila can't afford to pass up.

Unfortunately, Wong proves to be a ruthless son of a bitch and has Billie murdered the minute the Zakarovs are history, both to prevent her from testifying against him and out of pure spite against Tequila, who he absolutely despises, setting off Tequila's Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Midway through the first Baldur's Gate , you're given the option of joining the titular city's thieves guild.

If you decide not to whether because you're a good guy or just not interested , the guildmaster makes it perfectly clear that he runs on a "join or die" policy. Brotherhood , Leonardo da Vinci's Real Life cooperation with the Borgia, given his good leanings and the villainy of the Borgia, is explained away as his being forced to work for them.

Maintaining a consistent tone

On contrary to what some say, in BlazBlue , Litchi's turn to NOL was based on something she can't refuse rather than utter selfishness. Terumi threatens to harm Arakune before he has a chance to be cured, and went so far to have Relius detain him. While Litchi doesn't know that directly, Terumi makes implication about that scenario and what would happen to him if Litchi doesn't cooperate: He either kills him for being a 'nuisance' monster, or he'll wither and die because nobody else cared except her, and no one was willing to help Litchi.

To make things worse, her life is on the line as well, not getting the cure in NOL means she will succumb to her corruption and die, leaving everyone else she loved in despair. Not to mention, throughout the offering, Terumi constantly pressed on Litchi's kind hearted nature and desire to help everyone she knows and only she hasn't given up on Arakune and exploited nearly everyone else's ignorance of her plight or dismissing her as 'A crazy woman trying to cure her blob-boyfriend who is already a lost cause and better off dead'. Yes, there's a lot more in line than mere obsession here.

Being obsessed with defeating X and Zero, Dragoon couldn't refuse it. Considering how easy it is to defeat his team even after being worn down by 5 or 6 previous battles beforehand, the threat is pretty empty. The ending of Mass Effect 3 has the Catalyst make three such offers to Shepard. The choices are wipe out all synthetic life including an entire species that might have become friendly to the player, become the new controlling intelligence that commands the Reapers, or forcibly cyborgify every life in the galaxy.

You can refuse, but doing so means that all advanced life in the galaxy gets ground up into mulch. Happens to Leon between the events of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil 4. Thankfully, he is talked out of this by nearly everyone else in the ship, mainly because they have an agenda of their own that requires Crow fighting Rean.

However, those who accept Caleb's "help" aren't much better off than those who refuse in the end. Her grandfather being The Don and a Papa Wolf , Tigre is forced to pay for her medical bills and then some by the end of the year, or else This seems like an easy choice considering that Phoenix has spent the entirety of two games helping his clients be acquitted, but it takes a nasty turn once it becomes obvious that Engarde is guilty as sin.

In RWBY , Cinder amasses all of her followers this way, starting with threatening to call the cops on a young thief and ending with threatening to wipe out a terrorist group if they don't agree to be her muscle while always pointing out the benefits of working with her. Roman Torchwick implies this is the case for him as well, though his recruitment in the Flashback Episode is limited only to an audio of him meeting Cinder. Volume 5 shows that this is a terrible way of building loyalty, and only works if the subject is truly intimidated; When Cinder cajoles Raven 's Tribe for help with the theft of the Haven Relic, Raven only agrees after showing how unimpressed she is by Cinder's threats.

She later confides with her subordinate that they are going to double-cross Cinder the first chance they get. If he refuses to comply, his captain , Wesker , will tell Barry's wife about all the hentai has stored in his browser history. Wesker invokes the trope when Barry starts to have second thoughts, unaware that Jill is eavesdropping outside the room.

I won't do it! Cobra Commander calmly makes his weapons supplier, James McCullen, a counter-offer while the arms-dealer is being slowly swallowed by a giant cobra. Played with in Jackie Chan Adventures where Chan is injected with a serum that will turn him to stone unless he exchanges the Talismans held in Section 13 for the antidote.

Mastering difficult conversations

While Chan is willing to suffer the consequences, Jade is not so thrilled about his decision. Robin managed to turn it around on him by injecting himself with the same nanites that were in the other Titans, and made an offer of his own: Either Slade didn't kill any of them, or he killed all of them, thus losing his apprentice. In The Legend of Korra , Kuvira beats a group of bandits and binds them to the railroad tracks. She tells them that they could join her or hope that someone finds them in the middle of nowhere and rescues them before another train comes. The Animated Series , Two-Face's whole origin started with something like this, and it was a case where the offer was not only refused, but the man making the offer would greatly regret it.

Mobster Rupert Thorne got ahold of Harvey Dent's records, which detailed his anger management issues which at times made him seem like a different person.

10 ways to say 'NO' in English (politely!)

Often called " Big Bad Harv " by doctors. Thorne threatened to expose them to the public unless he got a few "favors" from the DA's office. Dent's response however wasn't what he expected: There's just one problem After that, a violent fight broke out, and despite Batman's attempts to stop it, Dent was caught in an explosion that marred half of his face, causing his Split Personality to be given life as Two-Face, and his Start of Darkness completed. His first criminal acts as the villain were, naturally, aimed at Thorne.

La Ballade des Dalton: When Lucky Luke is asked to witness the Daltons fulfilling the condition required to inherit their Uncle's money, he's told he'll be killed if he refuses. When Homer is offered the position of prison snitch, it's clear he'll be whacked if he refuses. But, in contrast to earlier when she couldn't do anything right, Leader Girl has a trick or two up her sleeve. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. In Invincible , Thragg the Viltrumite Regent — one of the most powerful beings in the universe and definitely the strongest Viltrumite — offers a cease-fire arrangement with Mark and Omni-man.

