The Sisters Clare: Preparing for Confirmation

Her sister and mother joined her. Clare did not leave this convent, yet she became known all over.


People devoted to Christ attract others. It is the Christ in these people that we see.

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They slept on the floor each night, went barefoot, kept silence much of the day, ate no meat, and spent hours in prayer. They ate donated food because they had no money.

Clare became abbess, the head of this community and held this position for forty-two years. As abbess, Clare eagerly chose the hardest work for herself and inspired the others to trust in God. In and again in the convent and the whole city were threatened by an invasion of the Saracens.

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The Sisters Clare: Preparing for Confirmation - Kindle edition by A.G.R.. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Holy. Communion. Clare told her sisters not to be afraid and to trust in Jesus. Just as her convent was.

Clare told her Sisters not to be afraid but to trust in Jesus. She prayed to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to save his people. Both times the convent and the whole city were spared. Clare died after twenty-seven years of illness. Her community still exists today.

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The Sisters are called the Poor Clares. Pope Pius XII made Clare the patron of television because it is said that one Christmas Eve when Clare was sick in bed she saw the crib and heard the singing in church as if she were there.

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Klara as depicted in the Martin Chapel fresco by Simone Martini, We need to see struggle as a challenge and grow through it. The best way to do that is to internalize the Paschal Mystery. Those interviewed for this article all built their vocations on a solid foundation of both a strong spiritual and relational life.

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Gradually Clare saw that the source of his joy and inner peace was his living in poverty like Jesus. I attended Catholic Elementary and High School. How to Genuflect Wednesday, November 12, When you have some clarity, find someone you trust, share your journey with them and they will help you discover what you are to do. Georgiana left Baggot Street temporarily in , evidently in poor health.

Here are two examples of those who have lived faithful, fruitful vocations. Sister Mary Clare entered her order in , but her vocation discernment goes all the way back to first grade. Her family belongs to the Assemblies of God, yet she felt called to the Catholic Church.

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So, when she was 18 years old, she received the sacraments of baptism, holy Eucharist and confirmation. She was especially touched by Triduum services during Holy Week and found growing within herself a greater desire to live with others who daily lived this lifestyle.

Based on the advice of her pastor, she visited a nearby convent of religious sisters and soon found herself spending more and more time with them, accompanying them in their apostolates. The greatest challenge for Sister Mary Clare came in the first 10 years, when her non-Catholic family members failed to understand her vocation and the life of consecrated religious.

It also was tough, she admits, to deal with the many different personalities of the other sisters in the community.

Confirmation | St. Clare of Assisi | O'Fallon, IL

Even so, she felt a deep joy in living her vocation. When asked how she did it, she cited five reasons: Sister Charles Patricia met the Little Sisters of the Poor when she was in eighth grade as a service opportunity offered in preparation for confirmation. Trouble was, the service was visiting sick and elderly people at the nursing home run by the Little Sisters, and she was terrified of elderly people.

In fact, she fainted the first time she went to the home. Nonetheless, the Little Sisters helped her become more comfortable through their joyful, loving devotion to the elderly. This impressed Sister Charles Patricia so deeply that, on the night of her confirmation, she felt compelled to offer her life to God.

Saint Clare

Subsequently she continued volunteering with the Little Sisters and entered the order at age Sister Charles Patricia finds her greatest joys in the little things of consecrated life. On the other hand, the same things that bring her great joy also bring her great challenges. For example, living in community can be at times trying but also a tremendous blessing.

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