In An Entry with a Bang! Your reply to the customer should point out the abusive language and state that while you wish to be their advocate, that requires mutual respect. Often, your customers will come to you asking if you carry the proverbial quarter-inch drill bit, when what they really need is a quarter-inch hole. Ann Goliak, who moved into quality assurance from a support role at Basecamp, began her career as a librarian in a physics and astronomy library. She recalls speaking with a group of undergrads who showed up looking for a basic book on astronomy.

If these conversations ultimately lead to a shift in how your product works, then all the better. In text communications, cues like exclamation points and emoticons can help the sender convey a positive tone the recipient may not otherwise assume. Remember to modulate your tone for the situation. They can also help you deliver better customer support. If a picture is worth 1, words, then animated GIFs are worth millions in instructional wisdom.

It may mean working with third-party tools; it may mean stopping to teach less savvy users about how saving to a PDF works. You can at least answer their immediate questions, then direct them to resources to help them learn. Take the opportunity to build a relationship. Basecamp CEO Jason Fried says the thing he envies about brick-and-mortar businesses is the opportunity to engage face-to-face with customers.

#2: How to Tell Customers You Need Some Time to Resolve Their Issue

I went to school at ASU! Time to bring the personal touch back to the real world — send your customers handwritten thank-you notes. What other 5-minute task creates as much ROI as thanking your customers? Selecting one for this and two for that, listening to tinny hold music, being transferred to another department and accidentally hung up on … years of dealing with that kind of insensitive, robotic, inhuman customer service has hardened us all. We can and should do better.

As we say in our customer support style guide ,. When the choice is between speed and humanity, choose humanity. When the choice is between closing a huge deal and humanity, choose humanity. When the choice is between meeting some key performance indicator and humanity … you got it. Grow your customer-focused business with our bi-weekly newsletter featuring tips from entrepreneurs and experts in customer service and support.

Help Desk software - Customer Support Software. Maintaining a consistent tone 2. Mastering difficult conversations 3. Product We make a web-based help desk for teams that insist on a delightful customer experience. More about the product Blog Every week we publish a new article on customer loyalty and building a customer-centric company.

Read the latest Resources Read through more resources just like this one along with online guides and infographics. How to Talk to Your Customers. Great communication is an art. Honing it to a keen edge is a science. Table of Contents Part One: Maintaining a consistent tone Developing the right customer support "tone," and implementing a support style guide for your team. Mastering difficult conversations Tactics for maximum customer happiness when communicating bad news to customers, including example replies.

Delighting your customers Little extras that go the extra mile and make your customers happy. Part One Maintaining a consistent tone Just as in music, if your tone is off, the whole piece falls flat. Think of tone on a spectrum Take the examples above: Use positive language Positive language keeps the conversation moving forward and prevents accidental conflicts due to miscommunication.

With negative language " I can't get you that product until next month; it's back ordered and unavailable at this time. You'll have to wait a few weeks, but I'm happy to place the order for you right now! With positive language "It looks like that product will be re-stocked and available next month. I can place the order for you right now and we'll make sure it's sent to you as soon as it reaches our warehouse! With negative language First, you'll have to check Now, you'll need to set up After that, I need you to With positive language First, let's verify Now, we can set up After that, the best solution is if we Pro Tip Don't hold back on saved replies Be liberal with adding new saved replies.

Click this green button. It saves a lot of back-and-forth and has made all the difference! Clarity, clarity, clarity Use accessible, candid, precise, plain language. Your call is very important to us. Talk to your customers like people … because they are.

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Consider the following disappointing example: Hi, We just received your inquiry. Rick Smithson Customer Support. Supporting Customers in a Foreign Language 7 best practices for multilingual support as you scale toward international customer service. Whether you end up with a satisfied customer or an unhappy one might come down to how you phrase your response.

Once I started making sure the customer knew it was OK to hold me accountable, it ended any bad feedback when the other department forgot to follow up. Customers feel like they can contact support and get instant results, which is great. You can get leads moving forward by targeting them with lead-nurturing offers for their placement in the buying cycle. Send out a highly personalized email that contains an additional lead gen offer.

This is your chance to show them another valuable offer.

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Some enter at the top of your sales funnel, some from the side. Some are qualified, warm and ready to buy; others will move slowly, requiring weeks of careful nurturing before they convert. Tracking your leads based on action and source and then hitting them with a relevant offer at the right moment will result in more initial conversions and more loyal customers down the line. This person is someone who has shown interested in your content but not yet in the products.

If they attended a webinar on lead generation invite them to sign up for a video mini-course on a more specific topic. You know they already enjoy learning through video - they registered for your webinar. A video course will further their understanding on the specific topic. If they downloaded a travel guide for a particular city send them a podcast that provides additional information of the destination. For example, if the travel guide was for Vancouver the podcast could take them on a walking tour through Gastown - an historic area of the city. With MQLs, you must avoid sending them sales-focused content.

This will push them away from your product. This person has shown interest in your products by checking out your product or pricing pages. These people are primed to be pushed from an SQL into a sale! Get Started Not today. Growth Hacking Social Media. You totally can and this article will show you how.

Where you've heard it

Determine your buyer persona to create the right offers for your audience Knowing your buyer is the key to increasing conversion. Some key questions Lululemon answered in their buyer persona: How old are they? What is their occupation?

What industry do they work in? What are their hobbies? Some key questions Wishpond answered in their buyer persona: